Kaos: Aahhahahha! Finally i have return!

GammaTron: What the-How did you get in here?!

Kaos: Readers! I-Kaos!-have discovered a video game with similarities to my world called Kamen Rider Summonride! I will use this similarity to create a rider army of minions!

GT: *shocked* He ignored me!

Kaos: Now...welcome to the main event! The beginning of the Age of Kaos!

GT: ...That's it. *pulls out a Portal*

Kaos: Disclaimer!

Disclaimer: Team Toku East does not own the Kamen Rider series or the Skylanders series nor Spyro the Dragon. Those are owned by their respective owners. However, GammaTron owns the Portal Mistress-Kiina-of this story.

Kaos: Now, prepare for-*gets tackled by Spyro the Dragon in all three versions of himself* Gah!

Revving was heard as several bikes and a car raced off, being chased by an army of strange beings firing on them. A blunette yelped as she hid behind a large boulder as an explosion knocked the bikes for a loop and made the car flip and crash.

"Tch...Teme!" a red being with a peach/train-theme growled as he jumped off his bike and attacked a creature that was in the shadows, bare hints of grey visible.

Another shadowed creature, this time with hints of red visible, spread its wings and flew at the charging being. It released a blast of flames, its own body igniting.

"Den-O!" a bat-themed being shouted, jumping into the air, "Kivat!"

"Yosh! Kivatte ikuze!"

The hiding bluenette gripped her large wooden staff tightly as she noticed the small metal bat the bat-themed being had. The small metal bat then flew around his leg as the chains around it snapped off and the boot opened to reveal a red interior. He then aimed his leg and body into a flying side kick position before his body shot forward as if breaking the laws of physics and crashing at the creature that attacked Den-O. It nearly hit but the creature vanished in a puff of flames, appearing behind Den-O in another burst of flames.

"Yaro…." Den-O growled as he pulled out a sword and swung at the creature, missing each time.

"Kuuga!" a voice said out of no where as a being in burning red armor with gold stag beetle like horns attacked one of the creatures.

"A beetle man?" the bluenette whispered, tilting her head before gasping, "Mr. Beetle, look out!"

The Beetle-man heard her as he avoided another creature that attempted to attack him from behind. The figure kicked his leg, hitting it in the chest and leaving a mark in it's chest. The black creature with red details let out a raging roar before slamming its fists on the ground five times. The beetle-man tilted his head before yelping as the fists ignited with magma. In his surprise, he didn't think to avoid one of the uppercuts of the shadowed creature, causing sparks to come off him from the point of impact.

"Gah! Kuuga!" Den-O yelped before yelping as black lightning zapped him from the air, coming from a dragon-like shadowed creature detailed in grey.

"Agito!" the voice said as another warrior with black and gold armor jumped into the air, his horns opening with a 'shing.'

He kicked his leg into the dragon like creature's head, causing a large explosion.

"...Is he a bug man or a dragon man?" the bluenette pondered to herself as the figure landed...only for a large shadow to come over him, "Uh oh."

Agito looked up and tensed up. Towering over him by a good twenty feet was a giant shadow with green details. The giant raised its right fist into the air and spikes grew on it. Agito barely avoided the massive punch, but was sent away along with the other armored figures nearby by the shockwave the impact caused, the bluenette barely holding onto the rock she was behind. A red figure got back up first before he jumped into the air.


"Okay...Now that guy looks like a dragon knight," the Bluenette noted.

The Red warrior then summoned an Eastern, metallic red dragon that came in behind him before it breathed a massive stream of fire, sending Ryuki flying forward. Ryuki crashed into the giant's face, lighting it aflame with the dragon's breath, as Ryuki's kick caused a powerful impact. The giant shadowed being exploded into a small pile of strange energy orbs. They floated and were absorbed into another shadowed being with blue details. It aimed its gun at Ryuki and fired a giant, gold, tri-pointed anchor at the dragon. It crashed into the dragon and made a small explosion that sent it crashing into the ground.


With that, another warrior who's black suit had red neon lights across it and an almost shark like theme to his helmet. He pulled out a sword that seemed to be made of solid light as he slashed at the shadowed creature several times before he kicked it away. He then tossed the weapon away with a flick of his wrist before he jumped into the air and formed a drill of red light around his leg as his kick landed into the creature before forming the greek letter Phi in the air.

"...Okay, is he some sort of catfish or just someone's idea of how the Greek letter Phi looks as armor?" the Blunette pondered before a massive golden beam slammed into Faiz, sending him crashing through a boulder beside the Bluenette, "Eep!"

A crazy cackle filled the air as another shadow creature, orange coloring random bits of it, was jumping around in glee, firing gold coins at everything it could.


A purple demon-like warrior then ran through the coins before he unleashed a stream of violet flames from where his mouth would be behind his mask. The creature was caught in the flames and began to bounce around, trying to put them out. Hibiki lifted two clubs as he began to slam them into it, forming what looked like a drum's surface that began to spiral as he continued to beat it like a drum.

"Oh...That sounds amazing," the Bluenette awed, "Is he some sort of Undead?"

Hibiki then ended his beat with slamming both his clubs sending the shadow figured flying across the ground in a violent fireball. He spun one of his sticks around twice, resting it on his shoulder, before a massive anchor covered in barnacles slammed him away. The chain on the anchor was tugged and returned to another shadowed giant, blue instead of green highlighting its shadowed visage. It opened its large mouth and tried to chomp on Den-O, but he barely dodged.


A navy blue colored figure with armor and a helmet themed after a hercules beetle charged forward.

"...Why can't they make up their mind? Are they bugs, dragons, or Greek letters?" the Bluenette pondered, one of her cheeks puffed out in annoyance.

He drew a sword from his hip before he scanned a card down it's side. He then blured forward at sonic speeds running up the monsters leg then back before jumping over it's head. He then scanned two more cards as his helmet began to glow red as steam began to pour off his armor.


He then shot forward as lightning surged off of him as his leg crashed into the giant's torso. The giant grunted before Blade unleashed an unimaginable amount of electrical energy into its body. It let out a defeat groan before turning into another mound of energy orbs, the orbs floating and shoot off elsewhere. Blade chuckled before he cried out as intense flames slammed into his back, sending large sparks off his armor. The first red and shadowed figure was upon Blade, talons and claws bared.


With that, a red Japanese Rhinoceros beetle-themed figure stood in its path with his back to it. He began tapping on his belt buckle.


"Rider Kick," the figure stated.


The Rider ignored the flames as the beast came at him. In the last second, he spun his entire body around and landed a kick to it's head. Tachyon energy surged through it before his kick sent the beast flying away with great force before it exploded in the air. The warrior then pointed to the sky with a smug air around him.


"God damn it! You show off!" Den-O snapped before Kabuto was frozen in ice by a feminine shadow figure, detailed in blue to reveal a lance and shield, "Tsk...I knew he'd get taken out one of these days. Okay, you and me, whatever you are! Take this! Hissatsu! Ore no hissatsu waza!"

=Full Charge!=

Den-O's sword then flew off the handle before he began slashing the shadowed figure once from the left, then again from the right. He then swung the blade straight down cutting it down the center and leaving a deep crater in the ground.

"Part 2." Den-O finished as the blade returned to the handle before he held it over his shoulder. "I'm so badass!" he choked as a massive black and grey hand grabbed him and began to squeeze him tightly, "Nevermind…"

The Giant appeared to have a demonic face on its stomach and a giant round head with tiny bat wings. It squeeze Den-O tighter with each second.


"Eek! The bat man's back!" the Bluenette yelped.

With that, Kiva charged again, his arm held out, before jumping into the air again. As he did his boot reopened as a red aura formed off him before he slammed the boot into the creature's chest, slamming it into the ground and leaving a bat wing symbol on the ground as Kiva ground his boot into the monster's chest. It let out a pained groan before shattering into more of the energy orbs and went off once more.

"Ugh…" Den-O coughed, "Took you long enough, you Kumori-Yaro…!"


With that a flaming barrier shielded the two from a galleon made of water. They looked up to see a figure dressed in black with ruby armor on his chest and his head essentially a large ruby ring. He flipped back his tailcoats as he pulled out a sword. He began to start fighting another black and blue being, tentacles acting as its legs, with a cutlass and pistol in hands.

"Now there's a ruby guy?" the Bluenette groaned, "Man...What's with these guys and not sticking to a single theme?!"

Wizard blocked slashes from it's cutlass before kicking it's pistol out of it's hand. He then backflipped away before he placed a new ring on his hand.


Wizard then flipped forward before he formed magic circles around him. The figure moved back from the intense flames coming from the seal before Wizard shot forward in a flash of fire. He then twirled to a stop behind the creature as he smirked audibly.

"Finale da." he said, holding his hand up, showing off the ring on it.

The figure groaned as the magic seal appeared over it. It exploded, none noticing more orbs shooting off into the distance. The fire Wizard created had the effect of freeing Kabuto who groaned as he cracked his neck. Wizard turned only for an oversized boomerang to slam into him, knocking him into the Bluenette's boulder and over it, landing on her.

"Gah!" the Bluenette yelped.


With that a rider who's left side was black with purple accents and a right side that was green with gold accents then formed a wall of green wind that knocked the boomerang away. Its owner, a large-bellied shadow with sky-blue detailing, caught it. W then charged at its owner. The owner of the boomerang seemed to be quite skilled in using it as a sword.

"Interesting sekai we're in, Shotaro." the right eye flashed as this voice spoke.

"Ah...this place is pretty wild ne Philip." the left half replied as he punched the monster before he formed another mini tornado and kicked it away.

"Senpai!" Wizard groaned, walking up to W, "Anything yet in your library?"

"Nothing on any of these creatures." W's right half replied as he held the creature up before kicking it away.

"Saa...Maximum Drive!"


W then floated up in a large, green-tinted tornado before he aimed both his legs forward. The monster tossed its boomerang once more, hoping to hit W, but W split in half down the center before shooting at the monster, letting its weapon pass through the gap.

"JOKER EXTREME!" the two voices declared in unison.

Both sides kicked at the same moment before recombining to normal. W then flipped off the monster as it was sent flying away and exploded. The green half noticed the orbs.

"Case cl…"



A white Rider based upon an astronaut shot by, his right arm covered in an orange rocket. Shooting beside it on the ground was an archer shadowed figure in red details, leaving a trail of black flames behind it.

"Mou Gentaro you scare the carp out of me!" W's left half snapped. "Everytime!"

"Gomen nasai, Sempai! This guy's really fast!" Fourze apologized before barely avoiding a flaming arrow the running archer shot at him, "Oi! How can you shoot when you can't even see me?!"

"He can hear your rocket," the left half of W sighed, facepalming.

"Eh...okay then. I'll just go to him!" Fourze declared with a smirk as he activated a switch on his belt.


Fourze then aimed the leg at the monster before he pushed on the lever on the side of his belt.


"Rider Rocket Drill Kick!" Fourze declared.

Fourze then shot forwards as a powerful yellow aura formed from his leg's drill before he crashed into the monster before he exited out it's back and embedding himself into the ground, spinning with his drill before stopping.

"All these new kids are showing up like crazy!" Den-O complained...before a hand(?) slapped him upside the head.

'Oi, peach! I need your medal.'

