The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Artifacts of Hylia

Chapter Five – Chosen


When he opened his eyes, Link found himself lying in the center of a circular platform facing the short set of stairs leading down to a stone floor overridden with weeds, vines and other plant overgrowth. As he looked around, he realized that had to be inside what appeared to be a withering, stone castle or fortress. Link groaned and sat up as he tried to remember what last happened before he passed out.

He was talking with his mom about his dad and what he found. It brought Link one step closer to finding out what really happened with his dad and mom and how they were connected to Majora and Zelda's dad. Link massaged his right temple as it began to throb.

Everything was so damn complicated.

Link stood up and brushed himself off. It sounded crazy, but he was pretty sure whatever caused him to blackout was due to the mysterious glow the object Rebecca showed him exhibited when they were looking at it. Link took a few steps around the circular platform before noticing an elegant looking mirror behind him. Walking up to it, Link looked at his reflection but something was wrong – the young man in the mirror looked similar to Link, but wore strange, green clothing and carried a sword and shield.

"What in the – " Link began to say as he leaned in closer. But just as he did the mirror suddenly rippled and his 'reflection' vanished. Link could now see images of Saria, Mido, Malon, MIdna and Colin, but they looked different. They faces were covered in dark shadows and their heads were hung low. The mirror rippled once more and now Link could see what looked like Hyrule…but it couldn't have been.

Most of the building were destroyed and the streets were littered with trash, bodies and cars strewn haphazardly about the place. Fires burst forth from random parts of the city and all his family and friends could be seen, their lifeless bodies slung over cars or on the ground, covered in blood.

No, it's not real! Link tried to tell himself. It's just a nightmare!

"I wish it were, my child…" A lilting voice said from behind him.

Link spun around to see a beautiful woman with long, golden hair and white robes standing in a circle of flowers. "It is the future that will come to pass, should you fail…"

"Fail?" Link repeated. "I don't understand…who are you?" He asked, slowly walking down the steps towards her. But even as he asked this question something in the back of his mind told him he already knew.

"I am Hylia," The woman replied, "and you are my chosen hero…"

[The Resistance, HQ] – [Lanayru City]


"Will he be alright?" She asked Shade as he examined Link.

"He should be fine – looks like he's just unconscious." Shade concluded as he stood up.

"That's a relief – " Rebecca replied with a sigh before Telma

"What were you doing down in that room in the first place?" Telma asked with a serious look on her face. "You know it's off limits to outsiders – "

"I would hardly call Link an outsider." Rebecca replied with a glare. "You know as well as I do that he has skills we can use – skills we need…he just needs proper training."

"Which brings me back to my first question – what were you two doing down in the artifact chamber?" Telma asked again, looking at Rebecca expectantly.

"Showing my son the last archeological find his father made before disappearing." Rebecca snapped back. "Forgive me for wanting to give my son some clarity about what happened to his real parents." Rebecca replied hotly.

"You can fill him in on the events after he's been granted security clearance." Telma replied before looking back at Link.

"Perhaps we should continue this conversation in the briefing room…?" Shad suggested.

Telma nodded. "Indeed, there are other things we will need to over – more importantly, we have a matter that requires all of our attention… not to mention our two newest members arrived not too long ago." Telma replied before leaving the medical wing

"New members? Already?" Rebecca asked, but Telma had already left. Sighing, Rebecca unfolded her arms and left the medical room, followed closely by Shad


"Where's Link?" Sheik yelled as he and Navi entered the headquarters of the Resistance.

"I'm sorry, sir's," A female guard said, eyeing Sheik and Navi, "but you'll have to wait here until you've been given secur – "

Sheik pushed past the shorter security guard and boldly walked further into the main room of the HQ. "We've been waiting for days!" He exclaimed. "Besides, Chief-Director Rauru already briefed us, so why do we have to wait for security clearance again?" He groaned.

"Protocol, Agent Saber." A woman replied from further down the room. "I should think you of all people would understand that…or was I wrong?" She asked.

Sheik looked over to see a tall, middle-aged woman dressed in fashionable business attire and high heels walking over to him. She had dark skin and long dark hair that had been tied back in a bun. "You must be Director Telma..." Sheik replied as he stared at the woman.

"And you are, no doubt, Agent's Saber." The woman said as she approached Sheik and Navi. "And Agent Navi, a pleasure to meet you." She said, flashing her a smile.

"Where is Link?" Sheik asked, looking at Telma with a hard expression.

"He's resting." Telma replied simply.

Sheik glanced at Navi with a frown before looking back at Telma. "Resting?" Sheik repeated. "Is he alright?"

Telma shrugged. "Yes…and no."

Sheik grew visibly angry as he clenched his hands into fists. "What the hell does that mean? What did you people do to him?" He asked, taking a step forward.

"You people?" Telma repeated with a smirk. "Need I remind you, Agent that we're all on the same side – so why don't we keep it that way?" She said, giving him a smile as three of her guards closed in on Sheik.

"Why you – " Sheik growled with anger.

"Sheik!" A woman yelled, and Sheik looked over to see Link's mother standing where Telma had first entered from.

