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Percy POV

It was your standard day at Camp Half-Blood – Training, running, more training, lunch, more training, and screaming insults at the Ares cabin. (Don't ask about that last bit. All you need to know is that it involved me and an accidentally flooded Ares cabin. [For the record, I did not know Ares was visiting.]) Then Chiron summoned me to the Big House, and everything went downhill from there. (And only we campers can laugh at the poor unimaginative person who named the Big House the Big House. *coughCHIRONcough*.) Or uphill, I suppose; it all depends on your point of view, I guess. Anyways, when I got to the Big House, Thalia, Nico, Annabeth, and Leo were there. "Ah, Percy, there you are. We've been waiting for you." Chiron greeted me. "Sorry, I saw Travis and Connor with shaving cream." I apologized, sitting down next to Annabeth.

Why would two boys named Travis and Connor with shaving cream be a big deal? The simple reason that they will fill up your bunk with it and write rude messages on your cabin floor unless it's confiscated; They're true sons of Hermes in that aspect. And never let them see your wallet. Anyways. . .

"So, what's up, Chiron?" I asked. "It's time for a new quest." The centaur announced gravely. "WHAT?!" Annabeth and I yelled, jumping to our feet. Can you really blame us, though? Every single summer we've gone on a quest ever since we were eleven – And we're eighteen. In fact, last summer we saved the world and defeated Gaea. Nico's face turned murderous and he started screaming at Chiron in Ancient Greek – And I'm not translating. Sixteen or not, Nico could have a seriously dirty mouth. It was no wonder, really. Three days before, we'd learned that Will Solace, Nico's boyfriend, has stage two leukemia. Leo just whistled and started taking zip ties and washers out of his tool belt and building something with them. Thalia looked outraged as she screeched to be heard over Nico, "Are you crazy, Chiron?! I'm the Lieutenant of the Hunt! I can't just go off on a quest!" Annabeth also looked like she was going to throttle Chiron, and I was pretty sure I looked the same. Could we not have one peaceful summer, or was that too much to ask? Apparently it was.

"Children, children, calm down!" Chiron thundered after a moment. When we fell silent, he spoke again. "Nico, I am perfectly aware of Will's condition, but you especially were asked for. Why, I do not know. Percy, Annabeth, I know you're upset about this, and you have all rights to be, but pull yourselves together! Leo, are you even paying attention? Thalia, it's already been agreed with by Artemis, so unless you want to anger the gods. . ." He finished, staring evenly at all of us, even though every single one of us was glaring at him. Poor Nico looked like he was about to either burst into tears or blow a gasket any second. I walked over to him, slinging one arm around his shoulders. Surprisingly, Nico didn't object. Thalia muttered, "That's just cruel, even for the gods." Thunder rumbled, and Chiron coughed meaningfully. "I'm not apologizing." Thalia said defiantly. "Now, what's this oh-so-important quest?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"I assume that you've all heard of wizards and witches?" Nods all around. "Well, they're real. Lady Hecate had a few things to do with it, of course, but that's a tale for another day." Blank uncaring stares, even from Annabeth. "A little more enthusiasm would be nice, children." We glared mutinously. Why should we show enthusiasm? We'd all been looking forward to the few weeks of summer we had left, except for Nico. Nico just wanted to stay with Will. Chiron sighed, "Very well. This world of wizards and witches experienced a terrible war recently. I won't go into details, but there was a terrible wizard who called himself the Dark Lord, or Lord Voldemort-'' Nico made a growling noise. "He caused Dad all sorts of paperwork." Chiron looked slightly surprised, but then went on. "And Voldemort was after a boy named Harry Potter. Harry defeated him, at terrible costs. Now, your job is to watch over Harry. He's lived through one war; you've lived through two. You all know how who it feels to lose someone you love dearly, and you all know some of the best ways to cope. Harry, on the other hand, may think that he has known real loss for years, but he hasn't until recently. You five have been chosen to help him get over these tragedies. You have been enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and you'll stay there for the duration of the school year."

