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A/N: This is the sequel to Hidden Truths. You have to read that story first in order to understand all the details. There us a two year gap between Hidden Truths and Revealed Lies.


Scott smiled as his phone lit up displaying a picture of his fiancé. Scott and Janet had been together for a year and a half when he proposed. They only reason they had met in the first place was due to Alan. Janet was the headmaster at Wharton's Academy for Boys. Before Alan's senior year at Wharton's the Tracy family discovered that Alan's history professor, Dr. Lancaster, had been molesting him. Later that year Dr. Lancaster murdered Alan's roommate Wesley and kidnapped and tortured Alan until he was forced to do the unthinkable. Alan had killed his former professor in self-defense. It was a long road to recovery that included nightmares and vomiting. The Tracy family was shocked when Alan made a quick turnaround a few months prior to his graduation. Alan was allowed to return to school when John moved to Massachusetts to be with his long term girlfriend, Amanda. John's wife was Alan's therapist during recovery. However, right after returning to school Alan's friend Sam died of overdose. After final exams Alan went missing and the only lead the family could find were Wharton's Academy and a bunch of dead ends.

Scott thought back to the search for Alan. The family had all flown out to Wharton's to try and pick up a trace of where and why Alan had run away. It was obvious to the family that Alan had left willingly and was not kidnapped. Alan's best friend, Matt, had left with him. They were spotted on the campus security cameras. It was something that was premeditated for years in advance.

Scott and John had been flashing Alan's picture around to all the students remaining on campus. They hoped that at least one student would give them a lead. The two boys were ready to give up when a student told them that he saw Alan with a boy named Rick Palmer recently. They were on the track team together.

Scott knocked on the door hastily. A boy opened the door instantly. "What do you want?" The boy had short brown hair. Scott had never seen him before.

"We're looking for our brother, Alan Tracy." John held up the picture.

Rick snorted pushing the picture away, "I don't need a picture of my friend."

"Alan ran away. Do you know where he is?" Scott was getting the felling that this kid wasn't one to squeal on a friend. Alan had never even mentioned this kid's name before. But according to students Rick Palmer, Matt Dunne, and Alan were all friends.

"Imagine that, and he was having so much fun at school." Rick smirked in humor.

"You didn't answer the question." Scott reminded.

Rick shrugged, "Even if I did know where Alan was I would never tell you."

"Okay wise ass." Scott pushed the door in making the boy fall backwards. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

"That wasn't very nice." Rick smiled.

Scott wanted to punch this kid. "Fine, they left with Anthony." Rick revealed.

"We need Anthony's address." Scott demanded.

Rick shook his head. "No can do. I don't have it."

"You better not be lying to us." Scott threatened.

"Or we'll be back." John promised.

Scott pulled out of his thoughts to glance at the text message Janet had sent. "Only five more days! I miss you!"

Janet coming to the island to help finalize the wedding plans prior to the big day. In Scott's mind everything was perfect. All he needed was his family and Janet.

"When is Janet getting in?" Jeff's voice broke through the silence.

"She has five more days before left in the semester." Scott informed. Janet was still the headmaster at Wharton's.

Jeff was happy that two of his sons had finally found someone to settle down with and start a family. Amanda had already known about IR prior to meeting John. The Thunderbirds had saved her from a building fire ten years ago. A patient had smuggled in a lighter and activated the emergency response lockdown. Everyone had been trapped including the doctors. Luckily Jeff and the boys had gotten there in time to save everyone and extinguish the fire. Janet on the other hand was told long after Scott and her started dating. They needed to be sure she was trustworthy.

"I was considering calling Alan." Scott added.

Jeff remained silent for a few moments. He never had the heart to deactivate Alan's cell phone chip. He still paid the phone bill every month in hopes that if Alan needed them he would call, despite the lack of activity on the chip. They knew that Alan had put the chip into a phone. All their calls went straight to voicemail.

"He's not going to call back, son. Alan doesn't want to be found." Jeff responded.

"I have to try." Scott argued.

Jeff had learned a long time ago not to get in between his sons and a mission. He had trained them well. Jeff knew deep down that all of his sons had called Alan numerous times over the two year span. Even Tin Tin and Fermat had tried to call without response.

Scott held his breath as he found Alan in his contacts and dialed the number. The phone always went straight to voicemail. "Hey Alan, this is Scott. I know I leave you messages all the time. I guess a part of me still hopes that you'll respond someday. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I'm getting married next month to Mrs. Saunders. I'm sure you remember her. It would mean a lot to me if you came to the wedding. I understand if you…"

Scott was cut off by a beeping sound followed by a voice, "message box full."

"Hey Scooter, want to join in?" Gordon held up the volleyball.

It was a common pass time for the Tracy men to play volleyball in the pool. It was implied when Gordon played. John and Virgil were convinced that Gordon suffocated if he stayed out of the pool for too long.

"Let me change into my trunks, Fish Face." Scott smirked.