"Rebecca?" Sheik said, looking oddly surprised.


Telma had two security guards show Navi where her quarters were, and where she could shower and eat if she wished while Rebecca took Sheik into an unoccupied room so they could speak in private.

"Not exactly the best first impression you could have given to the Director of the Resistance..." Rebecca sighed with frustration as she paced around the small room.

"The who?" Sheik asked, looking, confused.

"The Resistance were a group of freedom fighters that existed long ago defending the people against threats that couldn't be handled by normal means. Telma was tasked with assembling a team with that very same goal in mind, and just like that The Resistance was born again– we need these people, Sheik." Rebeccas explained. "They have the tactical training, intelligence, knowledge and equipment needed to fight what's coming – "

"'What's coming'?" Sheik repeated. "I know Majora's powerful, but I don't think it's that extreme yet...and she should have just taken me to Link in the first place!" Sheik replied as he turned away from Rebecca and paced around the room.

"Link is resting right now, its better if you just wait until he wakes up." Rebecca replied, placing her hands on her hips.

"Why? What happened?" Sheik asked, looking concerned. "Did he get hurt while you two were on the run?" Sheik asked, remembering now that he had no idea what happened to Link after they last split up.

"No…actually it was me who was injured." Rebecca replied, looking away from Sheik for a moment. "Link ran off on his own to look for Zelda." She began to explain. "But I had already found her by the docks with Gal holding her captive. I tried to fight back, but there were too many of his men...I ended up getting shot and that's when Link showed up." Rebecca said. "He tossed a smoke grenade and we managed to push back Gal's men, but when the smoke cleared Zelda was suddenly gone and we couldn't stay any longer. I was, bleeding too much, and we couldn't go to any hospital or stick around the city, so Link took me to a motel outside of Hyrule and patched me up until Auru found us and brought us here." Rebecca said.

"So Link must be tired from the all the action and traveling, huh?" Sheik replied, now understanding.

"Partly, but that's not all…" Rebecca said, giving him a serious look.

Sheik raised an eyebrow. "So is this the part where you tell me about what's coming…?" He asked in a mildly sarcastic voice.

"If you think Majora's working along then you're a lot more naive than I thought you were." Rebecca whispered sharply.

"Of course I don't think he's working alone!" Sheik replied. "But that doesn't mean that he's getting 'orders from upon high'." He mocked. "Look, don't you think an evil, looney scientist and flooding and entire city is crazy enough? Why does there have to be this…escalation?"

Rebecca scoffed and glanced away for a moment before looking back, raising one hand up to knit her brow to alleviate some of her frustration. "Look, I'm not supposed to tell you this but…Link isn't asleep because he's tired…well not entirely." She corrected herself.

"What do you mean?" Sheik asked with a raised eyebrow. "Why aren't you supposed to tell me this?"

Rebecca wiped her mouth with one hand, looking worried. "The Resistance has one of the three stones, and it was discovered by Link's father." She stated.

"What?!" Sheik replied with wide eyes. "You mean to say that one of those stones that fits into the three-fold mold we gave to Director Rauru is here?"

"Yes, and something…happened to Link when I showed him the stone…" Rebecca said with a heavy exhale.

"What do you mean?" Sheik asked. "He's fine, right?"

Rebecca swallowed. "Honestly I don't know what happened. We were talking about his father when Link said he was hearing a strange sound, but I didn't hear anything. Then the stone began to glow brightly and the next thing I knew he was passed out on the floor."

Sheik turned around and placed his fingers together in a prayer posture over his nose and mouth. "So what know? We just wait until he wakes up!?"

Rebecca appeared just as uncertain and helpless as Sheik as she shrugged and shook her head. "We're dealing with a level of technology we can't even begin to understand. Some of our best medical professionals have checked Link out and say he's fine, but for some reason he's not waking up. We just have to wait until he's ready."

Sheik frowned, not looking pleased at the situation as he closed his eyes and looked down. He jerked his head up when he felt Rebecca touch his shoulder. She looked into his eyes and gave him a small smile. "I know it's hard, but we have to have faith – Link is strong, he'll make it." She said with a smile.

"I hope you're right…" Sheik replied.


"What?" Was all Link could say as he stood dumbfounded.

"I understand that you must be very confused…" Hylia spoke. Her voice echoed softly and though should stood several feet from Link he could hear her as clearly as if she were right in front of him. "Forgive me, but this is the only way I can communicate with you without expending too much of my own energy…" She explained, gliding towards him now.

"Where am I?" Link asked. "Am I dreaming?"

"Yes…and no." Hylia replied.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Link asked, throwing his arms up in the air.

"Your body is asleep – yes – however I have transported your subconscious here so that I may speak with you." Hylia replied as she turned around and began to hover towards an arched doorway where a large tree had grown beside it, splitting the stone blocks on the ground and through the ceiling where a large hole had been made.