"AH! The disembodied Tori-Yaro hand again!"

"HA!" a new rider who's armor was black with an animal theme of a hawk, tiger, and grasshopper slashed with three yellow claws on his arms, his opponent's own blade ignited in flames blocking the blade, flames coming out of the gaps of its armor.

"Now I'm seeing a guy who's half and half, a guy who's a spaceman, and now a with three animal themes…" the Bluenette muttered before noticing Faiz getting back up beside her, "Hm? Oi!" she pulled Faiz up and started to shake him, "What's with all the weird inconsistent themes?!"


OOO slashed at the monster before he kicked off its chest with a green shockwave. As he did he scanned his belt.


OOO then jumped into the air and then through three rings before he landed a drop kick on the monster. It exploded, but OOO cried out as a black sword made of black crystals slashed into his back, owned by a figure resembling an egyptian pharaoh made of armor and three glowing white orbs on its 'face.'


The Pharaoh monster was then crashed into by a red blur before it stopped to reveal a new warriors dressed in red armor with a tire across his chest and a car theme to his armor.

"A c-c-c-c-car-theme now?" the Bluenette shivered.


Drive then flipped the car on his bracelet up three times as the tire began to spin.


The Rider then unleashed a barrage of punches at super speeds that began to pummel the monster. He punched one more time, sending it flying away. Drive then ran forward before he pressed a button on his bracelet and then jumped.


Drive then went into a kick as a red aura formed around him as he kicked the Monster sending it flying away. But before they got too far apart, Drive kicked his leg back and bounced off a car that drove in and began to drive around the two. Drive bounced off the car hitting the monster like a pinball being bounced around the machine repeatedly. Drive then ended it with one more kick as a sonic cone formed around his entire body. He then pierced through the monster and out it's back before skidding across the ground on one knee.

"That...was...awesome," the Bluenette muttered.

"...damn it." Drive growled as he and the others saw the endless army.

"Who's ready for round 1000?" Den-O asked.

"We need a miracle."

(Cue: Just Live More)



"Dye Show Gun?" the Bluenette tilted her head.

Everyone then looked back as a silver shogun themed rider charged in riding a horse adjourned in sliver armor. His chest had a fruit bowl like design. He raised his arms as the skies began to ripple before an army's worth of weapons formed in the sky.

"FRUIT?!" the Bluenette screamed in disbelief before slamming her head on the boulder, Faiz not sure what to do with her before deciding just to rejoin his fellow Riders.

"HA!-!-!" Gaim roared as the weapons began to rain down on the monsters and destroyed them.

"Sugei...He's a god." Kuuga said before Kabuto kicked him.

"It's the power of his armor's current form," Kabuto informed.

"You're just jealous 'cause he's a god and you're not." Wizard chuckled before flinching as Kabuto looked at him, "...Please don't kick me at hyper sonic speeds."

"I am the man that walks the path of heaven."

"Oi, minna! I need your help! Go full power!" Gaim ordered as he pulled on the reins of his horse, making it stop.

"Full power?!" the Bluenette gawked.

"Yosh." Kuuga nodded getting ready, "Cho...Henshin!" Kuuga's body was then bathed in a black aura as his armor began to change.

"Ha…." Agito breathed out as his belt changed. He was then enveloped in a flash of light.

=SURVIVE!= Ryuki was then covered in a dome of intense flames.

Faiz pulled out a case before he plugged the phone from his belt into it.


Faiz pressed the '5' three times and 'ENTER' on the case.


As Faiz's armor began to glow bright red and started to cover him, Blade took out two cards from a black box on his left lower arm. He slid the first one into it.


He then slashed the other card into the scanner beside the slotted card. t turned into energy that overlapped the Absorb Queen, turning it into a gold spade with a beetle in it.


Hibiki pulled out a sword before he pressed a button on the bottom, his entire body was then covered in flames as new armor began to form over his body.

=HYPER CAST OFF!= Kabuto's armor began to change as it grew bulkier as his horn extended in size and dynamics.

=MOMO - URA - KIN - RYU - CLIMAX FORM!= Den-O's armor then changed as multiple masks connected to his armor before the peach themed visor peeled open.

"DOGGA HAMMER! BASSHAA MAGNUM! GARULU SABER! TATSULOT!" With that Kiva was covered in golden bats that began to form a new armor over him.

=XTREME!= W was covered in a vortext of energy as his armor began to open up, revealing a gold inside with six scarf-like wings emerging from his back.

=SUPER TAKA! SUPER TORA! SUPER BATTA! SU~PER~! TATOBA! TA-TO-BA! SUPER!= OOO armor's color inversed itself with the claws on his arms growing larger and sharper.

=COSMIC ON!= Light and what looked like switches merged with Fourze's armor making a blue flash.

"Koi, Dragon!" Wizard said as he scanned a diamond ring over his belt.

=INFINITY PLEASE! HI SUI FUU DO, BO JABU BYU DOGON!= at that golden wings grew from Wizard's back. as a magic circle dropped over him as what looked like crystals formed over him in a shell before it shattered =FINAL RUSH - PLEASE!=

=DRIVE TYPE: FORMULA!= Drive was covered by a tire of energy as his armor changed into a new form in a burst of heat and electricity.

The 15 warriors all stood side by side as they entered their newest forms. The Bluenette was conflicted. Did she want to hit her head on the rock again because they were so inconsistent or be amazed at how awesome the armors looked.

"Koko kara wa...Kamen Riders no Stage!"

"Yosh!" at that Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, W, OOO, and Wizard jumped and flew off into the air, Kiva turning into a dragon-like bat the size of a small car.

"Rahhh!" Kuuga roared in his golden armor as he generated a massive black fireball.

"Ha…" Blade, Hibiki, Faiz, Agito, and Fourze all breathed as they lifted their swords up ready to slash them. Said blades all began to glow with energy or ignite with bright flames in the case of Hibiki.

"Our bonds of friendship will take on the universe!" Fourze shouted as the sword wielders sent a large energy slash, decimating the army before them to less than half. of its initial forces.

"RAHHH!" Kuuga roared, slamming the huge fireball he made sending a wave of black flames at the army.

Just before it could hit, a large purple beam rocketed out and dispersed it, slamming behind the Riders and made an explosion. Landing before what remained of the shadowed army was a black dragon, purple barely visible in its dark coloring. Its glowing white eyes narrowed at them.

"W...Was that Convexity just now?" the Bluenette gulped.

"Hehhe." Gaim chuckled pointing up.

The dragon then looked up to see what Gaim was pointing at.

"Ikuze! Ikuze! IKUZE!" Den-O roared as all the Riders that were flying dove down.

The dragon snorted before closing its eyes. He took a deep inhale before it exhaled a wide wave of the purple flames. Wizard then chuckled.

"Your fire against mine which is hotter?" Wizard asked, a transparent gold Western Dragon appearing behind him, as the dragon head on his chest opened fire, unleashing a huge wave that easily overwhelmed the dragon and killed it, turning it into orbs that flew off.

"Gah! Giant dragon!" the Bluenette gawked, "...I wonder which Element it is...Tech? Nah, maybe Magic since that guy called it out."

"Hmm...It did it again," W's other half noted.

"What did what again?"

"When we defeat those things, they turn into orbs that fly off," the right half replied to the left half, "Almost as if something is absorbing their energies and whatever energy we used."

"Oi...Puppet Master, stop hiding!" Gaim ordered, firing at the sky and revealing a large head made of energy.

"Well now…" the floating head smirked, its voice distorted, deep, and echoing, "So you are the Ruler of Helheim Forest, Kazaruba Kouta."

"You have ten seconds to return to your home or you answer to my wife and she's more unforgiving than me."

"Oh, but I am Home. Tell me, does this area even look familiar to any of you?" the figure smirked.

"Can we kill him?" Den-O asked uncaring.

"FOOLS!" Den-O winced at the loud bark the head gave off, "You cannot kill me, Kaos! K-A-O-S!"

"..." Gaim then snapped his fingers, revealing a small figure in black robes with the same marking on his bald head the giant floating head had...making the riders laugh, "You know, our villains have the guts to show their real faces."

"Oh? Then they must be fools if they fell to you lot," the short figure snorted, the giant floating head talking in unison with it before the short figure made it vanish.

"We're more powerful then you can even dream of being." Gaim informed, "I'm literally god. Don't piss me off any further then you have."

"Oh, I'm not worried about you, god," Kaos smirked before Kuuga grunted as sparks began to come off his body, "If fact, you all seem to be growing...weaker, yes?"

"Kuuga?" Agito pondered before grunting as sparks started coming off his body as well.

"...You are truly a fool." Gaim frowned, not fighting it.

"Oh please," Kaos snorted as all the riders but Gaim started sparking, "You were the fool, coming here and away from Helheim."

"...Ahahahahahah." they all started to be covered in crystals.

"No, you are...you forgot one." Gaim informed, making Kaos and the Bluenette blink before Gaim was encased in crystals.

"Bah. Who cares if one remains," Kaos snorted before placing a hand on Gaim's crystal...before it blew him back sending him into a boulder, "Guh! Why you little…! Seems I'll have to start off small and work my way up, I suppose. Glumshanks! Get the castle!"

"No Kaos!" a voice spoke, making Kaos look up to see a floating head, "You don't know what you bring to our world! The power in these individuals will tear our homes apart! Especially the Helheim Lord."

"And you think I wasn't aware of what they'll bring?" Kaos smirked, "I'm planning on it coming."

"Very well...but you'll regret not getting the last one...Oh, and as for those crystals you trapped them in...should've done more homework." he chuckled as the crystals started to fly into the air before scattering to 15 different directions.

"No! My power! My ultimate power!" Kaos shouted, "Curse you, Eon! Curse you!" he turned and ran off, "Glumshanks, Initiate Plan Z-1-2-3-4! We're leaving to get recruits!"

After he was out of sight, Eon turned to blunette, "Greetings, young Portal Mistress."

"M-Master Eon?" the Blunette blinked, "Wh...What is going on here?"

"Kaos has made the ultimate error. Our world and another world will be destroyed in a month's time."

"Wh-What?" the Bluenette gawked, "Is...Is it...Earth?"

"Yes. I am sorry. But if it is your earth...I cannot say. While I know much, it is still not akin to knowing everything," Eon informed, "A great adventure awaits you and the Skylanders. Seek out the one Kaos did not get. He will be able to aide you, just as you will be able to aide him. I'll try to keep an eye on Kaos. I feel that he is going to use this as an opportunity for something."

"The one?" she blinked.

"Him." Eon said looking to a grey mist-like wall, resembling some sort of film.

"...Where are they?" a voice echoed from the wall.

"Wh-Who is it, Master Eon?" the Bluenette gulped.

"He is known by many as 'The Destroyer,' but many also call him 'The Connector,'" Eon informed, "But his true name...is Decade."

"Where are my nakama?!" a hand then broke out and reached for the bluenette, making her scream.


