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Songfic #45

Song: Never Ever Getting Rid Of Me

Artist: Sara Bareilles

Pairing: Benny/Ethan

A young man named Ethan Morgan was hard at work at his job. Working as a waiter at a little local cafe called Lotta Latte Cafe. He doesn't earn much working there, but it was enough for him to get by on, at least. He was in his last year of college and was just grateful that he was able to get a scholarship to help pay his way through it, but he still had other bills to pay that weren't college-related, though. Like rent, utilities, food, and other necessities as such that he needed. He was glad that he was able to find a cheap place to live while attending college. Even if the place was a small crummy apartment. It was still better than nothing. And it was also better than still living at his parents' place, as well. Not that he didn't appreciate their offer to live there with them for as long as he needed to until he was financially able to live on his own, but he just wanted that bit of self-independence, was all. So, he moved out right after high school to the place he's at now since all the dorm rooms for the college he was going to were all full. The apartment may be small, but at least it was someplace to live until he could finish up college and get his degree. Then he'd find himself a more better and suitable place to live once he finds a much better paying job. So, for now, Ethan was just grateful to have a roof over his head, for the time being.

Ethan's shift was just about over with for the day when a young man around the same age as Ethan, came strolling on into the cafe. The young man had brown hair and a hairstyle similar to Ethan's. He had green eyes and this big bright and goofy smile on his face that just lit up the room. The man took a seat at one of the tables, which happened to be one of Ethan's tables.

"Be right with you in a minute, sir!" said Ethan absentmindedly, as he was busy doing something else at the moment. He had seen that someone had sat down at one of his tables, but he didn't get a real good look at the stranger, though. Since he only just glanced over in that direction for a split second to see if the person had sat down at his table or not after hearing the little bell on the cafe's door chiming to let employees know when someone is either entering or exiting the cafe.

The stranger didn't stay anything at first, as he just sat there with his arm propped up onto the table and his chin resting comfortably on his hand while just stared the busy waiter with this dreamy look on his face. Watching his every move with a cheeky grin on his face. But a couple of minutes later, the stranger finally spoke. "Sure thing, hot stuff. Take your time. I looove watching you work. It's so...sexy." replied the stranger in a flirting/nonchalant like way to the busy waiter cleaning up the table next to him.

Ethan immediately stopped what he was doing and stood up straight at the sound of the customer's voice. There was this big look of disbelief and shock that had fallen on his face once he heard the man's voice as if his heart had just stopped on him. That's because Ethan recognized the voice. He then quickly turned around to finally face the guy only to learn that it was indeed who he thought it was. "B-B-Benny?!" exclaimed Ethan astonishingly, as his voice cracked a little when he said it.

"The one and only, hot stuff!" replied Benny with a flirty wink and quick kissing like motion with his lips, right afterward. As if he was sending him an air-kiss from a distance.

Ethan was at a loss for words as he didn't know what to think. The guy before him was the guy he went on ONE date with, after his best friend Sarah had talked him into doing online dating. He didn't want to do it, but with him being the nice guy that he is, decided to give it a shot just this one time. And the person the app had matched him up with at the time, just so happened to be this guy! His date with Benny went ok and all, but...Ethan just wasn't all that interested in the guy, was all. In fact, he wasn't even looking for romance, anyway! He wanted to focus more on his studies than finding the right person to be with for the rest of his life. He didn't have time for romance between school and his job! But he knew that Sarah was always one for romance type stuff and all she wanted was for him to be happy in life. So, he couldn't blame her for just wanting him to be happy. Even if he already was kinda happy in life, as it is now.

Anyway, after the date with Benny, Ethan told the guy that he just wasn't interested in going on a second date with him. Or on dates with anyone else, for that matter. He told Benny the truth which was that the only reason why he did this in the first place was because his best friend had insisted on him doing it to find true love. So, he did it to make her happy. Ethan did feet bad for breaking the poor guy's heart then, but he had to be honest with him. The man deserved it, after all. He didn't want to lead the poor guy on. So, after that, they parted ways. With Ethan thinking that was the first and last time that he'd ever see the guy, again.

But apparently...he was wrong about that.

"What...what are you even doing here?! And...how did you even know I worked here, too?!" questioned Ethan anxiously.

Benny gave a small shrug before answering. "Simple, my sweet! You had your place of employment listed on your profile, my love!" replied Benny cheerily while gazing Ethan with a lovey-dovey expression on his face.

Ethan face-palmed himself out of stupidity. Regretting ever putting that down on his profile for the app. Which reminds him, now that he's thinking about it, but...he really does need to delete that dumb dating app from his phone. Along with the taking down his profile on it, as well, to avoid any other weirdos from stalking him. "Ok, so why are you here?" he then asked Benny.

