I'm posting this to announce that I am officially abandoning this story.

Well, kinda.

I've toyed with coming back to this story several times over the last few years, but I've just... never had the motivation. But I also feel bad about leaving it without sharing some of the story and world building I had done. So, I'll post a brief-ish outline of what I had in mind for this story...

Tessa Stevens was to be a key figure in the story. Just as intelligent and driven as Hiro, but with a passion for all things flying. She was going to be making a jetpack along the lines of the one worn by Sam Wilson/Falcon from the MCU, albeit with some changes. Some of the early tests would obviously have ended in nfailures, including the first test flight, which would have nearly landed her in the hospital with a broken arm. Hiro's quick thinking and reactions would have spared her the broken arm, instead leaving her badly bruised. All along, she would be noticing little details and quirks that pointed to Hiro being something more than he first appeared, but out of courtesy, she never did pry. Also, some point along the line, she would start actively dating Hiro, with her taking him home to meet her father shortly after the failed test flight. She would explainn to Hiro that her father was part of the organized crimes division of the San Fransokyo Police Department, where he specialized in going after both the local branch of the Yakuza and the local Tong syndicate. He was also her onnly parent, after her mother had been killed as an innocent bystander in Los Angeles during a gang war, spurring Tessa's father to pursue his current specialization. After the near accident, Hiro and Tessa would work together to improve the control system for her jetpack, finally settling on a neural link system derived from Hiro's microbot controller. A new test flight would be a staggering success, with Tessa taking to the skies like she had been born on the wing. Tessa would also be taking take note of the team's actions, and was quietly designing her own armor suit to go with the jetpack in hopes of joining them in action.

Speaking of the team, they would be actively pursuing their newfound roles as heros, responding to minor to major accidents like large fires, sinking boats, stuff like that, albeit with their faces hidden behind revised helmets featuring voice modulators and mirrored visors/faceplates to protect their identities. Their limited interference in law enforcement activities would keep them from falling afoul of a local law forbidding vigilantism, but it would be enough to draw the attention of the local SHIELD office, which would dispatch a junior agent to help keep them out of trouble and train them to be better heros. Agent in question? Daisy Johnnson, aka Quake. (Fred would be absolutely smitten with her, and his attempts to win her affections would usually result in him being blasted across the room/alley/park at speed by Daisy's powers... which Fred never seemed to take as a hint to back off.)

GoGo would also take a special interest in Hiro, watching over him in Tadashi's place. The depth of her relationship with Tadashi would be explored (never sexual, but they were close to that point on several occasions), as well as the depth of how badly his death had actually affected her... The reason she backed up Hiro's decision to go after Callaghan was partially out of guilt, and partially out of grief. She felt partially responsible for Tadashi's death, as she had left early that fateful evening, even though she knew that she probably wouldn't have beenn able to save Tadashi. Honey Lemon would eventually coax all this out of GoGo around the anniversary of Tadashi's death, and it would be a deeply emotional and painful experience for both girls, but it would help GoGo move on and better handle her grief.

About two-thirds of the way though the fall semester, Tessa's father would be guned down by a Yakuza-affiliated gang member during an attempted bank robbery. He would live, but would be left in critical condition, comatose in the hospital, with no timreframe for full recovery. Tessa, obviously, was devastated by this, and fell into a deep depression. Hiro and Cass would take her in while her father was in the hospital, which helped her somewhat, but she was still deeply distressed that the SFPD hadn't been able to catch the Yakuza members that had shot her father. This would be compounded by the theft of her jetpack from the Nerd Lab a few days later, along with the armor suit she'd been working on. Hiro and the gang start chasing down leads on both fronts in their guise as the Big Hero 6. They quickly find the suit and jetpack... being used by a new vigilante who called herself Archangel, deliberately referring to the character of the same name from Mass Effect 2 as an inspiration and role model. Hiro and GoGo try to subdue Archangel in a running rooftop skirmish through a commercial district, but Archangel ultimately escapes into the night, leaving wreckage in her wake and no further clues to follow for nearly three weeks. Reconnaisiance of the Yakuza operations similarly fails to turn up anything useful regarding the attempted murder of Mr. Stevens, but Fred and Honey Lemon began to hit it off as a good team in surveillance, and soon begin to trace down several money laundering and smuggling operations and, through Quake, feed the intel to SFPD. Several arrests ensue, sowing discord and chaos in the Yakuza operations in San Fransokyo, allowing several lower-ranking members to advance. One of these is Yama, who has just been released from a stint behind bars that started at the opening of the movie. And he announces to his new crew that he has big plans indeed... Meanwhile, Tessa's performance at school begins to plummet as she sinks deeper into her depression, shoving Hiro away in the proccess as he tries desperately to help her. She finally breaks up with Hiro, citing his continued efforts to help her when she doesn't want his help. Hiro, obviously, is distraught and heartbroken, but agrees to leave her alone. Tessa soon drops out of SFIT and moves out of Cass's house, though she doesn't tell anyone where she has gone.

