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Harry POV

I was having a bad day. First, I'd lost my luggage because a stupid Muggle girl, who called herself Rachel Elizabeth Dare, kept trying to warn me about something silly. I didn't pay any attention to her. Second, my new owl Beetle nearly got loose, which would have been disastrous. And then to top it all off, the Weasleys were nowhere in sight when I got off the train. With a sigh, I walked outside the station, where I spotted Mr. Weasley getting out of a green truck. I hurried over and he grinned.

"Ah, Harry! So nice to see you again! How was Hermione?" Mr. Weasley asked, sounding just as excited as always. I'd been visiting Hermione and her parents for a month for no real reason. "She's doing great, actually. It's nice to see you again too, Mr. Weasley." I said, smiling back at him as we secured my trunk in the bed of the truck. "That's excellent news! Glad to hear Hermione's doing well. Oh, yes, I have some exciting news for you. Hogwarts is gaining five exchange students this year, and until the school year starts, they'll be boarding at the Burrow! In fact they should be arriving at the Burrow right about now." He said, glancing at his watch. "No time to waste, get in, Harry!" He cried. I quickly leaped into the passenger's seat.

"Ah, Mr. Weasley, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get the truck?" I inquired, holding onto the dashboard for dear life as the truck pulled out of the train station parking lot. "Borrowed it from a neighbor, actually. Miss Scotts is a very nice lady; it took next to no effort to convince her to let me borrow this old thing." He explained. "Miss Scotts?! With a truck this big and noisy?!" I exclaimed. Mr. Weasley spared me a disapproving glance. "Harry, hasn't anyone told you it's rude to stereotype? Anyways, she moved from America – Some place called Georgia – Apparently, it's not so uncommon for older women to have cars like this there." He explained. I managed a quick "Ah," then shut up. Mr. Weasley's driving always, without fail, left me feeling slightly carsick. It was best I didn't open my mouth.

~~~30 minute time skip~~~

After we returned Miss Scotts' truck, we walked down the road a ways to get out of sight; then we Apparated. It seemed that the second I stepped foot in the kitchen, Ginny shrieked, "HARRY!" and hugged me so tightly I almost couldn't breathe. "Nice. . . To. . . See. . . You too, Gin." I wheezed. She and I were dating again, and the long-distance thing had actually worked alright this past month. Ginny blushed and dropped her arms; I smiled and after a moment hugged her, more gently. It was then the rest of the Weasleys appeared and I was treated to more hugs like the Ginny gave me. Finally I'd answered all the questions ("How've you been?", "How's Hermione?", soon on and so forth) when I caught sight of five much scarred teenagers.

One looked a lot like me, only more scarred, his jet-black hair was more windswept instead of plain messy, he was tanner, his eyes were sea green instead of jade green, and he looked a lot stronger. He was also wearing a blue long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. He had his arm around a girl with long blonde curly hair with stormy grey eyes, a gray t-shirt, jeans, and just as many scars as the black haired guy. On his other side was a guy with black, slightly crazy eyes, black windswept messy hair, almost as many scars as the other two, a black t-shirt and ripped black jeans. On the other side of him was a Latino hyper elf-looking guy with mischievous brown eyes, wearing a red t-shirt, jeans, and (Strangely) a tool belt. I noticed he barely had any scars. All the way on the other end, next to the blonde girl, was a girl with a silvery crown-circlet thing in her black hair, a silver t-shirt, ripped jeans, not as many scars as the others but more than the Latino, and electric blue eyes.

"Oh dear, where are my manners? Harry, these are the exchange students from America, from what school did you say, dears?" Mrs. Weasley fussed. "The School of Delphi, ma'am. I'm Percy Jackson, nice to meet you." The black haired guy with the green eyes said, extending the hand that wasn't wrapped around the blonde. I reached forward and shook it. The blonde said, "Hi, I'm Annabeth Chase, Percy's girlfriend." She also reached out her hand to shake. The other girl said, "I'm Thalia Grace." I nodded with a friendly smile, and then the guy on the other side of Percy spoke up. "I'm Nico di Angelo. S'nice to meet you." He slowly reached out his hand, so I shook it quickly. Then the last one said, "Hello, I'm Leo Valdez!" I had to grin at Leo's enthusiasm – It seemed to be contagious.

They'd all spoken right after one another, giving me no time to introduce myself. "Hello, I'm Harry Potter. It's a pleasure to meet all of you." I said, dreading what seemed like the inevitable reaction to my name. Surprisingly, none came other than Percy smiling. He seemed like a nice, easy-going guy, certainly the most open out of all the exchange students. "Well, why don't you all run along and get to know each other better?" Mrs. Weasley asked, before smacking George on the hand as he reached for one of the nuts from the bowl on the table. Nico and Thalia glanced at each other with raised eyebrows, but shrugged nonetheless, although I could have sworn their faces twitched like they were trying not to smile. "Yes, Mrs. Weasley." Annabeth said, turning to go out the door; we all followed.

When we were outside, Leo said, "So, what now?" I shrugged. "So what's The School of Delphi like? The name sounds almost like something from those old Roman legends." Ginny asked after a few awkward moments. Percy tensed up. "Greek, not Roman, Greek. There's a big difference." Wow, that was . . . harsh. Percy grew red. "I'm sorry, Ginny. I'm really sorry. That came out the wrong way." He apologized as I put my arm around my girlfriend. "Percy, it's fine." She said. Then Annabeth spoke up, after digging an elbow into Percy's side as he started to say something. "Seaweed Brain, enough." Then she turned to Ginny and smiled.

"To answer your question, Ginny, The School of Delphi is pretty cool. It's almost more like a camp, actually. But please, tell us about Hogwarts. I for one would like to learn about the place where I'll be studying for the next semester." Annabeth said. Then Percy, Thalia, Leo, and Nico burst into laughter for some weird reason. "Annie, hahaha, your mom, heeheehee, would be, hahaha, so proud!" Leo giggled. Annabeth blushed and slapped him on the arm. "Ow! That hurt!" Leo complained, rubbing his biceps. "Do not call me Annie!" she hissed. "Hey, Wise Girl, calm down. I'm sure Leo didn't mean it. . . Right, Leo?" Percy soothed, glaring at the Latino, who gulped out, "Sorry, Annabeth, I'm really, really sorry." I wasn't surprised – For one, Percy just seemed. . . Powerful. And for another, let's just say Percy's glare definitely didn't need any help.

I realized then that George, Ginny, and I were staring at the five with our jaws dropped, literally. Nico turned to us with a smirk. "Go on, Ginny.' He prompted gently. "Oh, yeah. Right. Well, Hogwarts is amazing. There are four houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Gryffindor is the house for those who are brave, determined, and noble. Hufflepuff is the house for those who are loyal, gentle, and kind. Ravenclaw is for those who are smart, studious, and wise. Last, but not least, is Slytherin, the house for those who are cunning, sly, and ambitious. I'll tell you more about the houses later." And Ginny was off! While she was no Hermione, Ginny was smart and knew a lot about Hogwarts.

