Digimon Link-D

Chapter 4: Linked DNA! Enter Acilio and Liam!

"We're almost there, everyone" Candlemon called out from the front of their group. From some of the group, there was a collective sigh of relief whether silent like Shannon or overly irritated like Liollmon and a melodramatic Impmon. Only Carmen, Commandramon and Patamon had no objection to their walking time.

"That's a relief" Isaac sighed as he turned to Carmen, "I mean, if we get exhausted from just walking, who knows what might happen if we're ambushed".

"Perhaps" Carmen replied as she closed her eyes in slight irritation, "I mean, if you're not used to a decent exercise program like myself, then yes, I guess you would". Hearing that, Isaac felt a pressure build up in his head from the annoyance.

'Well that was uncalled for' Isaac thought to himself before returning his focus onto the journey. However, when he did so, he noticed Shannon, who was in front of them, seemed to shake her head slightly. Perhaps she agreed with him… or she was trying to get away some hair from in front of her eyes, he didn't know. As they walked further, he thought back to what Shannon had said about time moving faster here. At first, he was rather optimistic about it, knowing that he wouldn't be gone for long yet… what if he was gone for too long? What if months or even years went by over here when his world only saw hours and days? And that would be if he survived past any crazy digimon like those spiders, or something worse? Plus, now he had other people that he knew were involved and creatures who say that they need him.

For the first time since he got to this world, a crashing wave of despair washed over him, tightening his chest with an ice cold grasp. Yet he knew he couldn't freeze up. What if Acilio was dragged in? What if Steve was all on his own in this place? What if the stumbled into a thicket and found Cameron's dismembered hand in front of him? 'No, stupid thoughts. Stop picturing it' he mentally insulted himself as he pressed on, 'I have to know if they were sent here and if getting to the meeting point will give me answers then I can't stop now'. With that, he felt a weight land on his shoulder.

"Is everything all right with you, Isaac?" Patamon asked in a concerned manner, "you look a little pale". Isaac responded by picking up the flying guinea pig and held him in his arms, getting an odd look from the partner in front of him and behind.

"It's fine Patamon. I was just thinking things over, that's all" Isaac replied with a simple smile, "wanna hitch a ride for a while"? Patamon then replied with a nod and a small smile before falling asleep.

Eventually, the group could see the place in front of them after Commandramon pointed towards a set of trees. Before the sighers of the group could relax, the soldier redirected them to a much taller tree than the one that they were looking at; One which had a long ladder and consisted of a decently sized hut perched atop of the massive oak sized… fir tree.

'Seriously, what is wrong with the plant life here' Isaac thought to himself as he craned his neck up. He wished that he hadn't as, from seeing the climb up, the old acrophobic tendencies were kicking in, and knocking his knees together like bells. "I-is this the only way up?" Isaac asked Commandramon, "You have been here before, right? Surely, there must be another way up like an elevator. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if there were trees with elevators in the Digital world".

"That's a negative Isaac" Commandramon replied as it helped Shannon and Candlemon up the ladder before going himself, "the closest Lift-Lily is approximately two miles away".

Impmon started frowning, "Wassa' matter, you afraid of heights?" it asked whilst approaching its partner and began climbing up the ladder, "come on, it's not too high up. Just keep an eye on me and you'll climb up no worries, okay"?

Isaac still felt uneasy despite the encouragement. "But what if I fall?" he asked nervously, "I mean, neither you nor Patamon could carry my weight, right"?

"I'm sure Carmen could catch you, right?" Patamon attempted to reassure Isaac whilst looking at the other human only to be met with three cold shoulders, "well… she might help…maybe".

"Well, there is one way I can help" the swordswoman responded as she walked in front of Isaac, face frozen in a stoic expression, revealing a hand-sized black metallic object with two prongs, "Isaac, this is the Taser that I used against Dokugumon. I guarantee that if you don't go up that ladder, I will personally use it to stop you from bringing more idiots into this world. Do you understand"? That seemed to straighten Isaac out as he practically sprinted up the ladder, emerging through an opened panel at the top which he guessed Shannon must have opened.

