The Pirate Ninja Era

AN: I always wanted to do this but with a Ninja with this. I know you guys heard of Ninja pirates before. But, if you didn't well... I hope you take in interest on how this story flows. Though a Warning: There will be a little crossover with One Piece since, some of the tools or ideas may be taken from the Anime/Manga.

Many years ago,here on this some island acting like it was his vacation,but really his death. He was going to be executed in front of all these people living on this specific island in the Land of Fire. His name is Hashirama Senju, a mans name that could make the heavens quake in fear, the man that was once called "King Of The Ninja Pirates!". Though, now here he is walking up to the a brown platform with two shinobi with there kunia …smiling! Which came shocked to everyone there why would someone that was sentenced to his death be smiling?!

Little did anyone would know this is when a new era beings...

As the man bend down on his knees the two Shinobi by him

"Is there anything else you want to say before you die," questioned a random shinobi ready to take his life.

Then, as it was just fate, a random pirate wanted to ask the legendary pirate this question.

"Hey, Pirate King! Where's that secret treasure your hiding," shouted a random pirate. Eventually, one after another random pirates starting to ask

" Yeah, were is it!?

" Tell us!"

This made the king laugh. With these kind smile he said these words to what keep pirates to travel across the sea to find the treasure of dreams.

"Hahahhaahahha…..You want my treasure you can have it!… I left my treasure in somewhere at sea.. Now,you just have to find it… Hahahaha-," the laughing stopped as the once King of Ninja pirates was no more.

Later, after that these words he said, made pirates travel all around the world find this rare treasure.

Years, later a new and old generation of Pirates has begun!

Though as there are many pirates we will focus on a blond teen named Naruto Uzumaki age sixteen ready to now set sail. But, one problem… he hasn't even started a crew or gather gotten a ship for that matter…?

Well you gonna have to read the next chapter to figure that out...

AN: I hope that was a good I'm staring to make this story better then my other ones.