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Chapter 2: The Snake

Last time-

"Kukuku...so the mouse discovers the snake"


(A.N. The Fight sequence was written by Uzumaki-Son Naruto on request. Check his profile out. The Guys awesome!)


One of the basic emotions of a human be it civilians or Ninja.

Most civilians are more prone to fear as they rarely have any skills needed to protect themselves and those that do have… their fear might last longer but in the end THAT fear will ultimately be their downfall.

Ninjas should be less fearful as they have the skills needed to protect them from unnecessary threats that they can easily handle but when facing one that is more than they can handle, well like the civilians, that would be their ultimate downfalls.

Unless they possessed the mental capacity to out maneuver that fear of course.

Now as a ninja in training that continuously trains in a forbidden area like the forest of death while at the same time slathering bandits in missions while also having a mother that can leak Killer Intent rival to that of a Bijuu, there wasn't much that our favorite blonde ninja was afraid of.

But now, standing behind of him, it was something that made said blonde want to wet his pants; not because of the appearance, no-no, because of that MASSIVE KILLER INTENT the being was releasing.

What to do, what to do.?

"My, my, little Naruto-kun thinks he can formulate a successful plan of action against me kukukuku…"

Holy shit his voice even sounds creepy!

Visibly trying to calm his shaking body he slowly turned around to face the monster that was behind him while at the same time, thoughts and lessons ran straight through Naruto's head in a mile a second.

'Assess the danger… okay, done. He's obviously human from what I can see right in front of me but one would have to wonder what kind of mental discipline he would go to emit this amount of KI.'

A flash of memory appeared in his brain and he suddenly found himself standing facing the old Hokage as he smoked his pipe.

He listened as his mentor spoke, "Remember Naruto-kun that during a battle with the stronger shinobi, the feel of their presence alone can tell much about the owner's nature/objective."

Snapping back to reality, Naruto realized that he hasn't been knocked out yet and he didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

'I need to get a feel of his chakra level to know what I'm dealing with.' He thought before he discretely sent a chakra pulse through his feet getting a feel of every presence within the radius of the pulse and once it passed the threat in front of him he gasped and stepped back wards in fear.

Shit, Shit, shit.

Shit, shit, fucking shit.

This monster has a chakra level that could rival that of a fukin' Biju!

Here's hoping that his presence says otherwise.



"Is Naruto-kun scared of little old me?"

Forget scared, he was fucking terrified!

Only the stats he got were staggering to say the least; Kage Level Chakra; Stealth Skills higher than most ANBU and Kage; definitely foreigner – seeing as this was the first time he felt a presence like this; definitely a shinobi; so then the question of the day is this.

How does a foreigner know the inner workings of the village security for him to sneak in undetected?

Simple answer… a spy.

Naruto squeezed his nose at the scent of the ninja in front of him. But wait, that smell, it smells like…


Anko is a female and she definitely isn't standing in front of him right now so the only other possibility was that they were linked through something else; their summons!

But then that would mean


Okay Naruto play it cool like a bad ass, "So, What's the almighty snake sage himself doing in a place like this?"

"My, my, I didn't know that even children know of my reputation," Orochimaru smoothly said with his insane grin on his face as his tongue flicked out of his mouth, "I need to know what you have heard about little old me kukukuku…"

"I heard that you're a gay pedophile." Naruto deadpanned externally while inwardly he was gratified at the twitch he saw appear on the face of the sanin.

"Ever wonder why they warn children not to play with fire?" Orochimaru asked annoyed with the audacity of the brat in front of him, "They get burned."

"Then try and burn me."

Orochimaru was surprised at the speed the blond revealed to him as he finished that sentence as he ducked under a roundhouse kick that was meant for his head but he knew something was wrong as the blond smirked.

Naruto slammed his right hand to the ground and used the momentum gained to twist his body in an angle sending another roundhouse kick to the stomach of the sanin in front of him but unfortunately for him his attack was blocked by said Sanin's hand.

The smirk was still there the Sanin thought as he was watching thinking what the blond next move was and was unprepared for the third attack by said blond.

