I wasn't sure what to write here but it came out better than i thought~

-Yo Double D.

-Salutations Eddy.

-Morning Double D!

-Salutations to you to Ed.

-Monochrome as always I see. I got the best Idea for a scam today! And it will work. The money will rain down on us! HAHA.

-I highly doubt that it can rain money Eddy.

-we'll see about that!

I opened my locker and took out a few books.

-Oh that's right Double D. Today we have swim class you didn't forget that right.

-No I didn't.

-We will have lot's of fun Double D!" We can play shark in the pool and become monsters!

-Sorry gentlemen but I won't participate in the class.

-Oh come on!"

-Tsk, Fine but those that won't be joining will have to clean the pool area you know.

-That's fine with me.

I walked with my two friends to my classroom that would hold my next class. When we arrived I said good bye until next class. Ed tried to drag me with him but Eddy dragged him away from me knowing that I don't like being touched. I waved good bye with no emotion's as always.
Then i opened the door to the biology class. No one had arrived yet which I was somewhat relived about.
I sat down by one of the tables and putted my bag down on the floor. I sunk my head down in my arms on the table and closed my eyes. A short nap wouldn't hurt anyone especially when I needed one.
i drifted off into sleep until the school bell rang.
I heard my classmates come running in to the classroom. I straightened up and watched as the young teens came rushing in trying to come in before the teacher. They reminded me of ants. I drifted off into thought and stared at my book for a while. The teacher came in and I looked up. I opened a empty page in my biology book and started taking notes of what the teacher was saying and writing.
my hand started hurting all of the sudden leaving me dropping the pen I held an tight grip on, on the floor.
I bended down to take the pen up.
"Curse my short build"


I opened the door to the classroom and everyone looked up and saw me trying to regain my breath.


-sorry for being late!

-Just sit down .


I walked towards what looked like a empty table but then I hit something and fell.


I looked up and saw Edd bending down and taking up his pen.

-Sorry, Here.

Edd held out his hand and towards me, I took it and dragged myself up.


Edd sat down again and laid the pen on the note filled page.
I sat down next to him and stared at the pale looking dork.
Wondering why the dork didn't write anything. I looked down on Edd's hand but it was hidden in the long sleeved sweater.
"Did I hurt him?"
I thought for a minute. but shook it off and started taking down notes.