Benny then got up from his chair and stood in front of Ethan, taking Ethan's hand delicately in his own as he gazed into his gorgeous brown eyes. "Because, my love. I came here to sweep you off your feet like the handsome prince charming that I am." replied Benny charmingly. Then he placed a sweet kiss on the back of Ethan's held hand.

Ethan shuttered in disgust while giving Benny this look as if he was crazy or something, as he quickly pulled his hand out of Benny's. But Benny didn't mind, as he just smiled back at him. In fact, he liked a good challenge every once in a while, and wooing this beloved beauty in front of him was definitely going to be just that. A challenge. Benny knew that Ethan was the one from the moment they first met on their first date together. Even if Ethan doesn't see it, right now. Sure, he turned him down on wanting to go out on a second date together, but Benny just knew deep down in his heart that they were soul mates. He figured that maybe it just took Ethan a bit of warming up to, before finally coming to the same conclusion as he did.

"Look...that's sweet and all, but...like I told you before. I'm not really looking to be in a relationship right now. I only did the online dating thing just once to get my friend off my back about finding my one true love. Or uh...something like that, rather. Anyway, she's a big stickler for the whole romance thing. So, I'm sorry if I had hurt you, but...I'm perfectly happy where I stand at now in my life. You're a very sweet guy and all, and I'm sure you'll find that special someone out there soon. But...I'm just not him. Sorry." explained Ethan as gently as he can with sympathy, as he tried to turn down the poor guy easy, yet again.

With that said, Ethan then turned back around to get back to work on cleaning up the empty table to get it ready for the next customer to use. Especially, before he winds up getting yelled at by his boss for slacking off.

But Benny wasn't backing down. Instead, he smiled brightly and knew just what to do in the hopes of winning his beloved's fair heart in the war that is love. He wasn't about to give up courting Ethan, anytime soon.

"But Ethan...can't you see? I love you! I knew it then when I first saw you on our date and know it now! We were meant to be, you and I! There's just no denying it! I'm sure if you just give us a chance then you'll see it, too!" expressed Benny wholeheartedly with love and fondness in his voice.

Now, Ethan was starting to get ticked off. Ethan then turned around quickly on his heels, after throwing down the dishrag he was using to wipe down the table with. He faced Benny with a look of fury on his face as he was fed up with this guy not being able to take a hint that he just wasn't that interested in him. "Look, you! I already told you! I'm. Not. Interested. In. You! So, take a hint and just leave me alone already! Will yah?!" shouted Ethan angrily at Benny, while poking pointedly him in the chest with his finger. Once Ethan realized how loud his voice was, he looked around to see quite a few eyes on him. This made Ethan embarrassed, as he ducked his down slightly with a sheepish blush on his face.

But Benny, on the other hand, thought he looked absolutely adorable like that with his cute little red cheeks. It almost made him want to just whisk Ethan away at that very moment (probably to the bathroom) for a heavy make out session because he wanted to be the one who made Ethan's face go all red and hot like that, instead! But he resisted and instead he simply stood his ground at the fuming cutie before him.

"No can do, cutie! Not until I manage to woo you into opening your eyes and finally see that we were meant to be together, mon cher! I am determined to get that lovely heart of yours to open up and to love me back, you see! Cause baby...you're my everything! And I refuse to ever let you go so easily, either! It's like my dear old grandma used to say to me as a kid, 'persistence and perseverance always pays off in the end, eventually!'" beamed Benny optimistically to the now annoyed waiter, before going into a song that he hopes will romance the hot and sexy looking waiter into falling for him. I mean...what better way to win someone's heart than to serenade them, right?! "So, you see, mon amour..."

I will never let you let me leave I promise I'm not lying

Go ahead ask anybody who has seen me trying, I'm not going

If it seems like I did I'm probably waiting outside

Such a stubborn man you'll likely never meet another

When we have our family dinner you can ask my mother, she's the best

Learn all about her on our family history test

Ethan's eyes shot open wide in horror and disbelief at what he just heard. That this guy wasn't about to leave him alone anytime soon until he makes him his. This guy was crazy! And Ethan wanted nothing to do with him, either! So, he hastily got back to work, pretending as if Benny wasn't even there. In Ethan's mind, he figured that if maybe he just kept ignoring the guy then maybe he'd give up and go home then. Surely, no one is that persistent, right?

