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Songfic #44

Song: Far Away

Artist: Nickelback

Pairing: Benny/Ethan

Benny and his boyfriend, Ethan were all snuggled up in bed together. Enjoying the perfect morning, together. It's been really hard for the two lately because of Benny's demanding job. He's mostly always gone out of town due to business trips, which hardly left any time for just the two of them. Needless to say, it was starting to put a strain on their relationship together. To Ethan, it felt like his job was more important than him and their relationship together. And he wasn't sure how much more he could take of it, either.

Right now, Benny had just gotten in last night from a trip. Since it was sorta late when he got in, it didn't leave much time for them to be able to do anything else but cuddle and enjoy each other's company in the bed together. Which made Ethan happy to be able to have him sleeping right next to him, again.

This time, This place

Misused, Mistakes

Too long, Too late

Who was I to make you wait

Just one chance

Just one breath

Just in case there's just one left

'Cause you know,

You know, you know

Unfortunately, their happy little blissful morning was interrupted by the sound of Benny's cell phone ringing. Benny reached over to grab his phone and to check the caller ID as to who was calling him. It was Benny's job calling him. Ethan also caught a glimpse of who was calling him and frowned. Before answering the call, Ethan gave him this pleading look asking him to just ignore it and don't answer. He knew what they were probably wanting from Benny and honestly, he really didn't want him to do it, either.

But he did. He shot him a quick apologetic look first before accepting the call and speaking to the person on the end. Ethan just simply let out a little huff, slightly miffed that he answered it, anyway. The call didn't last long, though.

"Let me guess. They want you to leave for some big business trip somewhere, again?" guessed Ethan unpleasantly in a sarcastic tone, as he glared at him.

Benny grimaced at his boyfriend's demeanor, knowing that he wasn't too thrilled with the answer. But he slowly nodded in response, anyway. "Right away, in fact. My flight has already been booked and my plane leaves in 3 hours." he said.

"Jeez! Don't these people know that their employees do have lives outside of work?!" ranted Ethan angrily, throwing his hands up in the air out of frustration. Then he threw the side of the blanket that was on his side of the bed, out from over him and then swung his legs over so that they hung over the side of the bed with his feet touching the floor. With his back now facing Benny, he crossed his arms angrily. Feeling fed up with Benny's bosses, always calling him in for something and never giving him any time at home to spend with his loved ones.

Benny hated seeing him like this. He then got up from his side of the bed and walked over to his. He took a seat next to Ethan and planted a quick kiss on his cheek, as he wrapped an arm around him. Ethan then rested his head on Benny's shoulder, as he continued to frown sadly at the situation.

"I'm sorry, babe. I really am." apologized Benny earnestly, feeling as if this was his fault or something.

Ethan didn't say anything right away, as he gave it some thought first. A few seconds later, he finally responded. "No. It's not your fault, Benny." he said honestly with a small head shake. Then he sat upright up again, removing his head from his boyfriend's shoulder and sighed. "I just wish your bosses had more consideration for their employees' social lives, is all. They never give you any time at home hardly. Today was suppose to be your day off." confessed Ethan downheartedly. "Can't they...send somebody else or something?" he then asked him with a hopeful glimmer in his eyes, as he turned to look up at him.

Unfortunately, Benny shook his head no, as he looked down with sad and disappointed eyes. "I'm afraid not. Apparently, I'm the best employee they got for the job and I'm the only one who can get the job done to their liking. I suppose." explained Benny sullenly. He then looked back up to meet Ethan's disappointed face. "I'm sorry, Ethan. I wish there was another way." apologized Benny again. "But...maybe when I come back we'll be able to spend some time together, like we wanted, too?" he then said to him hopefully, flashing him a small smile to match his wishful thinking.

But Ethan had a feeling that even that wasn't going to happen, either. Not if his boss has anything to say about it, that is. They'd probably just call him out on another business trip or some bullshit like that. Regardless of the matter or how he felt about it, Ethan knew that the work that he does was his passion. And he would never ask him to give up something he loves doing just for his sake. So, he put on a happier face and returned the smile.

