The Union Aerospace Corporation was founded in 2015 by its founder, Thomas Kelliher. The corporation quickly came to hold contracts with many scientific firms and militaries. By 2019, the UAC as it came to be known, would control many types of advanced technologies, but such advances would remain unknown to the majority of the public, ensured by the secretive agreements made with the corrupt news media conglomerates. It's was no secret that UAC's founder and CEO at the time had deep roots with the mass media.

In 2103, the UAC would unveil to the world its anti-gravity and fuel cell technology, ushering in a revolution in mass transportation and offering to many an easy and inexpensive method of travel into space. The UAC demonstrated their new tech by publicly launching a corporate satellite into orbit. Within the next year, they would establish their first corporate owned Earth-orbiting science station while making remarkable advancements in aerospace theory and technology and by the next decade the corporation had off-world colonies on the moon and Mars.

By the year 2110, the United Aerospace Armed Forces, or UAAF, was founded with its main function of securing off-world government and corporate sites. With new faster spacecraft, Union Aerospace would establish more off-world colonies built on far flung asteroids and establish a network of scientific satellites set into solar orbit throughout the system.

In 2119, UAC scientists on Mars proposed the idea of artificially stabilizing the orbits of the two Martian moons and in 2121, they launched missions from Mars with a robotic crew to Deimos and Phobos for that purpose. The robots build thrusters into the moons and installed experimental terraforming stations, the first human colonists arrived two years later and established scientific research bases. In 2130, after corporate-owned satellites discovered signs of artificial structures beneath Mars' surface, archeologists contracted by the corporation would uncover the remains of a long-extinct species of highly intelligent aliens. As of the present time, UAC archeologists and anthropologists continue to unravel the Martian alien's secrets and the cause of their extinction.

Throughout the corporation's history, a secretive division kept close eyes on the UAC's technology and were the drivers of much of both its secrecy and success. Developments deemed too consequential for humanity would come to be controlled by the paranormal division, a sizeable group of devotees controlled by secret societies and the super wealthy, but the scale and scope of some science projects would prove to be too difficult to bring under their control.