You know, if you wanted to speak with me it probably wasn't the smartest idea to bring my subconscious – I'm not going to remember anything you know." Link pointed out as he stepped through the doorway. The two were standing before a stone walkway that led towards a bridge, however the bridge had collapsed and they were left standing overlooking a cliff of thick brush and what appeared to be more of the destroyed structure. "Is this a castle?" Link asked as he looked around.

"It was all I could do." Hylia replied with a shake of her head. "My powers are not what they used to be, and your subconscious was the easiest to bring." She explained. "…And yes, this was once a castle, but that was a long time ago…" Hylia replied as he voice trailed with the breeze. She looked up at a pillar that had an odd looking statue of a bird in a defensive pose – its large wings were spread outwards and pointed up at the sky.

"The last thing I remember was…talking with my mom looking at some stone, but it was so finely crafted I don't think it could have been made by humans." Link replied.

"It wasn't." Hylia replied simply.

"I don't understand, why did I pass out?" Link asked. "Did that stone do something to me?" He said, remembering a strange pulsing behavior from the stone.

"A reaction that happens when someone who has been chosen by the Goddess comes into contact with their respective piece of the Triforce." Hylia explained.

Link gave the room one last look before following Hylia outside. "Where is here exactly?" Link asked, stopping next to her.

"We are inside the Triforce of Courage." Hylia replied, keeping her eyes fixed on the expanse of forests and mountains before them.

"Riiiiiight…" Link replied, looking skeptical and confused. "You never really explained what that was."

"The Triforce is an ancient relic of magnificent power constructed when the stones of Courgae, Wisdom and Power have been combined." Hylia replied as she turned to Link and took his left hand. "When the earth first came to be the Goddesses Din, Farore and Nayru came and bestowed upon the land life through each of their powers. They then created stones that could contain their essence until someone worthy of that power emerged and discovered it."

"And…what happens when someone finds a stone?" Link asked curiously.

"If that person is worthy and can pass the specific trial then they shall be granted virtually unlimited mystical powers pertaining to that specific stone." Hylia replied.

"Unlimited mystical powers?" Link repeated in disbelief. "How is that even possible?" He shivered suddenly when he remembered the trial she mentioned. "What exactly is the trial?" He asked. "How is one deemed worthy?"

"That depends on the stone – in this case you will have to face dark fears and life threatening perils while in search of a means of weakening the enemy." Hylia said. "But you needn't worry, you have already displayed the courage and self-sacrifice necessary to be chosen."

Link stood in silent contemplation for a minute before shaking and grabbing his head with both hands. "Well that's a relief...wait, why am I even listening to her? None of this even real!" He thought to himself. "I'll wake up in The Resistance headquarters and probably won't remember any of this – "

Hylia suddenly turned to Link and gently took his left hand, turning it palm down and then placed her right hand just a few inches above his. "Link, you are here because the Triforce of Courage has recognized you as its true master – as its Chosen Hero - but it does not mean that you are ready to face the darkness." She said, seemingly reading his thoughts. "I can summon the Triforce symbol on your hand but you must be the one to face the trials ahead." Link glanced questioningly at Hylia as when suddenly a bright, yellow glow began to spring forth from the skin on his hand. "What the – ?" Link gasped.

The golden light grew brighter and brighter until a small triangular symbol began to etch itself into Link's skin.

Link bit back the urge to scream as pain flooded his scenes, but something deep inside told him to remain strong. And so, through clenched teeth, Link endured the process until finally a three-fold Triforce symbol was all that remained.

"What…what just happened?!" Link exclaimed as he clenched his left hand in pain.

"I am sorry, but the process of merging can be painful." Hylia replied before she turned away and continued to gaze out into the region.

Link gingerly rubbed his hand with a frown before it turned into a scowl. "Why do I have to be this Chosen Hero? Don't I even get a say?" He asked angrily.

Hylia looked at Link with a solemn expression. "It is up to whether or not you want to embrace the path that has been set before you, however it is important for you to also understand what will happen should you condemn your own destiny…" Hylia said as he looked deep into his eyes.

Link inhaled sharply and swallowed hard as his eyes grew wide for an instant. "You mean, what I saw earlier…what you showed me?" Link asked as the horrific scenes played through his mind once more.

Hylia merely nodded and eyed Link as started to look sick. He frowned and stepped away from the ledge and back into the castle ruins. I can't turn my back, not after seeing what could happen to everyone, not just the ones I love! Link thought to himself, but he also wasn't sure he could face the daunting task alone.

"You won't be alone, Link…" Hylia said as she suddenly appeared behind Link. He turned to face her with a look of uncertainty etched on his face. "The Triforce of Courage will always guide you. When you wake you will see this mark on your hand and your path shall be clear." She said encouragingly.

Link nodded but remained silent as he looked down at his feet, still trying to come to terms with everything. Hylia gently raised his head up by placed a finger under his chin. "You must never forget that having all three pieces of the Triforce can summon the power to destroy all life as you know, and that there is a dark power who will stop at nothing to get his hands on it."

"I don't understand, are you talking about Majora?" Link asked, wondering who this dark force could be.

