The image and the sounds was playing in my dreams making me wake up cold sweaty. Kevin supported me and calmed me down when I had them. He Holds my hand when i sleep and hugs me when I cry.
Kevin had informed me that I was down there for about 8 days straight and on the 8th day he got suspicious and decided to just break in since my parents wouldn't say anything. So it wasn't strange that it got stuck in my head. Slow and steady I got back a bit of my sanity and my sleep. After being there for 3 days straight I went home with Kevin.
The first thing that we did was fix up what was broken from the fight between my parents and him. Then my front door.
And the basement?, Well. Let's just say no one will ever go down there again. I settled down and a few days went by. Kevin stayed with me at home with permission from his parents of course.
It meant a lot to me that Kevin was with me through everything.
A few days passed again and it was time to go back to the hospital to remove my stitches from my older and newer wounds.
My high tolerance for pain helped me though it. It only tickled a bit for me.
Everything was better than before, my emotions, my life, my body, maybe not my mind.
And the person called Leo Taurus came by. He was a detective. And he wanted to see my emotions from the written letter and how I would respond to this, because he was suspicious of my parents by how they got so many resultates that worked on the human body perfectly. He apologized for not telling me earlier and for not finding out sooner. He found out about what they did to me the day after Kevin found me.
After that he left and I probably wouldn't see him again, now that the police have my parents keeping them away from me.
A few times some officers came by and asked other questions like, How long has it been going on like this?, What did you think?,
What do you want to do?.
And i couldn't really answer that since I had finally after years i felt a bit of fear for them. The experiment was terrifying and something I would rather never ever think about. I didnt even know what they tried to accomplice with it, What resulted were they hoping to get? Whats the purpose?. Those was left unanswered because my parents refused to say anything during the questioning.
It must have been top secret.
Things were calming down day by day. Ed and Eddy didn't say anything about it.
I was glad that they didn't because I would probably have to think back to the horrible memory.
I went on Dates and made love with Kevin after about a month. We was thinking about becoming "Roommates" after that.
We went to talk to Kevin's parents and they was Okay with everything and they supported our love. Kevin shoot up in excitement and was happy as ever. I was very happy as well but still couldnt express it clearly.
in school everyone seemed cool about it and people started taking interest in me as well. I learned the truth why people was staring at me all the time when I didn't wear my hat, I was to cute to look away from is what I was given as an answer.
I stopped wearing my hat since the motorbike accident. started living with Kevin. Days, Months, a few years went by without problem.
We grew up, I got a bit more muscles and became taller. Kevin builded up a few more muscles even though I thought he didn't need them.
His hair grew to but Kevin cutted it right of. My Hair was long enough so i only cut the tips when it grew out to much.
Then On a day out on a Date Kevin proposed to me in the middle of the street. Of course i said yes.
Ed And Eddy Was happy for me, Eddy always thought he made me suffer with his scams so he decided that he would accept me and Kevin to be together.
Ed Ended up hitting it off with May. And Eddy Finally got Nazz the girl he had longed for as long as I can remember.
The other kids in cul-de-sac got there own lifes going to. Jimmy started dating Sarah. Rolf and Jonny? Rolf got a huge farm running somewhere in the country I couldnt remember where. Johnny got into a good college and let go of plank. Marie and Lee set off somewhere with some guys and left May with Ed.
My parents was punished by the government and wouldn't be let out until I was about 26 years. I would have to deal with them when they will be let out but now I have Kevin to support me.
But we moved to New York after 1 year of marriage life.
Life was running smoothly.
We got jobs, Adopted a kid and named him Jim.
I was Happy. And im still Happy. Life will keep going for us until the day we die, And that won't be soon...

Guys, my heart is aching because I have to end this story here im sorry but I thought it was time, and I really loved to write all this. Some brokoro in the progress but it was worth it. All the reviews I got I am very grateful for your response and I am thankful for you guys for liking this story. Fortunately I have some ideas for a new KEVEDD Story that probably I will start writing sooner or later. But For now. This Story has come to an end and a new one will open.