*The screen pulled back, revealing it to be in a card. The card shot off, revealing it to be one of nine. The camera turned towards where the cards were heading, completing the image of Decade as he stood in a white area, spirals made of film reels in the area.*

Decade - A passing-through traveller. What does he see through his eyes?

miageru hoshi sorezore no rekishi ga kagayaite (The stars I look up to, history is written on it)

*The scene changes to Tsukasa sitting in a chair, Kiina covering his eyes. It zoomed into his face as Kiina uncovered them. It continued to zoom into his left eye as it faded into an old camera and then fading into Tsukasa's own camera being wound up and then fading into the DecaDriver, the headshots of the first nine Heisei Riders moving from the center to their emblems on it. It then cut to the Machine Decadeier alone on a floating island before cutting to Tsukasa in the white space, grabbing a spinning cube, the pictures and negatives in it bouncing inside as he stopped it.*

seiza no you sen de musubu shunkan hajimaru legend (Like a constellation, the instant the lines connect it starts a legend)

*It cut to the outside of Skylanders Academy, different Skylanders and Kamen Riders appearing and disappearing in various areas of it before Kiina appeared in the center, clutching a crystal in her hand. The camera cut to an angle shot of her rising her crystal-holding hand into the air before cutting to Tsukasa in the white space in a revolving camera shot and then to Spyro laying down near Decade's Rider Machine, the images of the elements of the Skylanders disappearing and appearing before the screen while cutting to Kiina throwing the crystal at the ground, the gem changing colors in tme with the repeating Elements*

aurora yurameku jikuu wo koete (Aurora passing through the flickering time)

*The scene cut to a construction yard where faint ghosts of the Neo-Heisei Riders and the Trap Masters appeared and disappeared in various area of it. It cut to the Neo-Heisei Riders in their ghostly forms charging at the screen's left before cutting to the Trap Masters in their ghostly forms charging at the right*

tobikomu meisou suru Parallel world (Dive into the straying Parallel World)

*It cut to the crystal crashing on the floor and faded into a headshot of Tsukasa, tensing before falling to his right, the left side of his face changing into the helmets of the Heisei Riders. It then cut to a rolling shot of Kiina, aiming her staff ahead, then to a shot of Spyro looking outwards and then cutting to all the captured Riders and the Trap Masters, readying to fight, Kiina standing in the back with a worried look*

On the road dare mo tabi no tochuu honto no jibunjishin deau tame (On the road, everyone is on a journey in order to find their real selves)

*It cut to Decade and Spyro turning around as the camera zoomed out to reveal they were surrounded by the Riders and Trap Masters. It cut to Decade pulling his RideBooker out in its Gun Mode and firing with Spyro, the purple dragon releasing flames. It cut quickly to Kiina holding onto Tsukasa as she tried to not look over the side of the Dread-Yacht before doing a series of rapid cuts of Decade and Spyro fighting the other Riders and Trap Masters, Spyro at times quickly fading into Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, Terrafin, Stealth Elf, Whirlwind, Chop-Chop, and Sunburn*

arukitsuzukeru no sa ima wo We are all travelers (Still riding on now, we are all travelers)

*It cut to Tsukasa, kneeling, slowly turning his head up to the outstretched arm holding his camera before cutting to the Dread-Yacht flying by in the air, the Dragon Skylanders seeing it go by before taking flight after it, Drobot and Flashwing carrying Bash*

boku no me no mae ni hirogaru kokonotsu no michi wa itsuka kasanatte (Stretching out in front of my eyes, the nine roads will someday overlap)

*It cut to Spyro, five mirrors at his sides, showing five different versions of himself, before cutting to Tree Rex slamming his fist into the ground, creating a large debris cloud before Decade erupted from it, Trigger Happy shooting gold coins at the screen on his shoulders, two covering the screen with one having Spyro's face looking at the left and Decade's face looking to the right, the symbols of the Elements of Skylands around Spyro's head and the symbols of the captured Riders circling Decade's*

atarashii yoake e to tsuzuku michi ni kawaru no darou (I will be changed on the road that heads on to a new dawn)

*It then went through a rapid series of cuts of Decade and the Skylanders battling the captured Riders and the Trap Masters with explosions going off all over*

mokugekise yo Journey through the decade (Witness the Journey through the decade)

*It cut to a slow-zoom of Spyro, his wings spread and eyes closed, before he fired a beam of Convexity at the screen, causing it to cut to the distance-firing Skylanders shooting and avoiding shots. It then cut to Spyro tackling over Hibiki as Decade punched down Gaim in his Kiwami Arms before the camera zoomed in on Decade's face, cutting to him driving through a Dimensional Veil on his motorcycle with one of the Skylanders holding onto him from behind, another one appearing at his side as he drove past the camera. He slowed in the shot as the upper-body images of the captured Riders and the Trap Masters in ghostly forms appeared in the veil in a pair of circles before the vehicle went off, leaving behind the ghostly images. The camera turned a bit to have them in a proper circle before they faded into their symbols and the symbols of the Elements, the title appearing in the center of it*


Photo 1: The Riders in the Skylands

"Kyahhhh!" the bluenette screamed, jumping up from bed.

"P-Portal Mistress!" a startled voice yelped outside her room before it slammed open, revealing a small, brown-furred, anthropomorphic creature in a green hoodie, a backpack, and glasses, "Are you all right?"

"I...I...Oh, Hugo...I don't know," the Bluenette groaned before noticing who was there, "Gah! Hugo, get outta here! I'm still in my pajamas!"

"Huh?" Hugo blinked before yelping as a pillow hit him in the face.

"Out! Out! Out!" the Bluenette freaked, throwing more of her pillows at him.

"Off! Guh! Gah!" Hugo yelped as he ran out, 'Why do I always get hit by pillows when I go check on the girls in the mornings or when I hear them scream?'

"Boomsticks! Did you walk in on her in her pjs again?"

Hugo yelped and turned to his left, revealing an older anthropomorphic creature just a few inches taller than him. He had a white beard, a tuff of white hair on the top of his head, and random bits of armor on his body and leather jacket. He had brown/red pants with a single combat boot on, his left leg a peg-leg while his right hand had a crutch/cane.

"Y-Yeah. B-But you know that I just get so frightened for her, Mr. Buzz," Hugo informed, "I...I don't want to lose the last Portal Master in all of Skylands."

"Well, seein' as how you were close to Eon and all, it's not surprising you're so protective of his heir," the other chuckled, "But remember, she's not that little girl that was brought way back when."

"By the way, Buzz, did you see those 15 lights last night?"

"Lights? Nope," Buzz replied, "Was busy playing poker with Chop Chop, Flashwing, Hot Dog, Hex, Trigger Happy, and Terrafin."


"Oh no...Flynn." Hugo facepalmed.

"Guys, you won't believe what I saw last night flying," a voice beamed before a taller anthropomorphic creature ran up to them, his fur auburn and brown in color and wearing aviator's gear complete with red scarf, "I saw fifteen shooting stars!"

"And I can guess what he used all fifteen wishes on," Hugo whispered to Buzz, the elder cracking a small smile for a second.

"They all landed somewhere!" Flynn finished.

"Well...Seems I missed out on something interesting last night," Buzz noted before turning to the door, "Kiina! Are you dressed yet?"

"Yo, Kiina, are you ready for meteor hunting?" Flynn asked with a grin, "Oh yeah. Here it comes~" he posed, "Space Boom!"

"That's a new one." Buzz chuckled.

Kiina grunted as she finished the last of buttoning her baby-blue blouse. She needed to get a bigger blouse again. She walked over to a mannequin's torso where a robe laid. It seemed to be made of various silks that made it appear to be a soft magenta with cyan trimming. She put it on her body and secured it before walking to a closet.

"Where are they?" a disembodied voice...definitely not Eon...demanded.

Kiina shuddered as she tried to shake off her dream from last night. She opened to closet and pulled out a sash, bearing eight symbols in eight different colors. The symbols all rested in a circle. She put it on before turning to a dresser.

"Oi, luv, when are we gonna mess some goons up?" a voice asked from one of the crystal decorations(?) at the dresser.

"Probably today, Wolfgang, sir," Kiina replied as she started to brush her shoulder-length hair, "Thank you for the song last night."

"Anything for you, luv. You even went on in your dreams last night how it sounded awesome."

Kiina flinched a little at that, but managed to keep it hidden, "I did? Well, that goes to show how great you are."

"I still can't believe you dropped Kaos," a regal voice came from one of the others.

"I said I was sorry, Goldie," Kiina pouted.

"Gulper still laughing! She fell down, went poomf," another crystal lit up with a chuckle.

"Shut up, Gulper!" the other crystals barked.

"Meanwhile, unknown to even me, Eon, another threat was gathering in a land even I never thought would appear again.'

Several figures who resembled humans dressed in black full body jumpsuits, their chests having ribcage like designs down the center that finished at their waists which were covered in thick black leather belts that have large buckles in the front, with each one adorned with an emblem that resembled a condor like symbol that was perched atop a globe of the earth. The figures all wore black boots and gloves and have a mask covering their faces said masks resembled regular ski masks with white bone like linings around the holes for their mouths, nose, and eyes with another small white symbol in the center of their foreheads. Each one also brandished a machete like blade in their hands. marching around a garden of sorts crystals floating around, crystals similar to the ones that captured the kamen riders.

The figures marched towards the three (presumingly) Residents in the land; an owl decorated in red and gold armor resembling a shogun, a fairy with attire seemingly made of plantlife, and a human sized...possibly taller...blue-skinned woman in regal clothing.

"What are these creepy looking things?" the fairy asked.

"I'm not sure I want to know." the owl said as the figures surrounded them.

"Masaka...for the Crystal Base to be invaded so easily…" the regal woman started, "Memoru, Minuku, save yourselves!"

"Umm well if you insist.." the owl Minuku chuckled.

"Oi Minuku!"

"I was joking..besides there's no where to go now is there?"

At that the figures got closer till a light shone from the sky causing them all to look at a strange gate.

"Ahh Ride Gate!"

"Is something being summoned?"


At that the black suited figures all visibly flinched knowing that name as they looked up as well. Was that word...that name...was it who they least wanted to meet...a Kamen Rider!?

At that a figure covered in a black aura came out from the gate that shattered like glass and came down while hard to make out...he was clearly performing a flying front kick. The figure then slammed his kick into the ground just in front of the figures causing a shockwave that sent them all flying back with high pitched screams of pain and fear.

"In one strike!" Minuku gawked.

"Hm…" the figure hummed as the dust began to settle. "Here I wanted to enjoy that last world a little longer." he spoke dusting his shoulders off.

The dust then completely clear to reveal a male figure dressed in a futuristic suit of armor. His suit was black down the center and inside of his legs with two white lines separating the black section from the ever bright Magenta coloring on the exterior. His chest had a large white X over his heart with two of it's arms extending over his left shoulder, with the lower right leg extending down to his lower ribs, his abdomen had four black pads over them that simulated the appearance of abdominal muscles. His shoulders were large with what looked like blocks embedded in them and magenta plates over his biceps, his gauntlets had similar blocks over his elbows, the back of his forearms were black with the other sides white. His wrists were covered in white bracelets and his hands were covered in black armor that could pack one hell of a punch. His legs had Magenta armor plates on the outside with black lines down the middle with white armor plates on the inside of his legs, he had white anklets and black armored shoes.

"However this world doesn't look too uninteresting."

