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He was at the highest floor of the building. Cars driving by, people walking by the sidewalk, and clouds passing as time went by. The busy buildings surrounded the building he was in, keeping his current location less special than it looked. With a hum, he shoved his left into his pocket, adjusted the tie wrapped around his collar, and removed his eye glasses to ruffle his orange hair back to its original, messy, look. The book that was held in his other free had been placed on the desk next to him.

The telecom on his table rang and he reached to answer it as he brushed his hair back.

"Kurosaki-kun, you have a visitor."

Ichigo Kurosaki opened his brown eyes and replied in a deep voice.

"Let them in."



Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki, both age eleven, dashed towards their older brother with stretched smiles that almost reached their ears. Yuzu leaped into Ichigo's arms while Karin wrapped hers around Ichigo's waist, the well-built brother of theirs chuckled softly, hugging Yuzu with one hand and messing up Karin's in the other.

"You're never home!" Yuzu cried, playfully pulling her brother's hair.

"Sorry, Yuzu," Ichigo sighed. "Blame dad, alright? If he wasn't such a lazy-"

"-lazy shit. We know." Karin groaned. "He gives you all of his work, it's not fair. You can't be a normal teenager because of him!"

"It's okay though, as long as it helps you two in the future." Ichigo smiled, patting Karin. "I'll make sure I'll be home before your break comes up."

"Really?" Yuzu and Karin beamed happily at the same time.

Ichigo nodded. "That's why I'm rushing to finish this project that dad gave to me."

"What? A new one?" Yuzu blinked. "Why?"

Their older brother shrugged. "I really don't know why. He just wants a small clinic next to you guys' school." Ichigo raised a brow. "Why are you guys here anyway?"

"Yuzu has an event tonight and we wanted you to come." Karin grinned. "We took a taxi to get into the city."

"That's an hour drive!" Ichigo's eyes widened. "Why didn't you call me to get you a ride?"

Yuzu sat on the couch. "It's okay onii-chan. We've been working side jobs! Don't tell dad, he'll get mad at us."

"Well I'll be," Ichigo was surprised, placing his hands on his hips. "When have you been working?"

"I work at a café!" Yuzu giggled. "Karin is helping out a senior in high school!"

"A senior?" Ichigo instigated. "Aren't you too young to have a boyfriend?"

Karin shook her head frantically. "He's not my boyfriend! Ichi-nii, he's a senior but trust me he looks like an elementary student. He said I'm good in soccer, so he'll pay me to train and condition his freshmen!"

Ichigo playfully rubbed his chin, walking back to his desk. "So you're in the denial stage huh… What's his name?"

Karin blushed. "I'M NOT IN DENIAL! I swear! And plus he's kind of mean to everyone else- his name?" she paused. "Toshirou Hitsugaya."

The man stared at his sisters blankly. "Never heard of him." Yuzu facepalmed.

"Toshirou lives close to your villa, actually…" Karin tilts her head. "He said he's coming to the event tonight."

"I really need to meet your boyfriend," Ichigo muttered, opening his laptop and starting to type.

"He's not my boyfriend!"

"What are you doing?" Yuzu peaked over her brother's shoulders. Ichigo smiled.

"I'm doing my work early so I can take you guys home."

"No! We want to stay at your villa!" Yuzu pouted.

Ichigo stared at them with disbelief. "You guys just slept over last week!"

"Yeah but mom's back," Karin groaned. "You know how dad is when she's around."

"Oh man…" Ichigo scratched his head. "Okay, but just because you have a valid reason. You can't sleep over next time, you guys get tempted not to go to class."

"I can't skip class! I'm going to lose my job if Toshirou finds out about it!" Karin cried.

"Hitsugaya-taichou! We're done!"

Toshirou Hitsugaya sneezed through his hands and caught the ball with the tip of his shoe. He wiped the seat off his forehead and lifted his shirt to wipe his face, revealing his built abdomen and a couple of girls began to screech.

"Good work guys!" Toshirou cheered his team. "Karin will be back next week!"

"Osu!" and everyone helped each other out to clean up.

"Toshirou!" A busty woman called from afar. "Are you done with practice?"

The senior turned to face his best friend. "Matsumoto! Yeah, we just finished."

"Hinamori-chan called! She said don't forget about the event tonight!"