Naruto channeled a huge amount of chakra through his hands causing the ground below him to explode but that was what he wanted as it was what pushed him into the air and it was what he needed to complete his more powerful roundhouse.

Naruto frowned as his opponent turned into mud and struggled as snakes came and wrapped themselves around him trapping him with their grip.

"The neglected son of Minato and Kushina," Orochimaru was walking towards his trapped prey, "what a fine piece of work you'll be."

"Wasn't it you that said not to play with fire?" Naruto taunted causing the Sanin to frown as he reached the struggling blond.

"What are you –

"Bunshin Diakwahuha! (Clone Explosion!)"


'Substituting with explosive shadow clones, what an amazing feat for someone who was ignored most of his life.' Orochimaru thought as he recovered from the blast sent his way.

"Impressive Naruto-kun but I think that's as far as your skill –

He was interrupted from his monologue as he quickly dodged the barrage of shiruken and Kunai sent his way and looked to its thrower who smirked at missing him.

That was odd.

"You missed me brat, so what's with that proud look?" he asked and frowned even more at the increase of said smirk.

Now he knew he was really missing something.

Naruto pointed and the Sanin followed the trajectory and it was then his eyes widened at seeing where the Kunai and Shiruken hit.

It was the Namikaze estate!

The home of the Hokage!

Well played.

"Now Time to wait and watch." Naruto said cockily.

"Did you count the poison, your medic gave you?" Orochimaru asked saucily.


"Now just if you took Reverse Summoning into account."

Walking towards the downed boy, Orochimaru was genuinely surprised when Naruto looked upon him and said

"And what if I did? Hebi-teme,"

Orochimaru's eyes widened when he heard Naruto mutter

"Gate of Opening, open. Gate of Rest, open"

The now white eyes devoid of pupil and life, bore into the snake's.

(A.N.- The rest of fight is completed in chapter 4, for reasons I can't explain for now)

Few days later

Research lab

Sound village, Rice country

Orochimaru had just completed his set of bandages and treatment of himself. 'To think a mere brat did this much damage.' Orochimaru struggled to keep the grin from recurring on his face, after all his research had finally had begun to bore fruits. The fact of how it all started mere years ago brought a chuckle to his scaly face to this day.

Flashback no Jutsu 4 years ago

When Sarutobi had allowed him to flee rather than killing him, the Sandaime may have thought he was doing his old student a favor. However, at least from the point of view of Orochimaru, being forced to abandon all of his experiments and equipment was nothing short of crime. But the fact that it Yondaime had given killing orders and Sarutobi let his emotions guide him, did serve to amuse him though. Had Orochimaru not been setting up a lab in one of the minor villages outside of Konoha for years, he would have been seriously set back in his research after this "tragic" event.

That was the condition, that "thing" found him. It had been quite some time since he was approached by the messenger of a criminal organization by the name Akatsuki.

The messenger itself was however what drew his attention: he had two large Venus flytrap-like extensions enveloping his head and upper body, looking like he was partially plant; but what really got Orochimaru's attention was his ability to seemingly pass through solid matter. He called himself Zetsu. Now Orochimaru having worked for years on subject of human research knew that what in front of him was a probably mass of human cells, given partial human form that is. However that could mean only one thing...

Human Cloning!

Over the years multiple times had Orochimaru tried human cloning, each one of which unfortunately failed. Like take case of cloning First Hokage to study Mokuton. He had ended up wasting sixty infants on that one. Though he had an irking suspicion one fetus had stabilized but the raid by Sandaime had prevented him from checking up on that one.

Anyways Orochimaru knew that joining Akatsuki was worth if only for Zetsu.

Orochimaru quickly realized one thing. Zetsu wasn't the only thing worth joining Akatsuki was. Because the Akatsuki was almost like a walking in a bank of rare bloodlines! It seemed to be God sent to satisfy his bloodline obsession. And like any good scientist he was going to make full use of it.

