Chapter 2


Anakin found himself on a strange Terra based planet where he sees a green alien land in a pond carrying a young boy with a sapien tail under one arm before grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt and looked at the boy.

"Alright Tenderfoot time to begin boot camp." He said in a gruff voice before dropping the child into the water.

The child swiftly sat up and spat out the water before looking around to see where his father was. "Where am I? Where's my Daddy?!" He asked panicked

"Listen up brat! Your Father's dead. He gave his life trying to save you." The alien interrupted the child callously

"Wh..what?" asked the child nearly in tears

"You heard me your father's dead! Now there are two more of these sayians that will be here in a year. I will be training you to use your secret potential." The alien told the child who looked confused.

"What I don't have powers?!" He exclaimed panicked and scared before the alien grabbed him by the shirt and suddenly tossed him at a mountain! "Hmph. Let's see that potential now." the Alien as he watched the child cry out for someone to save him when suddenly his cries for help stop and a look of fierce determination as a massive amount of Force Energy leaves the boy as he gives a child like warcry sending a beam of light to the mountain and obliterating it.

Anakin soon opens his eyes and screams into a rebreather as he takes in his surroundings and sees that he is in a healing tank of some sort on a ship. The door to the tank opens and spills it's juices and Skywalker onto the patterned ground causing he disoriented jedi to cough out the liquid from his mouth. He soon enters a sonic shower and blasts away the last of the healing juices before looking around fro some clothes yet to his surprise he finds some of his jedi robes waiting in a pile near the shower.

Deciding to put on the robes Anakin suddenly hears the door to the Med bay open to reveal Cel walking in looking at a datapad while he hid behind a counter.