Digimon: Link-D

By James95

Chapter1: Alone in the Digital World

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon… Sadly

Swimming in darkness, twelve lights shine above the abyss. Eleven descend yet one is stolen. Five are ensnared by false promises and the rest are scattered yet all shall be reunited with their lights growing brighter as they draw closer:

A boy, discovering what it means to be a leader. A girl who desperately wants to keep her family together. A boy who strives to be surpass his peers. A girl who strives to stand as a figure of power and respect. A boy who grew bored of life long ago. A girl who wants to recover what can never be returned. A boy who feels that his affections for the girl who lacks natural feminine beauty will ruin them both. A boy who wants to stand tall against the world. A girl that wants to surpass the expectations set by her peers. A boy so far away from home who, despite his shortcomings, wants to see the world and a girl who has her eyes set on success overseas.

All shall overcome their own darkness and illuminate both worlds.

This is their story, beginning for most a week before the day of hearts.

When Isaac opened his eyes, his entire vision was flooded with green. As he rubbed his eyes, he noticed that he was surrounded by dense forest. However, unlike the oak trees of St Benedict's park, these were towering… palm trees? No. That was wrong. It had to be. Yet the proof that it was correct seemed to do nothing but increase. Gone were the used wooden benches with their black iron frames, the tarmac pathways and the noise from the tantrum tots, the yummy mummies and the unfortunate men obligated to walk their wives' yapping, dressed up rats. Quickly, he took out his phone from the pocket of his wind beater but, to his surprise, it had no bars.

'Great. I'm all alone now' he thought to himself as he nervously ran his fingers through his short, light brown hair, 'now what can I do? I can't even reach mom, dad, Steve or Acilio".

It was quiet. The air itself was very much still.

That silence was then disturbed by what seemed to a roar which sounded to be approaching at a rapid pace. Hearing the engine, Isaac got up as fast as he could and ran towards a collection of trees, turning around to see that some sort of a missile and a fireball had hurtled through the area that he had been lying down in and collided headfirst with the palm tree. That was when the oddest thing happened: They began talking.

"Oi! Get your rocket jets off of my face, Missimon!" the fireball shouted.

"Sorry soldier." the missile-like creature, named Missimon, replied in a very "All-American" tone, "I apologise for the miscalculation there".

"Miscalculation my sparks!" the fireball growled in what was quite an adorable fashion before noticing something odd, "hold on. Where's Isaac"?

They knew his name?! How was that possible? Perhaps they went through his wallet and saw his bus card. It was clear that they spoke English but, judging by their stubby claws and burning paws, the theory might be difficult to believe. That was until he heard three more voices with one of them sounded human to him.

"Hey! What're you bozos doin'?" the first one asked in a kind of cute but nasally tone with the owner showing themselves to be something akin to a severed jester's head with no nose and a brown face, "trust you hotheads to crash and burn".

"Yaamon! Cease acting in such a rude fashion!" a commanding but somewhat childish voice responded not too far behind the head and revealing the owner to be some sort of… white, furless, long-eared guinea pig. "Wait a minute. Where's Isaac"?!

"Yeah… where is he" Yaamon began before his arrogant tone turned to one of fear, "ya don't think somethin' happened to him do ya"?

'Now these things know my name?' Isaac mentally gasped to himself as he looked on when a shiver ran down his spine as there came a tapping on his shoulder. Jumping in shock, he turned around with an audible yelp to see the being behind him.

It was a girl. A girl that almost definitely matched him for his fifteen years and a few inches shorter than himself. Her chestnut curls and gem blue eyes were very warm when one mixed them with her rather curved figure and the milky skin she wore yet what struck her as out of touch with this evergreen landscape was her attire. With that blue suit and skirt combo on top of the beret, she looked like she would run off in her heeled black knee-high boots to a business meeting or a fancy dinner party than spend another second in this tropical grove. If anything, it made his outfit of a simple black Tshirt, white leather jacket, navy jeans and black sneakers seem underdressed in comparison.

"I didn't mean to make you jump, sweetheart" she replied in an odd accent as she smiled reassuringly at the boy, "don't worry. I'm in the same boat as you and the Digimon aren't going to hurt you. I promise you that, love".