The white-haired captain tilted his head on the side. What's she talking about?

Rangiku Matsumoto put her hands on her hips and scolded the smaller one. "Don't you remember? One of the Kurosaki sisters will be there too!"

"Oh, right!" Toshiro clapped his hands together. "Karin's sister is one of Hinamori's students. What was her name again?"

"How the hell should I know? Now hurry up and get going!"

"What time does the event start?"

"In exactly three hours!"

"Fuck, seriously?" Toshirou grabbed the bag of soccer balls and ran towards the gym. "I have to get ready."

Rangiku watched her best friend run, she yelled. "Don't forget to drop off your application at Kuro Center!"

"I won't!"

Ichigo got out of the elevator with his sisters. A girl with long orange hair similar to his stood at the reception desk, conversing with the receptionist that worked there. She wore a suit, with black slacks and short black heels that lightened her skin even more. Her face brightened when she caught sight of the strawberry.


The orange-headed male blinked. "Inoue!" He smiled. "I told you to just drop the –kun, come on. We're friends."

Orihime blushed, playing with her fingers. "I know that. But we're at work right now so I'll have to keep my formalities."

Ichigo chuckled. "Alright, fine, fair enough."

"And guess what?" She waved the file in her hand. "You got yourself a surgical assistant."

Ichigo was surprised. "Who is it?"

The woman handed the file to her boss' hands. "You can look over it later, but you have other business to attend to, ne?"

He nodded and took the file from her hands. "Thank you."

"He just left you know," Orihime pointed with her lips. "You might encounter him outside."

"It's a he?" Ichigo blinked.

"Yep, he's handsome though. White-hair, teal eyes… you think he's American?" Orihime wondered.

"Maybe," the receptionist sided. "He's super handsome, but I don't date guys who are shorter than me."

"Short? White hair… teal eyes… It sounds like…" Karin blinked. "Hey… Ichi-nii… can I see that file?"

Ichigo handed the file to his sister, confused.

Karin looked through the resume, her eyes widened. I was right!

Name: Toshirou Hitsugaya

It really is Toshirou! Karin closed the folder and returned it to her brother with a grin. "I say you're gonna hire him because you have a thing for shorties."

Ichigo's eyebrow twitched. "Karin, you little-" he just shoved the file into his briefcase and turned to the receptionist. "Can you get a cab for my sisters? I have to go pick up something."

The receptionist nodded. His sisters whined.

"We wanted to ride with you!"

"Yeah, come on Ichi-nii!"

Ichigo stuck out his tongue. "Too bad! I'll meet you at your school alright?"

The two girls let out a loud sigh. "Okay, but promise you'll meet us at school? You won't ditch like the last time?"

He made a mocking cry. "I didn't ditch! There was an emergency at the hospital!"

Toshirou walked out of Kuro Center with his phone open in his hand. He scrolled through the home screen, constantly refreshing his email app before closing it when it updated. He glanced at the time then shoved his phone back into his bag and blew on his hands, rubbing them together to cause friction and heat.

"I have two hours," Toshirou mumbled to himself. "What do I do now?"

He continued to walk by the building, about to reach the parking lot that seemed empty but by the time Toshirou took a step forward, a shiny black car suddenly appeared, it was only a matter of seconds before he got hit. The good thing was, Toshirou was abnormally and inhumanely fast, being able to dodge the possibility of the incident to become a hit and run. The car screeched, coming to a stop, and that set Toshirou off, especially since he was already in a bad mood for having nothing to do. He growled, turned to the head of the car and kicked the sidelights.

"Watch where you're fuckin' going, jerk!"

Ichigo came out of his car and approached the smaller one, "hey, are you alright? Sorry about that, I didn't see you-"

"Are rich mofos like you seriously that arrogant, you don't even look where you drive carefully?" Toshirou argued.

I don't have time for this. Ichigo shook his head, "Look, I already said I'm sorry-"

"Sorry is not enough!" The white-haired boy barked. "What if you did hit me? Sorry wouldn't have been able to fix it!"

Great, now Ichigo is dealing with someone with a short temper. "I really am sorry," and despite the sincerity in Ichigo's voice, Toshirou wouldn't buy it. "I can give you money-"

"Money?" Toshirou scoffed. "Wow! Rich and arrogant mofos!"