"Yeah." he replied back in a more happier and hopeful tone. Then he pecked him on the lips, which made Benny happy. "I love you, Benny." he then said to him lovingly.

Benny smiled. "I love you, too, Ethan. And just know, that the entire time I'm away, I'll be thinking of you. Counting the days until I get to come home and gaze at that beautiful face of yours, once again." he declared sincerely to him.

After that, Benny swiftly got ready before having to head out to the airport to catch his flight. Giving one last kiss to Ethan on his cheek before rushing out the door with suitcases in tow.

Ethan stood there in the doorway and waved goodbye to him, as he watched him pull out of the driveway in his car. He had a loving smile on his face the whole time until the car started up the street. Then it quickly fell to a sad and heartbroken frown. Hating the fact that their lives together have to be on hold again because of Benny's job. He sighed sullenly before going back in and closing the door.

That I love you

I have loved you all along

And I miss you

Been far away for far too long

I keep dreaming you'll be with me

And you'll never go

Stop breathing if

I don't see you anymore

It's been 4 days already since Benny's been gone on that last minute business trip. And poor Ethan missed him terribly. Each night he would have these dreams of what their lives would be like if he never had to go on these stupid business trips of his. And last night was no different, as he woke up that morning from another picture-perfect dream of them together. Ethan sighed sullenly once he was fully awake. Sad that the dream was over. He looked beside him to see the other side of the bed empty. Again.

He stared at the spot depressingly for a second but soon smiled, as he remembered that today was suppose to be the day that Benny comes home from his trip. Which brought him comfort, as he couldn't wait to see his handsome face again.

With the thought of Benny coming home today, Ethan then got out of bed and prepared to take a shower before getting ready for the day. Little did he know, that something bad was about to happen while in the shower.

On my knees, I'll ask

Last chance for one last dance

'Cause with you, I'd withstand

All of hell to hold your hand

I'd give it all

I'd give for us

Give anything but I won't give up

'Cause you know,

You know, you know

Benny woke up to find himself inside a plane wreckage somewhere. His head and other parts of his body hurt a little, but other than that he was ok. Although, he was a bit confused at first at what had happened. Until suddenly it came back to him. He was on his way back home to his boyfriend when his plane suddenly sent down and crashed. He remembers the pilot coming on over the intercom, telling the passengers not to be scared and to please fasten their seatbelts as they're experiencing a bit of turbulence. And that's when the plane went down. Now, that he thinks about it, it must've been more than just a bit of turbulence if the pilot wasn't able to correct it in time before losing control of the plane and it taking a nosedive straight toward the ground.

"At least, it crash-landed on land and not in the ocean, somewhere." quipped Benny sarcastically and gratefully, as he looked around at the wreckage from his seat. Until he had to stop because it caused his head to throb a little, to which he flinched and placed a hand to.

Once his head stopped throbbing, Benny unbuckled his seatbelt and decided to get out of his seat and to see if there were any survivors in the crash.

After about spending about 20 minutes looking around the wreckage, Benny found that nobody else survived the crash. He was the only one who made it out alive. Which made him sad.

Then images of Ethan popped into his head and how he's still waiting for him back home. That's when Benny realized he couldn't just stand there and sulk over being the sole survivor, anymore. He had to get back home to Ethan! No matter what!

"Don't worry, E! I'm coming home! You'll see! I will survive this and make it back to you!" declared Benny confidently to Ethan (even though technically he couldn't hear him) and to himself, as well. As he looked up at the sky and smiled before then making his way further into the woods that they had crashed landed in. He might not have any idea as to where they landed, but he was determined to make it back home. He knew that if he kept going that eventually, he'd run into someone in the area who can help him.

That I love you

I have loved you all along

And I miss you

Been far away for far too long

I keep dreaming you'll be with me

And you'll never go

Stop breathing if

I don't see you anymore

Meanwhile, back home with Ethan a few hours later.

