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(Konohagakure 15 Years After the War)

Naruto Uzumaki, the Nanadaime Hokage, let out a long sigh as he walked through the village streets. It was early in the morning, so the streets were fairly deserted. His white and red cloak blew slightly in the gentle breeze.

"I really hope Shikamaru doesn't realize I swapped with a Kage Bunshin so I could step out for a bit." Naruto thought as he ran his hands through his short blonde hair.

Naruto released another sigh, as he shoved his hands in his pockets. He needed time to think, to sort things out. Naruto had been feeling very stressed lately, and it wasn't because of his job as Hokage. In fact his job was rather dull and boring now that the world was at peace.

Actually one of the main causes for Naruto's stress was actually his family. Now Naruto did indeed love his family. He had two great kids, even though Bolt could a serious trouble maker at times, and a beautiful and devoted wife who would do anything for him.

But that was the problem. Naruto's life at home had fallen into a dull routine, that repeated each and every day. He would wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, spend time with his family, go to bed, and then start the process all over again the next day. This had been going on for almost four years now, and it was driving Naruto insane. He craved some action, something to spice his dull life up. His job certainly wasn't helping either.

Naruto couldn't remember the last time he had actually had to fight anybody. He feared his skills were starting to get rusty, after sitting behind a desk all day. The blonde jinchuriki could also tell that the fox inside him was starting to get restless as well. They both craved the rush of a good fight, and the constant peace wasn't doing anything to qualm his urges.

Another thing that was causing a lot of problems at home was his wife. Hinata was great girl, and most men would kill to be with her. She was beautiful, smart, kind, and gentle. But that was the main problem, Hinata's gentle and passive nature didn't mix well with Naruto's brash and aggressive nature. It annoyed Naruto how Hinata let him do whatever he wanted. She never argued with him, or disagreed with him. She would just smile, and go along with whatever he did. Sometimes Naruto would lie, and say that he had to stay late at work just to test her. He wanted her, just one time, to say 'no' to him. To yell at him, and demand that he come home and spend time with his family. But no, she would simply smile and say 'okay'. Now Hinata could be a very strong girl, but around Naruto she was quiet and reserved. This greatly irritated Naruto, and he wished she would stand up to him sometimes.

The blonde Hokage couldn't even remember exactly why he had married Hinata. After Naruto saw all her memories in that genjutsu, and he saw how devoted she was to him, he felt almost obligated to love her back. He just felt so guilty for not noticing her feelings for so long.

But Naruto realized he had made a big mistake in marrying Hinata. He needed a girl who would stand up for herself, and call him out when he was making a mistake. A girl who wasn't afraid to speak her mind, and would give him a good smack if he deserved it. He needed a girl like 'her'.

Naruto's mind wandered to the pink-haired woman, who was married to his best friend. He could see her beautiful green eyes, her cute smile, her charming forehead, her long legs, her toned...Naruto quickly shook his head to rid himself of his dirty thoughts. He had to try to forget Sakura, he had let her go to Sasuke so she could be happy. He had let the one who had captured his heart go, so she could chase after the man she loved. Even though it broke his heart to pieces every time he saw them together.

The Hokage's heart ached when he thought of Sakura with Sasuke. But he had made his choice, and he had to live with it. He just had to push Sakura away, and try to work things out with Hinata. However Naruto could't get Sakura out of his mind lately. She occupied most of his thoughts, and it was driving him crazy.

"Kami what the fuck is wrong with me?" Naruto asked himself as he continued to aimlessly walk the streets. "I have a family, but I can't seem to let her go. I keep feeling like it should be me with her, not the teme."

Naruto lowered his head as he continued to think. But he stopped suddenly when he heard a gasp in front of him. He raised his head and his eyes widened.

It was 'her'.

