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"Mommy?" Himawari said from the kitchen's doorway, startling Hinata.

"Oh!" Hinata shouted, as she clutched a hand over her racing her heart. When she turned around, she saw Himawari staring up at her. The young girl had a confused look on her face. "Himawari, what are you doing up so early?"

"I woke up when I heard some talking coming from the kitchen." Himawari replied, glancing over to the door Kiba had left through. "Mommy, what were you and Uncle Kiba talking about?"

Hinata's eyes widened at the sudden question, and she quickly thought of a way to deflect the question. "It was just some grown up stuff that you wouldn't understand. Now why don't I make you some breakfast." Hinata began to move towards the fridge, so that she could start making breakfast. However Himawari wasn't thrown off by the sudden change of topic.

"But I heard you two talking about daddy." Himawari said, causing Hinata to freeze in her tracks.

"Himawari, how much did you hear?" Hinata asked, turning to face her daughter.

"I heard everything after Uncle Kiba said he punched daddy." Himawari answered, as she began rub her arm nervously. The young girl looked up at her mother with a worried look, as tears threatened to fall from her eyes. "What's going on, mommy? Why did Uncle Kiba hit daddy? Why did Uncle Kiba say he loves you? What did you mean when you said 'once all this stuff with Naruto has blown over?' Is something bad happening between you and daddy?"

Hinata was taken aback by the flurry of questions, and she honestly didn't know how to answer them all. Himawari was still very young, and likely wouldn't understand everything Hinata told her. But when she saw the look on her daughter's face; Hinata knew she had to tell her something, and she might as well tell the truth.

"Himawari take a seat." Hinata said, pointing to the kitchen table. The young girl gave Hinata a confused look, but sat down anyways. Walking over to the table, Hinata sat down across from her daughter. "Himawari..." Hinata bit her bottom lip, as she tried to find the right words. "There is something bad happening between your father and I."

"W-What's happening m-mommy?" Himawari asked with a concerned look.

"Your father and I won't be seeing each other very much anymore...we're getting a divorce." Hinata replied, causing Himawari's eyes to widen.

"D-Divorce." Himawari whispered, as tears finally began to fall from her eyes.

"Oh, everything's gonna be fine honey." Hinata said, walking over to her daughter and pulling her in for a hug.

"Why is this happening?" Himawari cried into her mother's shoulder.

"You're a little too young to understand honey." Hinata said, stroking Himawari's hair. "When you're a little older, I'll explain everything to you." Himawari nodded her head sadly and sniffled a few times. Hinata gently rubbed Himawari's back and kissed her head. "I'll make you breakfast, and then you and I can spend the whole day together. How's that sound?"

"Alright." Himawari said in a sad tone, as she stared at the floor.

"Honey, everything will be alright." Hinata said, trying to reassure her daughter. "Your father still loves you, and the last thing he wants to do is make you sad. Your father and I just weren't that compatible I guess."

"I understand." Himawari said, as she continued to stare at the ground.

Hinata sighed as she began to make breakfast for Himawari. The young girl seemed to taking the news worse than Hinata had anticipated. Hinata was almost certain Bolt had probably acted in a similar fashion when Naruto told him what was happening. But Hinata was confident that Naruto could make Bolt understand the situation. Though he often acted out and misbehaved, Bolt was actually a very mature child for his age. So Hinata knew he'd realize why all this was happening. Himawari however was still young, and didn't understand as much as her older brother. It would likely take her a few more years before she'd able to comprehend was happening between her parents.

"I hope she'll be alright." Hinata thought, as she glanced at her daughter. Himawari had a depressed look on her face, as she rested her head in her hand; The young girl stared out the window, letting out a sigh. Hinata frowned, as she went back to making breakfast."Hopefully in a few years, she'll be able to understand."

(The Next Day; Naruto's Home)

"Well that pretty much everything." Naruto grunted out, as he set another box of Sakura's belongs down. The Hokage's home was filled with dozens of boxes filled with Sarada and Sakura's things.

"I'm impressed you got it over here so quickly." Sakura said with a smile, as she hugged Naruto's side. "But with you and Bolt's Kage Bunshin it really sped up the process."

"Dad are we done?" A group of Bolt clones whined after setting down there boxes.

"Yeah, there's only a few more things left." Naruto said with a chuckle, as his clones all disappeared. "Sakura-chan and I can bring the last few things ourselves. You and Sarada-chan can relax."

"Thank Kami!" Bolt yelled, his clones exploding into smoke. "I'm getting something to eat."

"I'll join you." Sarada said, setting down a box full of books. "We've been doing this for hours, and I'm starving."

"Ichiraku ramen?" Bolt suggested, earning a groan from Sarada.

"Really again? We were just there yesterday." Sarada said in an annoyed tone.

