Luke sulked for the next week in the house. Matt and his friends tried to get him to go out but he just wasn't in the mood. Although Catherine only visited her Dad occasionally he knew he would have to see her eventually. Luke was still irritated that what Frank had said was right. He had cheated on Catherine.

He heard the doorbell and when no one else answered it he went to open it. When he did open it he was shocked to see Tiffany, standing there in the rain. Behind her were Ewart and Zara, both looking angry.

"Tiffany I really don't-"

"It's important." She interrupted swiftly. She said it with such certainty that Luke decided to let them in. They all silently walked into the front room and took a seat.

Awkwardly they stared at each other, expecting the other to say something.

Tiffany took a deep breath before looking Luke straight in the eyes.

"I didn't take the pill."


"I didn't take the morning after pill."

It took a few moments for Luke to understand.

"What? Why?"

"I just couldn't. I was busy."

Perplexed, Luke looked at her to make sure she wasn't joking. He looked back to Zara and Ewart who still looked angry.

"Busy?" Luke exclaimed.

"I had a lot going on- things happened and I just forgot."

"You forgot? Tiffany this isn't something on a grocery list, you said you would take it!"

Tiffany just looked at him, a sad expression on her face,

"Why the hell are you even telling me?"

"I think you know why."

Luke groaned and started to pace the floor. He glanced at the clock on the wall, knowing that his parents would be back from work soon.

"I've got the test with me."Tiffany whispered, her eyes furrowed together.

"Fine. We'll get this over with."

She put it on the table and they looked at it in silence. Luke keep in staring at the test as though it would change the result. But the the result was obvious. Tiffany was pregnant.

Tiffany sat next to Luke, occasionally glancing up at him.

"I noticed on Facebook that you and Catherine split up. I'm sorry."

Ewart was tapping his foot impatiently and his eyes held daggers that were aimed at Luke.

"Well, Tiffany made us promise that we wouldn't talk until the time was right. I think the time to talk is now, don't you?" Ewart hissed.

Luke sighed and just stared at the test, not responding.

"So, you have nothing to say for yourself. Even when you get my daughter pregnant." Ewart said in disbelief.

"It takes two to tangle." Luke muttered, still staring at the tests on the table.

"Excuse me?" Ewart exclaimed, his face beginning to go red.

"Luke, this is serious. Did you both not think of the consequences of not using protection?" Zara interrupted, her tone sharp but controlled.

Suddenly before Luke could answer he heard the latch of the front door open and James whistling down the hallway.

James came into the room with a smile on his face that quickly turned into horror.

"What the hell is going on here?"