Sakura Haruno was walking towards the market to do some early morning shopping. Her red sun dress was blowing lightly in the early morning breeze. The pinkette spotted the Uchiha clan symbol at the bottom of the dress, and sighed. Sasuke was gone yet again on one of his 'journeys'. He would stop at home for a day or two, then disappear for months on end.

Sasuke constantly being gone was seriously putting stress on their relationship. It was especially hard on their daughter, Sarada, who barely knew her father. Sarada frequently asked when her father was coming home, but Sakura could never give her a straight answer. Because Sakura never knew when Sasuke was coming back either. He never told her anything about his trips, and he rarely told her when he was leaving either. Most of the time he would disappear in the dead of the night without a word.

Sakura brushed a couple pink locks out of her face, and sighed. Sasuke wasn't the only thing causing stress in her life. She had to quit her job at the hospital a few years ago, so she could stay at home to raise Sarada. Since Sasuke was rarely at home, Sakura was basically raising Sarada on her own. She was managing fairly well so far, but it was a tough job sometimes. Also whenever Sarada wasn't home, Sakura was terribly lonely.

She would try and keep her mind occupied by cleaning, or doing other household chores. But they only kept her mind occupied for a short while. Eventually her loneliness would creep up on her, and completely consume her. During these times Sakura's mind would often wander to her blonde teammate. She could see his whiskered cheeks, beaming smile, amazing blue eyes, strong arms, muscular...Sakura quickly shook her head to rid herself of her perverted thoughts.

She had to try and forget Naruto. What few people knew was that Sakura Haruno did actually love Naruto Uzumaki. The realization had hit her like a ton of bricks shortly after he had returned from his training trip with Jiraiya. Sakura had kept her feelings for Naruto to herself for a long time, because she honestly didn't know how to act on them. She still cared deeply for Sasuke, but what she felt for Naruto was so much stronger and real.

Sakura could be herself around Naruto, she didn't have to hide behind a fake persona to impress him. He liked her just the way she was, and it made her feel so loved and special. Naruto would always go out of his way to cheer her up and care for her. It brought a small smile to Sakura's face, as she remembered how close they used to be. She never had something like that with Sasuke. He was so cold, unaffectionate, and brutally honest towards her. He had never tried to comfort her, or make her feel special. Sasuke could never make her feel the way Naruto made her feel. But everything had changed after Pein attacked the village. When Sakura saw Hinata declare her love for Naruto, it hit her like a chakra enhanced punch from her master. Later when Sakura was healing Hinata, her heart was torn.

After seeing how Hinata had risked her life for Naruto, Sakura felt unworthy to love him. She felt like she would be a terrible person to take Naruto away from Hinata. So then and there she decided, with a heavy heart, that she would push aside her feelings for Naruto and try to push him closer towards Hinata. The pinkette reasoned that Naruto would be better off with Hinata, instead of herself.

Sakura let out a soft sigh, as she turned a corner. She was starting to seriously regret marrying Sasuke. Sakura had sidelined her feelings for Naruto, and pushed Hinata and Naruto together. Because she honestly believed that Naruto would be happier with Hinata. She felt like she didn't deserve to be with Naruto, after all the things she had done to him. Even though it broke her heart to see them together, she just smiled and let him go. The main reason she chose Sasuke was because he was one of the only people in the village she could choose from.

But Sakura just couldn't keep Naruto out of her mind. He always managed to creep his way into her thoughts, and she honestly enjoyed it. She decided that after she did her shopping, that she would stop by the Hokage tower and see Naruto. The pinkette was going to try and repair their broken friendship. If she couldn't be with him romantically, than she would settle with having their friendship back to the way it was.

As Sakura turned another corner, she stopped dead in her tracks. A small gasp escaped her lips when she saw a single man walking down the streets towards her.

It was 'him'.

They both stared at each other for several moments, wide eyed.

Naruto's heart was racing as he stared at the woman who had been occupying his thoughts.

"Shit, shit, shit this bad," Naruto thought frantically, his heart beating erratically. "I need to get out of here fast, or I'll do something that I'm gonna regret."