Ichigo was ready to hit him until he looked over the boy's bleeding knee. Oh fuck. "Uh-… do you want to come inside the building so I can get you a band aid?"

Toshirou didn't know what he was talking about until he looked down as well. "It's just a scrape from your car, it's nothing."

How do I make up for this? "Are you heading out somewhere around the city? I can offer you a ride."

"It's fine," Toshirou shrugged, feeling his anger surprisingly fading away. "I don't like riding with snots like you anyway."

"Why you-" the strawberry clenched his fists. "You kicked my car, be grateful I'm not making you do anything!"

"Grateful? You're the ungrateful bastard," the whitehead kicked Ichigo's leg. "If I had a physical injury worse than this, I'm going to fucking sue you!"

"You can't fucking sue me because you don't want my help. You can't even accept a fucking apology."

Toshirou's eyes widened then narrowed, why this bitch- but the strawberry closed his eyes, letting the anger and negativity drain out of him before he raised a hand to stop the younger one from making any further comebacks. Ichigo bit his lip, took out his wallet, and gave his card to Toshirou.

"What's this?"

"My card, obviously." Ichigo went on. "…I really don't have time for this. So when you come up with something, let me know and I'm really sorry."

Ichigo went back to his car and drove away. Toshirou watched as the car passed him and glared, crumpling the card and throwing it on the ground.

"I fucking hate people." He muttered.

"…Fucking bastard acts like he can just hand me his fucking calling card and expects ME to fucking contact him. Do I look like I can be pleased like that?"

"Now, now, Toshirou, you're normally composed. Why are you throwing such a hissy fit?"

Toshirou facepalmed himself then slammed the table. "Matsumoto! Were you not listening? I just said he hit me, he fucking hit me!"

Rangiku raised a brow. "No, you said you dodged the car. He almost hit you but he didn't and yet he's still apologizing, and wants to make it up to you some other day."

This was helpless. Toshirou threw himself back at the chair he's sitting on and took a sip of his soda. Rangiku thought of changing the subject.

"So how was your application?"

Teal eyes blinked, "The director's secretary was the one I met up with at the receptionist's counter. Said he's attending a family event and he'll be back by tomorrow… but she took my file and said she'll give it to him tonight."

"That's good!" Rangiku grinned. "You really need the experience! What if the director was some hot guy?"

"Hah?" Toshirou looked at her with disbelief. "You think I'm going to work to check out guys?"

"No!" She fanned her hands up and down. "But you'll find your prince charming~"

"Shut up, Matsumoto."

"The great Toshirou Hitsugaya, together with the Director of Karakura General Hospital. That'll be a scoop ain't it?"


"…but everyone would be shocked that the handsome Hitsugaya is gay! I'd have to protect you of course!"

Toshirou sighed exasperatedly. "Why do I put up with you?

Rangiku proudly patted her breasts. "Because I'm your best friend. Eat up! We'll head to Hinamori's event soon."

"Yeah, yeah."



Ichigo entered his sisters' school gates with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Yuzu's favorite was pink carnation flowers, so he called the flower shop to customize a bouquet with sunflowers and carnations. It was a strange combination, but if his sister likes it, he didn't care. Yuzu wore a red kimono with pink Sakura blossoms on the bottom and a grey obi (sash) that was neatly tied to her back. She held the two fans in one hand, and the bouquet that her brother handed her with the other, incredibly happy that her family will be there to watch her performance.

"Dad is at the front of the audience with mom, onii-chan." Yuzu instructed, pointing at the pathway that led to the auditorium.

"Alrighty, thanks." He kissed her forehead. "Goodluck, I'll be recording your performance!" Ichigo waved his cellphone.

"That's fine! Just don't show it to your subordinates!"

Ichigo laughed softly. "Of course not, it's for my personal use… by the way, where's Karin?"

Yuzu blinked and pointed towards the gate. "She said she has to wait for Hitsugaya-senpai so she could take him to Hinamori-sensei."

"Her boyfriend is coming?"

Yuzu slapped her brother's arm playfully. "He's not her boyfriend! She likes someone else!"

"EH?" Ichigo took a couple of steps back. "You guys can't get a boyfriend yet! I say no!"

"Mom said we're not getting any younger, you know."

Ichigo cringed. "You're 11 for goodness sake! I don't know what kind of parents we got!"