Ethan was starting to get worried because Benny's plane should've been in by now. He didn't know which plane he was on, but he did remember Benny telling him that his return flight back home should make it in around 1 pm that day. But...he's still not here and it's already 3. And Ethan couldn't reach him on his phone, either. Which was all very weird. Surely, if his flight was delayed he would've called at the airport to let him know that?

"Where are you, Benny? Your flight should've already made it in by now. I'm starting to get worried, here. Please, call me back." spoke Ethan concernedly while on his cell phone, as he left another voicemail message on Benny's phone, again.

Setting his phone down after hanging up, Ethan then picked up a bowl of cereal from the coffee table in front of him. Because why not? Who says you can't have cereal for an in-between snack, anyway?! He is an adult, after all!

After grabbing his bowl of cereal, Ethan then reached for the remote control to the tv. Getting comfy on the couch, while he continued to wait for his boyfriend to return home, Ethan turned on the tv. Flicking through the channels until he found something suitable to watch. He placed the remote back down and then started to eat his cereal.

Ten minutes into watching the television, his program was interrupted by a special news report. Of course, he wasn't too pleased by this, but he decided that he was too lazy to change the channel to something else. So, he just sat there finishing up his cereal while watching the urgent news report on tv.

Apparently, a plane had gone down suddenly a few hours ago. And they were claiming that there were no survivors, either. Ethan felt bad for the people who were on the plane when it crashed and for their loved ones who were waiting back home for their return, as well. It was a terrible tragedy.

Once Ethan's bowl was emptied of it's contents, Ethan got up and went to the kitchen to put it away. But as he was doing that, his phone in the living room suddenly started to ring. At first, Ethan was curious about who was calling him, but then his face lit up wondering if it was Benny calling him back finally.

"That must be Benny!" exclaimed Ethan excitedly with a smile on his face, as he went to go answer the phone.

When he picked it up and looked at the caller ID on it, he saw that it was Benny's grandma, Evelyn Weir, who was calling him. Which dashed his hopes a bit that it might have been his boyfriend calling back. Quickly getting over his mild bit of disappointment, Ethan first muted the tv so he could hear her better and then answered the phone.

"Hello?" he replied curiously, as he accepted Evelyn's incoming call on his cell phone.

Although, now he wished he didn't. Because all that awaited him on the other end was nothing but devastatingly bad news that left him feeling broken on the inside. Turns out, that Benny just so happened to be one of those passengers on the plane that went down hours ago. Ethan broke down in tears at the news, as he sat himself down on the couch due to no longer having the strength to stand, anymore. He was just too devastated and heartbroken to even stand, as well as in great shock, as well. He just sat there crying in agony and pain, forgetting all about the tv still being on. As the special news report about the crash was still playing on it in the background.

So far away (so far away)

Been far away for far too long

So far away (so far away)

Been far away for far too long

But you know, you know, you know

Benny sat all huddled up by a makeshift campfire he built. Trying to stay warm for the night. He rubbed his hands together then held them out towards the fire to warm them up a bit better. Thankfully, it wasn't all that cold of a night out. So, he should be fine.

After a few seconds of letting his hands warm up a bit, Benny then reached down beside him pick up a handkerchief full of berries to eat.

"Good thing I was in the Boy Scotts until I was thirteen. Or else I probably wouldn't even make it through the night." he said to himself gratefully. Thankful for all survival skills he learned, back then, when he was a kid. Which was how he was able to build a fire from nothing except for what he could find around him, outdoors. And how he was able to find safe and edible food, as well. Another skill that he picked up from the Boy Scotts. Learning how to identify which berries are edible and which ones aren't. The berries aren't much to eat, to say the least, but at least they were something to help hold off his hunger for a while. He then started to eat them.

After finishing off the berries, Benny then picked up a bottle of water that he managed to salvage from the wreck that hadn't been damaged and unscrewed the cap off it. "Thanks, Grandma! For forcing me to be in the Boy Scotts when I didn't want to! Who knew it would actually come in handy someday?!" quipped/thanked Benny, as he held up the bottle in a cheers motion. Like, they do at gatherings when somebody gives a speech of recognition or gratulations. He was glad that she made him go against his will, back then.

