Day 20

The next day when the people of Salem walked out of their homes the first thing that was said was, "How the hell are you still alive?!". Everyone turned and gave !AcE a stare down.

"It's complicated." muttered !AcE. Mjfan smiled and chased after a butterfly not even trying to pay attention to what was going on.

"Explain." requested Oliveroil. Woah slow down! You the reader probably have no idea why they are suprised !AcE is alive so allow me to explain first. It all started on around let's say Night 5. TickTock the town lookout was about to make the biggest mistake in her entire life(almost don't forget the noodle incident) she decided to watch John Proctor's house. The house where an investigator was talking to a seriel killer at night, TickTock feeling a tinge of justice knocked on the door and tryed to tell them they could not have private conversations at night. It was then that in response they asked 'why'. Why? That made TickTock think why could they not visit eachother at night and speak and private. She listened and follwed so now becuase it was a trandition but, who started it? So many thoughts ran through her mind and she grabbed her hair and fell to her knees. When she recovered she made up her mind, TickTock did not care if it seemed slightly unreasonable she would persist. Now this is when that nasty little killer thought pops up. By speaking to them at night in private no matter what the topic she was breaking the tradition also. All it took was that one thought and in just minutes after the encounter, TickTock went jester. A lookout turned into a jester.

That was a complex situation but it's only the beginning. After TickTock went jester it was pretty obvious she was a jester but, not in a Funnybone way. In a way that just made others feel so sorry for her. It came to a point where the town kinda wanted to just hang her to put her out of her misery. This is where !AcE comes in, he was the one who chose to sacrifice himself to help TickTock.

So now your aware why !AcE should be dead you now might want to know how he survived. Listen to !AcE and you might get a partial answer.

"That night after I lynched TickTock, I was jailed." replied !AcE. The town continued to look at !AcE waiting for him to say more. "That is all I know."

"That's all?" questioned Meow, "I don't think simply being jailed can save you from a jester's revenge."

"I'm sorry all I know is I was jailed." !AcE said nervously. Meow scratched his chin and shrugged, "Oh well, now that we done interrogating the new person. Who should we hang?" !AcE chin dropped and few inched at how easily the town moved on and forgot about such an important event but like Meow he shrugged it off.

"You know all the killing is not really kind. How about bringing someone back to life?" suggested Funnybone. Koko rolled his eyes at what he thought was a shitty idea.

"Funnybone I don't think this town has a retributionist." You said with a bored tone.

"Are you sure, You?" asked Funnybone with a silly face. Violet barked happily and rang the bell signaling nightfall.

Night 20

That night at the mafioso's house. Lorrraine seemed to be happier then usual. "What happened?" asked William, "Why so happy?"

"I think someone took my place while I was home dancing to FoB." she said with a grin.

"Oh, so you finnaly met the other disgiuser." replied Cotton.

"The other disguiser?" Mjfan asked in shock.

"Yes another disguiser, no one knows what they look like, but according to most of the mafia they felt to cool to disguise themselves as townies so they decided to break there roles job slightly and take the place of mafia members during the day every so often to give us a break." explained Jonathan. The other mafia embers besides mjfan simply nodded, they already knew what Jonathan was talking about. Mjfan who never heard before seemed a little relieved she was dealing with one of her own and not a creepy stalker.

"But the hair they took." mjfan pointed out.

"They are a professional disguiser one of the best at their job. They can make themselves look like anyone and smell like them too. Not many disguisers can mimic scent." replied Jonathan. Though mjfan did not say this out loud she wondered what she smelled like...

Not to far away, as a matter of fact in the exact same town a person by the name of Meodat Jawson was in there home playing with toys, drawing pictures, and eating cookies. They were one of only people who spent their nights goofing off and not taking things seriously in general. Meodat felt that the people in their town were just too paranoid. "If only they could just calm down and realize there is no danger." they thought to themselves. Meodat pulled an iPhone out of his pocket and played some games on it. Yes that is right, Meodat a 'pilgrim' owned an iPhone. How? Easy. Meodat was not your average pilgrim Meodat was from the future and had come to learn more about Salem. Oh boy, if the town ever found out would they ask for help or brush him off as another witch (*cough*Koko*cough*). Will the town ever learn how to stick together and fight crime as one? Or will the same tragedy they experience about every few decades happen again?

Back at the Mafioso's home the godfather had just ordered William to shoot !AcE. !AcE, the poor one who had not so long ago nearly died was about to be killed again. That is how Salem works. Right wen things are going good for you. BOOM! You get killed in the middle of night. Quite sad if you really think about it and what it is like outside of a videogame. Also maybe the reason Salem is so paranoid and panicky in general. People who enjoy just casually killing others in the middle of the night. Imagine living in a town where that happened. I would probably be really paranoid to.

In Jame's home Jame studied his evidence very closly hoping there was not another framer on the loose. James Smith was the sheriff and if was his job to find members of the mafia and hang them to protect his town. So far James had not found a single mafia member. How was the mafia hiding so well? Why was it that the very few mafia members he did find died before he could lynch them? "Redwood." he thought to himself. "You just had to visit that vet the night I found out you were a member of mafia." James did not care whether he was praised or not is was just that feeling he got when he found precious information and it instantly became useless the next day. Though in a personal sense James could see why Redwood would have chosen to frame a vet. The whole 'Country of Castel' was the dumbest idea he had ever heard. Even Funnybone would never try to pull that stunt off but, then again Funnybone wasn't trying to lure people to his home so he could shoot them so maybe Funnybone is still the silliest person. That one night, James actually laughed. Maybe Meodat wasn't completely failing to get the people to calm down?

This whole time Violet the dog was still sitting in the bell tower watching where the people were going and what they were doing. Violet never understood these people and their motives. Why kill just to kill? Even the one that was part dog seemed to kill for no reason. "Silly people." Violet thought to herself, "they have so much to learn."