Quickly, shaking the worrisome thought out of his head, Ethan then checked his watched and saw this his shift was over with. He looked up at Benny and gave an awkward apologetic smile and then briskly (while trying to act casual) walked himself towards where the cash register and kitchen were at and disappeared behind a door there that read "employees only". Once on the other side, Ethan quickly shut the door and leaned his back up against it as if he trying to keep something out and let out a loud sigh of relief. Before heading back to the manager's office to clock out, Ethan took one final little peek around the corner, out of the open little area that acted as the pickup window for servers once the kitchen was done cooking an order. He very cautiously and gradually peeked out towards the dining area and saw that Benny was still standing there.

Benny saw him and gave him a little wave, along with a flirty wink, as well. Ethan mentally vomited on the inside at the flirtatious gesture. He really wished this guy would just take a hint, already! But being the polite person that he is, Ethan simply awkwardly waved back with a polite (but also nervous) smile before dipping back around the corner with a very worried and freaked out look on his face. After that, he then bolted towards the manger's office to clock out and get the hell on out of there by sneaking out the back door. Hopefully, without this creep even noticing.

But unfortunately, the guy was right there somehow, waiting for him. Leaving Ethan speechless at his presence there so soon and thinking that this guy moves quickly. "Damn! He must've been on the track team back in high school to get from the front of the building to the back that quickly?!" thought Ethan impressively in shock to himself.

Benny winked at Ethan again, as he casually leaned against a wall with one hand. "Hey, babe! How's it going? Come here much?" flirted Benny cheekily to him.

"Ugh!" sighed out Ethan frustratingly with a slight shake of his head and a roll of his eyes out of annoyance, before he then just moved right on passed him to the sidewalk, and walked off. But Benny simply brushed off Ethan's rude reaction and started to follow him down the street like a lost puppy. Or rather...like a lost lovesick puppy, that is. That's when Benny picked up where he left off at with his song.

I'm gonna do this right

Show you I'm not moving

Wherever you go, I won't be far to follow oh oh

I'm gonna love you so

You'll learn what I already know

I love you means you're never, ever, ever, getting rid of me

You can try, oh, but I

I love you means you're never, ever, ever getting rid of me

While following Ethan down the street, they had happened to pass by a flower vendor selling lovely bouquets outside their store. Benny quickly purchased a random bouquet that he thought Ethan would like. He probably had paid the flower lady more than what it cost, but he didn't care, though. To him, there was no price when it comes to love. When Benny finally did catch up to Ethan he presented the lovely flowers to the fair Ethan with a big dopey smile.

Then his dopey smile turned into a sly and flirtatious smile, as he looked at the young man he hoped to charm into loving him. "Roses are red and violets may be blue, but there's no flower in this world that's more gorgeous than you." flirted Benny smoothly, once again. Only this time in the form of a poem, though, as he wiggled his eyebrows at him.

Ethan was stunned at first when Benny had practically shoved the flowers into his hands. He couldn't help but to smell the lovely bouquet and smiled at nice they smelt. But then he quickly remembered who gave him these lovely flowers and shook his head. Hating how he let himself get tricked by the lovely gesture for a moment. But could you blame him? It wasn't every day that someone decided to shower him with affection by giving him flowers!

"What am I thinking?! I can't accept these! I don't even like the guy!" stated Ethan in his head, surprisingly. Ethan then quickly handed the flowers back to Benny with an annoyed scowl and then walked off at a brisk pace, in the hopes to lose him. "Ok! That guy is SERIOUSLY bordering along the line of being a creepy obsessed stalker, now! I gotta get away from him!" thought Ethan worryingly, as he walked. He couldn't let himself fall for this man's tricks to woo him!

But like before, Ethan's rejection at his latest attempt to court him didn't deter him from getting what he wanted, which was Ethan. So, Benny just simply handed the pretty flowers off to some random woman on the street, flashing her a charming smile as he bowed gracefully to her like a gentleman. "Here you go, milady! Enjoy!" he said to the woman sweetly, before then racing off to catch up to the man he was destined to be with. Once he did manage to catch up to fast walking Ethan, Benny then figured that maybe if he told Ethan a bit about his childhood that perhaps that would interest him a little in wanting to go on a second date with him.

I grew up an only child in a suburb of the city

Spent my days alone my only friend was a stray kitty called Sardine

I thought it was hilarious to call a cat a kind of fish

She played hard to get hissing while she scratched me

What she was trying to say was "Benny come and catch me"

I learned quickly, perseverance stood between a cat and her new best friend, me

But that didn't work on Ethan, either. Although, hearing how alone the guy was growing up did tug at Ethan's heartstrings a bit. He felt bad that the poor guy didn't have many friends growing up, back then. Except for you know...the stray cat that he mentioned in his song, though. Now, that he thought about it...he sorta knew how the cat felt, now. With Benny and his persistence in trying to get him to like him. "Poor cat." thought Ethan grimly and sympathetically at the same time, for the poor cat.

