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It was a rather dark night. But it was quiet in Vale. For once nothing was happening, there weren't any robberies or attacks being performed by the White Fang. All the drunkards were either passed out or already at home. The police hadn't had a word of radio chatter for several hours except to see if their radio was broken or not. But this wasn't a peaceful silence. No, this was more like the world holding its breath, this was a silence that not even the Grimm were sure what to do with. But what could this silence foretell? Nothing less than the arrival of something that could change the balance of power... forever.

She was cold, but that was to be expected. After all one did not attempt to escape captivity into the void of the great black with a hastily made cocoon and expect to be warm. But cold was preferable to being captured by those infernal intruders. She had already seen what had happened to one of her sisters who was captured and she was determined not to have the same happen to her. Now she had no idea where she was going nor how long she would be in this cold. So until she lands somewhere, she would sleep.

She found herself becoming warm, was she captured again?! No, she could still feel the cold. It was a gradual warmth that continued to grow until it became hot, too hot! She could feel the cocoon begin to melt, she felt the forces of the world conspirating against her. Then all in one moment and a deafening crash it ended.

She felt her mind returning to her body. She could hear her own heart beat and feel her powers course through her body. She was still alive, that was good. She was still encased, that was bad but not a true problem. What was a problem was that she could feel herself failing. Her body was dying from being in the black for too long. She probably wouldn't even be able to see an egg hatch. But her kind MUST continue. To start that she would have to first break out of this shell.

Some beowolves that were nearby had felt the crash and the unearthly presence emanating from it. Would it be like the hunted? Or would it leave them be like the rest of the world? The beowolves approached carefully into the crater until they reached a strange glowing rock. The rock pulsed with life, they went closer. The pulse started quickening, the older ones took a step back in caution while the young went foolishly closer. Then the pulse stopped only for the rock to burst with a hideous form emerging.

The youngest were startled and attacked, only to find themselves cut down in a single blow. Now the older ones knew their answer, this was an enemy. They charged but it was futile the monster sliced them down as easily as the hunted would. In the end an alpha beowolf was left as its armor let it survive. It glanced at the fallen bodies then at the monster and ran. The alpha needed to warn the others of this new foe so as it ran it howled, it howled a warning reserved only for the presence of one of the deadly hunted.

It ran as fast as it could and it could see one of its own, an ursa within sight. It barked an order for help. However all that came out was a half-whimpered whine as the monster swirled around him and grabbed him with a death grip that crushed some of its inner bones and then the sight of the ursa retreated and before it knew it the hold was released, as was its torso from its legs.

Meanwhile the ursa heard the howl of warning and just saw the reason for it in the form of a monster stealing away an alpha beowolf. It would have to begin a hunt of this new being immediately if its kind wanted to remain in this forest as a threat. But first, reinforcements were needed. It may even have to call upon one of the elder death stalkers.

This was a good feast. There were many slain bodies around her and all had provided what she needed for slightly more than a full batch of eggs. What disconcerted her though was where they came from. She had scanned the area with her sense of smell and her mind but she couldn't detect them at all. Not to mention her weakness almost allowed one to escape, now more were sure to show up. She couldn't lay her eggs and hope to defend them until they hatched. She might not even live that long without the stress of battle.

No, she WILL find a way to perpetuate her kind. She would have to find something to take care of her eggs in her stead. Place her eggs in their nest if she had to. But she would recieve help. She started out for what she felt was the nearest concentration of life.

No, this couldn't be, she couldn't believe her senses. The intruders were here too?! This had gone from horrible to inevitable doom. She refused to believe it but there it was, defying her hopes in everyway. An intruder hive, she could sense hundreds of them in there sleeping. Unfortunately she knew that they were her only hope, after all if the intruders could defeat her kind then surely they could protect her eggs. Besides she knew that not all intruders were out just for her kind's demise. The one who called herself Caira was intrigued by her kind, with her powers she could feel Caira's anxiousness to learn about her kind. So maybe there was hope after all. Perhaps she could find another Caira.

Powered by this hope she climbed and slid her way around the hive, not wanting to enter until she checked all the outermost intruders. Sadly, most of them in their dreams she could only sense a desire to destroy monsters. Perhaps not her (She only just arrived), but she would take no risks. Not with her eggs on the line. She gradually checked each room without even a sound and with each room she grew more and more desperate. But then she felt it. Unlike the complex emotions and thoughts of the other intruders, she felt a calm mind and bolted towards it.

She came across yet another clear barrier and proceeded to open it as quietly as possible. There was a female intruder that was asleep. Her mind wasn't filled with death against threats. Instead it was filled with dreams of protection and acceptance. But she needed to be sure, this was possibly her only chance at securing her kind's future. She used her powers to gently wake the female intruder from her sleep. Sure enough the female intruder slowly awoke and upon noticing the open barrier she approached to close it. This was it.

She rose to meet her potential savior. She heard a hitched breath being taken in, one that usually was followed by a high pitched warning sound in her experience. Not wanting this to go wrong she quickly quickly grabbed the young intruder, warping away from the window and used her powers to quickly steal the female intruder away whilst simultaneously covering her mouth. Nobody was the wiser. Looking down at the form now gently cradled against her chest she descended to the ground where the struggling female intruder was released. The female intruder merely stood there in shock, confusion written all over.

Now, she could read the intruder mind, but she couldn't speak their language. So instead she transmitted images. Her waking up, her hunting, her quickly approaching demise, her eggs. The female intruder held an appendage to its head as if in pain, perhaps even the images were too strong. "I- uhh" the female intruder said as she could see the female intruder trying to comprehend the message. So she sent the images again, this time slower. This time it was only met with a wince. "You're dying... and you want me to keep your eggs?" Close enough. She made a crude imitation of the intruder gesture for yes, a strange bobbing of the head that she learned whilst captive.

The female intruder paused. "I-I don't know what to say..." She sent another image of the eggs and one of the larger predators she had seen. "The Grimm are after your eggs?" She bobbed again. "and you want me to take care of them?" She made another head bob. She could see the clear indecisiveness on the female intruder's face. The same of the intruder that was responsible for her escape. "I'll do it, I don't know who you are, or what you are. But you're trusting me with your children, I don't know why you are, but I won't betray your trust in me either way." the female intruder finally said.

Satisfied with the answer I put directions into her head and then forced her back to sleep. After which I carefully scaled the hive again and placed her back into her bed as quietly as possible and closed the barrier. My egg's future was now secure. Now it was time to actually lay them, but not here. She still wouldn't trust the majority of these intruders so it would have to be around the only landmark she knew of. Her landing area, that was where her instructions would guide the female intruder to her eggs. That was where she would die. She could hear the howls of the black predators.

Tonight was going to be busy.

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