Snow White's Adventures in London

Chapter 1: The start

It was the day of Snow White's wedding to Prince Charming the whole kingdom was invited and Snow White's dear friends the Seven Dwarfs came too Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Sleepy and Dopey. Snow White was in her dressing room getting ready for her big day

"You must be very happy Princess" said one of the castle maids helping Snow White with her wedding gown

"Oh yes I am very very happy" replied sweet Snow White

Then another maid came in and said

"You have five more minutes before your wedding Snow White"

"Okay, Thank you" replied Snow White. As Snow White finished getting ready the ball room was getting full of guests and the wedding music started to play as bride Snow White walked down the aisle with Doc. Prince Charming had a huge smile on his face as Snow White got closer to him when she got to him they held hands and the priest started to get them married

"Do you Snow White take Prince Charming to be your husband?" asked the priest

"I do" Smiled Snow White

"And do you Prince Charming take Snow White to be your wife?" asked the priest

"I do" Prince Charming smiled Back at Snow White

"You may kiss the bride" replied the priest as he smiled but before they could kiss the doors of the ball room flew open and a wet old woman was standing in the door way with an old ragged cloak on with white hair hanging down she looked up at Snow White and Prince Charming she had a big witch nose then she used magic to make herself beautiful the whole room was in shock because it was The Evil Queen, Everyone thought The Evil Queen died by falling off a cliff but she survived and now she was very very mad and wanted to kill Snow White even more now.
"What do you want!" asked Prince Charming holding his shaking wife

"Snow White dead" replied The Evil Queen

"That will NEVER happen!" said Prince Charming

"Oh it will I have a few plans in mind for her" replied The Evil Queen

"Guards, Get her" said Prince Charming

but as the guards tired to get The Evil Queen she poofed away back to her castle.