"That was rather brutal of you, Carmen" Liollmon blankly stated before an evil grin plastered its face, 'I think we'll get along just fine".

"Well, you might have to be cruel to be kind" Kotemon agreed with a nod of its head, "Though I o recommend that you shouldn't do it often, Miss Carmen.

No need" Carmen replied as she began climbing up after Isaac whilst she held Liollmon, "hopefully, that will get him to behave for now. Now let's go see what's in that hideout.

Inside the hideout, the interior was simple yet it was clear that whoever designed it was thinking of all the basic necessities. There was what looked like a basic, decently sized kitchen with a window next to the sink, a small wooden table and a number of chairs in the room that the group had just climbed into, although Shannon and Commandramon were nowhere to be seen, that is until the former walked out from a nearby room holding some cushions. It was as if there was an actual house for a treehouse. In Isaac's mind, he began picturing this world having condos with condor wings, two dimensional flats and cottages having… 'Good night eveybody' he thought to himself.

"Looks like there are some decorations in that room. There are some beds, a few bathrooms but, beyond that it no bath, shower or electricity" she noted before looking at Isaac, "something wrong, flower? I thought you were afraid of heights".

"Well, your warrior princess over there threatened to give him some electroshock therapy, that's wh-"Impmon began before Kotemon jumped out of the hole and landed on its head, "Hey, you two bit samurai, watch where ya land"!

"My humblest apologies" Kotemon replied somewhat sarcastically, "However, we should focus on other matters. Miss Shannon, are there any other humans or digimon here"?

"Well, when I was looking through the rooms, I didn't see anyone else" she replied with some concern, "Commandramon is just making another check; Checking under beds, in cupboards and the like. Right now, we need to solve the issue regarding food". She was right. When Isaac thought about it, they had practically and if there was anything in this world, would they be able to eat it? That's when Candlemon spoke up.

"I believe there are some meat apple trees nearby" the rookie suggested only to be met by Isaac and Shannon's slightly gaping mouths, "what? Are you more experienced with finer foods".

"Not at all" Shannon replied with a shake of her head, "It's just the fact that this world has apples that are filled with meat".

"Well, this world is weird, Shannon. At least we won't have to kill anything for food" Isaac replied before adding with a wink, "If we have to, we'll pry Liollmon off of Carmen and serve him with cherry sauce".

Over my egg!" Liollmon growled from across the room.

Eventually, Carmen and her group decided to go with Candlemon to bring back some food, leaving the remaining five to stay at the treehouse… at least until they heard a sharp tapping noise coming from the closed window. Taking no risks, Commandramon went to look, revealing as he opened the window another digimon that flapped its little wings to fly and descend onto the floor. It looked like a short, humanised bald eagle had embraced its native routes with eyes of blue and taloned wings and feathers of cream and burgundy.

"Well, that was surprisingly short" the bird stated before bowing to Shannon and Isaac, "salutations to you all. I am Hawkmon; Partner to Acilio Vargas. I've been flying around in search of other humans and-". That was when Isaac rushed and picked up the bird.

"You know where Acilio is? How is he? Is he okay? He's not on his own, right?" Isaac asked in a rapid burst of panic as Hawkmon seemed to sweat from the sudden contact… if birds can sweat.

"Y-yes, he's fine and with Mr Liam." Hawkmon replied as it struggled, "now please, let me go this very instant"!

"Oh. I'm ever so sorry" Isaac replied with a nervous laugh as he backed away and put Hawkmon down, "so… where are they"?

"Well, based on their trajectory, I estimate that they are ten to twenty minutes away by foot from this location" the bird replied as it dusted itself off, "I suggest we go out to meet them". Shannon looked a little concerned about this suggestion.

"It's not that we wouldn't want to find more of our companions, Hawkmon" she began, "I mean, ou haven't brought much proof of your identity". Hawkmon's eyes widened a little at this but simply nodded its head. Even Isaac mentally admitted to himself that Shannon had a point, even if that meant he had to wait a little longer to see one of his best friends.

"I understand" the bird replied as it perched itself on a nearby footstool, "I assume that, like Mr Acilio and Mr Liam, you have also come across some adversity. Speaking of your group, you seem to be a few short".