Benny then held the bottle up to his lips to take a couple of small sips from it before placing it's lid back on it, again. He didn't know how long he would be stranded in the woods for, so he had to reserve it and make it last as long as possible.

He then just sat there, tugging his suit's jacket further around him to keep himself better insulated against the slightly chilly night. He gazed upward at stars, as a certain someone filled his thoughts.

"I will make it home to you, Ethan. Even if I'm far away from you...I'll never give up just to see your smiling beautiful face, again." stated Benny earnestly to the sky. Promising himself that he'll make it through this because he'll do anything if it means being with his wonderful boyfriend, once again. Even walk through hellfire. Nothing can stand in the way of their love.

That's when Benny started to come to a realization about their life together, as he thought some things over. Like how there was always something standing in the way of their relationship. His job! Which made Benny feel like crap, now. Always putting work before his and Ethan's relationship together. Well...not anymore! Benny swore to himself that if he made it out of this alive then...he'd start putting Ethan first, then! Starting with his career!

Now, Benny was more determined than ever to get back home, again!

With his mind made up, Benny then laid down and got comfortable the best he could on the ground without a sleeping bag or blanket, at least. It didn't take long for him to doze off to sleep, soon after. As fell he fell asleep with a smile on his face, thinking about how he was going to make everything up to Ethan when he got back. Eventually, those thoughts turned into dreams, as he started to dream about how much happier their lives were gonna be in the future because of it, too.

I wanted

I wanted you to stay

'Cause I needed

I need to hear you say

It's already been 2 days since Benny's plane went down and Ethan was still depressed over it. He still couldn't believe that his Benny was gone. Dead. To never return home to him, ever again. In a way, Ethan kinda blamed himself for it. Guiltily saying how if only he never let Benny go on that business and instead put his foot down and force him to stay home with him, then...Benny would've still been alive. Right here with him, being the happy couple that they were. But no. He let him go on that trip, instead. And now...now he's dead!

All Ethan has been doing since learning of the tragic news was just sitting around moping all day while crying his eyes out each night, as he grieved. Their place now feeling empty and lonely inside without Benny there. Even when he was gone on those dumb trips, the place would still feel warm and lively without him because back then, Ethan knew that he would be back in a few days. But now that he's dead, the place was just...distant and cold to Ethan.

He wanted his boyfriend back. He wanted to cuddle and hold on to him while feeling the warmth his body gave to him. He wanted to feel his darling's love, again! All Ethan wanted right now was his Benny back! So, that he could tell him how much he loves him, if not one last time. And for Benny to kiss him and tell him that he loves me, too. Life just wasn't going to be the same without him.

As Ethan sulked around on the couch with a blanket draped over him and a picture frame with a picture of him and Benny together in his hand, the doorbell rang. At first, Ethan didn't hear it as he was too caught up in staring longly at the picture. The bell rang a couple more times, but Ethan ignored it.

It wasn't until whoever it was started knocking on the door was when Ethan finally decided to answer it. If anything to get them to just leave him alone and go away. So, he got up from his miserable curled up spot on the couch (and placed the photo down on the table before him) and made his way over toward the door like a zombie. With his face devoid of any emotion except for deep sorrow and numbness. He still had the blanket, though, draped over him but he had it more over his shoulders, like a shaw than anything.

But when he opened the door, Ethan couldn't believe what he saw on the other side of it. As it left him practically speechless and in shock, all at once.

That I love you

I have loved you all along

And I forgive you

For being away for far too long

So, keep breathing

'Cause I'm not leaving you anymore

Standing there before him was the person he was missing most in the world. His boyfriend, Benny.

Benny stood there with a big cheesy grin on his face, as he gave a little wave with his hand to his boyfriend as a greeting. "Hey, there, E! Did ya miss me?" he said casually in an upbeat manner, as if nothing bad had happened to him. Just him being his usual goofy and dorky self, is all.