But Hylia shook her head. "No. Majora is but a pawn in this. The true threat has yet to come, but time grows ever shorter..." Hylia replied softly before staring at Link as he looked worried. "Fear not, for this fight shall not be yours alone – but in order for the Princess of Light to help you will need to free the sages.

Link gazed at Hylia with a lost expression. "The who?"

Hylia smiled solemnly "I am sorry, but our time is up..."

Link's eyes widened as he felt and saw the world around him being pulled back. "Wait! I-I don't know what I'm supposed to do!?" He yelled at her in frustration.

"Find the Master Sword, free the Sages." Hylia's voice echoed as she appeared to shrink more and more. "Go to the woods...where past and present collide."

Link's eyes widened in shock as he suddenly felt himself being pulled backwards by an unseen force. "Wait, wait! What sword?!" Link yelled as Hylia and the ruined castle grew smaller and smaller.

"Link…never forget who you are…you are, The Chosen Hero…open yourself up to the Stone of Courage and your path will become clear."

Link screamed as he jolted up in bed. His breathing was erratic and beads of sweat trickled down his face. What the hell just happened?! Link wondered to himself. He tried to recall the dream he just had, but there were only sparse bits and pieces that he couldn't make sense of. Link absently rubbed his left hand when suddenly a sharp pain sprang forth. "Ahh!" Link gasped. He frowned and examined the back of his left hand and his eyes nearly popped from their sockets.

There, etched on his skin, was a three-fold Triforce symbol…

[Lanayru City] – [Unknown Location]

[Marwan Morpheus]

A young teenage boy, gagged and bound to a metal chair, struggled under a ceiling light to break from his restraints.

"Hey, quiet over there! Or I'll shut you up myself!" A man grunted from a corner of the room. He was of average height, with broad shoulders and a thick neck. There were only two lights illuminating the room, the coned ceiling lamp and the bright, blue-ish color that emanated from the two computer monitors where the man sat, and on the table before him were what appeared to be two long, thick ropes made from electric wiring, small motors and other electronic equipment. The ropes were each roughly 8 feet long and remained unattached to anything as Marwan began work on one of them with a soldering iron. On the floor to the left of Marwan was a large electronic pack that had two arms slots and two holes on either side

The room appeared to be some sort of abandoned research facility or lab. Medical stations, stretchers, IV equipment, and broken test tubes littered the dark room. Towards the back of the room was a large, glass window overlooking a giant tube-like chamber, where large coils and electrical wiring fed into the machinery.

One of the computer monitors flickered and then Majora's masked face appeared. "Mr. Morpheus...I see you got my message..." Majora replied behind his blank and sinister mask.

"And I see you got mine." Marwan replied as he moved to the side so that Majora could see the boy.

"Perhaps you received a different message, or perhaps you just didn't understand it clearly." Majora replied with a hint of displeasure in his voice. "I asked for Zelda, not some useless boy." He said.

"Relax." Marwan replied with a grin. "I did a little research...this boy's the mayor's kid, and guess who just so happens to be great friends with her?" He asked, pausing for a moment, however Majora just stared back at him with the blank expression of his mask. "Impa – Zelda's old caretaker and now her only guardian. If anyone knows where Zelda is it's her."

Majora hummed in response. Reflecting neither pleasure nor displeasure. "Contact me when you have something concrete...then we will talk." And the screen cut out.

[Ordon Village Ranch]


Agent was the first to climb down the ladder that led to the underground passageway Fado had discovered. Ralph kept a turned-on flashlight in his mouth while he climbed down. The distance looked to be pretty far down, as Baret soon began to disappear in the darkness.

A few minutes later Baret's voice could be heard yelling, "Alright, it's safe!"

Saria looked at her mother and then to her friends before nodding. Silently she turned and began climbing down the ladder. Her fingers clasped around the rusty metal bars as she went further and further down, a light scrapping noise echoed forth as she moved along. Saria paused and glanced up to see Midna about five feet above her, followed by the others.

Saria touched down on solid ground and noticed that Ralph had moved on a head a little bit, as she could see his light moving around. The tunnel leading further in was pretty dark, with only two lights running along the ceiling being visible; it was also a bit cold and damp and Saria was beginning to worrt about rodents or snakes.

By the time the others made it down Baret had walked back to the group. "There isn't much light up ahead – I counted ceiling lights every twenty feet or so, but I can't for sure if that true the whole way." The others didn't seem to like this, but what else could they do? "I've got another flashlight for emergencies, but I don't know how long the batteries will last…" He said, pulling out a P2X Fury Dual-Optic LED torch.

Baret looked at the group and then handed the flashlight to Colin. "Here, I'll keep a little ways ahead of you guys in case there's any trouble." He then pulled out a GLOCK G30S and also handed it to Colin. "I want you to walk behind us, but not too far, and watch out backs. Think you can do that?" He asked, giving Colin a hard look.

"Do you really think that's necessary?" Laura asked and she walked up to Colin, noticing his reluctance.

Ralph sighed. "I know it's not ideal, but Majora's men are bound to return to Fado's ranch and search around – Zelda's still out there and after destroying an entire city I doubt he'd allow her to slip away so easily. I don't know how long this tunnel runs for, or what we'll be facing in the Lost Woods so I need to know someone's got our back."

