The Ocean was so calm. So Blue. Massively radiant. Unlike anything on land that the humans had.

For years, it was occupied. By a ruler with a Trident. His name was Poseidon.

And he had seventeen daughters with the youngest named Nexus.

Or Nexie.

The She- Creatures all had exquisite eyes, the Bluest of the depths.

And calming as the Sea.

Especially, the fairest of them all. Nexie was the youngest of Poseidon, the great God of the Ocean.

The Pacific North.

She had pale skin like a rose and soft Blue eyes with the smallest face like a porcelain Greek statue.

Crates City was bustling again with life, the sound and hymns of Church Bells ringing, and trumpets being blared. Flags of many different countries lifted and the Prince came on board.

"Where are we going, older brother," asked Helani a small girl of 4. "To the palace of Prince Eric...," he rubbed her soft curls.

"I hope you don't marry that witch, Daphine!"

"Be nice, Helen of Troy..."

In the Sea, Andrina was getting ready to leave. She was to stay on land as a detective to watch Melody for Triton.

Triton made a group of merpeople and mermen into human servants, kings, queens, princes, and guards. She is to be a Princess of a far away land while Triton becomes her father: King Ardon of Rome.

Poseidon thought about his son, Triton and how he left him without saying goodbye. He had a mission to protect his Oceans so he had to go. He even created a false body.

Now, he kept his wife and other children away. But, she died a year ago.

Her name was Atalantis.

Nexus was turning fifteen. The youngest was going to the surface and her grandmother Artemis fixed her hair with pearls and clam shells, tightening them on her Mermaid's tail.

She looked up at her granny. "Am I ready to charm a human being and win an immortal soul...?"

"Jellyfish, of course you are!" She sighed and then, slowly rose like a bubble and went up and up until she reached a sandy bay. She climbed onto the sand and watched everything from up here.

There was a small town just like Nadine said. It had humans all over and horse drawn carriages. Carnivals. And music. Lots of music with laughing dancers.

And poetry citers.

"I just want to be a part of your world..."