"You know, Ethan? You kinda remind me of Sardine, a little. Only...you're a human and she's a cat. But that doesn't matter! You both have beautiful eyes and such shiny healthy-looking hair. Well...after I started to brush Sardine's fur on a regular basis after we did finally become friends, that is." complimented Benny thoughtfully to Ethan. "You both also have sparkling personalities and love to eat fish. Oh! And you both love to play hard-to-get, too! Which is alright with me because I love feisty kitties, if you know what I mean? Rawr!" he continued, but this time with a bit more flair and flirting at the end, though. As he winked at Ethan first before then moving one of his hands in a clawing/scratching like motion at him while making a playfully low and seductive cat-like roaring noise.

"Uh...thank you?" replied Ethan skeptically to the compliment, not sure how he felt about being compared to a cat. He knew Benny's compliment was meant to be endearing and thoughtful (which it was), but...at the same time, it was also really really weird, as well.

After that, Ethan stepped around Benny yet again and bolted from the weirdo. "No wonder his last name is Weir, because he is WEIRD!" thought Ethan to himself, as he ran down the street as fast as he could. Dodging people left and right on the sidewalk.

Benny stood there with a small pout on his face, but it quickly turned into a big wide smile after giving a little shrug of his shoulders. He wasn't about to give up the chase just yet! Besides...he had a funny feeling that Ethan would be giving in to his courtship a lot sooner than he probably thought he would. All he had to do was just work at it a little bit more before finally bagging his beloved's heart. Just thinking about it gave Benny this dreamy look on his. Although, other people on the street walking by gave him this creeped out/confused sorta look as they walked on by at the dreamy looking state Benny was in. And as they passed on by him, some of them even picked up their pace a little at the weird guy on the street with a weird look on his face, too. Ignoring their strange looks at him, Benny smiled happily and set off after his darling prize that will hopefully soon be his boyfriend and maybe even future husband, too.

After about 10 minutes of running, Ethan was exhausted as he leaned against a building with one hand huffing and puffing from being out of breath. "Man! Huff...huff...huff. I gotta start working out more." he huffed tiredly to himself, as he tried to catch his breath. Thankfully, he was able to make it to his apartment complex and there just so happens to be a bench placed right outside it, too. So, Ethan exhaustingly trudged himself on over to where the bench was and plopped himself down onto it. Deciding to rest first before having to climb the stairs up to the second floor, where his apartment was at because he was just too tired right now to even try and go up like two flights of stairs. Well, three if you were to count the stairs leading up to the front door of the building, that is. But Ethan didn't care. The point is that he just didn't have the energy to deal with stairs, right now. Not after all that running he did! But thankfully, he was able to finally ditch that Benny guy, though!

Feeling relief in knowing that, Ethan slouched lazily on the bench with his head tilted back on the back of it and closed his eyes. Relishing in the peace he now had away from that crazy obsessed guy who doesn't know how to take 'no' for an answer. "Ahh, I finally lost him. Now I can sit back and relax while enjoying my solitude after a long day's work." sighed out Ethan in relief, as he just slouched there blissfully.

Or so he thought.

As Ethan laid there in total peace, he suddenly felt a warm hand on his a few short minutes later. Along with the warm mystery hand on his own, he also then felt the sensation that someone was running their fingers through his hair. At first, these two things felt nice. Soothing in fact. But seconds later that's when he realized just how disturbing it was. Now, startled by the unsettling feeling he was getting, Ethan's eyes suddenly snapped open in surprise. He then lifted his head up and whipped it to his left where the empty half of the bench was. Only to see that it wasn't empty any longer.

Sitting there beside him was Benny, who had this fond and admiring look on his face. Benny then stopped idly playing with Ethan's hair and instead propped his head on the hand that he was using to mess the luscious soft locks of hair with.

"Has anyone ever told you how adorable you look when you're all relaxed and content looking? I can just stare at you all day, like this. Captivated by the charm and cuteness that is you, mon petit ange." complimented Benny endearingly, while smiling at him with a smitten expression on his face.

"Ugh! You gotta be kidding me?!" complained/sighed Ethan aggravatingly, as he dramatically rested his head on the bench's back, again. That's when Benny started singing again.

