Title- Power Rangers: Future Shock

Tommy/Kim reunite later after the kids bump into Trini, Aisha, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, Jason, Billy, Zack, Tommy, Zhane, Andros, Carter, Leo, Eric, and Wes at a Dinosaur museum.
They find out Kim is the Pink Ranger and leads the Future Shock team.
Or the newest people wearing spandex after Dino Charge.

Disc.: Don't own Power Rangers.

Summary: Shock Revenger is trying to eliminate all species and take over the planet. It's up to Kimberly and 5 teens to disarm him.

Suit creations: White pants. Dragon like helmets. And colored suits in Pink, light Blue, Blue, Black, Crimson, Orange, White, and Red.

Zords: Giffaro- Red, Sphinxa- Pink, Hydra- Cyan, Corinth- Blue, Duci- Orange, Omego- Black, Granado- Orange, and Starro- White

Form the Gallant Mega Zord.

Weapons: Dragon Daggers, Dragon Bow, Dragon Claws, Dragon Fists, Dragon Blade, Dragon Staff, Dragon Shield, and Dragon Sword

Dragon Super Cycles

Command Center: Dragon Chamber

Villain's place: Fossilized Crystal Cave

Pairings: Tommy/Kim, Adam/Aisha, evil Green Luke/Cyan Lexi


Sean Scott- Red

Drew Davey- Blue

Nathan Randolph- White

Ben Kase- Orange

Lily Hanson- Cyan

Trey Miller- Black

Luke Walker- Evil Green

Discardia walked the Earth for a dozen of years, not caring about life, civilians, cars, or plants. Just world domination in her grasp. Before Zordon and before time. It's called 'Discard' for a reason. And that 'reason' alone is enough to disturb remaining peace on the world.

And other planets were ruled under her, disregarded and turned into evil spawns like Dark Specter and his drones.

Human beings to do his biddings.

Until he too was destroyed.

By his own work.

That latest villain is Shock Revenger, someone with a powerful army known 'Cyclops.'

Half animal. Half plant.

He has his very own cave, a fossilized crystal cavern holding many of his henchmen.

And slaves.

The laughing Hyena for one always followed him around like a lost puppy or Skeletal, Jentka, and Ontarius.

"Daughter, give me the light sphere!" He commanded in a hollow voice.

She scattered to the forefront with it.

"View where we're landing."

"To Earth," he laughed.