"Amazing ones," Yuzu giggled playfully.

"Yuzu, they're calling you to the stage!"

"I know," Yuzu yelled and proudly patted her shoulder with a fan. "I'll see you guys later!"

The strawberry waved. "Good luck!"

Yuzu happily waved at her brother as she headed towards the back of the auditorium with the rest of the performers.

During Yuzu's fan dancing performance, Ichigo, Karin and their parents watched in awe, especially the strawberry that held his camera phone up to record his sister. Toshirou sat a couple of rows down with Rangiku, the bitch fit he had with the incident has gone away, completely focusing his interest with the program on his hands, his turquoise eyes glowing with happiness. Rangiku noticed the sudden mood change and nudged her best friend by the ribs. The white-haired boy snapped out of his focus,

"What?" he asked, staring at her.

"Finally happy?" Rangiku affirmed, "You were throwing a really bad bitch fit at the gate. Karin-chan and I thought you were a goner."

Toshirou huffed, turning back to the dancers. "Well she did say she was related to the guy who hit me so she'll make sure to make him compensate for his absence."

The woman brushed her golden hair, resuming back to the dance, but then jumped up when she heard the boy's voice in a suspicious tone.

"…So where were you for the hour I was gone?"

"…I was out," she replied, laughing nervously. "to… grab a drink?"


"I feel like I got drugged though…" but Rangiku shrugged it off. "It's not kicking in… Oh well!"

"You mean to say you went out for a drink with someone who probably put something on your drink?"

She forced out a smile.

Toshirou rolled his eyes. "You're amazing." He said sarcastically.

"I'll be fine!" She flexed out nonexistent muscles. "I really am amazing you know?"

Then, they watched the rest of the performance in peace.

The audience got out of their seats; some to greet the performers and their teachers while the rest walked out to meet them near the entrance to congratulate them and provide them gifts and necklaces. Ichigo looked at his watched and smiled, he has enough time to look over the file Orihime handed out to him this afternoon. He turned to his parents when they got to him.

"Are you coming home with us?" His mother asked, his father shook his head with one hand wrapped around her shoulder

"Ichigo barely comes home," his father replied for him.

His mother blinked, "Ara ma… Daddy's been putting you to lots of work hasn't he?"

Ichigo nodded, "You bet. But it's okay… as long as I could be of some help."

"That's my Ichigo!" His father tried to jump on his brother.

Masaki tried to stop her husband, "Isshin! Don't be such a child-"

With a grin, Ichigo jumped and spun kicked his father on the face, which sent him flying across the other side of the walkway. His mother gasped, but laughed in the sight of her husband landing upside down against the root of the tree. She felt like her family hasn't changed much. Isshin got up on his feet and cried on his wife, whining and tugging on the edge of her cardigan.

"Masaki! You've been missing out on so much!" Isshin said in between his sobs. "Your son has become so cruel, I wish your next shooting is here so you could save me!"

Masaki laughed softly, patting her husband's head to soothe him from crying. "Actually, my next shooting is in America."

Ichigo clapped in pure joy, giving his mother a hug to congratulate her while Isshin cried some more. "Take us with you if you can."

His mother nodded, "I'll let you guys know when my director lets me. I miss my precious princesses and you of course, my only prince." She looked saddened but spoke, "Are you really not coming home? I'm here for a month so stop by alright? I know you're not that busy."

"I will," Ichigo pointed at his dad. "Unless he gets lazy and gives me a bunch of paperwork again."

"What? Your dad said he's been working hard," Masaki blinked then her aura changed into something sinister. "Isshin Kurosaki…"

Isshin screeched.


Toshirou groaned, carrying his best friend's limp and drunken body over his shoulders. Rangiku tried her hardest to walk normally, talking to Toshirou about anything as they walked down the street.

"I'm glad you're out of that house," Rangiku started to breathe heavily. "I never liked your dad."

"Neither have I," Toshirou agreed. "And by the way, Matsumoto, where is your car?"

"I think it's still back at the place where I drank…" Rangiku thought. "Near the Kuro Center."

"What the fuck, that's so far. No wonder you asked me to pay for everything." Toshirou thought about this for a while. He paused then spoke again. "And where the fuck is your purse?"

The young woman laughed it off. "Probably back at the place."


"I know, gosh, let's go, when does the last bus come?"

