Escaping Anarchy chapter 1

Summary: AU from the end of Season 6. Tara left Charming with Abel & Thomas. 10 years later, Jax is released from federal prison. Abel & Thomas make some new friends along the way.


Chicago, Illinois

A 16 year old Abel and a 14 year old Thomas walked down the sidewalk on their way home from school. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and things seemed to be normal. That was when they were suddenly treated to ice cream by two of the most beautiful women they had ever seen. What made it all the more memorable was that they both got a kiss from each of them.

The older one with the slim upper back and very muscular physique had coffee ice cream with caramel. Abel would always remember her.

The younger one, who had a wider back but equally muscular physique, had vanilla ice cream with hot fudge. Thomas would remember her the rest of his life.

"They were checking us out." Abel said.

"Maybe they just wanted ice cream and were being nice." Thomas said.

"If it was just being nice, they wouldn't have been pressing up on us when they kissed us on the foreheads." Abel said, remembering as well how both women had boobs bigger than any he had seen on the models featured in the magazines he hid from their mother.

"Do you think we'll ever see them again?" Thomas asked as they approached the house. Abel took his keys out from his pocket and opened the door. "If we do, we'll find out soon enough."

Opening the door, Abel and Thomas walked in. "Mom! We're home!"

"In the kitchen." They heard their mother's voice coming from the kitchen. Following it, they saw her and another woman staring at each other like it was the OK Coral.

The mysterious woman had a striking resemblance to the two girls that they saw just moments ago except she had a very womanly figure with a more slender physique. She was the same height as their mother (5ft 6in) and her hair was jet black just like their mother's. Only while Tara Knowles-Teller had fair skin and short hair, this woman had fair to lightly tanned skin with long hair.

"Hello, boys. I was just talking with your mother about a nice get together at my friend Eve Rohan's house in the city. Good food and some good laughs could be had there. So I thought I'd invite the three of you. Dinner starts at 7 tomorrow night. Make sure not to eat any sweets beforehand. You don't want to spoil your appetite."

Kissing each of them on the forehead, she walked out of the house, closing the door behind her as she left.

Upon first meeting her, Tara Knowles did not care much for the busty Italian woman who introduced herself as Angela Cortez. The basket of fresh baked biscuits, apple fritters and biscotti along with the loaf of Italian bread with chopped olives and rosemary leaves helped to break the ice. After a while, they became amiable enough to at least tolerate one another.

What Angela did not let on was the same thing Tara stayed away from.

The fact that both women were Old Ladies to Sons.

Yet somehow there was the feeling between the two of them that the white elephant in the room was going to make itself known sooner or later and it was not going to be pretty.

Charming, California

He spent ten years inside a prison cell in his wife's place and to try and wash away the transgressions of the club. Somehow, in that time, DA Patterson thought he behaved enough to leave ahead of schedule.

A part of him wondered if he would ever sit at the head of the table again. Another part of him dreaded holding the gavel. Yet there he sat, gavel in hand, at the head of the table, staring into the faces of the men he called his brothers. SAMCRO had gathered together with members of the Nomad charter.

Happy kept a watchful eye on Hank 'Swamp Man' McCoy, a Nomad Son who matched him in brutality and violence.

Chibs kept a weary eye on Vincent 'Iron Man' Valentine, the Nomad Secretary and right hand man to the Son who Jax was staring down.

Samuel Harrison Voorhees a.k.a. Sharky.

The former USMC Force Recon Captain, former SAMTAF Sergeant at Arms, Club Chaplain and current Nomad VP walked to Jax and placed a manila folder in front of the National President. "Tommy has a friend who develops pictures and knows the value of a closed mouth."

Jax looked at the pictures, his eyes growing hot with fury.

"Your mother would never let any of you go. Your Old Lady did that just to get away from Charming."

"Where is my mother?"

"Only Psycho knows where the bodies are buried. He never talks about them." Sharky said objectively.

"Sharky's right, Jax. If Danny buries 'em, they are gone. Your Mom; she is no exception. The only thing he said to me about her was that he did not take the knife or the torch to her." Happy said despondently.

"Who reached out to that psychopath?"

Chibs raised a hand. Sharky looked from the SAMCRO VP to Jax and said, "Chibs spoke to me about it and I sent Psycho over to help make the body disappear."

Though he was more than angry, Jax managed to ask, "Can you at least tell me where Tara and my sons are?"

"They're in Chicago." Iron Man said. "We helped keep them above ground while keeping our distance from them. She doesn't seem to like us."

"Was I a moron to think they would have stayed?" Jax asked almost rhetorically.

"You did what you thought was right and she did the same. Or at the least, the both of you told yourselves that when you did what you did." Swamp Man said grimly. "You could reach out to her but I doubt she is going to pay any attention to what you have to say."

