hello, all. No, i am very sorry this is not another chapter. Unfortunately, I am not sure if i will be posting another one in the future. I want to write this and I have a very clear outline for what is supposed to happen, but unfortunately Netflix took the series off and i cannot find it. the way I had been going with this, I was watching a little of the episode and then writing a little. watching, then writing. without the series, I'm not sure I can finish this the way I wanted to. So, for now at least I am placing this story on something of a hiatus. i will probably release a chapter every once and a while, but it will not be my focus and if I do write a chapter, it will not be the same as the ones I have already posted. I am so so so sorry. I really love this story, and I have some awesome stuff planned, but if I do keep writing this, I will need a lot of help from someone who knows the story and can help me write dialogue and events. if any of you readers would like to volunteer, that would be super super cool of you. anyways, until further notice. Hiatus.

i hate that word:(