Disclaimer: Takahashi Rumiko created Inuyasha. But you all should already know that if you're here.

A/n: This idea just came to me one night while I was trying to sleep. And so I didn't sleep...

"Mama! Mama! Hurry up!" A little dark-haired child tugged on a woman's arm towards the white walls of a Japanese castle estate.

"Be patient Kagome." The older woman chided the child.

A man wearing layers of expensive silk chuckled at the pair walking in front of him. "Yeah, Kagome-chan, you act as if the building is going to pick itself up and fly off."

The eager child tripped and face planted on the path leading to the gates. She pushed herself up and started sniffling before breaking out into a wail.

"Hahaue, the tiny human is leaking from her eyes," a boy looking to be the age of 8 or 9 pointed out as he walked alongside a female who practically glided down the stone path. She was an average height of 5'3", but the aura around her made her seem two feet taller. Leading them was a towering form of a man who was the epitome of masculinity.

The two families met at the crying girl.

The tall man with a sword strapped to his waist and back crouched down in front of Kagome. "Oh dear Kagome. That isn't a face you should show anyone." His fingers wiped away the tears under her eyes. "There you go. All cute again. Now give uncle a hug."

Kagome sniffled before throwing herself at the dog general. "Oji-chama!"

"Kagome! Address Inu no Taisho-sama properly!" the human woman scolded.

"It's alright. Kagome is practically family." The demon chuckled as he stood and the little girl hung from his neck.

His mate rolled her eyes before nodding to their old time friends. "I trust your journey was comfortable?"

"Comfortable as it can be. When's the last time I saw you? Four, five moons ago?" Kagome's father said as he clapped Inutaisho on the back in greeting and nodded towards Inukimi.

"Those pesky human politics have been keeping you away. You'd think you lived across the sea instead of on the other side of the mountain range." Inutaisho said as he pried the child's arms off of him and deposited her onto the ground. Little Kagome latched onto her father's leg instead and began sucking her thumb.

"Hahaue, now the human is trying to eat herself," Inutaisho's son observed with tilted head.

Kagome stuck her tongue out at him in response. "Oji-chama! Maru-chwan is being mean again!"

"Sesshoumaru, be nice." Inutaisho threw his son a light glare.

"On the other hand, your wife and daughter have been here so often, you'd think they lived here," commented Inukimi. "Come Kazuo. Let us have tea inside and catch up." In one motion, she flicked her silver tresses behind her and turned to lead everyone inside. Sesshoumaru looked almost bored as he turned to follow his mother. Kagome hopped off her father and half skipped, half ran over to Sesshoumaru. The boy scrunched up his small face in displeasure, or maybe annoyance, as Kagome trailed behind him. Luckily, she fell behind once they had to start climbing stairs.

"Let me go help Kagome-chan before she trips up the stairs." Kazuo pecked his wife on the cheek before catching up to Kagome and scooping up his daughter as they ascended the stairs. A dozen steps behind them, Inutaisho and his wife casually conversed as they followed. The human lord turned around with Kagome on his shoulders to look down at the pair with sparkling eyes. "Meet you at the top slowpokes! Let's go Kagome!" The man ran up the steps with the giggling girl. Once at the top with Inukimi and Sesshoumaru, Kazuo shouted, "You can move faster than that, Inutaisho! Come on, Izayoi!"