1. All the members were powerful, famous, S-rank missing-nins. The legendary puppet master, Akasuna no Sasori;

2. The former Swordsman of the Mist and wielder of the Samehada sword, Kisame Hoshigake;

3. The legendary bounty hunter who fought against the Shodai Hokage, Kakuzu of Takigakure…

4. But what really made him jump were the leader, Pain, and his partner. Two orphans he had met in Ame long ago, who had been trained by Jiraiya.

5. One was a blue-haired woman, Konan, who had the power to manipulate paper; to the extent of turning herself into it. He remembered Jiraiya saying something about her talent with paper, but nothing that big. Though most would scoff at the idea of it being useful, it was actually something intriguing and, in the right hands, extremely potent. Especially In hands of Fuinjutsu Master.

6. But the other child was the true jewel. More specifically, his eyes. The Rinnegan. The ultimate doujutsu, thought to be just a legend… He didn't know what its powers were, but all the hype surrounding it, and the fact that the man had defeated Hanzo thanks to it…

There were rumors about Rinnegan but he had leant for sure that this particular Rinnegan was called False Rinnegan for reasons unknown, and constituted the half of the True Rinnegan.

Orochimaru had found out about this from ruins of Whirlpool village. What it meant was something that confused Orochimaru till this date.

Anyways, the DNA of these people was something he wanted at all possible costs.

He was partnered with Sasori after entering the organization, though the small number of member caused them to sometimes trade partners. The plan was to gather the Bijuu, the mighty Tailed Beasts which had been spread through the countries by the Shodai Hokage long ago, and create a weapon powerful enough to threaten the villages and give them control of the world.

But this was the main, final goal; before they went there, they would start by destabilizing the major Hidden Villages. And what better way to do it than by hitting on what sustained them: the economy?

A while later the list was joined by Deidara, the Iwa Mad Bomber with the rare Explosive Bloodline. While it was indeed a formidable bloodline, the recruit that followed him made EVERYTHING ELSE look like child's play.

All members were gathered on the Akatsuki's headquarters, in Ame, where their leader was performing the standard ceremony of presenting a new member. The man was apparently going to be partnered with Kakuzu, so to 'avoid later replacements'. What he had to face the Wrath of the legendary Bounty hunter was something that really Orochimaru wanted to see.

"Why do I always get the bounty less trash?" said Kakuzu with a tone annoyance to it.

"And what do I owe the pleasure of being paired with the great RAGDOLL SAMA!" said Hidan, in a mocking yet a very respectful tone to his voice.

What Orochimaru didn't understood was

1. Was the guy really so eager to die?

2. Why is Konan looking flabbergasted at the respectful tone?

3. Why isn't the guy paying attention to Kakuza's club?

For Orochimaru's surprise, the man didn't show any reaction to the attack until the massive club crushed his abdomen, obviously instantly killing him.

'Hmm, has the Akatsuki fallen so low to accept someone like him? Pathetic.' Orochimaru thought. Now Orochimaru was interrupted even in his thoughts!

"Are you out of your mind you fucking rag dick son of motherfucking bitch?!" Yelled an obviously alive Hidan. Orochimaru was dumbfounded. He looked stunned and could only hear one word from Pain explain about Hindan's abilities, Immortality.

Immortality, the thing he always wanted was possessed by a foul mouthed idiot totally unworthy of it barely 5 feet from him. One thing about Orochimaru that people tend to think is he can't curse but the truth is that he can but only under the extremist of conditions. This was one.


What people think is that Orochimaru's obsession with bloodline was due to him considering his own body inferior. But it couldn't be farther from truth. The truth is that it was people like Hidan whom Orochimaru made him as such he was. Thing he considered prizes in hands of the one highly inferior like Hidan for the immortality bloodline. So the crazy sanin set upon his quest to acquire the bloodlines. The fact that in Akatsuki members on teams were rotated depending on missions helped him greatly.

Due to Hidan fighting recklessly and involving litres of blood being shed, he was the most easy to collect. He collected his blood in pints. Others were a tad difficult but he managed though.