Over the following days everyone had been in full wedding mode. If they weren't on a rescue than Tin Tin and Amanda were having them run some ridiculous errand.

"How many more of these do I have to fold? I think my hands are about to fall off." Gordon complained.

"You better not let Tin Tin see you slacking off, little brother." Scott warned. "She's got an evil side."

"Yesterday she caught me getting lunch and almost took my head off." Virgil laughed.

"This isn't a party! Get back to folding! I needed these finished yesterday!" Tin Tin shouted making the boys jump.

"I can't wait for this wedding to be over." Gordon grumbled.

"You and me both," Virgil agreed.

Alan smiled when he felt his girlfriend's arms wrapping around his neck. "How was school?" Katie asked as she placed a trail of kisses down his neck.

"I finished my finals. I guess that means I deserve to celebrate." Alan leaned in to his girlfriend's embrace.

Katie laughed as she straddled Alan's lap to intensify the kiss. "You know if we go there we won't be able to stop." She reminded him.

"That's never stopped us before." He wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her closer.

Alan and Katie had been together since his senior year of high school. Sam had introduced Alan and Katie during his freshman year. After Matt and Alan left Massachusetts they made arrangements for Katie to follow them. Alan and Katie moved in together a few weeks later. Alan was attending college at Portland State University while Katie worked as a waitress.

Katie kissed him back eagerly as she ran her hands through his hair. "You are so aggravating. I'm trying to be the responsible one here." She breathed heavily.

Alan smirked, "Fine, I'll stop."

Alan pulled away from the embrace. "Hey!" She pouted.

He leaned in a placed a kiss on her nose. "You're adorable when you pout." Alan teased.

"Only when I pout?" Katie corrected.

"You're the one that wanted to be responsible." Alan shrugged.

Katie rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. Despite the fact that they had sex regularly Katie preferred to keep it for special occasions.

"I forgot to tell you. You got a call on that old cell you keep in the nightstand." Katie informed.

"It was probably one of my brothers or a telemarketer." Alan breezed.

"Don't you think it's time you talked to them? Anthony said it was safe again." Katie wondered.

Katie had always wanted a family. Sam died his senior year of high school and her father was in prison.

"Would it make you happy if I called them?" Alan huffed in aggravation.

"Yes." Katie handed him the phone.

Alan flipped the phone open and listened to the voicemail. "Hey Alan, this is Scott. I know I leave you messages all the time. I guess a part of me still hopes that you'll respond someday. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I'm getting married next month to Mrs. Saunders. I'm sure you remember her. It would mean a lot to me if you came to the wedding. I understand if you…"

"What did he say?" Katie inquired.

"My brother Scott is getting married to my former headmaster. He wants me to come to the wedding." Alan repeated.

"That's great. When's the wedding?" She asked.

"Next month." Alan sighed.

"How about you call him back and invite Scott and his fiancé to visit before the wedding?" Katie carded her fingers through his blonde hair.

Alan grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. "Do you know I much I love you?" He cupped her cheek.

"Remind me again." Katie pressed her lips onto Alan's briefly. "Call your brother back. We've already lost too many people." She hopped up and headed to the kitchen.

Alan grabbed his new phone and copied Scott's number into his phone. Alan's old phone didn't work anymore. The only reason he kept it charged was a precaution. After everything that happened he still worried about his family. The day he had runaway was still vivid in his mind as he pressed call.

"I didn't realize you were awake?" The man was standing in the doorway.

Wesley's father had become a large part of Alan's life. Ever since his son was murdered by Dr. Lancaster, Anthony Pierce had taken an active role in Alan's life. Matt and Alan had come to stay with Wesley's father temporarily until the heat died down.

Alan rubbed his face, "Doesn't feel like I am."

"It will get easier, Alan. I promise you." Mr. Pierce reassured.

"My family is going to be so pissed." Alan sighed.

Mr. Pierce put his arm around Alan's shoulders. "It's the only way to keep you boys safe."

"I wish I never got wrapped up in this mess." Alan felt the tears come to his eyes.

Mr. Pierce pulled him closer into his chest. "You're the closet thing I have to a son, Alan. I'm not going to let this control your life." He comforted. "I promise I will let you boys know as soon as it's safe again."

His relationship with Wesley and Alan had turned his life around. Now it was his turn to help Alan.

"Do you remember the first time we met?" The older man asked.

Alan nodded, "You were drunk off your ass."

"Yeah and you saved me. You talked me down and told me that Wesley deserved better." Mr. Pierce laughed.

Scott was sitting by the pool with his brothers when the phone rang. "How's the wife to be?" John laughed.

"It's blocked." Scott answered, "Scott Tracy."

"Hey Scotty," The voice stated. Scott would know that voice anywhere. His heart soared.

"Alan?" Scott almost dropped the phone in shock. To add to his confused state Virgil stood up from his chair to listen and the two others got out of the pool.

