(A/N All these stories take place in completely different universes, although I will use the same names in most Drabbles. And the poems are just some small verses I came up with. Enjoy!)

A Change of Light

'I can't believe I agreed to this' thought Jasmine as she looked in the mirror. She saw her friends behind her, one smiling and the other had a mixture of shock and awe. Her attention turned to the clothes she was going to wear today, then she looked at what she was wearing today. A black shirt with a white skull that had a rose going through its eyes, topped with a leather jacket, some ripped black jeggings, dark purple combat boots with some gray swirls, and to top of the outfit were leather fingerless gloves. Then she looked back up at her makeup. Her hair was died black with silver streaks in it and she had on black eyeliner and dark purple lipstick. Her fingernails were painted and she had on a studded collar. "Why did I agree to this again?" she asked her excited friend.

"You said you would help with my project, come on it's only a month!" she pleaded

"Ok, ok. I think I got the act down."

"Ah ah, not an act. This is you for the next month." she interrupted.

"We ready?" asked the other friend "We have to leave in the next ten minutes or we're going to be late."

"Ok we're coming. Come on Jaz."

"I hate that nickname." she mumbled

"That's your name for the next month." Her friend said finishing the conversation. The entire ride to school Jasmine grabbed every piece of her that was not scared of attention, which wasn't a lot, and prepared herself for the next month of hell.

She walked into first period ten minutes late that day. It was supposed to be five minutes, but she spent the other five pacing outside deciding if this was worth it. The meanest teacher was in there, as well as her crush. Technically she had a boyfriend, but a girl still daydreams. She took a deep breath, put on her best not-caring look, and opened the door. The entire class went silent as she walked, with her held high and expression blank, to her seat. She through her bag on the ground and put her feet on the desk. The teacher walked right up to her and usually his gaze would make her shrink in her seat, but this time she stared right at him. Then he asked, "Exactly why, Jasmine, are you dressed like that? And why are you ten minutes late?!" he screamed the last part, but she didn't flinch.

"I'm late cause I didn't want to hear your annoying Mickey voice scream out names incorrectly." she said staring at her nails. She looked up at him, with an eyebrow up, and saw his mouth was hung open. She looked around, everyone's mouth was open. Jasmine, the shy, quiet, and nice girl who never spoke back, just told off the meanest teacher in school history. Her eyes landed on her crush, who also stared at her in surprise. He was wearing a blue shirt with a leather jacket on, regular jeans, and black combat boots.

"Do you want a referral?" asked the teacher, who had snapped out of his trance.

She looked back at him and smirked, "Maybe, maybe I just wanted to put some freaking sense in your thick skull!" she screamed. Again he was stunned, then he shook his head and said quietly.

"Umm, l-lunch detention. Now back on topic…" he began to drag on about Romeo and Juliet. No one was paying attention though, all eyes were still on Jasmine. That's how it went for the next two classes, she would walk in about five minutes late, sit down, probably tell of the teacher, and act like nothing happened.

Then lunch came around and she was about to do one of the two things she wanted to use this new personality for. Scare her boyfriend. He was always the first or third person in the lunch room so she carefully put herself three people behind him, no one said anything as she grabbed a tray from someone and stood there, and waited till he sat down. Once he did she sat down right across from him. He hadn't seen her yet, but then she grabbed one of his chicken rings and he looked up in annoyance expecting to see his regular girlfriend. But he was met with Jaz, the punk bad girl who did whatever. His jaw dropped and she giggled, then she his jaw back into place, ate two more of his chicken and went to sit with the two best friends who helped her with this scam. "Startle Will, check." she said and they talked for a while. Then about twenty minutes before the bell rang Jaz moved next to her crush. Everyone else moved away from her, but he was caught up in his book.

Before she did anything she checked to make sure Alex and Jennifer, her friends, were keeping Will busy. She didn't need drama right now. Then she put a smirk on her face and pulled the book down. She heard a sigh come from the massive head of hair that was Wesley as he looked down. "What the heck Ash-" he stopped as he looked up.

"Ain't Ashley, Wes." Jaz answered leaning forward a bit. "Just me." He was stunned, he had seen her in class but this close was just too much.

He gulped and tried to say something, "H-hello Jasmi-" but she interrupted him.

"Ah uh, just Jaz." she swung herself around the table and sat next to him.

"Um, heh, Jaz. Aren't you a bit close?" he tried to scoot away, but she had locked his leg with hers.

"Whatever are you talkin about?" she grinned and leaned in more. She could hear him gulp and saw him open his mouth to say something, but the bell rung. "Oh well." She said and got up in one swift movement. "Talk later Wes." she walked away and out the doors before anyone else.

The rest of the month her boyfriend got in on it, as did her other friends, but everyone else was oblivious. She continued to flirt with Wesley and once he even leaned in to kiss her, but she stopped him and walked away laughing. It was cruel, but she had an image, as well as a boyfriend, to keep. By the end of the month, once everyone was finally used to Jaz, Jasmine came back and once again everyone was confused. Only her friends knew, and she eventually told Wesley. For the rest of the year everyone called her a bi-polar freak, but she would pull out just a little bit of Jaz and they would shut up. So I guess you could say, they lived happily ever after.