Toshirou opened his phone. "…Till midnight. Let's catch the bus that comes in four minutes."

"Okay," Rangiku hugged the little figure, squishing him on her chest. "You're the best friend ever!"

Toshirou slapped her butt. Rangiku whined.

"Stop your whining!" Toshirou barked. "It's your fault for being irresponsible!"

"But you're there to help me out during times like this!" She waved.

Toshirou rolled his eyes.

"What are you ever gonna do without me, Matsumoto?"

During the bus ride, Rangiku fell asleep on Toshirou. He was sitting next to the window, and Rangiku sat next to him, her head hung against his white hair, sleeping soundlessly like there was no problem at all. Toshirou just looked out in the dark, watching as they passed by streets, and certain bus stops, never coming to realize that there was a strange man in a hoodie, white hair, and red eyes, that walked into their bus stop with a gun in his jacket pockets.

By the time he knew it, there was some arguing with the bus driver. Rangiku stirred awake with all of the noise, catching not only her attention, but the other passengers as well. Toshirou was beginning to feel uneasy so he reached out to his best friend and attempted to tell her that it's better to get off the bus to avoid any problems, but Rangiku shook her head. It's not right to escape while everyone suffers, that's how she was raised. The arguing worsened, the man grew agitated, and he brought out his gun, pointed to the driver's head and pulled the trigger. Some people started to scream and the man began to steer the wheel indirectly, with the dead body on top of it.

"Who's next?" The man pointed at the rest of the passengers. Everyone ducked from their seats.

Toshirou and Rangiku exchanged glances, gave each other a nod before an old man tried to approach the agitated driving man. Rangiku bit her lip, tried to call him out by running towards him, but a lady grabbed her by the leg and told her to stay down before anything happens to her. It was too late, she looked up, and the old man lay on the cold hard floor, blood spilling out of his chest. Dead.

Rangiku wanted to become a police officer; maybe this could be one of those experiences. She bended down to hold the woman's hand to give her comfort and said a couple of comforting words that would keep her strong including her son that was whimpering beside her.

"Don't worry," she said with a small smile. "I'll be alright, it shouldn't be that bad."

His teal eyes widened as Rangiku approached the suspicious man. She raised both of her hands in the air because he pointed a gun towards her.

"Calm down, I'm not going to do anything."

"What the fuck do you want?" The man was panicking while he steered the wheel in frustration.

"Let me drive," Rangiku said softly. "You can tell me where you want to go, and I will take you there."

Toshirou gasped and stood up from his seat. "MATSUMOTO!"

"STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" The man screamed. "You move, the girl dies. Sit the fuck back down!"

The small man gave a big nervous gulped, sitting back down and prayed to the heavens above to keep his best friend safe. The rest of the passengers were afraid, and there was nothing more Toshirou could do than to put all of his trust in Matsumoto who showed no signs of fear. She was strong, and had a small smile plastered on her face and mouthed, 'I'll protect you, Toshi.'

No, Toshirou cried deep inside. Kami, please don't do this (AN: Kami means God). He doesn't want to lose another important person in his life.

Ichigo came back to the center around 10pm, silently walking into the elevator, to the twentieth floor, then to his office that was connected to another room. The sounds of his shoes clicking were the only ones accompanying him. When he walked inside, he yawned, loosening his tie and removing it completely from his neck and throwing it on the sofa, following the removal of his blazer and unbuttoning the first top three ascending from the top his collar. It was great, the feeling without the suit. Ichigo wished he could go to school normally like his little sisters, but because he was the only man in his family other than his father, he had to take action early and now he's working as a surgeon and a co-director of his father's hospital. It's alright though, work keeps him distracted from overthinking things, so he doesn't have time to complain.

A little television wouldn't hurt, Ichigo admitted, walking to his secret room. It was a small bedroom, but this was where he stayed whenever he couldn't go back home or return to the villa.

He stared at the file that he placed next to his lampshade.

"I'll look at it briefly." He muttered to himself as he turned on his TV and opening the file.

He glanced at the minor details of the person's resume.

Name: Toshirou Hitsugaya
School: Karakura High School
Current Grade: 12

"..There are several cars involved in the incident with happened at 9:44pm. Mizuiro, what's going on there?" A voice from the TV started.