"Well, the others volunteered to go looking for food" Patamon explained as it flew down right next to Hawkmon, "So we're just holding the fort until they return or something happens"- The flying guinea pig was then interrupted by a masculine yet slightly fruity scream which caused Isaac to bolt out of the entrance and fly down the ladder.

"… Like that" Patamon sighed before it and Impmon chased after Isaac, "Isaac, what's wrong"?

"Yeah. One second you're a scaredy cat when you saw the ladder but now you're running like a lawnmower. What gives"?

"I know who screamed" its partner replied as he ran towards the sound, "it's Acilio. He's in danger… or he's run out of food".

In the distance, five figures – two humanoid and three something else were seen running away from what looked like a small group of wasps. This wouldn't have been a problem if not for the fact that these bugs were larger than the boys. Isaac's Digivice then beeped, revealing the profile of the ugly yellow and black bugs. "A group of Flymon… How are they flies?" Isaac pondered before rushing to help out.

"Don't worry Isaac, we've got you covered" Shannon replied from a few metres behind him before stopping with Commandramon who had begun setting up his sniper. Hawkmon flew above them and, noticing an opening, ripped off the feather on its head to throw it at high speeds.

"Beak Buzzsaw!" it shouted as the feather smacked into one of the insects, causing it to yelp in pain and turn around to face the bird who had caught and reattached its feather. The other bugs followed suit and, instead of chasing the two guys, also turned towards Hawkmon, hissing as they aimed their stingers at the bird.

"Brown stinger!" the three shouted before firing out their stingers at high speeds towards Hawkmon.

"No ya' don't! Summon!" Impmon shouted from next to Isaac as icy mini demons emerged from a circle in the air and took the attack. Using this as cover, Isaac and Patamon dashed towards the other group to get them out of the way. Immediately, Isaac recognised one of them; a slightly shorter Italian guy with a toned body and, at the moment, fear filled green eyes and windswept black hair dressed in the same Orange soccer Tshirt, white shorts and black fleece that he wore earlier at the park. Beside him was a guy who Isaac didn't know. He was a dark-skinned guy who looked to be their age with short curled black hair and brown eyes dressed to the nines in a grey three piece suit. Acilio looked absolutely terrified yet the other guy was rather calm. When they saw him coming, Acilio recklessly ran out towards Isaac with some form of tadpole with a Mohawk that was in his arms. The other boy, standing alongside a purple furred something and a blue furred Rambo dog, was more cautious with his partners flanking his sides in case the Flymon caught on.

"Isaac! I can't believe you're here!" the Italian yelled as he ran towards his friend. Although Isaac signalled for him to zip it, one of the bugs caught wind, turned around and swooped down to attack.

"Boom Bubble!" Patamon shouted as it fired a blast of air at the insect, sadly doing little damage but distracting it from the series of metal balls that flew out of the purple beast.

"Good shot, Dorumon" the well-dressed boy nodded before turning to the dog, "Gaomon, your turn".

"With pleasure, now we have some breathing space… Rolling upper!" the wolf, now knownas Gaomon nodded before jumping and somersaulting into the sky at high speeds to punch at the nearby Flymon, yet the rookie had little impact and landed on the ground with the Flymon hissing.

Back with the other bugs, Impmon was fighting alongside Hawkmon yet their stamina appeared to start to wane. "Come on Commandramon, pet, take the shot" Shannon urged the soldier who gritted its teeth from stress.

"Negative! I can't get a good angle" it replied as it looked through the rifle's scope. That was when Shannon had an idea and extended her right hand in front of Commandramon, "what is it, ma'am"?

"I believe I can get a shot. You use your grenades to help them out whilst I aim" Shannon instructed only to be met by a shaking head.

"Sorry ma'am, I can't afford to let you get targeted" Commandramon replied before its head was forcibly turned to look her in the eyes.

"I will be targeted if you fail, Commandramon" Shannon replied with a rather cold look in her eyes, "I am not requesting this. As your partner and commanding officer, I order you hand me your rifle"! Surprised, Commandramon nodded before handing the gun and running towards the Flymon with bombs. "Aim… target locked… fire"!