"Fine..." Bolt relented, shrugging his shoulders. The blonde hummed, as he rubbed his chin. "Wanna get BBQ?"

"That...actually sounds great." Sarada agreed with a smile.

"Well let's go." Bolt said, as he started to sprint out of the room. "I'll race you there!"

"Bolt! Argh, you freaking cheater!" Sarada shouted, as she chased after the blonde haired boy. "Get you ass back here!"

"Wow that's surprising." Naruto said, as he scratched the side of his head.

"What?" Sakura asked, raising a pink eyebrow.

"Whenever Bolt wants to go to Ichiraku, he never changes his mind." Naruto replied, as a small smile spread across his face. "He must really like Sarada, because he didn't even try to argue with her."

"*Sigh* I'm not opposed to the idea of them dating, but they're still way too young." Sakura said, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Those two are gonna be the death of me." Sakura groaned, as ran her hands through her pink locks. "I can already feel my hair turning gray."

Naruto laughed loudly; before he kissed the side of Sakura's head. "I'll be here to help you." Naruto wrapped his arm around Sakura's waist, and started leading her towards the front door. "Now get the last of your stuff."

"Why do we have to get the last boxes? The kids should have done it." Sakura whined, as she rested her head against Naruto's chest.

"Because the kids were tired, and..." Naruto pulled Sakura closer, and kissed the top her head. "I want to spend some alone time with you."

"Awww, how sweet." Sakura said with a smile, standing on her tip toes and gently kissing Naruto.

"*Cough* *Cough* Am I interrupting something?" A new voice asked from Naruto's front doorway.

The couple quickly broke their liplock, and turned to see Shikamaru leaning against Naruto's open doorframe. The Hokage's advisor had a bored look on his face, as he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Shikamaru quickly lit the cigarette, and took a quick drag.

"Could you please not smoke in my house?" Naruto asked in an annoyed tone. Shikamaru shrugged, and stepped back onto Naruto's front porch. "I thought Temari asked you to try and kick those things."

"She's not here is she?" Shikamaru reasoned, as he took another drag from his cigarette. "Anyways, I didn't come here to talk about my smoking habits."

"Why are you here Shikamaru?" Sakura asked, a slight blush staining her face.

"Because of him." Shikamaru said, pointing at Naruto. "You may not have to worry about the council anymore, but you'll let the village know about your relationship with Hinata ending."

"Why would I have to do that?" Naruto asked, quirking a blonde eyebrow.

"It's better to here this news from the Hokage himself; than to have some random villager seeing you and Sakura together, and spreading a bunch of stupid rumors." Shikamaru pointed out, taking another drag from his cigarette.

"He's right, Naruto." Sakura said, as she looked up at Naruto. "Better to get this over with now, before people start making wild accusations."

"*Sigh* Yeah, yeah I get it." Naruto said, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. "I'll have Konohamaru send a newspaper reporter over to the Hokage tower. I'll tell them what happened, and we can finally be done with this." Naruto scrolled through his contacts, and clicked on Konohamaru's. "Hey buddy!" Naruto cheered, when Konohamaru answered. "I have a quick job for you to do...I need you to send a newspaper reporter over to the Hokage tower...Yes, it's about that...Thanks man, I owe you one...*Chuckle* Yeah we can get a drink on Friday...Okay, see you soon man...bye." Naruto ended the call, and put his phone back in his pocket. "Alright, everything's set up." Naruto quickly formed a hand sign, and a Kage Bunshin appeared next to him. "I'll head over to the tower now, and my clone will help you with the last of the stuff Sakura-chan."

"Why can't you just send the clone, while you stay with me?" Sakura asked with cute pout.

"I would do that, but I need to do this myself." Naruto said, as he kissed Sakura's forehead. "I'll be back later, and you and I can do something together, no kids."

"Hmmm, I like the sound of that." Sakura said, giving Naruto a quick peck on the lips. The pinkette pulled away from the kiss with a smile on her face. "Okay get going, Hokage-sama."

"Oh, you know I love it when you call me that." Naruto said with a smirk, turning to face Shikamaru. "Get your lazy ass in gear Shikamaru. I need you to come with me to make sure I don't say anything stupid during my interview." Naruto patted Shikamaru on the back, before he leapt on the rooftops.

"Then I better do all the talking." Shikamaru said with a groan, as he stomped out his cigarette. "See you around Sakura."

"Bye Shikamaru." Sakura said with a smile, walking onto the porch. "Oh, and thank you for everything you've done for Naruto."

"Don't thank me." Shikamaru said, as he waved dismissively. "Besides that bumbling baka wouldn't last five minutes on his own."

"He may be an baka sometimes, but he sure is an amazing guy." Sakura said with smile, as she clasped a hand over her heart.

"You're right about that. He really is amazing." Shikamaru said with a smile, placing his hands in his pockets. "Well I better get going, before Naruto says something that will ruin his career."