Kakuza's was next and was difficult one but not impossible. The problem was that he had no blood at all. So he presented a bit more of a challenge. Moreover Orochimaru questioned if he even had natural hairs at all? However he still succeeds because every time Kakuza's limbs were cut off, In the process of stitching them back, some of his threads were left here and there which were easy to procure.

Kisame was also very easy. In the few times he got to do mission with the shark-man, he saw how violent that man was. He would pound the opponent with his sword, normally leaving shards of it everywhere. He just had to take the shards by having his snakes take them.

Konan's were ridiculously easy; she would give every new member a flower of papers. While one may ask how can they have DNA? The fact was that these papers were made out of her skin converting to paper. When Deidara was given one, Orochimaru "accidently" bumped into him. Deidara never missed those few paper petals.

Sasori's were difficult due to the no blood problem. But the time came. Orochimaru and Sasori were in the hardest fight they had had for a long time. Zetsu had given wrong information. The opponent unleashed a barrage of shuriken at Sasori who was unable to dodge in time. Orochimaru took their opponent down with his strongest poison.

Checking on Sasori he saw his partner with him taking out shurikens. The shurikens were dipped in purple poison, the replacement of blood in Sasori. But one of them was... red. Was it blood?

"Kukuku, obviously he has the "heart" of a puppeteer"

Orochimaru's snake will make sure to secure that one later.

Pain's was easy to procure, a quick night walk to resting chamber of his Paths and a complete search of them was all it took.

Deidara's DNA was gained a long time back in a battle between him and another Akatsuki member who "convinced" Deidara to join Akatsuki. That reminded him to check on that one Akatsuki member.

Zetsu's DNA was something that should be difficult to procure, so without plan it was doomed to fail. He made one for sure.

After a tough solo mission, Orochimaru was seemingly busy in filling the mission's paperwork. Suddenly, his eyes caught a flicker of black and white, and he threw two kunai's in its direction. Zetsu, who had just risen from the ground, was eyeing cuts on both the cheeks. At the same time. His eyes narrowed at Orochimaru. "Calm YOUR NERVES, Orochimaru OR I WILL!"

Orochimaru frowned and replied "Then don't sneak up on me."

Zetsu glared at him, but replied anyways. "The member who convinced Deidara is being announced."

Orochimaru followed Zetsu, that is after retrieving the two bloodstained kunais.

Orochimaru's eyes nearly popped out of eyes. Yet he drooled uncontrollably at the sight before him

The new member was Itachi Uchiha!

He will acquire his DNA the fastest!

Orochimaru will regret the last statement very quickly.

Quickly Orochimaru realized that this one DNA was most difficult to obtain. Everybody in the organization had mentally noted that though while Itachi was a little paranoid, it was worse around Orochimaru. To Orochimaru, Itachi always looked at him with a look of dislike and mistrust every time he met his gaze. Despite this Orochimaru was unable to resist sneaking was Orochimaru's biggest flaw, the thing that gave him away, restlessness.

Orochimaru knew that the now the only way he was leaving Akatsuki with Itachi's DNA was if he took it by force.

Enraged, Orochimaru fell back before Itachi who straightened up slowly, surveying the Snake sannin coolly. "Give up," Itachi intoned quietly. "You will no longer be welcomed back into Akatsuki after this attack, and I know for certain you cannot return to the place where you were born. If you continue to struggle, you will fall before my Sharingan. Give up and depart intact."

"Brave words for a dead man" Orochimaru spat, drawing out a kunai inside of his robe where Itachi couldn't track the movement.

"Sharingan doesn't suits pedophiles" Itachi mocked.

Now Orochimaru was enraged.

What Orochimaru didn't knew was that the reason Itachi seemed to hate Orochimaru so much was due to the event few years back when Orochimaru's one experiment needed people with very high vitality. However the ones capable of such feats were only those of Uzumaki blood. So he asked Danzo to get one as a payment to implanting Senju bloodline in him if he wanted to. Knowing Kushina, Menma and Yoko were off limits, Danzo gave the Oto nins the location of Naruto. Kabuto who was assigned the mission sent some of his best mercenary ninja, only for a 12 year jounin Itachi to slaughter the lot of them.