He said as he turned his helmet to look at the figures. Said helmet was black along the back with a silver streak under his jaw the black sides of his helmet ended at his large almost insect like emerald green compound eyes; the face plate was magenta covering his forehead the space between his eyes and over his mouth, his helmet also had multiple vertical black bars almost like a barcode across his helmet these bars extended over the top of his helmet making an almost crown like shape with their different heights, the outer two where the shortest with two slightly large ones further in before taking a sharp increase with the two main bars before the three centermost bars with the one straight down the middle being topped with a bright yellow light.

"Hey you're strong!" Memoru gawked appearing in the newcomer's face.

"Whoa!" he blinked backing off, "...wow. A fairy. You guys are cute in your own way." the figure known as Decade said. "This is one interesting Sekai so far...if the talking owl is any indication." he motioned to the other two.

"Omai dareda?"

"Kamen Rider…" a voice said getting all of their attention.

"Sono koi...masaka." Decade gasped.

Standing there was a specter like being, his body/suit was dark faded black with armored boots and gauntlets he wore a bronze belt with an almost magenta like tint to it with silver markings along it the buckle was a gear cog/dial like design. His torso was covered in bronze petal like armor over chest and stopping just above his abdomen, the tops were covered by a white collar that connected to a bright white cape that covered his shoulders and ended around his legs, he wore a helmet that resembled a gladiators was the same color as the armor on his chest and his belt, with two wing/flame like extensions along the sides of his helmet and down the center was a strip of metal that was a stained glass pattern of blues and blacks.

"Kamen Rider? ...What the heck is that?" Memoru asked in confusion.

"Apollo Geist." Decade responded as he faced him.

"Indeed. Watashi Wa Super Apollo Geist. Once again, I have revived!"

"And you're just as cocky as the last time I met you." Decade deadpanned.

"Hold, Great Leader-sama...I am not your enemy at this time."

"Oi Teme...don't call me that. I defected, and last time was just a prank me and that Marvelous guy thought of just to spite you."

"It is your calling...but that can wait. Your nakama Kuuga and the other riders are in trouble."

"Hm?" Decade pondered.

"If you need proof…" he started as he tossed Decade his weapons, "Go ahead and strike an unarmed opponent."

"...I'm listening."

"Look for the fool known as Kaos, and a being known as the Portal Mistress. They are the key." Apollo Geist informed as Decade toss him his weapons, "...Arigato, my leader." he bowed, vanishing in black smoke.

"I get the feeling these guys will keep calling me that just to spite me." Decade sighed as he crossed his arms. "So where am I?"

"The Crystal Base a sacred place of ancient and forgotten secrets." Trena informed Decade.

"That explains the crystals." he joked taking out his camera despite still being in his armor.

"What is that?" Minuku asked.

"...You've never seen a camera before?"

"What the heck's a camera?" Memoru asked.

"Hm...I'll explain." Decade replied, "It is a device we humans use to take images of places we have been...people we have met. They are like memories we can show to people."

"Like a painting?" Minuku asked.

"..Yeah but we take your souls as well." he joked making them freak out. "Ano….I was only joking."

"...don't do that." they panted in relief.

"So why were those guys attacking?"

"I think they wanted to steal more crystals."


"Fifteen were stolen. They take a person's memories and trap them in a "paradise." But the longer they're inside, the more memories they lose." Trena explained.

"15…." Decade echoed as he raised his head up in realization. "That's why…" he suddenly said.

"Why what?" Memoru asked curious.

"Why I'm here." he explained. "Those things you lost...can they detain one such as myself in them?"

"Possibly. It all depends on their willpower. It takes it and uses it against them."

"Only someone with equal or greater will can free those trapped in them." Minuku added.

"Soka...then that;s my mission for this Sekai." Decade clapped his hands. "Save my Nakama."

"Oi... You're gonna help us get those crystals back?" Memoru asked.

"If I can get my friends out without breaking them." Decade replied. "But if that don't work, I'm breaking them." he said bluntly.

"Let me come with you. I'm good at navigation plus I'm the only one who can get you out of here."

"Sadly that's true only me, Minuku, and Memoru can escort people in and out of the crystal base." Trena informed.

"Huh...I get a fairy to guide me through a world of magic. I don't know. I feel like I'm playing one of my old games."

"What's a game?"

"...I have much to teach you...you heard what Apollo Geist called me but my name is Tsukasa, Kadoya Tsukasa"

"Nice to meet you, Tsukasa Kadoya Tsukasa."

"Heh…" Decade sighed hanging his head. "You don't get out much do you?" he chuckled.

"Great as always, Chef Pepperjack," Kiina beamed.

"Thank ya, missy, for letting me out full time to be this place's chef," the burly, pepper-headed figure chuckled.

"No problem," Kiina beamed before Pepperjack handed her a container wrapped in a dining cloth.

"Hear you were going out to find where those lights crashed down at," Pepperjack noted, "That there's something new. I call it a bento."

"Oh! So cool! Thank you, Chef!" Kiina beamed.

"Y'all just come back and tell me what you think of it when you get back, okay?" Pepperjack grinned.

"You bet!" Kiina nodded.

"There ain't no candy in there, is there, amigo?" a purple crystal on Kiina's neck asked, lighting up with each word.

"Of course there ain't no candy in it," Pepperjack snorted, "Got enough in there as is, Pain-Yatta. Speaking of which, how goes rehab for the others?"

"Slow, but progress is being made," Kiina replied.

"Where are they?" the voice from the end of her dream demanded again..only much louder closer even.

"Hmm...You're feeling chilly or something?" Pepperjack asked, noticing Kiina's slight shiver.

"A...A little," Kiina replied.

"I see…" Pepper Jack nodded before pulling out a thermos, "Make sure to drink all of this here gumbo. Family recipe for when you've got the chills."

"I'm not gonna shoot fire out of my mouth, am I?"

"Nah. That one I made especially for Flynn," Pepperjack chuckled, "But I will tell you to keep a cup of milk on hand, it'll help keep your mouth cool better than just iced water."


"So, where are we going?"

"Eh-heh-heh. Thanks, Chef! Okay, I'llseeyoulate! Bye!" Kiina quickly ran off.

"Hm...Something's weird going on here. And it sure ain't my momma's recipe for gumbo," Peperjack stroked his green stem-like beard.

Tsukasa looked at the crystal Memoru directed him to.

"So we jump in here and-boom!-we're in the area the thief escaped to?"

"Close enough." she informed.

"Goo.." he started before hearing a feminine voice in his head.

"Choose? Why do I have to choose?"

"...Oi who…"

"Are you?"

"Of course you've got to choose," Flynn informed, "It's your turn to pick where we go, you silly head."

"Uh...R-Right," Kiina nodded, "Now let's see. Oh!…"

"What about here?"

"Oi, don't ignore me woman!"

Kiina squeaked as she looked around in startlement. Flynn and Buzz shared looks.

"Everything okay, little lady?" Buzz asked.

"Why are you in my head?!"

"Why are you in my mind?!" Tsukasa snapped.

"Blastermind, I swear if this is you, I'm going to give you such a pinch and let the pranksters go all out on you!" Kiina shook a fist at the sky, making Buzz and Flynn step back nervously.


"You! Don't you try to trick me, you brat!" Kiina growled, "You may have fooled me those last seven times, but I'm on to you!"

"I am a grown man!"

"And I'm the Queen of Clock Town, the town that runs all of Skylands' time," Kiina snorted, "Nice try, Blastermind, but I'm on to you!"

"...What the hell is a clock town and what's a Skylands?!"

"I'm not listening!" Kiina declared as she covered her ears, "Lalalalalalala!"

"...Should we get Blastmind?" Flynn asked.

"...I have no idea if we should or not," Buzz admitted

"Seems your mind is connected to someone." Trena explained as Tsukasa's eye twitched at the incessant 'lalalala' the voice was repeating.

"Who the hell did that?" Tsukasa groaned.

"I don't know...but if Memoru takes you through a gate it might take you straight to that pe…"

"Ikuze Memoru!"

"Kiina, calm down! I think you have a fever," Hugo advised.

"I will not calm down until Blastermind stops this prank of his!" Kiina growled before looking at a sky-blue crystal on her necklace, resembling a jar shaped like a face, "Dreamcatcher, please tell me you can block Blastermind's voice in my head?"

"Hey, don't look at me. I'm only good with dreams, not telepathy," the crystal lit up with each word.

"Man…!" Kiina slumped.

"Besides...He's been snoring right next to us all day. I'm in his dreams at the moment."

"What?!" Kiina exclaimed, "So he's sleep-pranking?!"

All the crystals on her necklace lit up in unison with the sounds of something meeting a face were heard in them.

"Portal Mistress, your new ally is coming." Eon's voice informed her.

"Master Eon?" Kiina blinked as she looked around, "New ally?"

"Hey! Uh, there's a weird portal in the sky!" Flynn advised, "And it ain't a Traptanium Portal!"


Kiina, Buzz, and Hugo looked up. Sure enough, there was a strange portal above them.

"Here I come!"


"Something's coming out of it," Kiina noted.

"And it's heading straight for the Academy!" Buzz exclaimed.

"Oh no! Someone save my golden statue and Cali...uh...not exactly in that order!" Flynn whistled innocently at the end.

"Boomsticks, Hugo!" Buzz facepalmed as Kiina aimed her staff at the air.

"Okay, we're going to need some strong winds and maybe some magic to slow it down, so...Whirlwind! Ninjini!" Kiina shouted.

The tip of her staff glowed a sky-blue and a soft purple. The energy split into two and formed the circular emblem for a swirl of air and the circular emblem for a bust of magic.

"Portal Mistress, wait! It's not a threat!"

"I'm trying to slow it down so it doesn't get mistaken for one," Kiina replied.

"No, it's a summoning! Like your Skylanders, it is harmless."

"Really?" Kiina blinked, lowering her staff.

At that, the black/purple object curved a tower it was about to hit. It landed behind Buzz, Hugo, Flynn, and Kiina, creating a smokescreen from its impact. Flynn readied his crutch for combat while discreetly moving to protect Kiina.

"Memoru, you ok?" a voice asked as a fairy flew out.

"Hai...man, that wasn't as fun as it was awesome." she said a bit dizzy.

"Is that a fairy?" Kiina whispered.

"She looks like one, but she has legs instead of a tail," Hugo replied softly.

"...You think she'll do upgrades?" Kiina asked.

"Not all fairies do that, Kiina. I thought I told you that in your lessons last week," Hugo sighed.

"Tsukasa Kadoya Tsukasa, are you ok?"

"I said it's just 'Tsukasa.'"

"Oh. Sorry, Just Tsukasa."

"Gah...you're lucky you're cute and I want to use you as a model." he sighed in annoyance as the smoke cleared.

"...Pink?" Flynn tilted his head.

"Pinkku janai! Magenta da!" the armored figure shook a fist at him.

"Ahh! What the heck are you guys?" Memoru freaked, hiding behind Tsukasa, "Just Tsukasa, kaijins!"

"Kai-what now?" Hugo blinked, "No, no, no. We're not...whatever those are. We're Mabu. Well, except for Kiina, she's a human."

"Never killed those before." Tsukasa said, taking out a gun, "You guys the thieves I'm looking for?"

"Easy there, bucko. I'm no thief," Buzz frowned, "Secret Ninja Commando, yes, but not a thief."

"With a peg-leg..." Tsukasa started before shooting said leg off, "Now, with no peg-leg."