Colin swallowed hard but nodded. "Alright." He said, taking the gun. His hand fell slightly as he was not ready for how heavy it was.

"Here, hold it like this." Baret said as he moved to position Colin's right and left hands in a crisscross pattern. "Keep your light in the same line as where you're aiming." He advised.

"Sorry, I've never actually held a real gun before." Colin replied, no realizing that his hands were shaking slightly.

"It's alright." Baret replied as he patted Colin's shoulder. "Let's hope you won't have to use it." Colin nodded. "Alright then, let's get going." Baret said as he turned and moved on ahead, disappearing as he passed the first ceiling light.

Colin, Midna, Saria and Laura all looked at each other before they too began to walk through the tunnels. Colin hung back a few feet and kept his eyes open as everyone was now in uncharted territory…


Rebecca led Sheik further into the headquarters of The Resistance and through a set of locked doors that required a biometric scan and pin-key password. They walked down a long hallway with various doors on either side of them; some had high security locks while others didn't.

Turning right, Rebecca went through a set of double doors and then through another set of double doors into a larger room with computer terminals, flat screen monitors and a large table where a group of individuals turned and looked at them. Sheik glanced at everyone but could only recognize Navi, Impa, Rebecca and Director Telma.

"Ahh, Mr. Saber, how nice of you to finally join us…"

Sheik pursed his lips and then took a seat next to Rebecca. "Earlier this morning, Mayor Rutela's son was kidnapped." Telma began as she walked towards the front of the table and glanced at an analyst who was typing way at one of the computer terminals.

One of the TV monitors turned on and an image of a young boy, perhaps ten or twelve, smiling and dressed in a school uniform appeared on it. "We're not exactly sure yet why the boy was taken, or by who…." Telma stopped and glanced at Rebecca and Impa as they both gave her looks, before continuing. "But, according to the report given by Mayor Rutela and Impa – who tried to fend off the attacker – the man appears to fit the description of this man…Marwan Morpheus." She said, pressing another button.

The blank TV screen next to the one with Odile's son turned on to show an image of Marwan.

Everyone stared at Marwan's photo with intensity. "Do we know it's him for sure?" Auru asked.

"We're still scouring through his known aliases and running his face through every facial recognition database known to luck yet." An analyst replied.

"There's also a text transmission we picked up a while before Ralis was taken ..." Telma said, glancing at the analyst who pulled it up on screen. An image of Zelda appeared with text bellow that read: Bring me this girl alive for a substantial reward... – M

"M..." Auru said, looking around at the group.

"Majora." Sheik replied with an angry frown. "He's put a bounty on Zelda and sent it to all of his associates!" He yelled.

"But why take Odile's son?" Ashei replied with a confused look. "How does getting to the mayor of Lanayru help Marwan find Zelda?" The stoic girl asked.

"Because Odile is best friends with Impa – who practically raised Zelda." Rebecca explained, glancing from Impa to the mayor. "Marwan must have found out Impa has been staying here..."

"It still seems a bit odd, don't you think?" Shad asked. "The mayor doesn't know where Zelda is." He pointed out.

"But he doesn't know that." Sheik replied as he glanced at Marwan's picture on the screen. "And neither does Majora. All they know is that Zelda is on the run and Impa is pretty much the only family she has left!"

"What exactly are you proposing Mr...Saber, is it?" Mayor Odile asked, looking stern.

Sheik swallowed hard. "With all due respect, mayor, I think that Marwan knew Impa escaped from Hyrule to Lanayru – and since you both are widely known as good friends I think Marwan is using this to get to Impa. Even if he finds out Impa doesn't know where Zelda is – if Zelda's watching the news then she'll know what's going." He said implying.

"And she'll want to come back..." Rebecca replied as soon realized what Sheik was getting at.

"Exactly! We can't let Impa leave the headquarters." Sheik said, looking over at Impa. "Not until Marwan's been taken care of."

"Alright, It's all we've got right now so let's work with it – look through any and all information we have on Marwan, study his patterns and behaviors and we'll find him – " Telma began.

"Ma'am, something strange is happening, all the TV channels, they're being hacked." An analyst suddenly stated, glancing at Telma with a confused expression

"On screen." Telma said.

Everyone looked at one of the screens to see a man's face covered in a black mask. "Hello citizens of Lanayru..." The man spoke with an electronically masked voice. "As many of you may already know, yesterday a man broke into Mayor Rutella's house and kidnapped her son. That man was me."

"What's his game?" Sheik wondering as he glared at the screen.

"As you can see, no harm has come to the boy – " The camera panned to the side and zoomed in so that everyone could Ralis tied up and gagged in a chair before quickly sweeping back to Marwan. "I only ask for one thing in return for the safe arrival of the boy...Impa Sheikah, you will meet me at 500 South Lake Bed Drive at 8 o'clock and you will come alone. Or I will kill the boy for all to see." The broadcast ended, leaving a black screen in place. A few seconds later the screen became fuzzy and then the regularly scheduled program resumed.