Shortly thereafter, Archangel appears again, this time actively pursuing the Yakuza, often using electrical weapons to incapacitate her targets before interrogating them for any clues as to the whereabouts of a particular set of members. As the attacks continue, she winds up crossing paths with Yama, whose crew promptly becomes a major target for Archangel's attacks, which also begin to escalate in both frequency and violence. SFPD takes note of this and contacts SHIELD for assistance, which leads to the team being put on the case under Quake's watchful eye. This promptly puts Archangel and the team in conflict, and eachof the team members would find themselves battling with Archangel at least once during their missions, usually ending with Archangel fleeing into the night after nearly being defeated. (Fred usually gets handily beaten when solo, but in a team effort, he's a force to be reckoned with. It becomes a source of much amusement to the team.) As their skirmishes continue, Hiro grows concerned that Archangel's escalating attacks will soon result in her killing a Yakuza member, an assessment shared by Quake. Hiro vows to stop her before that happens.

Near the end of November, in the midst of a powerful rainstorm, Hiro and Baymax would again cross paths with Archangel, and Hiro would wind up fighting for his life as Archangel used a newly developed EMP cannon to promptly disable Baymax, and an enhances, powered suit to compensate for her smaller stature and lesser strength. Hiro, though is playing for time as he defends against her relentless attack. All the while, Archangel trys to convince Hiro to back off and let her "take care of business". Hiro, convinced that she is beyond being reasonend with, finally deploys a secret weapon he had been keeping in reserve, and a small swarm of microbots emerges from a cache in the storm drain system, forming into a powered exoskeleton of his own to provide him with enhanced strength, durability, and speed. The fight quickly turns against Archangel, with Hiro soon overpowering her, and, using more microbots, detains her long enough to remove her helmet... revealing a furious Tessa. Stunned and heartbroken, Hiro loses control over the microbots, and Tessa breaks free, escaping into the night once more.

The entire team is shaken by the news that Tessa had fallen so far, and Hiro now redoubles his efforts to catch her before she does something she would forever regret. He manages to catch up her as she visits her father, still in a coma. He confronts her about her (public) actions, asking if her father would have approved. Unfazed, she turns Hiro away again, unwilling to face the painful truth that her father would not have approved... and after Hiro leaves, she vows to find the man who did this and make him pay. Unbeknownst to Tessa, Hiro was just around the corner and overhears her, but decides that confronting her now would make matters worse.

A few nights later, in another pounding rainstorm, Hiro is patrolling with Baymax and GoGo when the SFPD radio net lights up with reports of Archangel closing in on the heart of the industrial district where the Yakuza are known to run smuggling operations out of. Rushing to the scene, they find a warehouse ablaze, surrounded by SFPD officers who are rounding up Yakuza members fleeing the building. Unseen by the police but easily spotted by Hiro and company, Tessa hurtles out of the center of teh inferno... carrying a man. They pursue her at a distance, calling in to Quake, who assesses that this is the moment that Hiro had feared: Tessa had found her man, and was likely going somewhere else to commit her act of vengeance. GoGo reminds Hiro that, of all the people she could face tonight, he is probably the only person that could make her see reason. Hiro agrees, and asks GoGo to let him handle the situation. GoGo is quiet for several moments before acknowleding Hiro's request... and telling him that Tadashi would be proud of him, no matter how this went down.

Galvanized by GoGo's words, Hiro drops onto the rooftop where Tessa had taken her mark... to find her pointing a gun at his head, finger on the trigger. Realizing there is only seconds to act, Hiro puts himself in the line of fire, telling Tessa to back down, that this wasn't the way to bring her father back. Tessa rejects the idea and threatens to kill Hiro, then she would kill the man who had nearly killed her father. Hiro tells her that he can't let her do that and pulls off his helmet. Tessa is visibly shaken by the revelation that Hiro was the person she had been battling against these last few months, and her aim starts to waver. Hiro slowly advances, explaining that he knows exactly how she feels, describing his own foray into vigilante justice when pursuing Callaghan. Tessa becomes visibly distraught, and she finally safes the gun and drops it. Hiro kicks it towards GoGo and wraps his arms around Tessa as she starts to sag to the rooftop, exhausted and broken, and he comforts her as she lets out all her pent up rage and distress. The Yakuza member, seeing an opportunity to flee, starts to make his getaway, only to be trapped by one of Honey Lemon's sticky bombs, thrown by GoGo. (The whole team had started to carry a cache of some of the more commonly used balls, and this was a favorite one of everyone. Non-toxic, non-lethal, and absolutely hilarious if used right.)

