Lily's new crush never noticed her again. She shrugged and went home to Tori.

She was baking Potato Pie.

"Ugh, I hate that crap!"

"Come on, it's my favorite... This time, I made it especially good."

"Burnt," she asked the dreaded question. She really hated this particular food because one: burnt and two: tasted like coal.

"My food can't be that crappy..."

"Please, your fiancé couldn't even garf it up!"

Tori: That's because Blake is at Factory Blue's...

Blake: Hon, I'm home!

"There he is now," said Lily.

The Asian came in soaked and wet with mud from riding.

He shook off the mud.

"Ew Blake!"

He laughed and pecked her on the right cheek. "How's my honey bee..."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Please don't display right in front of me..."

"What, you've seen me naked!"

She gasped. "So an accident!" Yep, she went into the bathroom when he was in the shower. It was embarrassing and something that created the pink tint.

"Come on honey bee, don't tease her..."

Kimberly placed the tray down holding several cell phone Dragon head morphers.

"Nathaniel," called his mom. "Dad is on the line." He rushed down the stairs and picked it up.

"Hey pops!" His dad Bert told him how his grams was and he sat back shocked.

"She's, no NO, she's NOT...!"

He balled up and balled up his fists.

'How can you say she's DEAD...!?'