After Chiron finished, we were all silent until Leo raised his hand. "Yes, Valdez, what is it?" Chiron inquired. "Chiron, I wasn't around for the second Titan war. So why was I picked to help Harry get over his Moldyshorts war problems?" Leo asked, serious for once. "Voldemort, Leo. And I do not know – Perhaps part of the reason is that your friends will need your mechanical skill. Any other questions? No? Good. Go pack your clothes and whatever else you want to bring with you in your suitcases and be at the top of Half-Blood Hill in an hour." Chiron said with a wave of his hand.

Nico stormed towards the door of the rec room, scowling and muttering to himself in ancient Greek; Thalia followed him after aiming a kick at the Ping Pong table. Leo walked out whistling. Sometimes I wondered about Leo – Was he really that optimistic or just that oblivious? The rest of us were fuming, and he was cheerful. In a way, though, I supposed that that was good; we needed somebody like Leo every once in a while.

~~~Fifty minute time skip~~~

After I'd finished packing (It didn't take long; all I packed was a few Camp Half-Blood t-shirts, jeans, and a few other necessary items.) and saying goodbye to everyone (And giving Travis and Connor Stoll their shaving cream back on the promise of them using it to prank Chiron) I trudged up to Half-Blood Hill. I was the last to get to the Hill, and Annabeth let me know it: "Really, Seaweed Brain, ten minutes is cutting it too close! What if something had happened and we'd have had to leave ten minutes early?" She lectured. But I knew she was mad at Chiron, not me, and needed something to take her bad mood out on. "Sorry, Wise Girl." I apologized, kissing her forehead. She opened her mouth to no doubt lecture me more, but Annabeth was interrupted by a familiar voice calling for Nico to "Wait a minute, you idiot!" Nico gulped and turned around to face down the hill on the camp side. Will Solace, who was apparently given a lift from Chiron, looked extremely angry. He'd been the one who had shouted.

When the two reached the top of the hill, Will slid off Chiron's back, said a quick "Thanks," then marched over to Nico. "You idiot, Nico di Angelo! You really thought that you were going to skulk off for who knows how long without even a proper goodbye?! You thought that you were going to get away with a note?! You couldn't even give the note to me; oh no, you had to wait until I was busy in the infirmary!" The angry blonde yelled. It was almost comic: Will, the almost always cheerful blonde and tan one, yelling at Nico, the sulky black-haired and pale one who was currently cringing away from Will. But comic aspect aside, I was surprised that Nico hadn't wanted to tell Will goodbye face-to-face. . . But then again, in a way, it did sort of made sense. Would you want to tell your significant other with cancer that you had to leave for at least six months on another quest that you could possibly get killed on? (There's always a chance of getting killed on a quest, I don't care if you're just going to the nearest coffee shop for a latte.) No, I didn't think so.

But now Will had stopped yelling and was looking at Nico impatiently while tapping his foot. "Uh, well, um. . ." He scrambled, obviously trying to think of something to say. Will sighed, and then grabbed Nico's jaw. "Shut up, Nico. I know why you did it. Just never do that to me again, you hear?" Will said with a small smile, and then he leaned forward and kissed Nico's cheek. "Now remember, no shadowtravelling or summoning the dead for at least two more weeks! I'd prefer three, though. I'll see you at Christmas, okay?" Will said briskly; Nico nodded, and hugged the blonde.

"What now? Where's the school? Do they know we're demigods? If they don't, what's our cover story?" Annabeth asked in a desperate attempt to give Nico and Will some privacy – We'd all been watching the two with some amusement. It wasn't often you saw Nico flinching at someone's every word – It was usually the other way around! "Hogwarts is in Scotland, but you will be going to a place called the Burrow until term starts. No, they do not know you're demigods, only the headmistress of the school does, and I think it would be best for you to stay undercover. However, that choice is up to you. If you decide to keep your parentage secret, you can say that you were taught, up till now, at the School of Delphi. Your wands will be sent to you secretly, and I believe that Lady Hecate will be blessing you with magical talent at a later date. As for what now, if you all would be so kind as to go and touch that old hat, you'll be off. Head for the tall crooked looking building. Now hurry!"Chiron instructed.