"Go get Dad." John whispered to Gordon. Gordon ran off instantly. The memories flashed through his mind as he ran.

"We better pray Scott and John were successful than we were." Gordon moaned over his lunch.

"Tell me about it." Virgil grumbled.

"Did you guys find any leads?" John asked as he entered the hotel room.

"None, we came up empty. How did you boys fare?" Jeff was hoping for something.

"According to Alan's new best bud Rick, Alan and Matt ran away with some guy named Anthony. We talked to Matt's folks. Their just as clueless as we are." Scott enlightened.

"As in Anthony Pierce, Wesley's father?" Jeff clarified.

"We didn't get a last name." John informed.

Back by the pool Scott was trying to latch on to what was remaining of his sanity. He was talking to his little brother. Scott wondered if he was dreaming.

"I got your message. Congratulations on the wedding." Alan's voice was even and sincere.

"I'm surprised you called back." Scott was having trouble focusing on the conversation with everyone staring at him. "We weren't even sure if you were getting our messages."

"It's a long story, believe me." Alan laughed.

"Are you okay?" Scott had no reason to believe Alan was hurt, but his brother instincts were on overdrive. The last time they saw Alan he was still recovering from the abuse he'd suffered. Then he just disappeared into thin air.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What I called to tell you was I can't make it to the wedding. I have to work." Alan excused.

"Calling is enough Alan, trust me." Scott thanked.

"My girlfriend and I wanted to invite Mrs. Saunders and you to come for a visit before the wedding." Alan asked.

"I'll have to ask Janet but I'm game. Where are you?" Scott wondered before he made a full confirmation.

"Portland, Oregon. It's cold, snowy, and rains almost every day of the year." Alan breezed.

"Give me a few hours to talk to Janet." Scott confirmed. "She'd kill me if I agreed without talking to her."

"That's cool with me. I finished my finals so I don't have much to do other than cut up with Matt and Rick." Alan said passively.

"Can I reach you on this number?" Scott needed to know before hanging up.

"Yeah, this is my cell number. My old phone works as a voicemail, but it's pretty much dead." Alan explained.

"I'll call you back in a few hours then." Scott said his goodbyes and hung up.

"Where is he?" Jeff wanted to know.

"Portland, Oregon. It sounds like he lives there with his girlfriend." Scott told his family.

"He's too young to be living with a girl." Gordon huffed. "He's only twenty."

Scott didn't care who Alan lived with as long as he was safe. "Alan invited Janet and me to come for a visit." Scott was lost in thought at this point. He missed Alan so much that he would do anything to get the kid back. It didn't matter what happened. Nothing was going to stop Scott from going to see his brother.

"I think I found something." Scott held up the busted phone. "He removed the memory chip."

"I got brains to track the GPS in Alan's phone and watch. They were both destroyed." John explained. "We can't trace the chip unless we have access to the phone Alan puts it in."

Jeff groaned, "He knows enough about us to cover his tracks. It looks like this Rick is our only lead."

Scott was a nervous wreck. Alan obviously didn't want to be found. They had absolutely no leads and were continuously coming up nil. It seemed like a horrible nightmare that would never end. He kept replaying everything Alan had said to him in hopes that he was left a clue.

"If you don't open this door I will knock it down." Scott threatened as he pounded on Rick's door.

"What do you want this time?" Rick growled.

"You lied to me." Scott shouted.

Rick shrugged, "I answered all your questions."

"You left some things out." John pressured.

"Whatever do you mean?" Rick smirked playfully.

"You never mentioned that Anthony Pierce was involved." John reminded.

Rick looked unconcerned by the revelation. "You asked me about Alan's whereabouts not about who helped him run away."

"You told us Alan ran away with Matt." Scott clarified. "You don't think we needed to know that they ran away with Wesley's father?"

"Alan left because he needed to. How he did it or who helped him shouldn't matter." Rick argued.

"Alan needs his family. Not some convict." Jeff insisted.

"Mr. Pierce may be an ex-convict, but he cares about Alan just as much as you do. Alan trusts him and wanted his help." Rick knew that Alan's family was pig headed.

"You call us if you hear from Alan." Jeff was finished interrogating this kid.

As long as Rick felt he was protecting Alan they weren't going to get any more details.

"Scott is right." Jeff agreed. "It took Alan this long to reach out to us again. The last thing we want is to press our luck."

"You better update us daily, Scooter." Gordon warned.

The oldest Tracy brother knew his little brother was not messing around. Gordon had blamed himself for Alan's disappearance. He thought he had missed something that could have made Alan stay. He would do anything to get his little brother back and Scott wanted nothing more than to see Alan again.

Scott had expected things to calm down within the hour, but the atmosphere remained heightened. The idea that Alan had reached out to someone willingly had brought a new hope to the Tracy household. They might get their second chance.

Scott had called Alan back and confirmed his travel plans with Janet. She was excited to see him again as well. Janet had been just as worried about Alan when he left.