Tears then came to Ethan's eyes after Benny's little greeting to him, as he felt so overjoyed to see his sweet handsome face again. He then lurched forward and hugged Benny tightly, as cried happily. Taking Benny off guard at first, but he soon wrapped his arms around him to hug him back. Smiling happily himself while enjoying the feel of having his boyfriend in his arms, once again.

"Of course, I've missed you, you big lug! I thought I had lost you in that plane crash, you big dummy!" sobbed Ethan happily in the hug.

The two stayed like that for a minute longer before ending the emotional hug. Ethan then wiped his face off a little with his hands, in an attempt to dry his face from his wet runny tears. Once he was able to finally stop crying, that is.

"You can never lose me that easily, babe." replied Benny fondly/reassuringly to Ethan while flashing him a charming smile. Which made Ethan smile back, too. Then Benny took a good look at Ethan's disheveled looking state and smirked. "Geez, babe! You look terrible! What happened to you?" he then pointed out in a jokingly manner.

"You try grieving over your boyfriend's supposed death for two days and then let's see how you look afterward?" smart-mouthed Ethan back to him, unamusingly, with a serious scowl on his face.

But Benny couldn't help but crack a small chuckle to his boyfriend's response, though. Finding it amusing and adorable whenever he was being a smart-aleck.

Ethan just stood there and rolled his eyes playfully at him then, as he lightly shook his head. But then he smiled himself, too, soon after. He then turned and went back inside the house with Benny following behind him.

Believe it

Hold on to me and, never let me go

The two both took up a seat on the couch, next to each other. "I don't get it? How is it you're alive, Benny? They said that there were no survivors after the plane had crashed!" asked Ethan curiously. Wondering if maybe this was just a dream or he was just imagining Benny being here with him, like this.

"There weren't. At least...besides me, that is." frowned Benny remorsefully, as he thought about all his fellow passengers on that plane who didn't make it. Including, the pilots and flight attendants, as well. None of them had made it out alive in that crash. Benny wasn't gonna lie. He sorta felt some survivor's guilt for being the only one to survive such a traumatic event. He debated on whether he should start seeing a therapist on it or not, but ultimately decided to just wait until he felt like it was necessary to see one. Right now, his survivor's guilt wasn't really all that bad and didn't bother him as much. So, he was good for now.

"Then...that call your Grandma got from the authorities saying..." started Ethan a bit glumly, as he couldn't bring himself to finish his question.

"After checking to see if there were any survivors, only to learn that there weren't none, I decided to go find help after gathering a few supplies that survived the crash. So, I was probably long gone by the time the authorities and rescue workers had arrived. Which is why they probably thought I was dead in that crash, too." explained Benny.

"So, how did you manage to survive in the woods after being lost in it for two days, then?" wondered Ethan.

Benny then looked up at gave his boyfriend a small prideful smile. "Boy Scouts!" he answered. "Thankfully, I was able to remember some of the skills I learned while being one. Which reminds me, I gotta thank Grandma for forcing me to join against my will! If it wasn't for the Boy Scouts then I'd probably wind up starving to death!" he explained further in a humorous like manner.

"Benny, you can't starve to death after going two whole days without food!" pointed out Ethan sarcastically, but playfully, as well. Giving a small chuckle at the end.

Benny playfully rolled his eyes at him, then. "Like I knew how long I was gonna be stranded out in those woods for!" quipped Benny playfully back before then flashing him a smile.

Ethan giggled and then scooted more closer to Benny until he was practically almost in his lap. Benny then wrapped his arms around him, as they both cuddled on the couch. Both men enjoying being able to hold each other like this, once again.

They stayed like that for a while before Benny decided to tell Ethan about his important decision that he made while stranded in the middle of nowhere.

"I'm quitting my job." blurted Benny calmly to his boyfriend. Which caused Ethan to sit up and look at him with a surprised expression on his face.

"Y-You're what?!" stuttered Ethan astonishingly.

