ch 2

Danielle stifled a groan as she laid her head on her desk. ….so…. boring…..

Honestly, she thought sneaking into the Academy as a boy would be more interesting. Of course, she wouldn't have to sneak in if her examiner hadn't been blatantly sexist.

Shouldn't things be going a little... faster? All they did was listen to sermons and lectures all day. It was boring. Add to that, Dani's dyslexia was acting up again. Even now the letters on the board and on her desk swirled and twisted before her eyes.

Danielle turned her gaze to the window to watch the holocars fly by. This city was proclaimed by many people as beautiful. To Danielle, it looked like a stagnant cesspool. Sure, it looked like a paradise from the outside, but the reality was that once one moved to the city, you were on a stage. Be perfect to live in the 'perfect' city. Or else you were removed to who knows where. The alliance kept a strong grip on their poster child city. It said, 'Come one, come all, see the beauty of the alliance in all its sickening fake cheer'.

The whole thing felt wrong everytime Dani walked outside. She could practically smell it.

"Daniel," the teacher's voice cut through Dani's musings like a hot knife through butter. She jerked her hand up to pull her wool woven hat further down over her ears. Surely she wasn't discovered already. Real heroines only get discovered after they had proven their worth many times over, so not even stupid examiners can say otherwise.

Licking her lips in an attempt to rectify her mouth's sudden dryness, Dani asked in the deepest voice she could muster, "Sir?"

"The question, Mr. Daniel." The teacher was looking at her scornfully down his nose. They both knew she didn't know the answer.

Although she knew it was futile, Dani looked down to her desk hoping for the answer to just pop up on the screen. To her surprise, it did. Thankfully, in bold print as well. She glanced to the side at the boy across from her. The black kid grinned and tilted his handheld in her direction, revealing the same answer. He winked and went back to what he was doing before.

Danielle turned back to the teacher, trying to look natural, like she hadn't been about to flunk. She cleared her throat and tried to deepen her voice. "The battle of Gemini 4."

The teacher blinked and smiled, happy that one of his students was doing their homework; he was unaware of the silent exchange between his best student and his worst. "You are correct, Mr. Dan-," Dani's teacher gasped as his eyes locked on a shape slightly above Dani's head.

She flipped her head around while surreptitiously erasing the secret question answer on her desk holo. She hoped he hadn't seen it, or at least, that he hadn't seen the other kid help her out.

Although, judging by the look in his eye and the way he narrowed his eyes at her, he probably had seen it. Dani narrowed her eyes slightly; she could have sworn she knew him from somewhere.

The teacher sputtered for a few seconds more before he was able to form legitimate sentences. "C-commander Lance, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

Oh! So that's where she knew him. The red lion pilot! He was just her second favorite pilot, second only to the black lion who was awesome!

Although, the red lion was fastest, so that gave this Lance guy a few points…. Although, not as many as the black li!-

"Well, I realized that the first lecture was already halfway over," Lance's words shocked Dani from her thoughts, "but I hadn't come to meet and greet the firsties, who I will be teaching to fly," here Dani shot up in excitement, "in their third year." Dani slumped with a muttered curse that caused the black kid across from her to snap his head towards her and she noticed Lance, who had made his way to the front of the class to glance to her slumping form.

The teacher smiled excitedly at Lance, as he said, "Well, children, now that we have the great Commander Lance all to ourselves, is there anything you would like to ask him? Perhaps about all the battles he fought in?"

Dani could have sworn she saw Lance wince and shoot a look at the teacher, who seemed to smirk in sadistic joy. What in the world?

But, seeing as Dani was extremely busy raising her hand wildly so she would be chosen, she threw the observation into the back of her head with all the other stuff she learned in class to be forgotten about until eternity ended. Dani pushed her hand just a little further towards the ceiling and was rewarded with Lance meeting her bright purple eyes and lifted his eyebrows, before shrugging a little and calling on her.

"Sir, with all due respect, what are you doing here? What really happened with Voltron?"

Dani internally winced as she heard her own voice. She hadn't meant to sound so... defiant. Or, well, she did, but she didn't want to be in trouble for it.

Dani blinked as multiple emotions flashed across Lance's face. Before he could speak, the teacher did, "Mr. Daniel, mention of Voltron is forbidden. You know this!"

"But i need to know," Dani protested.

"Mr. Dan-"

"It's fine, Teach," interrupted Lance with a sigh. He met my eyes and said, "It's natural to be curious, but I'm only going to tell you this once, so listen up."

"Yes, I was once part of an elite team called the Voltron Force along with four other pilots. I piloted the red lion. However, as you all know, Voltron was deemed unsafe, dismantled, and shipped back to their storage compartments on other pilots, Alura, Pidge, and Hunk are all serving the galaxy faithfully. Allura as ruler of Aeriss, and Pidge and Hunk reclaimed positions in the military and continue to protect our beautiful galaxy."

Dani narrowed her plum shaded eyes and furrowed her brow. She stood as she said, "What about the black lion pilot, Commander Kieth? Where is he?"

Around her, other students sent her glares, wanting to ask questions of their own. Lance gave her a look, but she refused to sit down until her question was answered. He sighed and answered, "Ex-commander Keith is a wanted fugitive and nobody knows his whereabouts."

Dani bristled and her scowl deepened as she lifted her top lip in a slight, barely noticeable snarl. When she spoke next, the listeners could taste her fury in the air. "How could you do that?! You abandoned your comrade and Voltron!"

Lance scowled right back as he answered, "Defending the universe is our top priority and that's exactly what we're doing. Voltron was just a vehicle."

For a moment, Dani felt she would suffocate in her own indignation. She spat, "Just a vehicle!"

Within two seconds, Lance crossed the room and grabbed her arm in a vice-like grip. "Alright," he said, "Up! You're coming with me."

Before Dani could protest, Lance glanced at the black kid across the aisle and added him to their trip, despite his complaints.

Apparently, he had seen them cheat...


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