"I am going to see my sons and Tara again." It was not a request and every Son save for one knew that it was not going to end well. Standing up from his chair, Jax stared right at Sharky, who was not moved at all by his attempt at a death glare. "Tell Psycho to dig up my mother and bring her remains to me so I can bury her properly."

Sharky walked outside to the Rec Room, took his cell phone off the pool table and dialed a number. As he did this, Jax turned to Chibs in anger. "Tell me why I should not take your cut and your head."

"You and her would both be rotting in prison cells while your boys would have to grow up without either of you. Abel and Thomas deserve better than living like orphans."

Jax stormed out and left the clubhouse without acknowledging anyone.

Chicago, Illinois

"Is this the place?" Angelica asked, taking her helmet off and releasing her long, dark black hair from it's confines. The dark black hair was clearly inherited from their Hispanic New Yorker father.

"Yes, it is." Angelina said, taking her helmet off, releasing her long, dark brown hair, which was more distinct of their Italian Chicagoan mother.

The Cortez sisters were unlike most other girls they knew. It could be attributed to their spirit and personalities but it had more to do with how they both stood at heights of 6 feet and how strong their bodies were. Angelica and Angelina had very muscular physiques while retaining their female figures, especially since their breasts were so big that they stood out from the muscle mass.

Angelica's upper back was slim but by no means lanky. She had enough muscle mass to give herself a good shape. Angelina's upper back was more wider. While Angelica's shoulders were slender, Angelina's shoulders were broad.

"Do you think they are here?" Angelina asked as they stood a few feet away from the door.

"If they are, we'll find out soon enough." Angelica said as she knocked on the door.

The door opened and that was when they met Tara Knowles-Teller for the first time.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"You're Tara, right?" Angelica asked.

"Yes, I am. Who are you?" Tara asked.

"I'm Angelica. This is my sister, Angelina." Angelica said as she made the introductions. "Eve sent us here to take you and your boys up to her house for supper."

"Speaking of that, we ought to get a move on because dinner is going to be set in the next 20 minutes and it takes a while to get to Chicago." Angelina said while looking at her wristwatch.



Tara looked over to where Abel and Thomas were waving at Angelica and Angelina with smiles on their faces. "Hi boys!" The Cortez sisters chimed together with a wave.

"How do you know my sons and how do they know you?" Tara asked as the Cortez sisters entered the house.

"We met them in front of an ice cream truck." Angelina said while Angelica picked up both Abel and Thomas effortlessly in a bear hug.

"Put them down." Tara said, noting how Angelica was showing off her physical strength while playing around with Abel and Thomas.

Angelica looked at her with a smile as she put Abel and Thomas back down on the floor. "Abel, Thomas, go get dressed and cleaned up. We're all going to a dinner party in Chicago."

Once they were gone, Angelica and Angelina approached Tara together. "You have cute kids." Angelina said.

"Why are you two really here? I don't buy this whole hospitality line." Tara asked, consciously trying to figure out what they wanted.

"Eve wanted us to relay a message to you. Something about your husband wanting to see you and the kids again." Angelica said.

"I'm not going back to Charming and neither are my boys."

"Why are we not going back to Charming, Mom?" Abel asked.

Angelica, Angelina and Tara turned to see Abel and Thomas standing in the doorway to the kitchen, ready to go but curious as to why they were not going to Charming. "Has Dad been wondering where we were for all these years?"

Tara could feel the eyes boring into her from both her children and the two women at her sides.

Angelica chose to intervene at that moment to at least postpone the inevitable conversation.

"We have to go. Eve is going to have a fit if we arrive late. Angelina, take the boys over to the car. Tara and I'll be right out with you in a minute."

Once they were out of the house, Tara looked at Angelica and said in an irate voice, "I am not going back to Jackson Teller, Charming or the club and neither of you can make me. I have lost everything to them."

"What you have against the MC, that's between you and them. For now, we have a dinner party to get to." That statement alone was enough to make Tara angry and suspicious about who these two women really were.

Charming, California

Getting up from his chair, Jax grabbed another beer from the fridge and drank it. "Who delivered the message?"

"Coyote's daughters. They're in town with their Ma."

"The Cortez girls?" Jax said, trying to figure out if he had seen them before. "How old are they now?"

"The older one is 19 and the younger one is 17." Chibs answered.

"Do they know anything about what's going on between me and Tara?"

Chibs shook his head. "It's not like they're gossiping over what goes on here in , there was some talk that the Cortez girls were flirting with Abel and Thomas."

Jax almost let out a laugh at that. Both of Coyote's girls were older than Abel and Thomas and they probably liked California as much as their father, Coyote, did. Why would they be interested in his boys? The likelihood of the Cortez sisters trying to bind their family to the Tellers was very unlikely.

A/n: This is an alternative universe story where Tara and Jax are both alive but the Cortez sisters take up for a while with the Teller brothers. If this story entertains, leave a review.