Oh, I'm gonna do this right

Show you I'm not moving

Wherever you go, I won't be far to follow, oh oh

I'm gonna love you so

You'll learn what I already know

I love you means you're never, ever, ever getting rid of me

"So, let me get this straight. You're never going to leave me alone unless I give you this second date, huh?" asked Ethan with a deadpanned expression on his face as he looked at Benny.

"Yup! That's right!" answered/piped Benny cheerfully with a bright smile on his face.

Ethan then face palmed himself, while shaking his head slightly. "Great. Just great." he mumbled out unhappily to himself, then. He then uncovered his face with his hand and sighed disappointingly then. "I'm never going to get rid of this guy, then until I do." frowned Ethan in dismay, as he realized just how long this waking nightmare he was in was going to last for if he doesn't give this guy what he wants.

Benny just smiled and continued to sing again, as if replying back to what Ethan just said out loud to himself.

You can try, oh, but I

I love you means you're never, ever, ever getting rid of me

Benny lightly tapped Ethan on the nose when he sang 'me'. "My darling future husband." he then said to Ethan cheekily, as he flashed him a charming smile and a flirty wink.

"Wait, what did you just say?!" questioned Ethan in surprise, as he quirked a curious/suspicious eyebrow up at him.

"Nothing! Eh-heh..." quickly blurted out Benny in a panic before then going into a nervous/awkward laugh, as he tried not to appear nervous. Then he abruptly cleared his throat with a fist covering his mouth, before getting back to singing the last bit of his song as a way to change the subject.

You can try, oh, but I

I love you means you're never, ever, ever getting rid of me

As Benny sang the last line in the song (thus finishing it), he had scooted closer to Ethan and wrapped his arms around him in a hug, as he pressed his cheek against Ethan's in a fond and lovely-dovey manner. While Ethan just sat there with a grumpy look on his face at first but then smiled as he thought the hug felt nice and cozy after a while.

"Ok, so maybe this guy isn't THAT bad, after all." thought Ethan sarcastically, but in a nice way. Ethan didn't want to admit it out loud, but Benny was starting to grow on him a bit. Plus, he seems really nice, sweet, romantic, and charming (in his own goofy like way), too! And he is pretty cute looking, as well, which is always a bonus in his book. "Maybe I should give him that second date and see where this thing goes, after all, huh?" he thought carefully.

Ethan gently pushed Benny back to end the hug. "So, you really want this date to happened, huh?" asked Ethan.

Benny nodded. "More than you know, sweet cheeks!" he then replied with a wink. "I just know that we're meant to be, if you just give us a chance, Ethan. And I won't back down from ever trying to pursue you until I get it, too! Because baby...you are the jelly to my peanut butter and together we make the perfect team!" declared Benny wholeheartedly, as he took Ethan's hands in his.

Ethan smiled back at him then. "Alright, then! Second date it is!" he said sincerely with such kindness and enthusiasm in his voice. Ethan then removed his hands out from Benny's and leaned over to give him a sweet little peck on the cheek before standing up. Leaving Benny completely dumbfounded and lovestruck all at once. "Next Saturday. Apartment 216. Seven o'clock pm. Sharp! Be there!" he then stated to him bluntly in a playful/flirty way, as he gave Benny the necessary information that he needed. Since on their last date, they just met each other there at the restaurant. As Ethan began to walk away (more like sashay away), he glanced back over his shoulder one last time before entering the apartment building with a teasing/lustful like expression on his face. "And don't be late." he stated seriously in a husky and seductive tone, as he playfully glared at him somewhat sternly.

Benny quickly snapped out it and replied with a quick charming, "Count on it!"

Ethan then smiled at him in a sexy sorta way, pleased with his answer, before finally entering the building.

Once Ethan was inside and out of view, Benny immediately jumped up from delight and joy then. "Yes!" he exclaimed happily, as did a fist pump with his left hand. "Score one for Benny Weir! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Benny just scored a date with a very hot guy! Benny just scored a date with a very hot guy! Woo!" celebrated/chanted Benny ecstatically with joy, as he did a happy dance on the sidewalk from how excited he was, right now. But he soon stopped dancing about as he realized how stupid he must've looked doing it in front of strangers. He quickly recomposed himself, but the giddy feeling that he felt at finally scoring a second date with the man of his dreams still remained on the inside, though. As he walked down the street back towards the cafe where his car was parked at.

"Looks, like persistence has paid off, once again! As usual! Thanks, Grandma!" thought Benny victoriously to himself, with a big fat 'over the moon' smile planted on his face from all the happiness he was currently feeling at the moment. He couldn't wait for next Saturday to come rolling around, again, for that second date with Ethan.

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*mon cher = my dear

*mon amour = my love

*mon petit ange = my little angel

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