"Tell Temari and Shikadai that I said hi." Sakura said, crossing her arms under her chest. "We'll have together sometime, and go on a double date."

"Sounds good, and I'll let them know." Shikamaru said, giving Sakura a quick wave before he too leaped up to the rooftops.

"Alright you big lug, let's get the last of the boxes." Sakura said, turning to the Kage Bunshin.

"Sure thing Sakura-chan!" The clone exclaimed with a foxlike grin.

(10 Minutes later; Hokage Tower)

Shikamaru arrived at the Hokage shortly after Naruto. About ten minutes after both men entered the tower, the reporter arrived at the Hokage's office. As Naruto sat at his desk, he heard a few soft knocks at his door.

"Come in!" Naruto called out, his voice echoing through the office. The door slowly opened, and in stepped a young brunette haired woman. The girl couldn't have been older than 25, and she appeared to be rather nervous. The reporter quietly closed the door, and slowly made her way over to Naruto's desk. "I'm glad you could come on such short notice." Naruto gestured to the chairs in front of the desk. The reporter nodded, taking a seat and setting her bag down next to her chair. The blonde Hokage silently chuckled, as he watched the girl fidget slightly in her seat. "You don't have to be so nervous. I don't bite." Naruto said, as a large grin spread across his face.

"It's not you Hokage-sama." The reporter said quietly, as she clasped her hands. "Its just...this is my first real story. We were short staffed today, so they sent me out here. Up until now, I'd only covered small things."

"*Chuckle* Really?" Naruto asked with a smile. "What's your name?"

"It's Harumi." The reporter answered, just as Naruto stood from his seat and extended his hand.

"Well it's great to meet you Harumi." Naruto said, shaking the reporter's hand. A smirk spread Naruto's face, as he sat back in his chair. "Well why don't I give you a story that will make your career."

"Huh?" Harumi said with a confused look.

"I have some information I'd like to tell the village; instead of having rumors spread around." Naruto said, causing Harumi's eyes to widen.

"What is it?" Harumi asked in an excited tone, as she reached into her bag and pulled out a recorder.

"What if I told you that I was getting a divorce?" Naruto started, earning a slight gasp from Harumi.

(6 Days Later)

After the article was published, the village was shocked to hear that their Hokage was going through a divorce. Most of the men in the village were perplexed as to why Naruto would give up a girl like Hinata. But after reading Naruto's reasonings, they began to understand why he was doing what he was doing. Many of the villagers were surprised to read that Naruto was already beginning a relationship with Sakura Haruno. But the villagers trusted Naruto, and had the utmost faith in him. A few days after the article was published Naruto's divorce was finalized. Hinata and Naruto both met in the Hokage tower to sign the papers.

"H-Hello Naruto." Hinata said awkwardly, as she stepped into the office.

"Hi Hinata." Naruto said back, giving Hinata and awkward wave. The blonde Hokage nervously shuffled from foot to foot, as he stood in front of his desk. Hinata quietly closed the door behind her, and slowly walked towards Naruto.

"So...I guess this is it?" Hinata muttered, as she looked at the floor. A sudden overpowering tension filled the office, as both adults nervously glanced around the room.

"Yeah...again I'm so sorry any of this happened Hinata. It's all my fault this is happening between us." Naruto said in a low tone, as he rubbed his arm.

"No it's partly my fault too." Hinata said with a deep sigh. "I should have realized there was no way you could have fallen in love with me so quickly, especially after chasing after Sakura all those years...I just want to put this whole mess behind me, and move forward in my life...You have the papers right?"

"Yes...they just arrived yesterday." Naruto said, as he hurried around his desk to grab the divorce papers. But Naruto turned the corner around too quickly, and slammed his knee into the desk. The blonde Hokage howled in pain, as he hoped up and down on one foot; clutching his hurt knee. The little incident had caused Hinata to burst into a fit of giggles. Hearing Hinata giggle seemed to ease some of the tension in the room. Eventually Naruto was laughing as well, his loud laughs echoing in the mostly empty office. With the tension gone Naruto reached into his desk, and pulled out the divorce papers. "Here they are." Naruto placed the papers before Hinata, and set a pen down. "All we have to do is sign a things here and there, and we'll be done." Hinata nodded and picked up the papers, and began to read through them. As Hinata read through the divorce papers, the door to Naruto's office opened. Both Naruto and Hinata turned to see Sakura, Sarada, Bolt, Kiba, and Himawari walking into the office.

"What are you all doing here?" Naruto asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"Well I wanted to be here for you." Sakura said, resting her hands on Bolt and Sarada's backs. "And they wanted to be here too."

"I'm just here to keep an eye on you." Kiba said, as he leaned against a wall.

"..." Himawari said nothing, as she walked over to Hinata and sat in the chair next to her. The young girl moved the chair closer to Hinata and grabbed ahold of her shirt.