Puzzled, I walked over to the old blue hat that was lying near Thalia's tree, dragging my suitcase. Annabeth joined me a moment later, then Leo, then Nico, and finally Thalia. Five seconds later, I felt a weird tug behind my navel, then a feeling like shadowtravelling, only not quite as dark. Then I landed hard on my back. Half a second later, my suitcase fell onto my stomach. The traitorous thing. Leo immediately stood up and ran a few paces to the west, where I then heard him emptying the contents of his stomach. Annabeth wrinkled her nose. "Gross, Leo!" She called; her response was a moan. Thalia merely laughed, and Nico smirked, saying, "That wasn't so bad." Then Leo walked back over to us, pale with his hands shaking. Nico tossed him a bar of dark chocolate. "Dude, not that I'm complaining, but why chocolate?" Leo asked. "Shut up and eat it." Nico said, glaring at him. "Okay, okay! Chill!" Leo squawked.

I stood up and looked around; we were surrounded by long grass and not much else, except a tall, crooked building, and some people with red hair walking quickly towards us. "Guys! We've got company!" I warned, taking my pen/sword, Riptide, out of my pocket. Annabeth stood up immediately, followed by Thalia, who'd been Misting Nico and Annabeth's weapons. (Annabeth's drakon bone sword now looked like a blue plastic hairbrush, and Nico's Stygian iron sword looked like a keychain.) Nico was now preoccupied with running from Leo, who was chasing with him with – Was that a socket wrench? And why was Leo screaming about his mouth burning and never eating any chocolate ever offered by Nico again? Weird. . .

"Who on earth are you?" A red haired lady asked me. "Oh, hi, I'm Percy Jackson. This is my girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, my cousin, Thalia, the guy screaming about his mouth burning and chocolate is Leo Valdez, one of my best friends, and the guy who's being chased by Leo is my other cousin, Nico di Angelo. It's nice to meet you." I said, smiling as I tried my hardest to be polite. Not easy, when you've got pointy sticks pointed at you. "Ah, you're the American exchange students. I'm Molly Weasley, these are my sons George and Ron, and this is my daughter, Ginny. Let's get your trunks." The red haired lady said. I smiled again and nodded to George, Ron, and Ginny, shoving Riptide into my jeans pocket and grabbing my suitcase. Thalia slapped the one named Ron's hand as he reached for her suitcase, "I can get it myself, thanks." She scowled. "Sorry about that. Thals likes to do things herself." I told Ron, who shrugged. "I noticed."

Soon we got Leo to stop chasing Nico (Although I'm still not entirely sure why he was) and then we were off to the tall crooked building called the Burrow. Leo and George started talking about something called Weasley's Wizards Wheezes, the girls started talking, and Mrs. Weasley fawned over Nico, saying how he was "So skinny!" and such. Nico'd always been skinny; that was just the way he was. Ron and I walked in companionable silence. Then when we got inside the Burrow, I nearly groaned. Our bedrooms were up five freaking flights of stairs. All five of us demigods looked at each other and had a brilliant idea. "Bucket line?" I asked. They nodded. "Sure. How about Percy takes them up the first flight and hands them to Leo, who gives them to me, I give them to Thalia, who gives them to Nico? We can take them to our own rooms." Annabeth suggested. "That works." "Yeah, sure." "Absolutely!" "Why not?" "Brilliant plan, Wise Girl." We agreed, then we went to our stations and started passing them up to each other. It only took about fifteen minutes, which was a plus. I'd expected an argument to break out.

The Weasleys watched us with an amazed look on their faces, like they'd never seen a bucket line before. Finally Ron asked, "Why didn't you just use magic?" Oops. Forgot about that. The five of us looked at each other then shrugged simultaneously. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny both smacked Ron on the back of his head. "If they didn't want to use magic that's fine!" Mrs. Weasley hissed. "Um, we're just going to go unpack. . ." Thalia said after an awkward silence. So we went to unpack. But when we heard a shouted "HARRY!" of course we went downstairs to look.

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