"Hey!" Kiina growled as Buzz kept himself balanced his his cane/crutch while pulling out a spare, "What was that for, you pink jerk?!"

"Pinkku janai! Magenta da!" he groaned, "Besides, I'm the one with the gun, the cute fairy sidekick, and the cool armor. I'm the hero here, so answer my questions, woman."

"...Did you just call me 'woman?'" Kiina asked, her eye twitching.

"Uh-oh. You called her 'woman,'" Flynn gulped.

'She's not a bright one.' Tsukasa's voice said in Kiina's head.

"It's you!" Kiina shouted before tackling Tsukasa over, "Get out of my head, you big jerk!"

"Natsumikan secret technique: Laughing Pressure Point," Tsukasa said before jabbing Kiina in the side of her neck, making her stop and roll around in laughter.

"Wowzers! ...Hey, you think I could learn that for when Cali gets mad at me?" Flynn asked.

"Flynn!" Buzz and Hugo shouted.

"I never thought the day would come when I got to use it." Tsukasa noted as Memoru sat on his shoulder, "Memoru, are these the guys?"

"No, I don't sense the energy. They didn't steal from crystal base."

"Pfft!" Buzz spittaked, having just taken a sip from a flask, "The Crystal Base?!"

"Yeah, we just came from there."

"That place is 2 times older than Master Eon. I thought it was lost forever."

"Buzz, you know this 'Crystal Base?'" Hugo asked.

"Never seen it myself, but its tale has been passed down from Secret Ninja Commando to Secret Ninja Commando. If someone stole from there, then it's bad news," Buzz informed.

"Yeah. End of the world bad." Memoru said, "In a month's time, the world will be destroyed."

"What?! Skylands is really going to be destroyed?!" Kiina freaked, grabbing the sides of her head in shock.

"...What do you mean really?" everyone asked suspiciously.

"...Master Eon visited me last night and showed me something weird. But first…" she whacked Tsukasa on the helmet with her staff, "WHAT IS WITH YOU GUYS AND NOT HAVING A COMMON THEME?!"

"...what do you mean you guys?" Tsukasa frowned as he dehenshined.

"Ugh! What Master Eon showed me was more of you guys in different armors," Kiina facepalmed, eye twitching, "And none of them had something in common! They were bugs, and dragons, and Greek Letters and train and fruit! Stinkin' fruit!" she groaned, "What is wrong with you guys?"

Tsukasa then took out nine cards and showed them to Kiina.

"These guys look familiar?"

"Oh! That's Mr. Beetle!" Kiina replied as she pointed at the first card, "And that's Mr. Beetle-Dragon," Agito's card was pointed at, "Then just Mr. Dragon," Ryuki's next, "Followed by the Greek Catfish Man," Tsukasa avoided smirking at her name for Faiz, "Then Mr. Sword Beetle, Mr. Demon, Mr. Rhino Beetle, Mr. Peach-Train, and Mr. Batty."

"Cause you made me laugh at Faiz, I'll be nicer, My name is Kadoya Tsukasa."

"Oh! Nice to meet you, Kadoya! I'm Kiina, Kiina Nights," the bluenette beamed.

"I'm also known as the Destroyer of Worlds."

"...I thought you were called 'Connector of Worlds' and 'Decade,'" Kiina tilted her head.

"Decade is right...but who the hell calls me the connector? No one calls me that."

"Master Eon said you're called a Connector of Worlds," Kiina informed, But, um, what exactly was stolen that made you shoot Grandpa Buzz?"

"Then this master eon is a liar then..." he started before everyone around him minus Memoru glared at him, "Umm...Hi?"

"Master Eon has never lied in his life," Hugo informed, "Or afterlife, for that matter."

"Never met him, so don't care. He's spreading lies about me being a connector." he then grabbed Kiina's staff, "Kiina, do not hit me with that."

"Then stop insulting Master Eon," Kiina frowned, a cheek puffed up in annoyance, "If he says you're a connector, that must mean that he thinks it's a good title for you."

"And I say he's a liar. If I never met him and he's saying things about me, he's a liar."

"I wanna shoot him out a cannon," Flynn frowned.

"So glad I'm making friends," Tsukasa quipped, "Anyway, now off to find my nakama."

"...Nakama?" Kiina repeated, "What's a nakama? Is it tasty?"

"And like that, she loses the subject once again," Hugo facepalmed.

"It means friends, allies, family...brothers...comrades...and now my nakama need me."

"Those fifteen guys I saw, right?" Tsukasa looked at Kiina, "I saw them being trapped in crystals before flying off in the vision I had last night."

"Ahh. From what Trena told me, that's putting them in a dream paradise and I need to save them. If they lose all their memories, they'll die."

"Die?!" Kiina exclaimed.

"Hold on now, Kiina," Buzz held a hand up, "Did you say fifteen of these armor guys were stuck in crystals?"


"Huh. What a coincidence. There was a shooting star shower last night that had fifteen shooting stars," Flynn noted.

"Huh, you know I just received some reports that one landed and four things came out; a purple dragon, a blue turtle, a yellow bear maybe, and a white swan," Buzz noted, looking at a set of papers.

"...repeat that." Tsukasa said, walking up to Buzz.

"Well now...The report couldn't really make it all out, but it does say that a shooting star landed a few islands away from here. My contact said that there…"

"Hey that looks like Tessa's area." Flynn noted.

"Boomsticks, Flynn! Let me finish here. My contact at the Cloudbreak Isles said that it landed in the Sheepwreck Island area and a dragon, a turtle, something that looked like a bear, and a swan came out of the crater. Then before anyone could talk to them, they just vanished."

"Buzz, he left at the swan and just took off in Flynn's ship." Hugo informed.

"...Where's Flynn?" Kiina asked before the large blue vessel went over head.

"No, no, no, no, no, no! Don't pull that lever! She's a delicate instrument!" Flynn shouted on the ship, "No! Not that button!" a bugle went off, "Dang it! Now you set off the Ship Alarm!"

"Shut up." Tsukasa groaned before Memoru hit Flynn's head, knocking him out, "Huh, he went down like a sack of potatoes." he grunted as he was propelled out of the cockpit by the sudden stop.

"Thank you, Tree Rex," Kiina thanked as a giant humanoid made of trees kept hold of the ship.

"Oi! Let go." Tsukasa frowned, "I need to get to Den-O."

"Well, that doesn't give you the right to just steal someone's ship," the Giant informed as he put it back at the dock.


"More like you were hopeless in trying to figure out how to drive it," Kiina noted.

"I had it figured out." Tsukasa said, "Now, let me go or get on board."

"You nearly pushed the self destruct button," Tree Rex pointed out.

"And whose fault is it that there's a self destruct button?" he asked, actually making everyone think.

"Why is there a self destruct button?" Tree Rex asked.

"I blame the sheep," Hugo informed.

"Baa!" a sheep's offended bleat went off from Kiina 's necklace.

"I can't believe he knocked out Tree Rex with a kick." Buzz admitted, 'Especially because he actually aimed below the belt. A dirty fighter, that guy.'

"I can't believe he actually did figure out how to fly this thing," Wolfgang spoke from the crystal.

"I can't believe the ship actually had an owner's manual," Kiina admitted.

"Gulper can't believe this not butter," another crystal lit up.

"Shut up, Gulper!" the other crystals barked.

"Oi, there's something on a giant bird. Can I shoot her down?" Tsukasa asked as the tried up Flynn snarled.

"You touch one feather on it and I swear you are going to get it!" Flynn growled.

"Kadoya, don't shoot! That's Whiskers!" Kiina informed, "And Tes...sa?"

"Dynamic Chop!"

"Tessa?" they all blinked at the feline-like humanoid before them only she changed..a lot.

Her normal leaf-themed/made attire was replaced with an elaborate black and gold gi. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the base of her neck while a streak of gold was highlighted in it. She cracked her neck as the large bird let out a worried caw.

"Leave this land and don't ever come back!" the feline demanded.

"Tessa, it's us…"

"Let me handle this." Flynn advised, popping up in front of them.

"Wait how did you?" they started before Tessa got into a sumo pose.

"Yo, Tessa! Did you forget us already? Hasn't even been a month since we last talked a…" Flynn began before ducking under an open palm strike, "Whoa!"

"Dossukoi!" Tessa shouted as she began to chase Flynn, who screamed and started to run around the deck. "Ryoutaro mamoru da!"

"Help! She's crazy!" Flynn freaked.

"What in the name of the Ancients happened to her?" Buzz blinked.

"...Does anyone else see the bear?" Kiina asked.

"Bear?" Hugo repeated.

"There's a bear floating over her. You don't see it? All gold and carrying an axe?" Kiina asked, pointing at the empty air above Tessa.

"Get away from this area…" Tessa started before a blue orb entered her.

Kiina blinked twice, "Okay...The bear just turned into a blue turtle with rose in its mouth...and a fishing lure on its shell."

"Hello, beautiful lady." Tessa waved to Kiina.

"Huh?" Kiina blinked, noticing Tessa was now wearing a blue and gold Chinese dress, her hair in a bun and a blue highlight in it.

"May I lure you in? I promise to take you on a train ride of love and happiness.."

"Hey, Tessa! Why are you offering that to Kiina? I'm right here!"

"I don't do guys." Tessa said as Flynn felt an arrow pierce his heart.

"...Who are you and why are you possessing Tessa?" Kiina frowned, glaring directly at the turtle only she could see.

"..." Tessa then took Kiina's hands and started to dance, "Dance with me and I shall tell you a tale of love."

"...Why is there a purple dragon now?" Kiina asked , noticing a purple dragon starting to appear.

"No no, Ryuta. It's my time! No, it's my ti…" Tessa began to freak before her head slumped.

"...Uh...Tessa? Mr. Purple Dragon?"

"Mind if I dance with you?" Tessa asked, "Kotae wa kiitenai!"

Kiina yelped as she was spun around. The three Mabu rubbed their eyes. Now Tessa's hair was let loose with a hat on her head, purple highlights wildly decorating her hair. Her attire was also now more baggy and free-moving.

"Ah! Whoa! What the…?!" Kiina yelped as she was pulled along, eventually starting to giggle, "Whoo! What the heck is this dance?"

"Break Dance," Tessa replied before snapping her fingers making everyone who heard it jolt before they started break dancing.

"Wow! Go, Grandpa, go!" Kiina cheered.

"Oh! Sugoi! He's really good at this!" Tessa laughed as she applauded with Kiina.

"He's a Secret Ninja Commando," Kiina beamed.

"Sugei! Sugei!" Tessa laughed, jumping excitedly. "I wanna be a ninja! Teach me jii-jii."

"Oh! Another one!" Kiina yelped as she saw a graceful swan with a crown on its head appear above the dragon.

"You guys never chan..." Tsukasa started as he walked onto the deck and the graceful figure entered him instantly, "Oh no, not a.."

Kiina blinked before she started blushing. Tsukasa had regally pulled her into a gentle embrace, his new white boa tickling her nose. His hair was pulled back into regal look cornrows with white highlight in them.

"Advent...above it all," Tsukasa informed, looking down at her with his white eyes, "Ah, a hime. Truly, a pleasure to meet you."

