On the Job

A lot can happen on a mission. People can go missing, get hurt, captured, or even killed. But what Gajeel, her boyfriend of a year and a half, had just said while they were fighting was something she never would have expected.

Lucy dodged an attack from another member of the dark guild that she and Gajeel had decided to take down. It had seemed like an easy job, they normally didn't do missions together, so she had jumped at the chance.

"So what do you say?" Gajeel asked as he punched out the leader of the guild.

"I think this is a horrible time to talk about it." Lucy growled as she used her whip to grab a member of the dark guild and throw him into a tree.

"Come on Bunny." Gajeel smirked as he dodged another one of the Master's attacks.

"We'll discuss it later." Lucy growled.

"Come on little friends for the Little Cowgirl." Gajeel smirked.

She gave him a glare that scared even Natsu and Gray. "Later."

Once they were done with the job they were on the train back to the guild. Gajeel trying to not look sick, Lily curled up on Lucy's lap. It wasn't till they were walking to the guild that he started talking.

"Well?" Gajeel asked.

"I'm thinking about it." Lucy snapped.

"What the hell is there to think about?" Gajeel growled.

Lucy simply glared. "A lot. This isn't an easy decision. "You haven't even marked me as your mate and now you're talking about kids. Gaj, neither of us had good childhoods. I'm not sure how I would be as a parent."

"You want me to mark you just say the fucking word," Gajeel growled. "Juvia and Iceballs have two already."

"I want a kid, I'm just not sure I would make a good mother." Lucy snapped. Aquamarine and Jack were cute. Not to mention Juvia was expecting another one soon.

"I've seen you with Sparkles and Asher." Gajeel reminded her. "When the kid was fussy because he was sick you were the one who knew how to take care of him. Not even Bakamander knew that his son was over heating because of his raised body temp."

"You know I'm wondering if you just want to do this because you want to beat Natsu." Lucy smirked.

"No, I want you." Gajeel smirked and kissed her cheek. "Listen I want to start a family with you."

"I just got back on speaking terms with Levy," Lucy sighed. "Listen we can't just do this. And the way you brought it up nonchalantly. What have I told you on missions? I'm not your girlfriend, you have to not be overprotective."

"That has nothing to do with the question," Gajeel growled.

"Yes it does," Lucy sighed. "There are certain things you don't do on the job. This is one of them. Being an overprotective is the other."

"So I shouldn't ask things?" Gajeel snapped.

"Not on missions!" Lucy yelled. "Beside you just want me pregnant so I don't go on missions."

"That's not it at all." Gajeel yelled as they neared the guild. "Just answer the damn question, we don't have to have kids right now."

"I need time! You could of at least tried to be romantic instead of saying it like an afterthought."

"It wasn't an afterthought and you shouldn't need time!" Gajeel yelled as he opened the doors.

"I'll tell you an answer later," Lucy sighed going to the bar.

"What's wrong?" Mira asked.

"Gajeel asked something that you shouldn't ask while on the job." Lucy sighed.

Lucy accepted her strawberry shake and thought. She loved Gajeel and she knew he wasn't romantic. Still she would have said yes if he had asked the question at any other time.


Lucy looked at Natsu who was holding a little pink haired boy in his arms. The baby smiled and reached for Lucy.

She giggled and picked her godson up. "Hey Ash. How is my favorite man?"

"I thought Gajeel was her favorite." Lily said.

"Not right now," Lucy growled.

"I wanted to tell you about something." Natsu sighed with a smile. "Listen Lucy we dragons are hoarders."

"I know," Lucy sighed.

"We also do certain things for girls we want to mate with. We build them an nest, show we can provide for them with food and other things, and finally that we can protect her." Natsu told her.

"Natsu I don't see where you're going with this." Lucy sighed.

"I know Gajeel isn't always the most romantic person but look at this from his point of view." Natsu sighed. "For a dragon slayer the idea of having a child with our mate is a big deal, we want to show our mate everything we can do to prove to our mate that by being with us is the best choice."

Lucy bit her lip. She guessed that asking the question was his idea of romantic. She did love him and he would make a great provider. She looked down at the silver key that had been a part of the reward, Leo minor.

Lucy looked over at the two black haired kids with dark blue eyes playing with Juvia and Gray.

Lucy looked down at Asher. "What do you do think little man?"

Asher just smiled and cooed.

Lucy looked behind her to make sure that there was no fire behind her. Kid was a pyro like his father. She smiled when she saw none. "You're right."

"What is he right about?" Erza smiled softly as she came over to take her son from Lucy.

Lucy simply smiled. While mother hood had softened Erza a little she was still someone to be afraid of. The woman had been a terror when pregnant.

Lucy smiled and went over to Gajeel sitting next to him. "Yes."

Gajeel raised an eyebrow.

"To your question, yes." She smiled as he let out a shit eating grin and she kissed his cheek.

Gajeel reached down into his pocket and pulled out a small box.

Lucy paused. So he had been prepared, he had thought before he asked.

He opened the box and Lucy gasped. There on a silver band, with a simple diamond surrounded by small rubies that matched Gajeel's eyes.

"I love it." Lucy sighed as he slipped it on.


Lucy smiled and saw the gleam in his eyes. He was excited to get married and start a family. She knew that his proposal wasn't the best but she loved him.

"We can try for kids after the honeymoon."