Isaac stood still for a few seconds, taking what she had said in. He guess that by Digimon she was talking about the things behind her but… could he trust her? Those things seemed to come in all shapes so it might be that she was one of these Digimon. However, as he thought harder, he remembered a story his mom had told him a few days ago about a girl winning some sort of community service award. She even showed him the picture of her. Although he only saw a glimpse, he recognised her.

"Wait. You're Shannon Carrington; the general's daughter?" Isaac asked, "I know it's not important but, if I saw you before today in the paper, so you're not one of those Digimon, are you"?

"Of course not" she replied in a surprised fashion, "I'm as human as you are, Isaac. Don't worry though: The little white one, Tokomon, informed me of our location as well as about why they're with us and about you. Apparently, we're on another planet called the Digital World"?

This was hard for Isaac to swallow. "W-wait. You're saying that all of this isn't from Earth?" he asked.

"That's ri~ight" the fireball's voice cheered from behind, causing Isaac to turn around. Behind him, Yaamon and Tokomon had been staring at him for a while with watery eyes before jumping into his arms. How Yaamon did this without legs baffled Isaac long enough to stop him from jumping out of their way.

"Isaac! I was so worried that you'd never wake up!" Yaamon sobbed as it buried its… body into Isaac's jacket.

"I knew you'd wake but… wait. You don't know who we are, do you?" Tokomon asked with a tilt of its head, "well; here are the introductions: I am Tokomon and this softy is Yaamon and, as you may have guessed, we're Digimon. The other two are Missimon and DemiMeramon".

"Good day to you" Missimon smiled as Demimeramon simply nodded. Somehow, this intro actually calmed Isaac down. It was as if he was being introduced to old friends.

"Well… thanks for not trying to kill me" the dark haired boy replied with a nervous chuckle, "so… Demimeramon, right? Where are we"?

"Why the Digital World of course" the fireball answered, "the Digital world is made of data and is different but linked to yours. At least, that's what my teacher Wisemon taught me…".

"Okay but how do we get back?" Isaac asked. That was when Shannon, standing at near eye level behind Isaac, dug around in her suit pocket before handing the boy a device. It wasn't large; It was practically the size of a television remote except a little wider with ports on the top and bottom. There was even a circular pad and a black square screen surrounded by two black and white circles. "What is this?" he asked.

"Well..." DemiMeramon began, "as I've told Miss Shannon, throughout the history of the Digital World, I was taught that whenever there is great strife, the guardians of the link between the worlds, will select certain children and assign them to partners. This isn't usually an issue for the children as time moves faster in this world most a day goes by in the human world. Additionally, they also bestow upon these children something called a digivice; a connection between a human and their partner digimon".

"All-right. I think I have that noted. So who're my partners?" Isaac asked before Yaamon and Tokomon started giggling in his arms, "wait… is it you two"?

"That's right" Tokomon smiled, "we'll all take on whatever's thrown at us. Trust me"!

"Yeah… what the piglet said" Yaamon beamed as he wiped away the tears, "This also means that Pyro and Trigger Happy there are partners with the broa- Hey! That hurt"!

Isaac glanced again at Missimon to see that the machine being had smacked Yaamon's body. "Serves you right for calling Miss Shannon a broad" the missile angrily smirked. Both humans seemed to laugh a little at this until Isaac stopped. What of Acilio? He might have been taken to this world with him yet… he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Hey Shannon?" Isaac began to ask before Shannon heard a noise and practically pinned him to the floor. Where his head had been, a ton of purple webbing had taken its place.

"Wh-what was that" Isaac gasped as he turned to the direction which Shannon was facing. What they saw was just wrong.

Their assailant was a large spider. However, unlike most spiders, it had yellow armour and bright orange hair.

"I shall destroy all in the name of Mother Arukenimon!" the spider cried out as it leapt at the six, the group paralysed in fear with only the sounds of two feminine yet mechanical voices uttering these words in unison.

Requirements Fulfilled. Unlocking Protocol Rookie. Initialising… Installing DNA program… Initiate Rookie Protocol.

Sneaky Peek

Isaac: Wow. I'm still a bit terrified but, arriving on another planet, this is unbelievable.

Shannon: I'd hate to spoil it for you Isaac but we have trouble… Wait. What's going on with the Digivices?

Tokomon: I don't know, you two. However, don't let it stop us from defending ourselves from this beast next time in Chapter 2: Power of the Rookie! Walking the path of the dark spiders!