~~~Time skip to dinner/supper/evening meal~~~

After we all crowded around the table and started eating, it reminded me of the Order meetings. A big table, everyone laughing and eating. . . It was nice, but also slightly sad. So many of the Order of the Phoenix had died. Then I blinked. Percy had just slipped his biggest slice of meat under the table. The other exchange students were doing the same, all passing their food to Leo. I glanced at Mrs. Weasley, but thankfully she hadn't noticed what they were doing. Then Mrs. Weasley heaped another big spoonful of potatoes onto Nico's plate, then mine, saying, "Eat up! You're both so skinny." Nico glared at his potatoes like they were the cause of all his problems. And man, I felt sorry for those potatoes. If that wasn't a look that killed, it was pretty damn close.

Percy, who was between Nico and me, gave him a quick one-armed hug. Looking up and meeting my curious stare, Percy shook his head quickly. I turned my gaze back to my food while thinking that those new kids were strange – I'd noticed that Percy was slipping blue food coloring onto his food now.

~~~Next morning (Also, my apologies for all the time skips) ~~~

I woke up the next morning to the sound of people shouting, "PERCY! WAKE UP!" at the top of their lungs. Or at least that's the way it seemed to me – My bed and Percy's were only separated by a curtain. Yanking aside the curtain, I grabbed my glasses and said, "What's going on?" Four heads whipped around to face me. "I'm sorry, Harry. We didn't mean to wake you, only Seaweed Brain here." Nico said. I did a double take, looking at him – He certainly didn't sleep well, if the circles under his red-rimmed eyes said anything. "You mean he's not awake already after you guys screaming like that?" I said sarcastically. They shook their heads, "Percy's a very deep sleeper." Leo informed me.

Fifteen minutes later, we still hadn't managed to wake Percy up. Just now, Leo was jumping onto him – Literally. Percy only grunted and rolled over. "Ugh. That used to work." Leo muttered. Thalia bent down and called, "Hey, Kelp Head, blue cookies!" No reaction whatsoever. Nico snorted. "You really thought that was going to work, Pinecone Face?" Thalia glared. "Don't call me Pinecone Face. Besides, you got any better ideas, Death Breath?" She snapped, which earned her another death-glare. "Don't call me Death Breath! And maybe I do, actually." Nico walked over to Percy and screamed, "Percy! Help! It's Dr. Thorn!" Immediately, the prone form flew up and then the next thing I knew, Nico was on the floor with a really pissed off looking Percy on top of him, his fist mere inches from Nico's face. Nico however, was smirking at Thalia. "See? It works."

Percy raised an eyebrow before standing up and extending his hand to Nico. "Sorry, Neeks; maybe you should figure out a different way to wake me up, because that's so not a great way to start my day." Percy said, and then Nico growled. "Only one person can call me Neeks, and do you see him anywhere? If you do, then please point him out so I can go throttle him." But Nico took the proffered hand, although he strangely grasped Percy's wrist. Percy blushed again. "Oops." Just then, Leo laughed. "Oh man, Water Boy, you should've seen your face when Nico called for help! Pri-iceless!" Percy scowled. "Hey, Fire Head? If you value your life, shut up." Thalia and Annabeth giggled – Percy gave them the evil eye. "Wise Girl, Pinecone Face, the same goes for you." They immediately stopped laughing.

I'd just been standing there dumbfounded through all of this. "Why do you guys have such weird nicknames for each other?" I finally asked. They all turned and looked at me, as if they'd forgotten I was there. "School of Delphi thing." They chorused. "Okay. So, Percy's Seaweed Brain, Water Boy, or Kelp Head; Nico's Death Breath or Death Boy; Leo's Fire Head; Thalia's Pinecone Face; and Annabeth's Wise Girl?" I asked. They shared a look like 'Oh help.' Then Percy said almost hesitantly. "yeah, why?" I rubbed my eyes, yawned, and said, "Just checking." "I'm also Flame Breath, Harry." Leo added unexpectedly. I stared at him for a minute, and then burst out laughing.

Just then, Ginny and George walked in. "Hey, breakfast's ready." This of course only made me laugh harder.

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