"Hi hime." Naruto said with a big smile. "How have you been?"

"..." Again Himawari said nothing, even turning her head away from Naruto. A frown spread across Naruto's face, as he watched his daughter try to ignore him. Naruto released a heavy sigh, and returned his attention back to the divorce papers.

"Alright, I'm okay with all of this." Hinata said, placing the papers back onto the desk. "The terms are fair, and I didn't find anything wrong."

"Good, just sign here, here, and here." Naruto said, pointing out the points where Hinata and him had to sign. "Once we sign these papers, we can put this whole ugly mess behind us, and move on with our lives."

Hinata silently nodded her head, and picked up a pen. Briefly hesitating, Hinata reluctantly signed the papers. After signing where she was supposed to, Hinata slid the papers over to Naruto. The blonde Hokage gave Hinata a sympathetic look, before he quickly signed the papers.

"Well...were done. Things are really over between us." Hinata said in a sad tone, as she clenched her hands in her lap.

"I wish this didn't have to happen Hinata." Naruto said in a sympathetic tone, as placed a hand on Hinata's shoulder. "I wasn't lying a few days ago. I hope we can eventually put this all behind us, and become friends again. Your one of my precious people Hinata, and I'd hate to lose you forever."

"Maybe in time Naruto." Hinata said, standing up from her chair. "I just need some time away from you right now, okay?"

"Alright, I'll give you some space." Naruto said, before he kneeled next to Himawari. "Hime, I know you're probably mad at me right now, and I completely understand. I know you probably have a lot on you mind right now, but in time I'm sure understand why this happened. But I want you to know that I really love you, and I'll never abandon you." Naruto pulled Himawari in for a hug, but the young girl didn't return the embrace. Breaking the hug, Naruto gave Himawari another big smile. "How about you and I hang out next week? We can spend the whole day together, and do whatever you want."

"..." Himawari stared at Naruto for a few moments, before she slowly nodded her head.

"Great! I'll get in touch with mom soon, and we'll work something out." Naruto said with a grin, kissing Himawari's cheek.

"Come on Himawari, let's head back to grandpa's house." Hinata said, as she gently took Himawari's hand. The Hyuuga made her way towards the door with her daughter in tow. Hinata stopped in the doorway, and turned to face the blonde Hokage. "Naruto...I...I guess I'll see you around."

"See you soon Hinata." Naruto said awkwardly, as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I'll bring Bolt over when I come to pick up Himawari, you two can spend together."

"T-That sounds nice." Hinata said quickly, ushering Himawari out of the office.

"You better watch yourself around her, Naruto." Kiba warned, as he bared his fangs at Naruto. "Because if you hurt again, I'll do way more than just punch you."

"Don't worry Kiba, I fully intend to make things up to Hinata." Naruto said, earning a snort from the Inuzuka.

"You better." Kiba said, as he exited the room. "Hinata! Wait up! I'll walk you and Himawari home!"

"Well that went better than expected." Sakura said, wrapping an arm around Naruto's waist.

"I guess." Naruto said, a thoughtful look on his face. "But I feel like Himawari really resents me now."

"Don't worry dad, I'm sure she'll come around eventually. Just give her some time." Bolt said, earning a sigh from Naruto.

"I hope you're right Bolt." Naruto said, as he ran his hands through his hair. "I almost lost you, and I don't want the same thing to happen with you sister."

"I'm sure thing everything will be alright Naruto. Like Bolt said, just give her some time to think. She needs to figure this out on her own." Sarada said, causing a small smile to spread across Naruto's face.

"Thanks Sarada-chan, I really needed that." Naruto said, rustling the younger girls hair, much to her annoyance. "Now why don't we all go see a movie or something. I'll leave a Kage Bunshin to cover for me."

"That sounds great Naruto, it'll be nice to spend some time with you and the kids." Sakura said, kissing Naruto's cheek. "Come on Sarada, Bolt we'll let you guys pick the movie."

"YEAH!" Both kids cheered, as they high-fived. Bolt and Sarada grinned at each other before they both ran out of the room.

"We better get after them." Naruto said, offering Sakura his arm.

"Oh, what a gentleman." Sakura teased, as she grabbed ahold of Naruto's arm.

"Well if I'm not a gentleman you'll kick my ass." Naruto pointed out, causing a smirk to spread across Sakura's face.

"You're damn right I will." Sakura said, flexing her left arm.

"Hmm, that's one of the reasons I love you." Naruto said, kissing the top of Sakura's head. "You know how to put me in my place."

"Baka." Sakura said quietly, as her face flushed bright pink. She rested her head against Naruto's shoulder, and hid her face. "Let's just catch up with the kids." Naruto smiled brightly as he pulled Sakura closer. With the divorce out of the way, Naruto and Sakura could finally start there new life together. The blonde Hokage just prayed that he could make things right with Hinata, and regain his daughter's respect.