Sakura stared at the man who had been invading her thoughts.

"I-It's him, I can't believe it's actually him," Sakura thought as a blush spread across her face. "I have to say something, I can't lose my chance to repair our relationship."

Sakura had calmed her mind, and gave Naruto a warm smile.

"N-Naruto is that really you?" Sakura asked in a happy tone.

Naruto bit his bottom lip, as he stared at Sakura. He needed to get out of here, and fast. The blonde could already feel himself losing control. Closing his eyes, and calming himself Naruto started to walk forward. Just before Naruto passed Sakura, he stopped suddenly.

"Good morning Uchiha-san." Naruto said in a calm voice, before he continued to walk down the street.

Sakura stood with hurt filled eyes in the middle of the road, as she absorbed what had just happened. Tears started to form in her eyes, as she hung her head. Naruto had completely blown her off, as if he barely knew her.

"I-I really messed up didn't I?" Sakura thought as tears started to fall from her eyes.

Down the road Naruto had quickly ducked into an alley. He pressed his back against the wall, and sunk to the ground. A few tears fell from Naruto's eyes, as he remembered the hurt look in Sakura's eyes.

"Kami I messed up really bad, didn't I?" Naruto thought as tears continued to flow from his eyes. "I just hurt her so bad. Her eyes, it looked like I had broken her heart."

Naruto suddenly bolted to his feet.

"I have to fix this, I have to apologize!" Naruto thought as he ran out of the alley.

Just as Naruto was about to call out to Sakura, he noticed that she was nowhere to be found.

"She must have went home." Naruto said to himself as he walked over to where Sakura had been standing. He stopped when he saw the ground where Sakura had been standing was covered with water marks. "Shit I made her cry, now I really have to find her."

Naruto turned to look at the Hokage tower, and he frowned.

"Screw it if Shikamaru finds out, I need to patch things up with Sakura-chan." Naruto thought as he took off towards the Uchiha residence.

With a dull thud, Naruto landed in front of Sakura's door. Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door. After a few moments the door slowly opened, but instead of Sakura, her daughter Sarada opened the door.

"Oh, hello Hokage-sama." Sarada said in a surprised tone.

"Hello, Sarada-chan." Naruto said with a bright smile.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" The little girl asked in a polite tone, as she adjusted her glasses.

"Actually yes there is, by chance is your mother home?"

"Yeah she got home a few minutes ago, and went straight to her room." Sarada said with a nod.

"Well can you get her for me, I really need to speak with her."

Sarada merely smiled and nodded, before she ran off to get her mother. A few moments later Sakura appeared in the doorframe with a scowl on her face.

Naruto flinched at her appearance. Her eyes were red, and her cheeks were tear stained.

"What can I do for you, Hokage-sama?" Sakura asked coldly. She quickly stepped out of the doorframe, and closed the door behind her so they could have some privacy. She crossed her arms, as she glared at him.

Again Naruto flinched at Sakura's cold behavior. Taking a deep breath, Naruto began to speak.

"Sakura I'm so sorry for what happened a few minutes ago." Naruto said as he put a hand on her shoulder.

Sakura scoffed and brushed his hand off her shoulder.

"Oh, so you're sorry for acting like I was a complete stranger and blowing me off," Sakura said as she turned to go back into her house. "If you have nothing else to say Hokage-sama, then I'm heading back inside."

"Sakura-chan, please wait!"

Sakura stopped dead when she heard that. She slowly turned back around to see Naruto reaching out to her.

"Y-You haven't called me that in years." Sakura said as fresh tears formed in her eyes.

"Sakura-chan, please don't cry. I'm sorry if I said something wrong." Naruto pleaded causing Sakura to laugh.

"You baka, I'm crying because I'm happy." Sakura said making Naruto go wide eyed.

"You called me a b-baka, you haven't called me that in years." Naruto said with a smile as he joined her in laughter.