"Well, I guess we don't need to look for Marwan anymore." Sheik replied as everyone gave each other an uncomfortable look.

[Unknown Location]


She sat at the edge of her bed and held her mother's pendant in her hands as Hylia's words echoed through her mind.

Find the other half of the pendant and help the Chosen Hero find his path. Zelda didn't have the slightest clue as to where to start looking, much less who this Chosen Hero was or how she was supposed to help him find his path. Zelda slammed her eyes shut in frustration. She wanted to see Link again, and Impa, Midna, and all her friends. But she couldn't leave, even though she wanted to, she knew it was too dangerous out there for her. That's when an idea popped into Zelda's head. If my mother's pendant was passed down from mother to daughter...what if the other half was given to someone else in the family?

But Zelda didn't know anyone else in her family. She didn't even know she had an uncle! Zelda stood up and slammed her fist against the wall in frustration. There was a loud boom that shook throughout the area, and then suddenly she could hear footsteps running towards her. "Zelda, is everything okay!?" Daltus exclaimed as he knocked on the door.

With a sigh, Zelda relaxed herself and walked over to the door before opening it. "I'm fine, sorry I was just..." Zelda trailed off and then Daltus glanced over her shoulder at the wall, noticing a dent.

"I assume you had something to do with that?" Daltus asked, flashing her a grin after a moment.

Zelda bit her lip and turned around, walking back to the bed before taking a seat. "I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do..." She said, clutching her mother's pendant in her hands.

Daltus stared at Zelda from the doorway. "First thing we need to do is get out of here – "

"And go where?" Zelda asked in defeat.

"Far away." Daltus replied as he neared her. "I still know a few people I can trust – but we can't stay here and we certainly can't go back to Hyrule – Majora's men will be after you now even more so than before."

Zelda shook her head. "I'm not going anywhere until I get some more answers." She said, looking adamant.

"Zelda – " Daltus began as he took a step forward.

"Why did you stay out of my life for so long?" Zelda asked, looking deep into his eyes. "Why was my mother's pendant kept from me?" She asked sternly.

"Zelda, please, we don't have time – " Daltus began to say.

"If you don't start answering my question's I'm going to walk out right now, I'm not even kidding." Zelda cut off with a glare.

Daltus opened his mouth to interject, but then closed it. Realizing he couldn't argue, he sighed and took a seat next to Zelda on the bed. "Our family is cursed." He began, looking straight ahead. "We descend from an ancient royal family, whose kingdom was being threatened by dark forces – "

Zelda stood up and began to walk out. "This isn't some joke – "

Daltus grabbed Zelda's hand and pulled her back. "Zelda, wait! Just listen!" He said. Zelda sighed and looked back at Daltus with her arms folded, waiting for him to continue. "The princess of this kingdom, was Princess Zelda – your ancestor." He continued, swallowing hard. "Our family – our ancestors awoke a sleeping power that both ended the war, but it started something worse. It was said that three magical stones descended down to the ancient land, and that our ancestors obtained one of them, a knight soldier obtained another...and an evil tyrant obtained the last. The legend says that Princess Zelda and the Knight-Soldier fought together to destroy the evil tyrant...and now every woman in our family will succumb to the fate of the stone our ancestors obtained – whether by reawakening as the Princess of Light or by some other tragedy...

Zelda's eyes widened as she listened to her uncle talk. It all sounded farfetched, but some of the things he said sounded familiar. She remembered what Hylia had said to her, then, in her dreams about how she would have to help the Chosen Hero to find his path. Did that mean she was becoming this Princess of Light? Her ancestor? But then why did she only have half of the Stone of Wisdom...where was the other half of the pendant? "Okay, well that helps a little, but why did you stay away from me? Why didn't my dad just have it destroyed of locked away somewhere?"

"He tried, believe me." Daltus replied. "Your grandmother was technically the last descendant to inherit the stone, but she never had a daughter." Daltus replied, eyeing Zelda knowingly.

"So, then the curse should have broken. Shouldn't it have?" Zelda asked.

"Yes, or so we thought. The stone even broke in half, and we soon dismissed the thought anymore." Daltus explained. "But then, your father and I had children or our own – girls, and the two pieces of stone began to react again. We feared it would try to latch onto one of you, so we had the two pieces constructed into pendants and hide them away. It tore our family apart." Daltus said, looking sad. "They blamed us for bringing the curse back – for awakening it. When your mother died soon after you were born I think that was the last straw and I haven't seen anyone from our family since."

"Wait, what about your wife and you daughter?" Zelda asked with a frown.

"Gone." Daltus said, looking hollow. "They left many years ago."

"I'm sorry..." Zelda said with a sad look, but then a thought suddenly struck her. "Wait, what happened to the other half?"

"The what?" Daltus asked, looking confused and still thinking about his family.

"The other half of the pendant!" Zelda exclaimed. "What happened to it?"

"I'm not sure, Evelyn must have taken it when she left with Tetra." Daltus said. "Why does it matter?"

Zelda's eyes widened. "Because! If I don't find the other half soon I can't help the Chosen Hero!"