(5 Years Later)

A lot had happened in the several years following Naruto and Hinata's divorce. About a month after the Naruto and Hinata's divorce papers were signed; Sakura decided that she needed to officially end things with Sasuke. She had sent a messenger hawk to Sasuke, and asked him to meet her so they could finally really end their relationship. Sasuke had quickly sent a reply, agreeing to meet Sakura at a small village just North of Konoha. With Naruto tagging along, Sakura traveled to the remote village. Arriving with relative ease, Naruto and Sakura met Sasuke in a bar near a secluded part of the village. When Naruto and Sakura walked into the bar they were surprised to Sasuke and rest of Team Taka waiting for them. But what surprised Naruto and Sakura the most was the baby that was sleeping Karin's arms.

Sasuke revealed that the baby was Karin and his daughter, and that her name was Anzu. She had been born shortly after Sasuke had last returned to Konoha. Naruto had immidiately began to gush over the small child. Karin couldn't help but laugh as she watched Naruto shower her daughter in affection. While Naruto was playing with Anzu, Sakura stared at the child with a confused look on her face. A strange feeling washed over Sakura as she watched Karin and Naruto. But Sakura was shaken from her thoughts when Sasuke suddenly appeared next to her holding a stack of papers and a pen. Recognizing what the papers were, Sakura quickly scanned through them all. Both satisfied with the terms, Sasuke and Sakura both quickly signed the divorce papers. Once the papers were signed Karin, along with Suigetsu and Juugo, left the bar; to return to the inn they were staying in.

Sasuke had decided to hang back for a little bit, and have a few drinks with his old teammates. After a few rounds of drinks the bar was filled with sounds of Naruto and Sakura's laughter, Sasuke even managed crack a smile every now and then, as all three of them reminisced their younger days as genin. Just like in their younger days, Naruto and Sasuke eventually began to argue. It started off innocent enough, a small jab here and there, but eventually Naruto and Sasuke were butting heads and shouting insults at each other. However before an actual fight could break out, Sakura sighed and slammed Naruto and Sasuke's heads onto the bar; hard enough to splinter the wooden surface, effectively silencing their argument. Naruto and Sasuke quickly apologized after that, which seemed to placate the pinkette. After a few more drinks, the old teammates said their goodbyes and parted ways.

It was getting dark when Naruto and Sakura finally reentered Konoha. But as the couple neared Naruto's home, Sakura suddenly stopped walking. Naruto had quickly spun around to ask Sakura what was wrong. However Naruto was shocked by Sakura's answer. After seeing Karin and her child, Sakura decided that she wanted another baby. Naruto was more than happy to oblige, as he hoisted Sakura over his shoulder and sprinted towards his home. Luckily Bolt and Sarada weren't home when the couple arrived, because the house was quickly filled with Sakura's moans and screams of ecstasy. Naruto and Sakura made love for hours; starting shortly after sunset and not stopping until the sun began to rise the next day. Sakura's decision to have another baby, had sparked something inside Naruto, and he wanted to guarantee with a shadow of doubt that Sakura would get pregnant. It was no surprise that two weeks later, Sakura announced that she was indeed pregnant with Naruto's child.

Nine months, and one grueling birthing process later, Sakura had given birth to a healthy baby boy. The baby had Sakura's bright emerald eyes, and had a tuft of dull blonde hair (A/N Picture Temari's hair color). Naruto had been filled with a rush of pride and joy when he first held his newborn son. A stupid grin had spread across Naruto's face, and it didn't fade for what seemed like hours. As Naruto sat with a recovering Sakura, they decided to try and pick a name for their new son. After almost forty-five minutes, neither had agreed upon a name. It was then that Bolt and Sarada entered the room. Naruto asked the kids if they could help come up with a name for the baby. Almost immediately Bolt came up with the name Shinachiku. Sakura asked Bolt where he gotten the name from, and he said he remembered a story his father had told him; about how he had been sent into an alternate universe. He got the name from one of the people in that alternate universe. Sakura smiled as she looked down at the sleeping baby boy in her arms. She said the name had a nice ring to it, and Naruto had quickly agreed. Two days later Sakura had left the hospital, and returned home with her new son, Shinachiku, in her arms.

