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Lucy: Coast City! That's a shot Cana!

Me: Guys no playing the DC/Flash/Arrow drinking game without me.

Cana: Says the girl using soda as her drink.

Me: We can't all be drinking at three in the afternoon! Anyway I have up to AU written out already and should be posting them after proof reading…so sometime today hopefully.

I do not own Fairy Tail or more crack pairings would be cannon.

Gajeel don't understand the point of the new fad going around the country, especially the guild. Since the guild had only recently gotten their hand on new technology, the newest fad was hitting them hard. Mostly the females of the guild.

They all had Magebook accounts and lacrima phones. Recently they had all started taking photos of themselves, calling them selfies. He called it a ridiculous practice of narcissism. Levy and the girls kept doing ducky and kissy faces. He felt the whole practice showed that you had low self-esteem and needed people to comment how pretty you are. When really you just looked dispirit.

Even the little Wendy. From what he could tell the Bumble Bee of Sabertooth was doing it the most. Here in the guild The Drunk, Bunny Girl, and The Devil had been doing the most selfie posts, but all of theirs had been on either the Fairy Tail Magebook account or Mintyfresh's account. Animal Girl had posted the most on her own account, along with Shrimp.

Then some of them were taking them with another person, which made them a photo not a selfie. People were so stupid; this was showing a decline in human intelligence.

"You've been sneering more things than usual today." Bunny Girl told him placing a plate full of metal and beer in front of him. "What's up?"

"You a waitress now?" Gajeel raised an eyebrow.

"Just helping Mira." Lucy smirked.

"What's up with all the selfies?" Gajeel asked.

"Well Evergreen is starting clothing line and wanted to us as models, this gets her clothes out there. While Master is using it to get our page to be more popular." Lucy smiled. "Personally I'm fine."

"So their just using you?" Gajeel grumbled.

"Ignore him, he's just in a bad mood." Lily said. Lucy smiled and placed a special green shake in front of him. He looked at her questioningly.

"Kiwi shake," Lucy smiled. She winked at Gajeel and walked off.

Lucy sighed as she closed for the night. She had tried flirting with Gajeel for weeks now. Ever since the games Levy told Lucy she thought she had feelings for Gajeel, but realized she only liked the cleaned up version of him. She had started dating Jet earlier today. After Gejeel told Levy that he only viewed her as a friend.

Lucy pulled out her lacrima phone, which had the three exceeds hanging on it. She smirked. While she agreed selfies were stupid, they had a perk. Such as getting a point across. She had gotten his number from Levy, after drunkenly telling her that she was interested in the slayer.

At first Levy had been upset, hadn't spoken to Lucy for a week, but then she realized that she wasn't as upset as she should be and forgave her. Now they were on good terms.

Lucy took a picture that she had taken a week ago, pulled up the number Levy gave her. She texted a little note and pressed send on the picture. She had a feeling someone else would be pulling a selfie tonight, and not the photo kind.

Gajeel looked down at his phone. He frowned not recognizing the number.

Unknown Number: I know you hate selfies, but I think you'll like this one. Not all bunnies eat carrots.

Next was a picture of Bunny Girl dressed in her bunny costume with…a piece of metal in her mouth. He felt himself become hard right away.

His phone buzzed again.

Unknown Number: I wanted to see why you enjoyed it so much. Maybe I can try eating something else next time?

He felt himself smirk. Maybe not all selfies were bad. In fact he had a feeling he was going to do one right now.

He was glad he gave Lily his own room.

So I was having a hard time with this one because of the lack of phones, but found a way. I looked it up and selfie can mean two things. I had to get rid of Levy somehow, so decided to hook her up with Jet.