Daltus' eyes now widened as he looked at Zelda with shock. "Did you say...Chosen Hero?"

"I...well..." Zelda started to say.

"You had a dream, didn't you? When you passed out, you saw something..." Daltus now realized.

Zelda nodded. "Yes...I don't remember everything but, I do remember the important things."

Daltus shook his head. "No, no, no, no!" He exclaimed. "This is how it all starts, Zelda! Don't you see?" He said. "And once you given in there's no turning back – your life will never be the same, you'll always be on the run. Never able to settle down and have a family, like your father and mother would have wanted – "

"Yeah well they're not here anymore, are they?" Zelda snapped coldly. "And in case you haven't noticed I've been on the run."

"No, you haven't. Not yet..." Daltus said with a sigh. He knew he couldn't stop Zelda, he just wished he didn't have to see his niece go through such pain.

"Let's go and find Tetra, let's go find your daughter." Zelda said as she stood up and looked at her uncle with a sparkle in her eyes.

"And what then?" Daltus asked. "Even if we find Tetra, even if she does have the other half – what then? What happens after that?" He asked.

Zelda shook her head. "I honestly don't know." She said. "But I know that if I don't find the other half soon then we'll all be in trouble – I'm sorry Daltus, I know that you think that if I keep this up then I'll awaken the curse, but something tells me it's already begun, and if we don't do something now everyone will be effected! And I won't sit around while the world falls around me if I can do something about it!" She replied sternly.

Daltus stared at Zelda in silence for a few seconds before sighing and glancing down at his shoes. He then stood up and looked at Zelda with a half-smile, "What's the plan?"

[Lanayru City – The Resistance HQ]


He stood before the door to his room in silence. Open yourself up to the Stone and your path will be clear... Hylia's words continued to echo through his mind, but what did she mean? Link had his eyes closed and focused on the Stone of Courage.


He couldn't feel anything.

Frustrated, Link tried to focus harder. He tried to recall the feeling he had first seen the stone with Rebecca and focused on that. If couldn't do this no one could, and as that thought passed through Link's mind he remembered seeing all his friends dying before his eyes. Link suddenly felt trapped, enclosed in a tight dark space with no escape. He began to feel fear, real fear. Link was just a boy, what could he do? Why was he chosen? He wasn't special, not by any means, he wasn't powerful, and he wasn't even trained to fight! Link placed his hands on his knees as a weight pushed him down.

No! I can't just give up! Even if I die, I'll fight to protect everyone I love and care for! This is happening to me, me! Not Sheik, not Colin, not anyone else. I have to at least try! Link said to himself, gaining a small boost of confidence and courage. He focused once more on the Stone and could feel its pulse, faint and weak. Link continued to focus in the steady pulse of the Stone and he felt the connection grow stronger. In Links mind, he could see a door before him that had green light pouring out from the borders. As Link grasped the door handle with his fingers he heard a faint voice echo: Once you go in, there is no going back...

Link swallowed hard and steeled himself. He couldn't let fear control him. Licking his lips, Link slowly turned the handle and opened the door to reveal only blinding green light. Links eyes flew open and a sparkle of green flashed in them before vanishing. "Whoa!" He exclaimed as the Triforce symbol on his wrist began to glow. It began to pulse painfully, and suddenly Link knew what he needed to do.


As Link walked towards the briefing room he noticed that everyone was mobilizing. Something big was going on. "Hey guys, so what did I miss?" Link asked as he walked inside.

Everyone dropped what they were doing and jerked their heads in Links direction. "Link!" Sheik exclaimed as he ran over to his friend.

Links eyes widened in shock and surprise. The last time he had seen Sheik was in the safe house with Rebecca. "Sheik?! When did – how –"

Sheik cut Link off by giving him a tight hug. "Thank the Goddesses you're alright!" He exclaimed.

Link chuckled. "That's what I should be saying! The last time I saw you was – "

"I know, and it was bad." Sheik replied with a sigh. "But I have your mom to thank – she saved me." He said, nodding at Rebecca.

"This all very touching, but we have a job to do." Telma cut in, glaring at Link and Sheik. "And as for you, Mr. Avalon, you still need to rest. I can't have you wandering around this facility unsupervised."

"I feel fine." Link replied, looking at Telma. "And you won't have to worry about me wandering around, because I have something I need to do." He said.

"Link." Rebecca cut in, giving him a stern look. "What are you talking about?"

"You're not going anywhere until you've had some training and learn to obey the proper chain of command!" Telma barked.

"I have to leave." Link replied, glaring at Telma.

"Why?" Sheik asked, taking Links attention away from Telma. Sheik looked at Link and studied him closely. "Link, whatever is you're planning – I know that look." He said. "Remember what happened last time." Sheik reminded him.

"But this time is different." Link replied, giving Sheik a small smile before eyeing Rebecca.

"Are you...are you talking about the orb?" Rebecca asked Link.

"That orb belongs to the Resistance and is to remain under heavy security." Telma said with a glare. "You didn't have permission to see it then, and you certainly don't have permission to see it now." She exclaimed, giving Link a satisfied look.

