Star Wars: Untapped Power!

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away.

Star Wars

Untapped Power

War has come to the galaxy once again. The noble Republic and it's clone armies against the separtists and their droid armies and the devastating Clone wars. Amongst the Senators of the Republic the young and idealistic Senator Padme Amildala prays for the safe return of Anakin Skywalker her husband and hopes that peace will return to the galaxy. Unknown to her and the rest of the Galaxy a new alien empire has entered the the Republic's space and plans to join them. What will these newcomers bring to the Galaxy? Find out in Star Wars Untapped Power!

a strange ship circular in design flies through the galaxy towards the capital of the Galactic Republic Coruscant inside the ship were fifty men and women in strange armor each one had a serious expression as they piloted the ship toward the capital. In the captain's seat there sat one of the strange humans in armor like his kin but with a cloak on it as well his hair and eyes as black as the space outside of the view screen and a brown tail wrapped around his waist and a beard that went to the center of his chest black as his hair with some silver strands in it watches with calculating eyes the reports of all of the battles that young Anakin Skywalker participated in during the clone wars from the first battle of Geonosis where he was defeated by count Dooku, destroyed the sith weapon the Dark Reaper, his tactics in the space battle above Christophis, the destruction of the Malevolence, to the battles of Ryloth and the second battle of Geonosis. 'Soon Young Anakin will learn his true heritage.' thought the man as he meditated on the records.