Loud roars filled the teleport area. The aliens stomped down the ramp, causing it to clatter as it shook. At the control station the automated scanners were already cataloging information about the recent arrivals.

"What happened to the fail-safe systems?" demands Banks.

"The encryption locks are still in place, I couldn't tell you!" Mason loudly explains.

Susan watches the aliens reach the bottom of the ramp.

"Dear lord, what have I done?" she asked, her response came in the form of another roar from the aliens. The grey aliens were muscular and stood on hoofs, almost seven feet tall. They had clawed hands, large jaws and pointed horns that protruded from their heads. More aliens began exiting the portal.

"We have to get out of here and quarantine the lab" shouts Nexson.

"Mason, we can't lose the computer logs. Upload to main station computer" the Director commands.

Mason silently went to work assembling the files, everyone else watched the aliens. They stopped and held their arms over their heads and roared, a large, glowing pentagram appeared beneath their feet. Several points of energy appeared around them, smaller hissing aliens with spiked arms and shoulders manifested from a flash of green light. A small army of angry aliens was behind the screen, and there was no doubt about what they appeared to be. Demons.

They approached the control room and began scratching their sharp claws against the barrier, making a loud screech. The researchers inwardly braced against the sound as they watched the aliens leave long scratches in the nano-mesh screen.

"Now upload over subspace to 10-42-89. Hurry" Banks says.

One of the large aliens then pressed its clawed hand against the screen, a swirl of green plasma emerged from its palm and began burning the screen, prompting the researchers to panic.

"Okay, it's done. Let's go" shouts Mason.

Smoke was already brewing from the screen as they headed through the seating area to the doors beyond. The alien then punched its fingers into the molten mass. It soon began to warp and make a deep tugging sound, like a water tank about to burst, as the creature applied all its strength against the small hole. The creature single-handedly tears the screen apart, making crackling and ripping sounds. Nano-relays in the screen glowed brightly as they overloaded, the surface was scarred with burned out circuit paths. The researchers stopped at the entrance and looked back to see mobs of aliens spilling through the newly formed passage. The Director touches a small command panel.

"Quarantine laboratory" he says.

"Command authorized, quarantine conditions in effect" chirps the station computer, as the door closed and mechanical locks slid into place.

"That's not going to hold them" says Susan.

"Well, it will buy us some time" the Director replies.

Loud bangs quickly came from behind the sealed door, the pounding shook the supporting frame, accompanied by bulges that appeared on the door's surface.

"Dammit" says Kronos, "Come on, we've got to hurry"

They jogged the long hallway. The tortured sound of the aliens ripping the door apart came from behind them. The aliens had breached the laboratory doors, moving along the floors, walls and ceiling. The researchers soon reached a station on the monorail line, the Director called the car to the station as Nexson crouched low, drew his plasma pistol and began firing small green blobs down the length of the hallway.

He managed to bag a few aliens, but there was many more behind them. The monorail car stopped at the station with a sigh as the break pressure released. The aliens were getting close, Rupert continued firing until the monorail's doors opened, the researchers scramble into the car with the creatures not far behind. Kronos approaches the controls at the front of the car and slapped the command to start the elector-magnetic propulsion. The car's doors slid shut, aliens began pounding the doors. The monorail car begins its slow startup, the creatures followed its movements as it passed the adjoining windows.

"Wha... What the hell was that? Were those devil horns?" asks Leonard.

"That's what they appeared to be" the Director replies with some reluctance.

Nexson was watching security footage from the lab on his data sheet, it continued burning with portal energy and releasing creatures onto the base.

"Unless the marines can contain this, we may need to evacuate the station" he says.

"Evacuate? Surely this can be contained to Echo labs, can't it?" asks the Director.

"We have no idea what else they're capable of. Judging from how quickly they breached the secured teleport area, I think we should consider it" Rupert replies.

"I'm going to be held responsible if this station is overrun" states the Director, angrily.

"We have even bigger problems, look at this" says Kronos, holding a data sheet. "The Phobos base is being infested with aliens as well" he says, indicating emergency messages being sent from there.

"Victor, how could this have happened? There's no way that the communication program can run on its own" Nexson asks Kronos.

"It seems impossible, I'd have to study the logs" he replies.

"When I was scanning the portal energy, I could see the alien's history" began Carmichael. "Our teleporters and the one on Mars were designed by those aliens. The ancient Martians suffered this type of alien invasion tens of thousands of years ago. The ancient teleporter was in disrepair when it was discovered, because the Martians destroyed it to stop the invasion of these... demons" she explains.

"Are you suggesting that we destroy the teleporters?" Director Banks asks.

"Yes" Susan says, nodding with some reluctance. "It's the only way"

"Dammit" shouts Nexson, "I can't believe we're standing here, entertaining this idea... Where's the monorail heading?" Rupert asks.

"I set the destination for the Command Center" replies Kronos.

The next moment, a pillar of energy formed in the center of the moving car. One of the smaller aliens teleported inside and hissed as it lunged at Leonard. He was caught off guard and slammed into the wall, Rupert frantically tries to grab for his pistol but was unable to reach it before the alien slashed savagely at Leonard, tearing more and more of his flesh. Susan stabs the monster in the back with her ceremonial dagger, and jumps back as the alien slashed at her with its claws. Rupert finally draws his pistol and and fired a single shot into the Demon's head. The shot travelled from the right side of the Demon's skull through to the left. It groaned loudly and slowly lowers itself into a heap on the floor, Rupert is speechless as he slowly lowers the pistol.

Victor quickly moves to the back of the car and removes the medical kit from a cabinet and places it on the blood speckled seat beside Leonard. He had claw wounds on his face, chest, arms and hands. The bleeding was bad. After a quick examination, Victor went to task.

"This will stop the pain" he says, depressing a syringe into his arm.

He then applied a nano-tech healing agent to his most serious wounds, the monorail had already come to a stop at the Command Center when he was wrapping the wounds in gauze-mesh bandages. A marine had noticed the blood splattered windows of the monorail and deployed medical personnel to the station.