Back to fight.

Unpredictably, Orochimaru threw a kunai at Itachi.

In another lifetime, the kunai would have drawn Itachi's blood and Orochimaru would have ran away after getting his right hand cut off. But it wasn't another life time. This time Itachi had fought the most unpredictable ninja ever and to him Orochimaru was open like a map.

Quickly side stepping and gazing into eyes of the snake followed by slamming a palm at Orochimaru's chest, Itachi spoke "Fuin (seal)".

Orochimaru then tried to move but realized he was in a penalization Genjutsu.

"Genjutsu, really that's your best shot?" The paralyzed snake asked mocking asked, not really realizing how deep in shit he was.

"No, the fact you can't break it is my best show." Replied Itachi smugly.

Orochimaru deciding to wipe of the smug quickly gave a chakra pulse to break the Genjutsu.

Only to find chakra out of his reach.

"Oh feeling no chakra? When I palmed your chest I sealed your chakra with a Level 8 Chakra Seal, Orochimaru the white pedophile" mocked Itachi.

"This is an Uzumaki seal, HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS?" roared an enraged Snake.

"Since a 5 year old Uzumaki drew an exploding tag on my shadow clone's ass." said Itachi.

Then he drew an intricate exploding tag on both of his arms, and quickly ran away from Orochimaru.

Orochimaru then heard "KAI"

Then a massive explosion and then all he saw was darkness.

Flashback no Jutsu ends

Till now that particular memory caused him to rub his hands. But now it all had ended.

However unknown to Orochimaru it was just a beginning of his problems.

Orochimaru growled in annoyance. He would have to remember to invent a special, nasty punishment for that man who thought it would be amusing to give Orochimaru-sama a female skin to reside in for the next three years. Now, Orochimaru wasn't angry that he got a female body. He was angry because he got body of useless civilian women and to top it off he got his monthly visit from Mother Nature. For once he understood another's pain.

Think about everything, he realized now he needed to be more careful in his experiments. He couldn't be wasting his limited materials (except Hindan's) on those who would most likely die; he needed someone who had a near perfect chance of surviving them. Someone with almost supernatural healing, who could survive anything…,

The Kyuubi's Jinchuurik's

"No No it won't work at all" Orochimaru realized.

The Kyuubi's chakra was too poisonous to let the DNA implants stabilize inside body of the receiver, according to his estimations. Kushina could have worked due to having only one tail but not only she was too risky to kidnap but also her body had matured making her too unstable to experiment upon. He needed somebody who is in his childhood, has a strong life force and an additional factor that allows him/her to accept bloodlines.

Then something clicked in his mind causing Orochimaru's eyes widened in realization. He had read about something like that few years back.

The History of the first Uzumaki

Orochimaru was frantically searching through pages of the said historical text, till he stopped at one page.

Nobody knows how or why a simple redheaded kid got what made him so fearsome of a warrior. Some said he was crazy, some said he was wrath of gods while most agreed that he was incarnate of the devil himself.

But Orochimaru could conclude one thing for sure.

The man was as strong as the Sage of Six Paths.

The fact that he killed the Sage was a proof to it.

Yes, One can argue that Sage was nearing the age of 200 had to be a factor.

But they were forget one thing, the first Uzumaki at the battle was said to be a mere 15 at the time of the earthshaking battle. The fact that there were 200 Uchiha and 250 Senju at side of the sage could easily tip the favor in sage's favor.

Moreover, he completely annihilated everybody.

But According to the text before Orochimaru, while he was godlike, so was the Sage.

It is said that Sage slammed his palm on the chest of the Uzumaki, causing chakra chains to erupt and bind him and then they merely disappeared.

The Uzumaki also lived to an age of respectable 199. He could have easily lived more if he wasn't betrayed by his family, again.

The battle that killed him also prevented his bloodline from spreading in rest of his family.

His bloodline - The Chimera Bloodline a.k.a The Uzumaki Ambidextrous Bloodline.

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