About four months after Shinachiku was brought home, Naruto had proposed to Sakura. It had been two years since the couple confessed their love for each other, and Naruto decided to take Sakura out for a nice dinner. After dinner was over Sakura was ready to leave, but Naruto had insisted on staying for desert. Sighing, Sakura sat back down and ordered a skewer of syrup-coated anko dumplings. As Sakura was eating her dumplings, she noticed that Naruto had a wide grin on his face. Just as Sakura was about to ask him why he was grinning; she bit into another dumpling on her skewer. Immediately her teeth hit something hard inside her dumpling. Sakura gasped when she saw a diamond ring inside her dumpling. Before Sakura could say anything Naruto was getting down onto one knew and proposing to her. Tears had formed in Sakura's eyes, as she fervently shook her head yes. Naruto had hollered in joy, picking Sakura up and spinning around; causing everyone else in the restaurant to burst into cheers and applause. 3 months later Naruto and Sakura were married. There wedding was a large and extravagant one. Naruto and Sakura's friends and acquaintances from all across the elemental nations showed up to celebrate the new couple. Even Sasuke showed up with Karin, and he seemed genuinely happy for his two teammates.

While Naruto and Sakura were furthering their relationship, Hinata kept her word to Kiba. Four months after her divorce was finalized, Hinata asked Kiba out on a date. The Inuzuka was ecstatic, and rushed to make plans. Kiba and Hinata's first date was a fairly simple one; dinner than a movie, ending with peaceful walk through the village. The date started off rather poorly, with both Hinata and Kiba feeling very awkward. But as the date went on they both had gotten more and more comfortable. By the end of the night, Hinata was having a great time. Kiba had been a perfect gentleman, something that had greatly surprised Hinata, and was constantly making Hinata smile and giggle with his jokes and crazy antics. After walking through the village for a little over an hour; Kiba and Hinata ended up in front of the Hyuuga estates. Hinata had thanked Kiba for the wonderful time, and she told him that she'd love to go on another date with him; causing a massive grin to spread across the Inuzuka's face. However Kiba was shocked when Hinata leaned forward, and planted a gentle kiss on his lips. It wasn't a very long or deep kiss, just a simple peck. As soon as the kiss ended, Hinata had said goodnight to Kiba and walked into her home. While Hinata walked into her home, Kiba still stood in the middle of the street. The Inuzuka felt a rush of giddiness and joy flow through him, as his face flushed a light shade of pink. Kiba's cheers of joy could be heard across half the village, as he sprinted home. Hinata and Kiba began to steadily go out after their first date; and two years later Kiba had proposed to Hinata. The Hyuuga was overcome with joy, and had immediately agreed to Kiba's marriage proposal. Five months later, Kiba and Hinata were happily married. Unlike Naruto and Sakura's marriage; Kiba and Hinata's ceremony was rather small and quiet. The couple invited family, and their closest friends. By then Kiba and Naruto had resolved their differences, and the Inuzuka was happy to have Naruto be one of his groomsman. Kiba and Hinata now lived together in house near the edge of the village.

Over the years, Naruto's relationship with Himawari had only made slight advances. The blonde Hokage tried to make time for his daughter every week, but that didn't seem to be helping very much. Whenever Naruto spent time with Himawari, she would barely speak and rarely looked at him. Himawari still seemed to hold some grudge towards her father for divorcing Hinata. As the years went by and Himawari grew older, she began to spend more and more time with Kiba; putting distance between her and Naruto. The blonde Hokage had started to become distressed because of this. He feared that he may lose his daughter forever, and she would want nothing to do with him. However this all had changed six months after Naruto married Sakura. On the way back to Konoha from a meeting in Kirigakure; the Naruto's convoy was passing through a narrow mountain passage. Naruto sat in a carriage near the middle of the convoy. Suddenly large portions of walls began to collapse, raining massive boulders down onto the convoy. Acting quickly, Naruto activated his Kyuubi chakra mode; and used the arms of chakra to push everyone else out of the way. But in his rush to save everyone else, Naruto didn't have time to save himself. Boulders rained down on Naruto's carriage, crushing it under a pile of large rocks.

About an hour later, Naruto's escorts managed to remove most of the boulders. When Naruto was pulled from the wreckage, he was covered in blood and barely breathing. The medics on sight discovered that Naruto had dozens of broken bones, a punctured lung, broken jaw, and had suffered serious head trauma. Acting quickly, and with Kurama's healing chakra, the medics managed to heal most of Naruto's serious injuries. But Naruto needed to be returned to Konoha for proper treatment. Shikamaru had quickly hoisted Naruto onto his shoulders, and began sprint at full speed back towards Konoha. Managing to arrive in record time, Shikamaru ran through the village streets; startling dozens of civilians as he ran past. Naruto was in an operating room minutes later, and a team of surgeons, headed by Sakura, were treating the Hokage. After almost ten hours of surgery, Sakura and the other surgeons had managed to stabilize Naruto and save his life. However Naruto was in a coma due to the head trauma he had received. While in his coma, Naruto received hundreds of visitors; all of them wishing for him to get better soon. But there was one person that was constantly by Naruto's side, and that was Himawari. The young girl rarely left her father's side, even opting to sleep in his room most nights.