In a matter of seconds, one of the giant bugs had fallen to the ground, hissing in pain from the tiny bullet that had embedded itself in its abdomen as the other attempted to fly towards the origin of the shot. However, it was disrupted by some slightly breathless rookies who responded by throwing bombs, elemental demons and feathers until…

"Brown Stingers!" the three Flymon simultaneously shrieked as they launched their stings at the smaller digimon which, although missing them, knocked them to the ground. Seeing this, Shannon rushed to help Commandramon, only to see one of the boys that were attacked sprint towards the fallen Hawkmon.

"Are you injured, soldier?" Commandramon asked Shannon weakly. With a sad smile, she shook her head.

"Oh, Commandramon, what can we do?" Shannon asked her partner, "I mean, without Carmen and Candlemon, we're outmatched".

"I apologise for my incapability, Acilio" Hawkmon muttered, trying to cope with the aftermath of being winded from the landing.

"No. It's not your fault, my friend" Acilio replied with a smile, despite the obvious fear in his eyes, "and now we're together, I think we can do something about them".

"Are you suggesting-"?

"Si" Acilio replied with a slightly teary eye before turning to Shannon, "Excuse me, pretty lady"? Hearing this Shannon turned her head in confusion. "I think I have a plan" Acilio continued before pulling out his Digivice to show the DNA Icon, "you have this, yes?" Shannon then took out her device and checked it at a fast pace before revealing to the same function. "On the count of three, we press it, okay?" the Italian asked, only to be met with a confused glance to which he beamed, "don't worry! I've done this before… wait, why do you only have one partner"?

"They… are somewhere else" Shannon replied, only to be met by a look of dismay from the Italian.

"Oh no! If you don't have both partners, you can't use it!" Acilio sighed before starting the waterworks.

At that moment, Isaac and the other boy had retreated to their side with their digimon, looking all bruised and battered.

"They're too strong!" Isaac gasped, a little tired from the sprint before noticing the DNA function on Acilio's digivice, "what does that do"?

"Finally, you've remembered that you have a way out, Acilio" the other boy stated a little smugly, "and here I though you forgot".

'Oh great, another Carmen?' Isaac thought to himself before asking Acilio again, "Acilio, what does it do? I mean, the Flymon are coming this way"!

"Don't worry. We just activate it at the same time and little things combine to become big things, got it?" Acilio smiled in a somewhat cheerful tone before seeing the gigantic bugs grow ever closer towards them and started sobbing harder, "Argh! Press it! Press it now! Please don't kill us, Mr Flymons, I'm still a virgin"!

"Acilio calm down" stated before raising his voice, "alright, on the count of three, we all press the button".

"One". The Flymon sped towards them at a faster pace.

"Two" The Flymon ascended into the air to attack.

"Brown Stinger"!


Execute DNA Digivolution

(Theme: Credens Justiatum)

At that action, all of the digivices except Shannon's emitted lines of golden light that connected them to another line and, another device. The rookies then, swamped in this light, sped towards each other in couples as they began to meld with each other.







"DNA digivolve to…" they all shouted as they melded with each other.

Grasping onto Betamon, the feline demon melded its data to the curious aquatic lifeform, the golden rays becoming black and white as the light died down, revealing a demon with long, clawed arms, horns and tattered white wings dressed all in white with a crimson bat logo on its muscular chest. "Icedevimon" it coolly stated in a mix of Impmon's voice and a more serene sound that had to be Betamon's.

Likewise, Dorumon and Hawkmon collided, the cocoon of light surrounding them, only to shatter to reveal a serpentine beast with orange and yellow feathers for a mane, a mask of bone, a crocodilian snout and rust red wings as tattered as Icedevimon's. "Airdramon!" the flying serpent hissed.

