Chapter 1

White light assaults my eyes as I start to stir, "mm"I barely murmur as the full body soreness makes it's presence known, "shh Bobby, your safe"she says, it's mom, I can tell by her worried tone. "Where am I"I ask as she pulls the starchy white sheet up onto my chest, "your in the hospital,do you remember what happened"she asks, "not really, I remember walking home and feeling like someone was following me, and now i'm here, is it bad"I ask, "shh not too much dear, the doctor's coming, i'll let him tell you alright"she asks putting her hand on my forehead, "yeah"I murmur. It's the middle of the night, I can tell by the quietness of the ward, and yet mom came out,with no doubt probably with dad but they came despite the hour. I feel her hand stroke my forehead as she sits down on the bed, "mm,ow"I murmur, "am I hurting you"she asks, "no i'm just hurting bad"I say as I squeeze her hand tightly.

At this point the nurse comes in with a doctor and dad behind her, "how are you doing tonight Bob"the doctor asks, "not good, the pain's unbearable"I say, "ok Julia, can you get me some morphine,so we can put an iv in"the doctor asks, "yes doctor"she replies. I watch as she grabs the bag and the needle, and then gives it to the doctor. "just a quick prick OK"the doctor asks, "yeah, just get it over with"I respond. The doctor slides the needle into my arm and attaches the tube to it, and the medicine starts to drip into it. The doctor does his quick examination as he tells me what happened tonight. Basically I was mugged like I originally thought but after it happened I stumbled onto someone's porch and rang the doorbell. The person, a woman, saw how badly beat up I was and let me inside then called 911. The lat thing I remember was being in the living room and the medics getting there, and then getting on a gurney, then the rest is blank up until I awoke at the hospital because I passed out. The doctor finishes up and then everyone leaves but mom and dad. "shh honey get some sleep, we'll be here when you wake up ok"she says gently kissing my forehead and then placing her hand there, "mm k"I said as I fade into oblivion.