Himawari had felt awful as she sat at her father's bedside. She regretted resenting and ignoring him for so many years. Himawari was brought to tears, as she thought of how her father had never given up on her; when she was just about ready to give up on him. It took Naruto almost dying for Himawari to realize how much she loved her father, and how much she needed him in her life. Then it happened. About three weeks after he entered his coma, Naruto had finally awoken. Himawari was sleeping right next to Naruto's bed when he had awoken. A loud groan from Naruto had woken Himawari up. The girl's eyes lit up when she saw that her father had regained consciousness. Himawari had quickly pulled Naruto into a tight hug, as she began to cry into his chest. She furiously apologized for how she had acted the past few years. Naruto told his daughter that she had every right to be mad at him, and that he wasn't matter. He was just happy to finally have his little girl back.

(Hokage Tower)

All these events led Naruto to where he is now. Sitting bored out of his mind in a stupid meeting; that he honestly didn't give two shits about. Naruto sighed in annoyance, as he rested his head in his hand. The Hokage's eyes suddenly began to droop, as Shibi's monotone ramblings began to put him to sleep.

"Are you listening, Hokage-sama?" Shibi asked, causing Naruto to bolt upright in his seat.

"Y-Yeah!" Naruto exclaimed, as he sat upright. "Heard everything you were saying."

"Naruto if your going to leave a Kage Bunshin at a meeting, can you at least make sure it pays attention." Shikamaru drawled out, as he lazily spun a kunai around his finger.

"What are you talking about Shikamaru? It's really me." Naruto said with a nervous chuckle.

"Sure it is." Shikamaru said, as he threw the kunai at Naruto. The kunai imbedded into Naruto's chest, and he burst into a cloud of smoke. "Damn it, he skipped out on another meeting."

"This has been happening more and more frequently." Hiashi said with a frown. "It's starting to become rather annoying."

"But he does appear much happier." Yoshino said with a small smile on her face. "It makes this job fun from time to time."

"Gotta agree with you there mom." Shikamaru said, leaning back in his chair. "Things aren't nearly as boring, as they used to be."

"So where do you think the gaki is this time?" Tsume asked, as she rubbed her chin.

"He's probably getting ramen." Ino suggested, earning nods from a few other council members. "That baka's stomach is a bottomless pit."

"Maybe he snuck out to see Sakura. Ever since she started working at the hospital again, they've had less time for each other." Choji said, as he pulled out a bag of chips. "I'd think he'd want to spend some time with his wife."

"If you wanted to know where the gaki is just turn around." Tsunade said with an amused look, as she stared out the window. "I can see him from here."

All the other council members spun around, and all their eyes widened. The Hokage's monument, mainly Kakashi's face, was covered in paint. The council members could clearly see Naruto and Bolt standing on top of the monument. Shikamaru groaned, as he ran a hand down his face.

"This guy is gonna kill me." Shikamaru said, as he walked out of the meeting room. "Better try to drag his ass back her before Sakura kills him."

"Oh Forehead is gonna have his head." Ino giggled, as she followed behind Shikamaru.

"This outta be good." Tsunade said with a smirk, exiting the meeting room.

"I might actually enjoy this." Hiashi said, as he exited the room with the other council members following behind him.

On a large hill outside Konoha, Sasuke watched the scene with a small smile. "That dobe is gonna get creamed."

On top of the Hokage Monument, Naruto and Bolt were both laughing hysterically. The Hokage and his son high-fiver, as they watched the crowd of onlookers gather below them. Naruto had spent almost two hours with his son; meticulously painting all over the Hokage Monument. However much of the writing was done on Kakashi's face, and Minato's face was left untouched.

"Now that's what I call payback for all the shit he pulled." Naruto laughed, as he patted his son's back. "You did good Bolt."

"You weren't too bad yourself old man." Bolt said with a chuckle, earning a playful glare from Naruto.

"Hey! I was doing shit like this before I was genin!" Naruto exclaimed with a grin, as he gestured to the monument. "This however is my best work."

"Wow...look at all those people. Half the village must be down there." Bolt said, as he stared down at the gathering crowd.

"They've come to see our masterpiece." Naruto said with a smirk.

"Naruto!" A voice called out.

"Huh?" Naruto looked down to see Shikamaru at the front of the crowd. "Hey Shikamaru!" Naruto waved to his dark-haired advisor. "You like it?!"

"It's great! Now get your stupid ass down here!" Shikamaru yelled, using his hands to amplify his voice.

"Nah, I'm good!" Naruto called back with a grin.

"You better get out of there before Sakura gets here!" Tsunade yelled, causing all color to fade from Naruto's face. A sudden shout from the back of the crowd caused Naruto to gulp in fear. "Too late!"

"WHERE IS HE!?" Sakura shouted, as she pushed through the crowd; still dressed in white lab coat. "I'LL KILL HIM!" When Sakura reached the front of the crowd, she spotted Naruto on top of the Hokage Monument. "NARUTO! GET DOWN HERE!"

