Of Things to Come

Hello, my readers. Christmas is nearly upon us, and I would find myself remiss if I did not have a gift to give you all... So I got four of 'em!

That's right, Santa's being generous this year with not only two chapters being added to stories that I have already created, both of which have been really fun to write, and I'm really hoping will be fun to read. In Saiyan Tail, we'll get to see the Grand Magic Games come to a close in time for an impending invasion of dragons, and a new metamoran fusion that you will have seen on my instagram (the_red_swordsman) if you follow me there. In The Red Swordsman: Shattered Fragment (Yes, I'm still working on that one) we will see Mataras grow ever closer to becoming the dreaded Red Swordsman.

Now, you're probably wondering at this point why I'm putting up this notification on this story. Well, I did mention that I was giving out four gifts, right? I did? Great.

Third gift is the announcement that this story is, in fact, getting a sequel! It goes up on Christmas Day, and it will be titled Fire Sword: Shrouded Destiny. It is a next-gen story featuring the characters introduced in the epilogue chapter of Fire Sword, in addition to a few new faces that are already around, but not yet mentioned, including- but not limited to- the child of Cynthia and Gerome, as well as a cousin of Mako and Yui.

Wait, that's not enough?! I've got more?! Damn right I do!

Fourth and final gift goes to those of you who follow me on YouTube at NotYourAverage Productions, and it is... an early release of the first chapter of Shrouded Destiny, in audio form! That's right, in addition to continuing (and eventually finishing) the original Fire Sword in its audio form, I will be doing early releases for the sequel series on my channel, so those that have subscribed to me on YouTube will be the first ones to know when the new chapters will be added to this site! First chapter goes up on Christmas Eve of 2018!

So, if you're as excited as I am, I'll see you all in a few days for the premiere of this new story, which by the way, will be almost completely separate from the storyline of the Awakening Game, which means it's fresh outta my own head!

Best Regards,
The Red Swordsman

P.S. All right, fine... One mini-present as a bonus! Here's the preview!

Mako looked as though he was about to say something when there was the sound of an explosion from the direction of the village he had visited earlier that day. Both young warriors turned to see a large green light sail upwards and explode, though with less sound than the previous blast. Beneath the fading firelight, they could see a dark cloud of smoke roiling, even against the night sky.

"That can't be good," Mako muttered as he stood up and looked at his commanding officer. "Orders?"

"Rouse the others, get them ready for battle," Kiara replied tightly, checking to make sure that she had her sword and her spell book in their proper places. "Looks like plan B is a bust."

"You said something about plan C," Mako said as he began to head for Gilbert's tent. "I'm going to assume that this is when the rest of us get to learn about and use it?"

Kiara looked him dead in the eyes as she answered, "Plan C is rush whoever happens to be responsible for B going wrong, and hope for a plan D."