"Huh? Tsukasa? Um...Mr. Swan?"

"Ore nawa...Sieg. I am a prince!"

"Oh! Royalty!" Kiina gasped before bowing, "An honor to meet you, your highness."

"The honor is mine, beautiful hime...would you do me the honor of sharing a glass of tea?"

"Hey, playboy! You stop putting the moves on Kii..." Flynn began.

"Your head is too high!"

"Uh-oh," Flynn's eyes widened, feeling a tingly sensation in his body, "Not again." he yelped as he shrunk down to the size of an action figure, "Help! I've been cursed again!"

"Ah! Flynn!" Kiina gasped.

"...Wai action figure!" Tessa giggled, grabbing Flynn and taking out a bottle.

"Ah! Wait, Mr. Dragon! He's not a toy! He's my big brother figure!" Kiina yelped.

"Action figure no.."

'Please, Ryuuta.' Tessa spoke, making Tessa(?) stop.

"Hai, nee-san."

"Oh, thank goodness," Flynn sighed before glaring a a snickering Hugo, "Hey! You..." before Ryuuta chucked him into a garbage can, "Oh come on!"

"I wish I could've record that," Hugo snickered.

Next thing everyone knew, Tessa was back in her normal attire and everything. Sand came off her in a large amount, making the others step back, Kiina hiding behind Whiskers.

"Kablam! That gets more awesome and weird every time...Sieg, come back here." she panted.

"Must I?"

"Do you want to keep that royal bedroom?"

Sieg sighed before turning to Kiina, "Alas, it seems that we are to part at the moment." with that, Tsukasa shook his head as he regained control, a pile of sand forming around his feet.

"You never saw that." Tsukasa told them all.

"I saw it," Kiina informed, "But I don't know if it was real or not. Is the Sheep Mage still here?"

"Oh, don't go bringing up my brother," a green crystal on her necklace groaned.

"It wasn't." Tsukasa said.

"Hey they're talking to me. Are you a Kamen Rider?" Tessa panted looking at Tsukasa.

"..Ahh where Den-O?...In fact where Momotaros?"

"The red one, right?" Tessa asked.

"Tessa, what happened? Why did your mind snap?" Flynn asked, poking his head out of the trash can before growing back to his full size and getting his bum stuck in the can.

"I'm not crazy," Tessa pouted, "Can't believe you couldn't tell me from Ryutaros-tachi."

"Well, excuse me for being afraid of getting my ribs broke from one of those palm thrusts," Flynn groaned.

"Flynn, shut up. Story time, fox girl. Explain now." Tsukasa demanded.

"Wow. You sound just like what Urataros said you do," Tessa sweatdropped.

"What's happened?" Tsukasa asked.

"Well, it started last night...well, I think for you guys it was last night."

"What do you mean?"

"Urataros said some kind of time portal open and sent them here weeks or months ago."

"Ugh. Time travel," Tsukasa facepalmed, "Never understood it. Never will."


'...it all started when Whiskers and I were out for a late night flight.'

"Hey, Whiskers, a shooting star!" Tessa shouted in awe while late night flying, "What should I wish for? World peace? An offer to join the Skylanders…? Ohh! You think I can wish for a date with Flynn?"

Whiskers cawed before noticing the shooting star was oddly getting closer.

"What's up, Whiskers?" Tessa tilted her head before seeing the star, "Oh boy. Fly for it, Whiskers!"

'Kablam! It went by us, sending us down into the ground!'

"Whiskers, are you alright?" Tessa groaned holding her head.

"Wenk," Whiskers cawed after he managed to get his head out of the ground.

"What was…?"



'I heard shouting for help, so I did what Flynn would do..'

'Cry like a little girl?'

'Hey…! I don't cry a little girl…!'

'Yes you do.'

'Don't agree with the jerk, Hugo!'

'Anyway, I did like he would do and went to be heroic!'

'I think we know two different Flynns.

'Hey! Big Bro Flynn can be brave when he needs to be!'

'So I found where it crashed and kablam!..'

'She says that a lot doesn't she?'

'Yes/Yep/Oh yeah.'

"Ryoutaro!" the voices shouted as Tessa saw five figures, trying to save a black armored figure sinking into the crystal.

"...Minna...musubi-tachi...mamoru…" the armored figure spoke, sinking further in.

'I didn't really understand what he was saying until they started giving me some lessons on this Japanese stuff, but I did think that what he was saying was in worry for someone.'

"Don't give up on me! You're going back to her and the other annoying onna!" a red demonic figure snapped, "We're going back to those happy days of smiling, laughing, fighting, and you getting into hentai situations and making Kame-yaro jealous!"

"Sempai…" the blue turtle figure sighed.

"Momotaros..from now on...you're...Den-O.."

"Stop talking like you're dying!"

"Go...me...na….sai.." the black armored figure whispered as he was completely absorbed into the crystal, much to the five figures' horror.


'I started climbing down to see if i could help, but then the Red one did something crazy!'

'What kind of crazy? Pop Fizz crazy or Trigger Happy on sugar crazy?'

"Drunk Masker Mind crazy.'

"Ohhh!" Momotaros roared as he jumped into the crystal despite getting shocked by it.

"Sempai stop it!"



"Ryoutaro ore...SANJOU!" Momotaros roared as he seemingly exploded into dust and exploded.

"Wow.." Tessa started before blinking as the four figures noticed her, "Umm...hi."

"Since then, I told them about this world, they told me about theirs, taught me Japanese, and told stories more awesome then anything! Apparently, they don't have floating islands where they're from."

"I'm not sure if that's awesome or weird," Hugo admitted.

"Where's the crystal?" Tsukasa asked.

"I can take you to it!" Tessa grinned.

"Tsukasa, let's hurry." Memoru implored.

"Ahh...Kiinam you stay with the ship…" he blinked before noticing something, "What are those?"

"Drobot and Spyro," Kiina replied, motioning to the purple dragon and the cyborg dragon at her sides.

"Oh! Sugoi! He's purple!"

"What are you planning to do with them?"

"Fly with them to this crystal thing."


"Because we're her Skylanders," the purple dragon replied, "It's our job to help others no matter the cost."

"Sugoi! He talks!"

"This is my problem." Tsukasa said.

"So?" Spyro asked, "I'm going, even if you don't want me to. If I just leave now, then I'd never forgive myself."

"I will make you into a dragon sandwich." Tsukasa frowned.

"Oh! Iie!" the childish voice called out before the sand at Tessa's feet formed into a humanoid purple dragon in headphones and a black jacket.

"Oh! The sand turned into a dragon!" Kiina exclaimed.

"Distraction gotten." Tsukasa smirked before grabbing Tessa and hoping on Whiskers before the bird flew off.

"Boomsticks! He's taken off with Tessa!" Buzz exclaimed.

"I can take you there," Ryutaros noted.

"You can?" Spyro asked.

"Un! Demo...Can I ride you?"

"Sure," Spyro shrugged, "Drobot, you've got Kiina."

"AFFIRMATIVE," Drobot nodded.

"...Where is it?" Tsukasa frowned as they found nothing.

"Huh? But...but it was here!" Tessa panicked.

"Here! It was here!" Tsukasa and Tessa looked up to see the two dragons landing, Ryutaros pointed at a spot in the area, "Ah! Ryoutaro's gone!"

"That's what I said!" Tessa agreed.

"...Hmm." Tsukasa looked around, "Someone dragged it...by themselves...Who the hell would force someone to drag a huge rock...on their back no less?"

"You can tell all that by looking?" Spyro asked Tsukasa


"Ahh, I miss him." Spyro smiled.

"Wait. If Glumshanks was the one who moved it…" Kiina began before she and Tessa exclaimed, "...KAOS!"

"Then I'm putting a bullet in this Gulmstanks head." Tsukasa guessed taking out his ridebooker.

"Hey!" Kiina frowned, bonking Tsukasa on the noggin.

"Gah!" Tsukasa turned and glared at her, "What's that for?"

"Glumshanks was most likely ordered to move whatever it is that was here," Kiina informed.

"I think you confuse me for someone who cares." Tsukasa noted.


"Hey, Cyborg dragon shut up." Tsukasa said, "We get it that it's gone, stupid machine."


"Denied," Spyro responded.

"Permission to fire?" Tsukasa asked.

"No," Kiina replied as she bonked Tsukasa on the head once more with her staff, earning a glare from him.

"I see them." Memoru shouted in the sky.

"Ahh finally someone who reliable reliable point the way memoru." Tsukasa demanded.

Drobot grumbled as Tsukasa ran off.

"You knew where they were, didn't you?" Spyro asked, earning a nod, "Yeah. He seems like a big jerk."

"Wait up, Kadoya!" Kiina called as she ran after him before yelping as she tripped on a clump of dirt.

"...And now we gotta protect our Portal Mistress." Spyro sighed.


"I'll join ya on that," Spyro agreed.

"Sorry, Mister Den-O." a green troll groaned, dragging a huge crystal. "I'm sure you didn't like getting trapped in this." he said, talking to the crystal, "Also, don't tell Lord Kaos, but I kinda laugh at how you shock him all those times." he waited for a response, but got nothing, "..." he sighed, "These are some strange Traptanium Crystals."

"Matte!" a voice shouted as Tsukasa ran after him.

"Hm? Oh no. Not another Portal Master!" Glumshanks yelped.

"You, Gulmshanks?"

"y...ye..Yes? I'm Glumshanks. Unless you're looking for Gulmshanks. He got beaten last month by Terrafin."

"Okay." Tsukasa grinned firing at Glumshanks head but kiina push him out of the way..

"What are you doing?!" Kiina demanded.

"Oi, Woman!" Tsukasa complained.

"...Woman?" Kiina's eye twitched.

"What's with you! You got a problem with the obvious?"

Kiina proceeded to bite the top of his head.

"...You know, I dealt with this in one sekai...pressure point." he sighed jabbing Kiina making her laugh. ..and bite down harder on his head, "Get off!" he snapped, trying to push her off.

Glumshanks used this distraction to discreetly flee.

"No you don't!" he snapped pulling out his card and opening the Decadriver, "Henshin!" he called as he flipped it around before placing in the DecaDriver and closing it.



"All Fired Up!"

"Huh?" Decade blinked as Spyro tackled into him. "Is this going to be a bit for this world?"

"What's with you and trying to kill everyone?!" Spyro demanded as Drobot blocked Glumshank's retreat.

"He's my enemy or rather he works for my enemy." Decade answered clearly, "I kill my enemies, thats why I'm a destroyer."

"There's always a chance to reform," Spyro argued, "And you're a connector as well, if what Kiina says is right."

"Do I look like I believe in reform, and first off; I killed worlds, humans, other Riders, even would be gods. I don't connect anything; I destroy! I have been a villain and a hero on rare occasions but you wanna mess with me, fine henshin."


"Oh! He turned into Mr. Dragon Knight!" Kiina exclaimed.

"Dragon for Dragon." D-Ryuki quipped as Ryuki's sword formed in his hand.

"Bring it," Spyro scowled, readying himself.

"I will." he smirked, inserting another card.


"Advent?" Kiina repeated, "That sounds famili-and what's with the ringing?"

At that, from a nearby reflective water puddle, a huge Eastern, metallic red dragon arose and smacked Spyro into Drobot with its tail.