Finally, Patamon and Gaomon united in a ball of golden light which burst, revealing the oddest of beings. It was like a fox yet the face had no expression being smooth and white with painted streaks of red and black on its face and ears surrounded by an ice blue mane to only realise that it was a mask, the body was lean with light brown fur that met the black fur of the claws except for the flanks which each had a yin-yang symbol. The tail was more like a bolt-shaped blade of blue and silver with encrusted with a ruby eye and around its neck a scarf of red and white like a barber's sign. "Reppamon" the beast howled in Patamon's light giggle and Gaomon's stoic tone.

The three new digimon knocked the stingers away like swatting flies as they faced the trio.

"They… combined" Isaac gasped before turning to an equally surprised Shannon, "Shannon, you and Commandramon defend yourselves, we've got this". She simply nodded, running to a further distance with her exhausted partner.

"Now we have them out of the way" Reppamon purred before jumping at one of the Flymonwith a roar, "Vacuum kamaitachi"! Spinning its tail, Reppamon launched itself at Flymon only to be evaded by the flying insect. The bug thought it had skill… until its face was cleaved in half by the invisible slash that Reppamon had dealt it, causing it to burst into data 'n' eggs.

"Our turn!" Aidramon roared as it flew at a breakneck pace towards the insect, knocking it to the ground with its tail before charging again, "Spinning needle". From blades that Airdramon had conjured from rotating, Flymon proceeded to explode in a shower of gold pixels.

The last insect was nervously looking at the icy demon in front of it who met the insect with a cool yet sinister grin. From that grin and the fates of its comrades, Flymon turned face and, grabbing the eggs, flew through their air for its life.

"Wow, we actually did it!" Isaac cheered before he was met with a slam, a cry of relief and a wet shoulder. He smiled a little as he pulled the Italian in for a hug, ruffling his hair, "it's alright now, Acilio. I'm here. There's no need to worry anymore".


"Those pitiful flies! How dare they turn heel! At least die a warrior's death"!

From the expression on the face of the glasses wearing, white haired woman, Mina could tell that their leader was annoyed. It was nice that Arukenimon let her and her partners sit by her side to watch the troops on their mission to defeat the villains so that none of them would have to but, from how they mercilessly slaughtered those Flymon (one of them had invited her to its Kunemon's Bug Mitzvah), the brunette nurse had a pang of rage inside her as she stroked the black Gatomon that was curled up on the lap of her duck-egg blue pleated skirt and patted the head of the saddened Lunamon by her side. "It's going to be fine, Miss… I-I mean, there's always next time" Mina suggested before the spider queen turned to face and glower at her, "a-ah. I'm sorry. I'm being an idiot for forgetting that you're mad. P-please forgive me".

Hearing this, the humanoid digimon sighed with a softened expression before pulling the girl into her arms in a reassuring hug with her eyes locked into the girl's brown ones, running her gloved hands through the dyed purple locks and the burn marks that decorated the skin not covered by the girl's pink sleeveless top. The two lower level digimon quickly glaring at the sight of the contact before turning away, as if they were afraid to even protest.

"I apologise my dear, it has been a long day of failure, after all" Arukenimon softly replied with a faint smile, "You are right. There is tomorrow. Therefore, I will require you to alert the other members of our little team and, when you do, inform them that they must prepare for plan A in case these villains continue their invasion. I am counting on you. After all, I always forgive you and it is the only way to save your beloved, right"? From those words, the girl widened her eyes and adorned a feverish blush.

"Yes… Miss Arukenimon. I will do what you say" Mina breathily smiled with a sense of drugged euphoria as she got up and left the web-filled room before turning her head, "after all, you are one of the only people who always forgives me".

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Isaac: With our new friends, Acilio, Hawkmon, Betamon, Liam, Gaomon and Dorumon-

Impmon: Hey, who the heck is Liam?

Liam: (Sighs), you'll find out my name next chapter, you idiotic imp.

Impmon: Oh that's it! You are so dead! Bada Boom!

Isaac: Impmon! Not the curtains!

Shannon: (Sighs) Boys… Well, next time, after a good meal and a kip, the five of us and our partners head out to the village of the Tanemon where an evil Centarumon is enslaving them to be slaves and future warriors. But wait, who is that?

Commandramon: What's an Agunimon doing here?

Shannon: Find out next time in "Five months a slave! Centarumon vs Liam and Carmen!