Okay, I know you are all expecting an update to this story sooner or later, but I want to just get this out: I am not a happy camper. Do you know what I've gotten over the last few weeks for reviews? For something that in each chapter should be meant to be used for something important like, oh I don't know, ACTUAL REVIEWS! All the new reviews I've gotten, especially those that I can reply to since they're not anonymous, ARE JUST THE SAME THING! It's all 'Update this story'; 'Why aren't you updating this story?'; 'Please, please, please update this story.' WELL NO MORE! As of this moment, I REFUSE TO WRITE ANOTHER CHAPTER IN THIS OR ANY OTHER STORY UNTIL I GET A DECENT REVIEW! I AM ON STRIKE NOW! *slumps* Sorry for that, but...but I want an honest review right now. I've been having a busy life outside of the computer right now, schoolwork has been constant and quite difficult to finish recently, for one thing and I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders to get good grades this semester. So, please, just...I just want a good review is all. Something that I can actually respond to that I can help the reader understand in a story. What they liked, what they disliked, what their favorite part was, what was the least favorite, any suggestions they have. Anything would be nice except for 'update this story.' Because I swear that I have had it with that question! I will update when I can. Until then, STOP ASKING THAT QUESTION! Again, I'm sorry, but I am tired of it being asked and I really am hoping you can at least give a good review to at least one of my stories on just one chapter. Just...please, okay? I can't stand that question being asked anymore especially in a review. If you want to ask it, then PM me. Don't ask it in a review, a thing meant to help me improve myself. Also, for those of you who read 'A Different Path II,' I am not-I repeat not-currently accepting OCs at the moment.