"ENGAGING ENEMY. BLINK AND DESTROY!" Drobot roared as he rocketed at the dragon.

"RAHHH!" the dragon roared, charging at Drobot.

The two collided, knocking each other back. The two lunged once more, Drobot managing to dodge and nail the larger dragon with his blades.

"You really should get away from him." D-Ryuki told Kiina approaching her and the horrified Glumshanks. "Well, since they are taken care of, I'll just take care of you."

"Uh…" Glumshanks gulped as Kiina grasped her staff tightly.

"I'll make it not quick and painless, i'll torture you so you can tell me about Kaos."

"That's it," Kiina narrowed her eyes as she fingered one of her crystals, "Kadoya, you are about to be schooled."

"In what? Fashion statements?" he asked making her more mad.

"No, in getting your bum whooped," Kiina replied.

"You're a very reserved girl aren't you?" he noted.

"I have no idea what you mean, but I'm not a game you pre-order," Kiina frowned, "Also...There's a little thing I haven't shown you since you seem so busy."

"Girl you better avoid your next choic of action you don't want to make me your enemy." D-Ryuki said.

"Like I said, I don't see you as a destroyer like everyone else says. I like Master Eon's calling you a connector."

"Destroyer...Master Eon...connector," D-Ryuki groaned, "The only one allowed to call me anything that sounds like a nickname is for me to decide, besides...Narutaki would get jealous. People are giving me names i don't like." he joked as he returned to being his default Decade form.

"Summoning of Fire: Wildfire!" Kiina called, the fire emblem on her sash and the crystal on her staff glowing a bright red.

Decade fired a few shots, but something reflected them back at him. Decade moved back to see that between him and the two was now a humanoid Lion exactly at his height. Its body seemed to be made of solid gold with pure white eyes. In his claws was a red, crystalized shield resembling the face and mane of a lion.

"Bringing The Heat!" the lion declared, his crystal shield glowing.

"Good kitty." Decade said seeing this.

"So you are the one known as Decade. ...You do not seem like a villain as that man has said you are," the lion noted.

"I'm not a hero either." he replied as he changed his ride booker to sword mode.

"Wildfire, he said he was going to torture Glumshanks," Kiina informed.

"Burn his arm off with acid is what i was thinking of first."

"Torture?" Wildfire growled, a fireball forming in his free claw.

"Why do you care about that thing so much. He's an enemy?" Decade asked.

"He may be an enemy, but there are standards, laws," Wildfire scowled.

"This is why you guys put the Kamen Riders in danger, you never finished your enemies!" Decade snapped, "Do you have wonder how much more peaceful things would be if you had just snapped his and his master neck?"

"Everyone has a chance to redeem themselves!" Kiina argued.

"And they waste it." Decade informed, "Trust me, I have experience...personal ones."

"If you wish to torture, then you'll have to go through me," Wildfire growled, "That is one of the forbidden acts here in Skylands."



A humming sound then came from his belt as his armor changed bit by bit into Kuuga Mighty form.

"Oh! Mr. Beetle's back!" Kiina exclaimed.

"This is my most dangerous form." D-Kuuga explained. "One kick could be lights out for you."

"...I thought your pink form was the dangerous one."

"True but i'll tell you this now, even if my kick misses you and everyone on this island will die." he explained...even though it was a blatant lie.

"Try it," Wildfire narrowed his eyes, readying his shield.

Wildfire swung his fireball-coated claw, sending out three whips made of flames at D-Kuuga. D-Kuuga dodged to the side and ducked under the swung shield. He was about to pull out his RideBooker when he landed flat on his face from getting hit in the back by the shield. It bounced along the trees and ground before being caught by Wildfire.

"Oh, c'mon. I fought Zangetsu, did I really fall for that one again." he growled.

"You don't seem to think there is anyone dangerous here," Wildfire noted, "Though we may be more peaceful, that is because there are some Skylanders who need to do things so that the Mabu can be in peace."

"No...I don't see you as dangerous because I'm not using all my power. I just want to do my mission, but you jerks aren't letting me!" D-Kuuga complained as he pulled another card out.

Before he could insert it, Wildfire swung his flaming whips, knocking it out of his hand. He swung his shield, using it to catch the card and return to his hand.

"Oi! Those weren't easy to get you know!" D-Kuuga complained.

"Things are never easy," Wildfire responded, putting the card behind his shield.

"Yeah but I had to save an entire dimension just to get three of those." D-Kuuga added.

"Commendable. No wonder Eon calls you a Connector," Wildfire noted.

"I will punch this master eon in the face when i meet him." he swore.

"Um...He's just a face," Kiina pointed out.

"Mistress, please be silent," Wildfire sighed.

"Seriously?" D-Kuuga gawked. "What is it with these unbelievable people watching me."

"Huh?" Kiina tilted her head, "Do you get what he's talking about, Glumshanks? …" she turned to her left, "Glumshanks? Ah! Big trouble! He's gone!"

"I'll tell you when your older." D-Kuuga responded before realizing what Kiina just said, "huh?"

Wildfire frowned as he saw his shield lost its glow, "Seems he has Traptanium with him."

"...You guys just caused my friend to get kidnapped further." D-Kuuga growled.

"And you, Connector, were going to cross a line that would have made you captured imediately," Wildfire growled.

"SHUT UP!" he snapped, sending out a golden wave that sent all of them into an overwhelming sense of fear. 'Nani...?' Tsukasa asked in his own mind. This was something he'd never felt before even after all his battles.

Wildfire raised his shield and moved between him and Kiina.

"Memoru...ikuze." Decade frowned turning into Ryuki and taking his fairy ally before jumping into a reflective surface.

"Connector," D-Ryuki turned and caught the thrown card and a grey crystal Wildfire sent, "Capture, don't torture."

"Only one person could tell me what to do and she's where she belongs." his voice said.

"Oh! He's in the reflection, but where is he here?" Kiina looked around.

"Ahhh! Lord Kaos! Master Kaitoh!"

"Hm…" a tall figure asked from his seat on a wall. "You know I like the ring of that master Kaitoh." the figure responded as he jumped down revealing the black haired phantom thief, Kamen Rider DiEnd or Daiki Kaitoh. "Daijobu, ore no savior?"

"A pink guy tried to kill me! you said kamen riders don't kill!"

"you misunderstood. they don't kill humans...everything else is fair game." Kaitoh corrected, making Glumshanks gulp nervously. "Daijobu my friend i'll protect you next time."


"Of course...if I lost you then I'd have to actually do things on my own." Kaito said giving a thumbs up. "Besides that stupid midget Kaos should've listened to me." he sighed as he took a seat.

"I AM NOT A MIDGET!" the two turned to see Kaos enter, "Ah! Perfect, Glumshanks!"

"You're a grown man shorter than my waist...you're a midget." Kaitoh said simply.

"And Lord Kaos you missed a rider." Glumshanks added.

"Eh? Seriously?! Ugh! I hate it when that fool Eon is right!" Kaos growled before smiring, "But luckily for us, I have been working on a little something-something."

"I'm surprised it took him so long, too. The embodiment of the Cross of Fire." Kaitoh said to himself confusing them. "What...I'm the cool mysterious handsome one. I don't need to explain everything to you well...to Kaos. I'll tell you anything Glumshanks." he corrected with a smile. "But I'll say it again, you should have bothered sending some troops to help." he said as he bonked Kaos on the head not even caring.

"Oh please. Those Sky-losers wouldn't get along with this Rider if he attacked someone just because they were different," Kaos smirked.

"Yeah... maybe but he'll still destroy you all if he has to and trust me he can do it even kill this Eon guy." Kaitoh said, "Well maybe...it's all a mood thing."

"But he's already a ghost," Glumshanks pointed out.

"He can still do it." Kaitoh replied. "But thats not the point my friend and ever so annoying midget. Tsukasa will be a major pain in the ass for you." he said to Kaos. "So I'll enjoy pointing and laughing."

"And I'll enjoy watching you look out in surprise as what I'm working on will be more than a match for him," Kaos smirked.

Kaito glared at Kaos and lifted him up before pressing him against the crystal Den-O was in shocking Kaos painfully.

"That's why you're so freaking annoyin'. You underestimate everything."

"Let me go! Let me go!"

"Say 'I'm sorry, Glumshanks'." Kaitoh sighed as Kaos was shocked more. "Come on say it...say it."

"I'm sorry," Glumshanks apologized.

"Not you buddy, I mean him." Kaitoh said as he rubbed Kaos into the crystal more.

"Gah! K-gah! Stop him, you idiot!" Kaos shouted.

"...Umm, I can't he's bigger then us combined."

A gloved fist slammed into Kaitoh's face, knocking him back and release Kaos. Kaito turned and his eyes widened.

"See?" Kaos smirked, wiping his sleeve off, "You're surprised, aren't you?" he turned to the figure, "Go resume your training with the Hydra and the Darklanders."

The figure nodded before walking off.

"Tsk…" Kaitoh scoffed as he stood back up before he reached for his weapon of choice the DienDriver.

"Umm, Master don't you think you should stop?" Glumshanks asked.

"...Tch. Fine, just don't forget; mess with Decade, Glumshanks, and your master's not gonna save you this time." Kaitoh smirked.

"How do you…" Kaos growled.

"Who do you think I answer to when you're not here?" Kaitoh smirked. "So remember that you midget." he said as he jumped out of the room with impossible leg strength.

"Bah. What does he know?" Kaos snorted as he looked at the crystal, "Glumshanks, prepare the extraction!"

"Portal Mistress." Eon frowned. "Why did you get in the Connector's way?"

"I saw that he was going to kill an innocent," Kiina informed, "You told me that everyone has a chance for redemption and I still see that Glumshanks has a strong light in him."

"Portal Mistress, do you think someone I kept in well renowned would be sloppy enough to miss you when you got in the path of a fatal shot?" he asked, "Or weak enough to have not be able to defeat the Skylanders when he could?"

"You taught me that no matter the risk, one should always think about others first and themselves second," Kiina replied.

"..You clearly misunderstand. I am saddened to hear of this, Kiina," Eon sighed.

"What's wrong with trying to keep others from dying?!" Kiina demanded.

"Next time...observe before acting." was all he said before, leaving her.

"So that was Eon." a voice said as Kiina turn to see Decade.

"Kadoya," Kiina gasped.

"Hmm...Looks like he linked our minds. How annoying." Decade said walking and pictures of Kiina's memories surrounded him, "But I do enjoy the picture show...you were a cute girl."

"Eek!" Kiina yelped as she blushed, "D-Don't look at those!"

"No. I like them so I'll keep looking." Decade said plainly as he continued.

"Ah! So quick!" Kiina gawked.

"If it makes you feel better you can look into my memories...but I doubt you'll find much,"

Decade then flipped his hand as Kiina looked at horrifying memories of what looked like Tsukasa doing horrible things to people and enjoying it, one depicted that he even cut a man's arm off with a sword!

"Listen, don't ever get in my way. And tell master Eon i'll destroy him." he swore as he snapped his fingers sending all the photos away.

"But...he's a spirit," Kiina noted.

"Oh, that never stopped me." he said before jabbing her in the neck.

"Ahahahahahahahaahha!" Kiina's sudden laughter-filled awakening startled the three Skylanders surrounding her.