"Well you are the Hokage now. I have to show you some respect." Sakura said with a small smile.

"We're friends Sakura-chan, you don't have to treat me any differently." Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"I-I'm still your friend?" Sakura asked in a hushed tone.

"Of course! You're my best friend Sakura-chan!" Naruto said making Sakura's eyes widen.

"R-Really, then why have you been avoiding me?" Sakura asked making Naruto's happy mood falter.

"It's really complicated." Naruto said quietly as he avoided Sakura's gaze.

Sakura cupped Naruto's cheek, and turned his head. Her green eyes quickly met his blue ones.

"Naruto you know you can tell me anything, right? Now please tell me what's wrong, because I want us to be like we used to be. I want us to be close again." Sakura said sweetly making Naruto's heart melt.

"I don't know." Naruto said weakly, his resolve slowly breaking.

"Please, I don't want to lose you." Sakura all but whispered.

That's what did it, Naruto sighed before he spoke.

"What if I told you that I made a big mistake when I married Hinata?" Naruto asked causing Sakura to gasp.

"W-What are you talking about?" Sakura stuttered out.

"I should never married her in the first place, because I never truly loved her." Naruto said making her go wide eyed.

"No, no he can't mean." Sakura's thoughts were stopped when Naruto cupped her cheek.

"I still love you, Sakura-chan."

Sakura's breath hitched when she heard those words. Her heart was now beating frantically. Tears once again formed in her eyes, after hearing the words she had longed to hear spoken to her by the man she truly loved.


Naruto sighed and turned around.

"I knew this was a bad idea." Naruto said as he prepared to head towards the Hokage tower.

But he was stopped when he felt someone hug him from behind. He turned his head, and saw Sakura gripping him tightly.


"P-Please don't go Naruto, because...because...b-because."

Naruto went wide eyed when he saw the faint blush on Sakura's cheeks.

"No, no she can't mean." But Naruto's thoughts were stopped when Sakura spoke her next words.

"I love you too."

This time it was Naruto's turn for his breath to hitch. He had longed to hear these words from her, he had heard them once before, but this time her could tell they were genuine.

"S-Sakura-chan l-loves m-me." Naruto thought as his mind went into overdrive.

They both stared at each other for what seemed like hours, both getting lost in the others eyes. It was Sakura who made the first move. She gently cupped Naruto's face, and stood up on her tip toes. Naruto then leaned in and captured her lip with his. The kiss was slow, showing the love they felt for each other. But the kiss quickly started to evolve.

Sakura was the one to force her tongue into Naruto's mouth. Her tongue met his in a battle for dominance. They both fought for control of the kiss, but Sakura's aggressiveness eventually won out. Naruto just let Sakura's tongue roam his mouth.

After a few more moments they both broke apart, panting for air. Both their eyes were clouded with lust as they looked at each other. Over a decade of pent up feelings and sexual frustration were being released all at once.

Almost instantly they were kissing again. Naruto planted Sakura's back against the wall, as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Suddenly Naruto broke their lip lock, and started to kiss her neck earning soft moans from Sakura.

Sakura let out a moan of disapproval when Naruto pulled away from her. But before she could say anything he planted a quick kiss on her lips.

"Meet me in my office at midnight, make sure no one sees you."

With that Naruto quickly jumped onto the roofs, as he made his way back towards the tower.

Sakura had a dreamy smile on her face as she watched Naruto run across the roofs. When she entered her home, she saw Sarada staring at her.

"You look happy. So what did Hokage-sama want?" Sarada asked as she watched her mother practically skip towards the kitchen.

"Oh nothing Sarada, Hokage-sama just wanted to check up on me that's all."

"Oh, okay then." Sarada said as she sat at the kitchen table.

Sakura hummed to herself as she started to prepare breakfast. She was definitely looking forwards to tonight, hopefully Naruto could save her from her loneliness.

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