Cut to the next morning, and Tessa is sitting in an interrogation room with Quake, who has been mercilessly grilling her about the previous three months for several hours. On the other side of the mirrored window, Hiro watches, visibly upset and worried. GoGo and Cass are there to provide emotional support, but it's clear that GoGo is also upset, though not nearly as much as Hiro. For GoGo and Hiro, it's an uncomfortable reminder of a difficult time... and of what could have been, had Hiro not backed down in his pursuit of Callaghan. The door into the observation room opens, and Phil Coulson enters. Cass excuses herself, having a sneaking suspicion as to what Coulson's there for, but wanting plausible deniability to the idea that Hiro was a costumed hero running around San Fransokyo... even though she knew full well and was deeply proud of him. Coulson congratulated Hiro for his efforts in pursuing Tessa and bringing her in before she killed anyone. He also reveals that, a result of the team's work over the previous few months, a not-insignificant portion of the Yakuza in San Fransokyo had been rounded up and/or put out of business... though the SFPD would officially receive all the credit. Hiro and GoGo agreed that that's probably for the best, which draws a wry smile from Coulson. He also informs them that the team were currently being considered for field agent status, pending further field exercises, training, and evaluation... but the results so far were promising. Hiro and GoGo are suprised but excited, and start to thank Coulson, only to be interrupted by Quake finishing her interrogation and leaving the room. A few moments later, she arrives in the observation room and tells Hiro that he shoud go in and talk to her. GoGo nods and gently encourages Hiro towards the door.

Tessa watches Hiro come in, sorrow clearly evident on her face. Hiro sits down and, to Tessa's surprise, says he forgives her, and that he's glad she decided to back down. Tessa apologizes for her actions and for not opening up to Hiro, and says that if he doesn't want to be around her, anymore, she'd understand. Hiro tells her that now, more than ever, she needs someone to be there for her, and that he was there... if she wanted it. Tessa slowly nods and starts to cry, and Hiro moves around the table to comfort her.

In the observation room, GoGo asks what happens to Tessa now. Quake replies that since there wasn't any empirical evidence to prove she had gone vigilante, SFPD was going to drop the investigation... provided that SHIELD kept an eye on her, something they had readily agreed to. Coulson expands on this by explaining that she would be monitored by a SHIELD monitoring anklet for the time being, and that part of her agreement to be released was that, as soon as her father was fully concious, she had to explain her actions to him. Coulson was sure that whatever Mr. Stevens did would be more than adequate to prevent similar behaviour in the future, and that SHIELD still hadn't come up with a more terrifying punishment than the displeasure of an unhappy parent. GoGo winces and agrees heartily... not explaining any further.

A few days later, Tessa and Hiro are waiting in the hospital room as her father wakes up, having been roused from his coma by SHIELD medical techs a few hours prior. Hiro gently (and silently) encourages Tessa, who embraces her father, then begins to explain what had happened. After she finishes, he expresses his extreme displeasure with her actions, and grounds her for the next month... then thanks Hiro for bringing his daughter back from the brink, and requests that Hiro come over at least once a week to give his daughter at least some socialization from a trustworthy source, resulting in chuckles from all.

Christmas day rolls around, and Hiro swings by Tessa's house in the afternoon with Baymax and a large present. Tessa opens it in front of her father to find a brilliant white, silver, and gold armor suit and jetpack, with an adhesive patch on the shoulder pad. Astonished, Tessa looks at her father, who nods and confirms that she is no longer grounded, and can pursue extracurricular activities as long as her grades are good and she remains with Hiro when doing so. Hiro pulls his backpack open, revealing his new suit, which has mounting points for a jetpack of his own, and features a brilliant orange 7 on the shoulder. He reaches over and peels the patch off Tessa's suit.

Adorning the shoulder is a brilliant orange 7.

Okay, maybe not so brief after all. In fact, quite a bit more detail than I had expected, to be honest... Some of this kinda came together part way through putting this down, so please forgive the textwall. Anyways, maybe some time in the future I'll return to this story and do it justice... but I wouldn't hold out waiting for it. It could be a long time before that happens, or (more likely), it may never happen. But now I feel a little better having put this out there, as it provides some closure on the story. And I know that, as a reader, incomplete and abandoned stories are common, but it's just... kinda annoying knowing that I have loose ends. This mostly ties those up.

Anyways, signing off.