"Kiina, are you okay?" Spyro asked as Kiina slowly stopped laughing.

"Ugh! Stupid Kadoya poked me again!" Kiina groaned, "That's it. I'm going to put something over my neck so he'll stop. Maybe a collar that shocks others if they touch it..."

Tsukasa and Memoru soon came out of a puddle near where they last spotted Glumshanks and saw a factory of sorts.

"What is that?" Memoru blinked.

"I was gonna ask you, my fairy sidekick ripoff from Link."

"What's Link?"

"What you're seeing is the Wilikin Factory," the two turned to see Buzz, sitting on a rock.

"How did you…?" Memoru began.

"Secret Ninja Commando skills." Tsukasa guessed.

"Correctamundo," Buzz replied.

"I know three ninja teams that make you look like an amateur."

"Well, pardon me for getting old," Buzz noted, "I saw what you did back there."

"So what, peg leg? wanna make a fight out of it?" he asked putting Memoru on his shoulder.

"Nope. I've seen your kind before," Buzz replied, "Always thinking about the bad things you've done, hardly even bothering trying to look at the good and making it seem bad."

"Do not anyazle me," Tsukasa said.

"Too late. Already made your psyche profile," Buzz replied, "Anyways, you need to understand that Kiina…" He then noticed Tsukasa and Memoru were already gone, "Hey! That's my bit."

"What the heck are you?" Tsukasa asked the residents? of the town.

"Hello!" one of the townspeople, actually a group of puppets, "We are Wilikin. Is so nice to meet new friends."

"Same here!" Memoru smiled.

"Oh! You look like a fairy, but you have legs," one of the smaller puppets, resembling a red-haired little girl, noted, "You must be really special fairy."

"I think you're the sensible one here...so can you help me?" Tsukasa asked nicely.

"Of course, friend," the smaller puppet replied, "Welcome to Wilikin Village."

"Do you see a glumshanks go by here being forced to carry a very heavy crystal?"

"We see green, gangly friend come back earlier. He had big crystal and we helped him take it when he asked," the taller one replied.

"You are good friends." Tsukasa chuckled, "So where did he leave?"

"Green gangly friend and other Wilikins who helped went towards the factory," the little one informed, "Our creator made first Wilikins there."

"Kaos i bet?" Tsukasa asked.

"Oh yes! He made us to be friends," the taller one informed, "And we are all friends here."

"I see…" Tsukasa said, reaching into his pocket before.

"Tsukasa look out." Memoru said as Tsukasa jumped away from Wildfire's flame whip.

"Again with you?" Tsukasa demanded.

"Don't hurt them!" Kiina demanded as she ran between him and the Wilikins.

"Why would I hurt them? They've been the second most helpful things I've met." he replied.

"See?" Wildfired frowned at Kiina.

"Besides, hey you how long has it been since Kaos visited you?"

"Two months."

"Figures. He doesn't even care for his own creations" he said, "I don't see the point in him."

"Actually, he did shed a tear when he saw what I did to one of them," one of Kiina's crystals lit up.

"So, I don't see the point in harming things that can't even fight." he said unable to hear the crystals voices.

"Fight? Oh, you mean play time. Want to play Skystones Smash, new friend?" the tall one asked.

"Not now." Tsukasa smiled.

"Oh, that is okay, new friend. We play later than?"

"You can teach me." he said, patting the Wilikin's head. "And here." he added reaching into his pocket and pulling out a box of crayons. "You look like you'll enjoy drawing."

"Oh, this is most happy thing!" the tall one beamed, "Town will get new colors."

"Yay! It is always great to receive gifts from new friends!" the shorter one cheered, "Please, take key to factory as gift for new friend."

Tsukasa then started to walk away with Memoru before Kiina stopped him.

"What is with you? You act like a jerk, but you didn't to them," Kiina noted.

"Because they're basically kids." he said, "I'm a monster but i'm not that kind of monster."

"You're not a monster," Kiina frowned, "You're a Connector, someone who connects everyone."

Tsukasa then shoved her into the ground.

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!" he snapped, "I hate that name!"

Kiina got up, "What's wrong with calling you something you are, Kadoya?"

"My name is Decade." he frowned.

"Exactly!" a voice said clapping.

"...Nani?" he blinked, "..Masaka."

"Who's clapping?" Kiina asked, looking around until Tsukasa took her head and moved it to the direction he was looking, "Oh."

"Yo Tsukasa." a voice said as they looked to see Kaitoh as he was clapping still. "Long time no see."

"Kaitoh." he said, "Looks like you still got some scars."

"Huh? Hey, Kadoya, who's the guy with the cool hair?" Kiina asked.

"Why, you make my blush, little lady!" Kaitoh cheered happily.

"So... still pissed that I betrayed you?"

"Yep." he smirked as he twirled a gun in his hand.

"So fast." Tsukasa groaned while Kiina gawked at the same time.

"You made me believe in friendship and that was a lie."

"A means to an end." Tsukasa scoffed.

"Huh?!" Kiina exclaimed, "Hey, Kaoya, what is wrong with you?! You shouldn't lie when you want to make friends!"

"Trust me, there is a long list of what's wrong with him." Kaitoh replied. "And soon gone will be added to it."

"Yeah one of those is abandonment issues which ironically i did when i left my little sister alone for all her life basically while i pursued my own dreams."

"You did what?!" Kiina exclaimed, bonking Tsukasa on the head and began to pull his cheeks, "Bad, Kadoya!"

"Get off me." he sighed, glaring at her and making her whimper as she backed away, seeing something that made her scare of him.

"Hehe...man you work fast replacing women in your life." Kaitoh chuckled.

"..." Kiina's eye twitched.

"I don't think he meant you, love," Wolfgang's crystal lit up.

"Don't bring her up." Tsukasa groaned.

"Oh but you loved her so much."


"You even gave up a portion of your own life energy for her to live." he went on regardless. "you still owe me for that treasure."

"Stop." Tsukasa groaned.

"And how does she repay you left you all alone."





With that, Kaito shot his gun upwards as three colored images moved around him before forming into armor while cyan colored bars slammed into his helmet making the cyan color go down the sides of his body.

"Oh! They look like twins!" Kiina exclaimed.

"So, you're working for Kaos?"

"Working...ha!" DiEnd laughed. "I wouldn't work with that annoying midget if my life depended on it. I'm just putting up with him for the moment."

"...So in short, you're working for Kaos's true master?" Decade asked.

"Always the vigilant one." DiEnd replied as he aimed his gun at them.

"Kaitoh...You think i would waste my time with a midget who loses every time to people who don't kill at all?"

"My my such arrogance, even more so then normal." he said as he pulled out cards from a holder on his hip. "But you know my style already, so let's try some new treasures of mine." he said holding up some cards.

"Not here Kaitoh."

"No here." he said inserting six cards.


"...Kaitoh...let me show you my new skills as well." he said.


With that DiEnd aimed his gun at them before he fired and six different sets of projections formed before they became the very Riders called out by DiEnd's gun. Decade was then covered by a blue card as he changed into D-Blade.

"Mr. Blade Beetle!" Kiina awed.

D-Blade then placed another card in his belt.


With that a gold image combined to D-Blade's chest as wings formed on his back before his helmets mask turned gold.

"Kiina, stay away, and that's an order." D-Blade frowned.

"Return that life to god." IXA spoke as he aimed his gun at them before he began to fire.

"Eep!" Kiina squeaked before a red shield blocked the shots.

"Even if you do not wish it, I'll stand at your side for this fight," Wildfire informed D-Blade.

"...Ughh i forgot about you...ok." Di-End smirked inserting another card and firing it into the air. "I'll thank Kaos for this later."


With that, the Skylander returned to Kiina as her crystals turned dim and the voices in them silent.

"...Everyone?" Kiina blinked, tapping the crystals, "Wildfire? Where did you go?"

"Sorry girl but that card just took away your powers for a day." DiEnd chuckled. "Courtsey of Kaos of course. Ugh I feel sick saying that"

"Ugh!" Kiina shuddered, "I feel sick just hearing that."

"Saa your fate is mine to decide!" Meteor shouted as he kicked D-Blade, sending him flying back.


"Kiina, run!" D-Blade ordered before Beast and Birth kicked him.

"Saa Lunchtime da!"

"But…" Kiina began, tears forming in her eyes, as she pursed her lips before a red blur went by her, "?!"

"HA!" Baron roared as he slashed at Beast then Birth. He then stabbed Accel before he kicked IXA.

"Oi! What arre you doing? we share the same name?" Diend frowned.

"I follow my own rules." Baron said as he grabbed Accel before he ran and slammed him into Ixa, "Sa... fight me!" he ordered.

"Mr. Banana…"

"ORE GA BARON!" Baron roared as he slashed Ixa and Accel.

"Y-Yes, Baron Banana, sir," Kiina nodded as she ran behind a large rock.

"Just Baron." he snorted, "As smart as Kazuraba this one." he mumbled as he stabbed Ixa while punching Accel in the face repeatedly.

"Kaitoh!" D-Blade snarled as he and Diend engaged in a fight. DiEnd used his Diendriver to block D-Blade's sword, before they kicked each other back.

"Still evolving, huh Tsukasa?"

"Shut up."

"What do you prefer then, Decade? Kamen Rider? Dai Shuryo...or Ju...d.."

"Don't...ever call me by his name."

"Still testy, aren't you?" DiEnd asked as he began to shoot him point blank.

"I just want that past forgotten...that damn fate of my blood."

"And yet a few years back you were calling yourself the Great Leader...or did you forget?"

"..." Tsukasa frowned at that, wondering if he'll always return to that role.

"Daijobu. Right now, I don't care about Judo."

"You…" he snarled before Kaitoh inserted a card.


Diend then aimed his gun at the citizens of town they were in.

"Kaitoh no!"

"...They're just dolls."

"Dolls?" the two glanced to see Kiina, shaking with her head down.

"They have no life, just something a stupid little midget who never got hugs from daddy made."

"No...life…?" Kiina began to tremble.

"Ahh, so they can just burn." he said as his summons were absorbed into his gun making the circles he created grow in size, "But since you care so much..." he scoffed before pointing the gun at her, "You can die first."

At that, he fired at her. The blast was about to hit Kiina until...


D-Blade pushed her out of the way before he was consumed by the blast.

"Kadoya!" Kiina exclaimed.

"...Humph, till next time." DiEnd waved, blurring out of existence as he ran off.

"Kadoya!" Kiina called as she ran over to the fading smoke, revealing Tsukasa knocked out and bleeding, "Oh no…"

"Told you...to...run...little...gi.." Tsukasa coughed out before going into unconscious.

At that, the screen was closed and a close up of the decadriver was soon as all nine lights on it glowed and W, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, and Drive's images appearedappeared in the center of the Decadriver.

Jikai, Kamen Rider Decade…

Kiina: You are not leaving until you're given a clean bill of health!

Tsukasa: I don't have time for this, you idiot girl!

Buzz: You shouldn't be so hard on her. She's had to go through a lot in her life.

Tsukasa: This is a school?

Hugo: Today's guest speaker is Mr. Tsukasa Kadoya!

Chapter 2: Skylanders Academy? Understanding each other.

Destroy Everything, Connect Everything

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