Greetings everyone. Now if you read The Lone Dragonborn, this is my RWBY/The Lone Dragonborn crossover story. This story is a 'sequel' to it. I have always wanted to do a RWBY story and now I have a chance to do so. Now if you read The Lone Dragonborn, you all will know that I plan to give Blackheart, the main character, a team. They are not ocs characters, they are Cinder, Emerald and Mercury. Yes, I plan on making the bad guys good in this story. I will make an oc villain later, but yeah, they will be good. And as I said, I will make a 'trailer' for each of them until the story continues, which will be after The Lone Dragonborn ends. Now without any further or do, here is the Dragonborn Trailer!

Trailer: Dragonborn

In a secluded location, a lone figure was standing on a cliff overseeing the red forest below him. This lone figure was standing on the cliff, thinking of the cruel world he is in right now. In his past life, he has been into many battles and has lived for a long time. Now here he is standing on the cliff in a new appearance. This figure had short black hair and had light tan skin and was wearing a red shirt with black straps around his upper body which connects to his right arm armor piece that was black, black pants and black boots. And on his left arm, he had a gauntlet that look like dragon's scale, the end of it was the head of a dragon with its mouth open that allowed Blackheart to stick out his hand and it was all black while its 'eyes' were dark red. The only thing that was left was the screen which was red. On his right armor shoulder pad was a red insignia that had a gear with a red dragon on it. But the most appealing aspects this figure had was red-predator like eyes and two red dragon-like horns coming out of his head. This figure may be in a different world, but he is the same person: he is Jonathan Angel Wilson, also known as Blackheart the Lone Dragonborn.

After admiring the view, Blackheart turns around and walked into the forest. After walking for a while, he starts to feel like someoneā€¦or something was watching him. Looking around, he whispered "LAAS YAH NIR!"

As his whispered, he saw red auras flaring up around. Knowing his was in an immediate danger, he reached over to his left gauntlet, he pressed some buttons until her got into a clearing. Once he was in the open, a dozen of creatures appeared before him. These creatures were creatures of darkness that terrorized this world. These creatures were known as Grimm. There were different types of Grimm that roam this world, and the creatures that Blackheart was in front of him were known as Beowolves. They looked like werewolves, but their furs were black, had bone-like armor with red mark lines covering their backs, a white mask that covered their face and bone spikes coming out of their backs and arms.

As the Beowolves were surrounding him, Blackheart just stood there as he waited for the creatures to attack. One of the Beowolves charged at him in rapid speed, but Blackheart pressed a button and summon a demonic pistol that the barrel had red ribs glowing in between and the end of the barrel had the skull of what looks like a dragon with its mouth open. This weapon was called a Daedric Pistol. Aiming his weapon and the Beowolf, Blackheart's hand started to glow red and transferred it to his pistol, which lit up red. Once the Beowolf was close, Blackheart fires the Daedric Pistol and blew the Beowolf's head off.

When other Beowolves caught on, every one of them charged at him. Summoning another Daedric Pistol, hand glowed red and transferred it to the pistol and starts firing at the Beowolves. As Beowolves starts dying off, more appeared and made his way to Blackheart. Seeing this, Blackheart reached his gauntlet and replaced his Daedric Pistols for his Daedric Swords.

The moment the Beowolves were near, Blackheart shouted "WULD NAH KEST!"

In a rapid speed, Blackheart rushed through the crowd of Beowolves, spread his arms outwards and spins towards the pack. While that happened, Blackheart managed to slice through several Beowolves, killing them on the spot. Once he killed the Beowolves, more dark figures emerged from the shadows, these creatures were Ursa, or Ursi, Grimm bears. As the Ursi closed in, Blackheart switches to a rifle was black, the whole frame was demonic, the barrel had red ribs glowing in between, the lenses on the scope are red, and the end of the barrel had the skull of what looks like a dragon with its mouth open. This weapon was called a Daedric Rifle.

As the Ursi closed in, Blackheart shouted "FUS RO DAH!"

The force from his shout knocks over the Ursi away from him. As that happened, he aims his Daedric Rifle and starts firing his rifle at the Ursi, turning them into ash. Once they were some, up in the skies, giant black birds called Nevermores flew over him. Blackheart then took out a giant cannon with a demonic frame, the energy in the center glowed red and the three-end metal sticking out in the front now became claws. This was his Daedric Cannon. Aiming his cannon, Blackheart fires it and shot down everyone Nevermore from the sky.

After he settle down, when he looked forward, he saw a lot of Grimm in front of him. Reaching for his gauntlet, his whole body was covered in red light and is now wearing an armor. His armor was a black demonic armor that covered their entire body, red lights emitted from his upper body that look like its ribs, a few more red lights appeared in gasps in his arms and legs, its fingers had claws with a blade in each of the elbow pointing backwards, their shoulder pads were sharp and sticking out. But worse was their helmet: it looked like some sort of creature with its mouth opened and many teeth were showing, a large red visor inside the mouth and two horns on the side of the helmet sticking backwards. This was Blackheart's Daedric Brotherhood Armor.

As the Grimm closed in, Blackheart took out his Daedric Swords and shouted "TIID KLO UL!"

Once he shouted, time seemed to slow down. Seizing the opportunity, Blackheart rushes in and starts slicing through every Grimm that was in the way in lightning speed. As soon as he reach the other end side, he turns around and shouted "YOL TOOR SHUL!"

With that shout, he burned all the Grimm and turned them all to ashes. As Blackheart looks around, he puts away his weapons and changed into his regular clothes and started to make his way out of the forest. Once he was out of the forest, there were two figures waiting for him: one was a small with a red cape while the other was another girl with long blonde hair. Once he met up with them, the three of them made their way into a city.

I know that was short, but you all already know Blackheart and what he can do. So sorry for the short chapter. BUT, for the other trailers, they will be longer since Cinder, Emerald and Mercury are good, so I will make up a background for each of them. And in this story, Blackheart will be paired up. For who, I have posted a poll on my profile page so go and vote there and/or review who you want him to be paired up with. Anyways, hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you all later. Until then, please review!