"Yes, there are five cars that crashed one after another. It all started with bus route 49; apparently there was a man with a gun and killed the driver and one other passenger."

"Are there any other people who were affected?"

"There are 12 people injured from the collision and the one passenger from the bus is in a critical stage. The driver and an old man were pronounced dead when they caught the man."

Ichigo's eyes widened, dropping the file on top of his bed, and walked out of his room. In that instant, his phone rang.

"ICHIGO!" It was his dad.

"I know." He growled. Changing into his blue scrubs. "I'm coming."

"Sounds like Karakura General Hospital will be busy tonight. We are sending our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones."

It was busy as fuck. Not only was Ichigo tired from the paperwork he had this morning, he was also frustrated from the man he almost hit, and he had to worry about the surgical assistant that he's going to interview tomorrow. Despite how long his day has been, he put himself together to help save the lives of drivers and passengers who got hurt. The strawberry ran down the hospital wing, into the emergency room, and nurses and doctors ran from one place to another with different materials in their hands, trying to support and aid the patients.

"Keigo, put this child on IV!"

"Yes sir!"

"This man isn't breathing, Ishida-sensei! He's under cardiac arrest!"

"Quick! Chad, hand me the defibrillator and set it to 60!"

"Yes doc!"


"Give me 50!"


He then proceeded to the numbers of operational rooms. A couple of families waited outside, clinging on to each other and sobbing, and Ichigo painfully looked away.


Ichigo turned to see where the voice came from and his dad comes out of the room, removing the mask from his face and wiped the sweat around his neck. The man groaned and scratched his head.

"The passengers from the bus are okay, but drivers involved in the collision aren't in good conditions. The driver of the bus was a woman, she was strangled apparently, but one of the passengers was her best friend. He came to save her but man fired the gun and gashed her. We're removed the bullet just above her hipbone area."

"We?" Ichigo was surprised. "Who helped you?"

Isshin frowned, uneasy. "Well-"

A small man came out of the operation room, despite his black polo, there were blood stains on the side and dried ones on his left cheek. His teal eyes were dull, exhausted, and Ichigo could tell by the way the guy was walking weakly, that he's about to pass out any moment. "Kurosaki-san… She's okay now…"

It was Toshirou, who came out of the operation room, who helped Isshin, who tried his bestest to save his best friend's life, who Ichigo almost hit. He couldn't forget the light in the figure's turquoise eyes on their first meeting. He would never forget them. The moment Toshirou appeared once more, everything clicked. The strawberry ran after the limping boy and caught him just in time before he dropped to the ground.

"Hey!" Toshirou's eyes shut heavily. Ichigo carried him into his arms. "Fuck! Mind explaining to me who helped you?"

Isshin was quiet. "I was a little uneasy about letting him come in to help… but we lacked a few staff members and you were on the way… he said he knew what to do because he's done it before. So I let him."

"But, but, but. Old man, you're going to get in trouble for this, you know that right?"

"I know," the man nodded. "But I know you'll let me go on this one. He's supposedly the one who applied as your surgical assistant."

Ichigo's eyes slightly widened as the boy in his weakened state curled up against his chest.

"Toshirou… Hitsugaya?"

"That's him," Isshin breathed. "Sounds like you're a lucky fellow, Ichigo. Take him to your place, there's no room for him here."

"Can't I just take him home?"

"Mmm, you can," his father thought. "But what the hell, he'll have to come see you for an interview and he'd want to see his best friend. You can take care of him."

"Dad you can't just put someone as my responsibility."

"It's just a temporary thing, plus you might as well. He's going to be your assistant."

Ichigo wasn't the type to complain. Wearing his scrubs was pointless, but he didn't point that out. He carried the fragile body into his arms, picking him up and readying to get out of the hospital. He turned to his father once more. "Did you contact the woman's family?"

"Duh! What kind of doctor would I be if I didn't?"

The strawberry smiled slightly and walked out.

So many things happened today, but the biggest one that happened was Toshirou.

But what Ichigo didn't expect was that Toshirou would make the biggest change in his life… forever.

AN: This is my first fic and I'm not in any medical profession so I tried to keep the details minor, that way I'm not leaving out anything or making things complicated enough as it is. Please bear in mind that this is an AU IchiHitsu fanfic, that being said, I'll accept any corrections or additions from anybody.