[A.N.] Full Summary:Junior year has come to an end, Hyrule is flooded and Majora has risen to power. Forced to separate, Link, Zelda, Sheik and the others must find a way to stop Majora from finding three mysterious stones of power and delivering them to his master, as they set out to uncover a secret centuries old and discovering along the way that everyone has a destiny. Direct sequel to my story: Rise of Majora. LinkxZelda, SheikxMalon, MidoxSaria. Rated a heavy T for language, violence and some mature content such as drug references, sexual themes, etc.

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Here is the first chapter of the sequel story: The Lost Artifacts of Hylia. We will see new enemies as well as old, a new secret intelligence organization, a new host of characters (most of which you will all be familiar with) and more expanded arcs for some characters, as well as the overall plot. I really hope RoM laid the groundwork for what I have planned for the future, but we'll see.

P.S. This chapter is just a small origin story for Majora, the next chapter will take place immediately after the events of the finale of RoM.

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The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Artifacts of Hylia

Prologue: An Ancient Power

[Long ago in a distance land…]

"Amias, we must not do this!" A man yelled to another as he followed him out of a large tent and into a grassy field. The land was sparsely wooded with large gaps of open land.

"Amias, please," The man pleaded as he followed Amias towards an area where many more tents could be seen. "The Elder's have forbade it!" He yelled as he placed a hand on Amias' shoulder.

Amias stopped and spun around, revealing something wrapped in a cloth in his arms . "Janos, the Elder's do not see the good that this mask can do! They fear it because they cannot control it, and so they wish to destroy it! Without this mask out enemies would have destroyed us ages ago, our sick would have died and we would be no more!" He stated furiously.

"You shouldn't even have this!" Janos hissed. "It is not for us to use lightly."

Amias laughed. "Used lightly? Janos, what do you think the Elders have been doing? Using it to it's full advantage? Certainly not!" He argued. He looked at Janos with some mild concern. "The others are with me on this, why not you?

Janos and Amias stared at each with such fiery intensity until Janos finally looked away. "Because I believe powers such as the one this mask posses should never be used in this way. I am sorry, Amias, but I cannot stand with you on this."

Amias glared at Janos. "Very well, do what you feel is right and I will do the same." He said before turning and running off towards the village in the distance.

"Amias? Amias!" Janos yelled to his friend, but he did not listen.

Groups of people dressed in strange cloaks with archaic symbols etched on their backs stood in a large circle in the center of the village, surrounding a small, wooden cross. As Amias approached the group, they parted to allow him entrance. Amias stepped up to the wooden cross and slowly unwrapped the item in his hand, discarding the piece of cloth on the dirt ground, to relieve a bright and colorful mask that has large swirling eyes and spikes jutting out all around.

Amias raised the mask high in the air before placing it gently on top of the cross. Stepping back, Amias raised his hands in the air and began to chant in a strange tongue, followed closely by the others in the group.

As they chanted, the mask's eyes began to glow an eerie purple. "No, stop!" Someone suddenly yelled. Janos appeared nearing the group followed closely by two other men and one woman.

"Amias, you must stop this at once!" One of the men yelled. "You do not know what you are unleashing!"

"Silence, old man!" Amias snapped. "I know what I am doing! Soon, the powers of this mask will be unleashed and our tribe shall soar unto Utopia!" HE cried madly.

The mask's eyes suddenly changed from purple to black, when it suddenly began to emit a strange and powerful force. Dark clouds moved closer and closer to them as a bright light flashed in the sky, followed seconds later by the sound of thunder.

"Amias! Please!" Janos began. "That mask has a dark energy within, and your desire to good with be crushed by a malicious entity that will destroy us all!" He tried to explain. But no matter what the elders or Janos said, Amias didn't seem to hear them. He began to slowly approach the mask, transfixed. His eyes had rolled to the backs of their sockets as he raised a hand and reached out to the mask.

"Amais, stop!"

Amias' lips quivered as his fingers grasped the edges of the mask. The sky was completely covered in black clouds and heavy torrents of rain and wind smashed down upon the land.