"BOLT!" Sarada yelled, as she burst out of the crowd next to Sakura. "YOU GET DOWN HERE TOO!"

"Yes dear." Both men said in a dejected tone.

"Well it was nice knowing you son." Naruto said, as he rested a hand on Bolt's shoulder.

"Right back at you dad." Bolt said, as he watched Sarada clench her fists.

"NOW!" Sakura and Sarada yelled, causing Naruto and Bolt to flinch.

"It'll be better if we just get this over with." Naruto said, as he scaled down the mountain.

"Yeah, you're right." Bolt said with a sigh, as he followed after his father.

Reaching the bottom of the mountain, Bolt and Naruto found Sarada and Sakura waiting for them. Both girls were red with anger, as a tic mark formed on their heads. Naruto and Bolt hung their heads, as they prepared to accept their punishment.

"I had to leave work early to get your dumb ass!" Sakura yelled as she punched Naruto over the head, causing him to crash into the ground.

"And I had to leave my training early!" Sarada shouted, punching Bolt into the ground next to Naruto.

"You're going to clean this up, and then get back to work." Sakura said, as she picked Naruto up off the ground.

"Yes Sakura-chan." Naruto said, as he rubbed the lump on his forehead.

"Good." Sakura said with a smile, as she kissed Naruto on the cheek. "I'll see you at home later."

"And you're gonna help dad clean, than you're gonna assist me with my training." Sarada said, hoisting Bolt out of the ground.

"Yes Sarada-chan." Bolt said, as he dusted himself off.

"That's what I wanted to hear." Sarada said, giving Bolt a chaste kiss on the lips. "Love you Bolt."

"Love you too Sarada-chan." Bolt said, as Sarada left to return to her training.

"Honestly why are you two so reckless?" Hinata asked, holding onto her swollen stomach.

"Yeah you're a bad influence on you kid." Kiba said with a smirk.

"If I'm bad influence than I fear for your kid dog breath." Naruto taunted, earning a growl from Kiba. "How's the baby coming along Hinata."

"It's going great Naruto." Hinata said with a smile, as she rubbed her stomach. "The baby should be arriving in a few weeks."

"That's great news." Naruto said with a wide smile. The Hokage sighed as he turned to face the monument. "Let's get started Bolt."

"Naruto!" Another voice called out from the crowd. Naruto turned around to see Shizune near the front of the crowd. The dark-haired woman was holding Shinachiku in her arms. "This little guy really wanted to see you."

"Daddy!" Shinachiku cheered, as he ran towards his father.

"Hey buddy!" Naruto exclaimed, as he picked his four year old son up. "Have you been having fun with Shizune-neechan?"

"Yeah! Auntie Shizune took me to the park, and I got to play with a bunch of other kids!" Shinachiku said with a massive smile.

"That's great to hear!" Naruto said, as he set his son down. The young boy looked up at his father with bright green eyes. "How about after I'm done here; you, me, and Bolt go and get some ramen together?"

"That sounds awesome!" Shinachiku cheered, beginning to jump up and down in excitement.

"Great, I'll come get you when we're done." Naruto said, as he rustled his son's hair. "Now head back to Shizune-neechan."

"Okay! Bye dad! Bye Bolt-niichan!" Shinachiku yelled, as he ran back to Shizune.

"He's a great kid." Naruto said with a content sigh.

"Yeah he is, I couldn't ask for a better little brother." Bolt said, staring at Shinachiku with a fond smile.

"Well we better get this over with buddy." Naruto said, as he began to scale back up the Hokage Monument. "The sooner we're finished the sooner we can get some ramen, and you can get back to Sarada."

"Sound's like a plan." Bolt said, following behind his father.

As the father and son cleaned their mess, Naruto couldn't help but think back upon everything that had happened to him over the years. He had finally married the woman he truly loved, and he had an amazing son with her. His relationship with his other children was stronger than ever, and he was now spending plenty of time with Bolt and Himawari. Naruto's other relationships had also improved. He now spent more time with his other friends in the village, and he had finally managed to fully restore his friendship with Hinata. Naruto's attitude had also vastly improved. The blonde jinchuriki was now looked more happy and lively than ever. The Hokage Tower was now a fun place to work, and Naruto loved working their now. Sakura had even managed to get back her job at the hospital. Whenever Naruto or Sakura were't home Shizune would usually babysit Shinachiku, and Bolt and Sarada were old enough to take care of themselves. As Naruto gazed over the village, a massive foxlike grin spread across his face. A lot had changed the past few years, and it was all for the better.

We're all human, and we all make mistakes in our lives. But we must not wallow and dwell upon our mistakes. We must find a way to correct out mistakes, and move forward with our lives.

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