Link smiled. "I don't need permission." He said before raising his left hand towards the left wall in the direction of where the orb was being kept. The left piece of the tri-fold triangle on his hand began to glow brightly and everyone was forced to shield their eyes from the intensity of it. The bright light suddenly vanished and everyone watched in shock and awe as the green orb phased through the wall and fell into Links left hand before being absorbed into his body.

"Link...what, how...?!" Sheik exclaimed as he stared at his friend.

"Explain yourself, Mr. Avalon, before I consider you as a threat." Telma replied as her hand fell to the gun at her side.

"A threat?" Sheik replied with a scoff. "C'mon, what's he going to do? This entire facility is filled with trained agents."

"True, but we all just witnessed Mr. Avalon somehow summon the orb under our possession through a wall and then absorbed it into his hand, so if you don't mind I'll keep my hand right where it is." Telma exclaimed as he fingers twitched to her holstered gun.

Rebecca suddenly stood between Link and Telma. "Everyone just stop!" Everyone in the room relaxed except for Telma and Link, and Rebecca looked back at her son. "Link, what happened? What's the last thing you remember?" She asked, rubbing his arm soothingly.

"I doubt that any of you would believe me." Link replied with a shake of his head.

"I don't know, after what we just saw I wondering myself what I wouldn't believe at this point." Ashei replied with a smirk.

Link licked his lips and sighed in frustration. "Look, all I remember is there was some voice in my head telling me that the Stone of Courage had chosen me and that I needed to accept my fate."

"'Accept your fate', what does that mean?" Sheik asked with a raised eyebrow. "And what's the Stone of Courage?"

"Look, I don't have time to explain all of this!" Link shouted. "I need to get going!"

"And where exactly do you plan on going?" Telma asked.

Link paused and scratched the back of his head. "Actually, I'll need Shad's help with that..." He said with a chuckle.

"So, you don't even know where you need to go?" Telma replied with a scoff. "Do you at least know why you need to go? Or did that voice in your head forget to mention that?"

"I never said that I didn't know – I mean I have a few clues but that's it. And for the record, yeah I do know!" Link snapped back.

"Oh yeah? Care to share with the rest of the class?" Telma replied as her fingers slowly began to unclasp her sidearm.

"It's not...I just...look it's not easy to explain alright!?" Link shouted.

"How convenient." Telma said, glaring at Link.

"I'm walking out of here – " Link began.

"Like hell you are!" Telma shouted as she finally pulled out her side arm and aimed it Link. Everything happened very quickly, then. Sheik, Navi and Rebecca all pulled out their guns, as did Ashei, Auru and Rusi and aimed them at each other. "Now, everyone, just stay calm." Telma breathed as she kept her gun aimed at Link. "Link, I'm sorry but I can't trust you, I can't take that risk. Until we can understand what happened to you, and what exactly you can do, you'll have to remain here under heavy guard. Is that understood?"

Link glanced tensely at Sheik and Rebecca before looking back at Telma. What should he do now? He didn't have any powers, or skills to get them out of this situation. Link could feel his hands grow sweaty as his mind searched for an answer. The Triforce mark on Links hand suddenly began to glow dimly, and it was like Link knew what to do – like he wasn't even in control. "I'm sorry." He said, and before anyone could do anything Link raised his left hand in the air and a blinding green light filled the room. When the light dissipated, Link, Rebecca, Sheik and Navi were all gone."

[Bulblin City (Formally Hyrule)]


The young man sat at a white table wearing a grey jumpsuit with the numbers stitched into the cloth. Ganon and all the other young adults in Hyrule were placed in a specialized school created by Gal Bulblin, the newly acclaimed 'King' of Hyrule. The older adults were placed into labor camps and forced to build anything Gal ordered. Weapons, supplies, body armor; he even had them start on building a wall around the city.

As Ganon ate, a guard nearby placed a hand to his ear and then glanced over at Ganon. "Hey, you." The guard snarled, poking at Ganon with his night stick. "It's your lucky day – five minutes in the guards break room, someone seems to like you." He said with a growl.

Ganon stared at the guard and the looked back at his food. "Can I finish first?" He asked with an angry frown. The guard just stared at Ganon until he sighed dejectedly and stood up before following the guard out of the mess hall. The man led Ganon through the hallway past the student's quarters and then the guards quarters. Ganon had never been in the break room before, and he was starting to wonder why he was given such a privilege in the first place.

The guards break room was essentially a five star suite: ping pong, billiards, TV's, food. It was paradise compared to what everyone was facing now.

The guard suddenly stopped at a door and then pulled out his keys. Opening the door up, he stepped back and allowed Ganon to step through. But when Ganon looked inside, all he saw was an empty office. "Hey, this isn't the break room – " He said as he was about to turn around. But before he could the guard gave a nasty look and covered Ganon's mouth with a cloth. "MMMPHFF!" Ganon struggled against the guard, but he could slowly feel his mind growing weak and sluggish. Finally Ganon slumped to the ground with the guard standing over his body, a smile over his face.