Benny turned to face him while giving him a warm pleasant smile. "I'm quitting my job, love." repeated Benny earnestly and fondly to him.

"But Benny...you love that job! W-Why would you ever want to quit?!" exclaimed Ethan incredulously.

Benny then took both of Ethan's hands in his, as he continued to smile at him lovingly. "Because of you." he said sincerely. "Or rather...because of us, actually." he corrected, as he stared at Ethan endearingly.

But he saw the sad and confused look that fell upon his boyfriend's face. So, he decided to explain himself better. "While I was out there, stranded in those woods all alone after being the only one to make it out of that plane crash alive. I...had an epiphany. That this job of mine has been taking away too much of our time together in this world. This experience has shown me that you don't know when death will come for you. It could be today or it could be tomorrow or possibly 3 years from now! My point is...that nobody knows when they'll die and that it's important to make the most of what we have in this world while we still can. Like...being able to spend more time with the ones you love. And my job...has been taking that precious time away from us. I see now what's truly important in life. You, Grandma, your parents, Jane, our friends. All of you, I love so much. And...I want to be here for you all before it's too late. I don't want to die having regrets that I put my job over you guys when you needed me most! So...even though I may love doing my job...I love you and everybody else in my life who's important to me, more. That's why I'm quitting! For you guys!" confessed Benny openheartedly to Ethan.

Ethan was shocked! So, much so that he didn't know what to say next. But he did. "Benny..." replied Ethan emotionally, as saying his boyfriend's name was all he could get out at the moment. His eyes once again filling with tears. Ethan hugged Benny again, feeling touched by his words of realization and love for the ones he loves.

"But...what will you do for work now, Benny?" asked Ethan, as he pulled back from his emotional hug and wiped his tears dry on his face.

Benny just smiled brightly at him. "I'm sure I can find something else that I love doing that won't be taking up so much of my time here with you, E. Or maybe I'll just start up my own business or something? Either way, being here with you and making you happy every single day is the only job in this world that I need. And it's the best damn job ever, too! Cause I'm not leaving you anymore, E! Believe it!" he replied genuinely in a fond and caring way, while also making a promise to Ethan that from now on he'll always put their relationship, first in his life.

This brought a smile to Ethan's face. Washing away all the guilt and shame he felt for ever thinking that his boyfriend loved his job more than he did him. Because now, he knows that it wasn't true at all. That Benny really did care about him more if he was willing to give the job that he loved doing so much just to be here with him. Ethan didn't think he could love Benny anymore than he already did, but he was wrong. Because somehow Benny had just proven to him that he can.

Keep breathing

'Cause I'm not leaving you anymore

Believe it

Hold on to me and, never let me go

Suddenly, a thought just occurred to Ethan as he jumped up from his place on the couch in realization. "Oh! Your Grandma probably doesn't have any idea that you're alive, huh?! I better go call her and tell her the good news!" exclaimed Ethan urgently.

As he went to go grab his phone, he felt a hand suddenly reach up and grab his wrist. Stopping him in his tracks. It was Benny, who was smiling up at him with this cheeky smirk on his face.

"That can wait! Right now, there's something I've been dying to do since surviving that plane crash and being lost in those woods for a couple of days!" stated Benny amusingly.

Ethan just looked at him with a confused and questioning look on his face. That's when Benny suddenly yanked him back down onto the couch but instead of landing on the couch, Ethan landed on Benny's lap. Then without warning, Benny swiftly smashed his lips against Ethan's in a kiss.

The whole thing caught Ethan off guard for a second but he soon gave in to the kiss with a smile trying to display itself on his facial features. Which was hard considering how passionate the kiss was between the two, as Ethan wrapped his arms around Benny's sides (mainly to keep from falling off his lap) and Benny cupping Ethan's face with both hands. Deepening the kiss even more. It was a kiss that was long overdue in their opinion, after being so far away apart from each other.

Keep breathing

Hold on to me and, never let me go

Wanting to just hold on to each other for a while longer. Never wanting to let the other go.

Keep breathing

Hold on to me and, never let me go

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