"We have to stop him!" One of the elders said to Janos as lightning began to strike more often and much closer. "Or we shall all die!"

Amias turned the mask around and was about to put it on when Janos and the other elders suddenly began to chant as white light poured from their body's. The mas suddenly became harder and harder to move as Amias struggled to put it on. "No! I will save us all through the power of this mask!" He stated.

Amias fought with all of his might, clenching his teeth and fingers that were still wrapped tightly around the mask, to put it on as the darkness from the mask clashed with the light from the elders. Amias screamed in agony as his body was torn by the light and dark, until he finally disappeared in a massive implosion.

The strange mask fell to the ground as the color from its eyes and shell faded away...

[The Lost Woods, 1934]

A man sat in a small, single horse drawn carriage down a dirt path. The man had a large pack beside him that bore numerous masks of various designs and colors. His horse trotted casually through the now misty path towards Termina for his business.

There was something strange about him, about the way he behaved. He never stopped smiling, or giggling maniacally to himself on occasions. It made people actively avoid him. Not that he cared, in fact the man appeared to happy, all the time.

His horse traveled onwards through the dense woods. It wasn't a road often traveled. The lost woods didn't get its name by being friendly to its visitors. At times the road would split off in multiple directions, or a few direction, and there were never any signs. But the mysterious man traveled on through the woods without so much as a thoughtful expression as to where he was going, though occasionally he would flick the reins of his horse to either turn left or right whenever the road split off.

Just then, a young boy suddenly appeared a few feet in front of the horse.

"Whoa!" The man yelled, flicking the reigns and his horse came to a halt, neighing in surprise.

The boy must have been eight or nine years old, but his attire was odd, not like the other boys that lived in the neighboring towns. He wore a funny mask and stood in the middle of the road with his head cocked to the side. The man stared at the boy for a moment, the smile on his face never flinching. "LIttle boy, are you lost?" He asked. His voice was soft and almost lilting, but not in a good way.

The boy chuckled but shook his head.

"Well, do you mind moving out of the way so I could pass?" The man asked kindly.

"Let's play!" The boy yelled with a laugh.

"I'm afraid I don't have time for - " The man began, but the boy was already beside his cart. "Hey!" He yelled as the boy climbed up.

"You've got some funny masks, do people actually buy this crap?" The boy asked with a chuckle as he grabbed the man's pack.

"Be careful! They're very valuable!" The man cried with a wide grin.

The boy chuckled again. "Really?" He said before running off with the pack into the woods.

"Hey - come back here!" The man demanded with a mad cackle, but the boy was too quick and soon disappeared.

The boy ran as far as he could before dropping beside a large tree to check what he had stolen. It had to have been his best loot yet. The boy giggled and opened up the pack, eyeing several masks. Rummaging through the masks, the boy pulled out many masks until his eyes fell on one in particular. Pulling out a grey mask with large, swirling eyes and spikes jutting out from all around, the boy stood up and stared at the mask for several seconds. There was something odd about it, a strange and enduring feeling that was unsettling yet attractive at the same time.

As the boy continued to stare into the mask, he thought he heard a soft whisper. Spinning around, the boy eyed the vicinity for any sign of intrusion, or perhaps that freak mask salesman. But there was no one around. When he heard another whisper the boy looked back at the mask.

Was it trying to speak with him?

That was impossible, wasn't it? A mask couldn't speak.

But it did, he could clearly hear it, he could feel it. The boy's hands shook as he contemplated putting it on. The more and more he thought about it, the more and more he wanted to put it on. Making up his mind, the boy turning the mask around in his hands and put it on.

What was the worst that could happen?

As the material touched his face, a light purple glow emitted from around his face. The boy screamed as the mask melded to him, its eyes now glowing a dark violet. The boy fell to his knees and grabbed his face as he suddenly felt a very dark and ancient presence enter his mind.

"Thanks for the body...this is going to be fun….ha-ha-ha-ha…."

- Demonzmagic