Escaping Anarchy chapter 26

In 2035, Abel Teller married Josselyn Roy.

The event was attended by both the Teller and Roy families as well as the Cortez family who fostered Jackson's sons during the time of Tara's six year sentence.

It was one year after Rane Quinn passed away but they were all trying their best to put the pieces together and continue on with life.

Angelica, Angelina and Angelo had all married and became parents.

Angelica's 4 year old son, Daniel, stood along Angelina's 3 year old daughter, Elena.

Angelo's 2 year old son, Rafael, rested in Lara Cortez's arms. Angelo's wife was already expecting her second child, another boy, whose birth was due to arrive soon.

All in all, the event was a happy one. To their surprise, Chibs and Happy along with the rest of SAMCRO, those of the old guard and the newest patches showed up.

None made their appearance more of a head turner more than the grey haired Son everyone thought had dropped off the face of the planet.

Alexander David Trager, also known as Tig, emerged from the void of the Nomad charter with Sharky and Iron Man.

While everyone was happy to see him again, there was the unspoken rule about Nomads.

No member of the Nomad charter who has gone completely 'off the grid' ever resurfaces without a reason that was club related.

While everyone else partied and celebrated, Tig pulled Coyote to a private room. Jax, Chibs and Happy joined them along with Sharky and Iron Man.

"I heard about Bobby. How was the service?"

"He was buried with full honors." Chibs said, recalling the recently deceased Robert Munson aka Bobby Elvis, who had served in his final days as the elder statesman of SAMCRO.

"Sorry I wasn't there to see him off." Tig said.

"A lot happened for us. We know that. What we don't know though is what happened to you." Jax said as everyone had a shot of something to drink.

Tig looked to Sharky and Iron Man for a moment as if to ask permission. Upon their nod, he revealed where he was. "Belkin found me. We took off for a while. He talked with me about his final wishes and gave me instructions of what to do when he got dealt the hard goodbye."

Tig took out a paper from his kutte pocket and read it, "To my brothers in arms, if you are hearing these words spoken, I am already dead and gone. I have lived a life very few could ever survive and fewer will ever know. I do not regret any of the kills tied to my name and I will answer for every one of them come the day. Through it all, I have no regrets save for the fact that I never got to grow old with Mallory at my side. If I am lucky enough, perhaps I will be reunited with her on the other side. I have nothing in the way of material things so I have nothing to bequeath to any of you. Instead of that, I thank you all for having enriched my life at a time when I had nothing. When I had no one, the club gave me a family. I hope that I have given back to the MC what it has given to me. Shalom. Akim Belkin a.k.a. The Caveman."

Coyote looked at Sam and Vince for a moment before asking, "How did it happen?"

"Old age." Sam said as Coyote downed his shot of rum. Changing the subject to a less distressing matter, Sam asked about Coyote's grandchildren, which helped put a smile on the relatively young VP of SAMYORK.

"Right now, I'm glad that they are still young enough to not be corrupted by the world. Apart from that, Daniel and Elena are thick as thieves and Rafael is the apple of his mother's eye."

"How does it feel being a grandfather, Coyote?" Chibs asked.

"It still surprises me that I'm a grandfather. The feeling of holding Daniel, Elena and Rafael in my arms for the first time, I can not begin to describe the feeling it gives me but I am thankful for it."

"From the looks of your daughter-in-law, I got a feeling you are about to welcome more grandchildren into this crazy world." Vince quipped.

Jax shrugged. "I don't know about the rest of you but I have no idea what I am going to do if Abel and Josselyn have children."

"You still have Tara with you. It is a question of what the both of you are going to do when it happens." Happy said. In his old age, the feared Sergeant at Arms for SAMCRO had begun dispensing words of wisdom.

Sam walked over to Jax and put a hand on his shoulder. "What are you hoping for?"

"I wouldn't mind if I had a granddaughter or two but I also would like to see a grandson or two carry the Teller name better than I ever did."

Coyote raised his glass and said, "To the next generation of our families."

"To those brothers of ours we have had to say goodbye to." Chibs added.

"To the next generation of Sons." Happy spoke up.

"And the futures that await us all." Sharky added.

"Including the one where most of us end up blind drunk." Iron Man quipped.

"I'll drink to that, Vince." Tig said as they all downed their respective drinks.

The first night they had sex as a married couple, Josselyn swore that they would not become complacent in their love making and that Abel would not be out of shape whether it was in or out of the bedroom.

In 2036, Filip Teller was born.

In 2037, Emma Teller was born.

In 2039, Sam Teller was born.

In 2041, Ivy Teller was born.

Filip and Emma both inherited their mother's bright red hair and deep green eyes.

Sam and Ivy inherited their father's blonde hair and faded green eyes.

Abel left the Air Force after having served it for almost a decade. He took up aviation and took up working in a rescue helicopter. Josselyn talked him into living in Louisiana.

She worked for years in the fishing trade as the inspector for each boat and barge in regards to sanitary containment for whatever was caught in the Gulf and the proper maintenance of each vessel.

After a few decades of flying rescue helicopters, Abel needed a change of pace so he changed his career to that of a fisherman. The days were long but he and his family endured together.

He no longer bore the fear of either possessing or carrying on what he called 'the Teller curse'.

Abel Teller became his own man.

Tommy married Nora after he received his license to practice medicine and medical care.

On their wedding night, Tommy took Nora to bed and the sex between them was such that he got her knocked up almost immediately.

In 2038, Madeline Teller was born. Unlike her mother, she was born in the light of day and her eyes were green like her father. Her hair was in the same manner as Nora's, though when she got older, Madeline would opt to have her hair cut short in a tomboyish manner.

Tommy became a skilled surgeon and trauma doctor. Tara was perhaps the proudest mother in all of Chicago in the knowledge that her boy became a greater doctor than she ever was and that he would never follow in the dark footsteps of his father.

In 2040, Matthew Teller was born. He inherited the skunk hair of his mother and his father's eyes.

When their children had grown up and long after they had flown from the nest, Tommy and Nora chose to retire in Ireland.

They would only come back to America to attend the funerals of Jackson Teller and Tara Knowles-Teller.