The Orre Region, the wasteland of the Pokémon world. Nothing more than a big ass volcano surrounded by desserts. Well that is what it was before I came along. I sat in my office at the top of Mt. Battle overlooking the thriving green landscape of my region. Yes, I turned the wasteland into a beautiful paradise thanks to the help of two titan Pokémon, and by titan Pokémon I mean Kyogre and Groudon. Who would have ever thought that the worst of enemies could come together if their respective orbs were wielded by the same individuals? Archie and Maxie, were not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I digress.

I could feel myself smirk as I thought more about the events that were to unfold. It had taken me a few years to locate The Orre Region, a year to train my Pokémon to peak condition, a few more to locate and secure the Kyogre and Groudon, and a year to successfully terraform the Orre region and be named a hero. That however was just beginning. I had built gyms and a massive stadium all for the sake of hosting a massive tournament of sorts, only so that I could be steal the best trainers Pokémon, and use them to help me obtain three of the strongest Pokémon in existence. Cyrus wasn't entirely wrong on what he was doing, he just didn't have the means to do so, nor did he truly understand human nature. We humans live to fulfill our own selfish desires no matter the cost. I would use the power of the higher b beings to bring peace to this world, by eliminating human nature. Then the human race and even the Pokémon would be saved.

I Continue to stare at the at the Orre region landscape before I made my way to the far side of my office where a bookshelf resided. I gently pulled out the book 'Pokémon for beginners', underneath it was a little red button. I pressed the said button and the bookshelf began to shift. In a few seconds the bookshelf moved to its left revealing an elevator. I entered the said elevator, and was greeted by Delilah.

"How are you today, sir?" Delilah asked. Delilah was an artificial intelligence, I had created in memory of my mother. She listens only to me, and runs things while I am away, notifying me if anything occurs.

"I am good. Take me to sublevel D?" I asked.

"Going to see the prisoner today, sir?" Delilah asked.

"Yes." I replied. Subfloors where named after letters instead of negative integers, so there was no confusion with the staff. However, Sublevel D was only a level I could access. It housed, a very important prisoner. You see my methods of capturing other trainers' Pokémon, is very similar to what Team Snagem had done, however instead of a big bulky contraptions my gym leaders and elite four utilize special rings. The only problem was that the Pokémon could be recaptured. Wes, former member of team Snaggem, was still in the orre region somewhere. He was the main obstacle in my way. He had to be eliminated. I however, am in pocesion of one of the things he values in life.

The elevator stoped, and the doors slid open. "Sublevel D, sir," Delia said. I step out of the contraption and found myself in a very dark room. On the far side of the room stood chained a woman with orange hair tied into two short ponytails, blue round eyes, a small wedding dress with tears and burnt marks all throughout, her feet were bare and had symptoms of frostbite, and a necklace around her neck with a crescent moon charm on it.. The chains that held her up passed, through a mounted loop on the wall and ended at the collars of two Luxrays. Her eyes widened as I slowly approached her.

"W-what do you want?" She asked fearfully.

I stopped in front of her, my brown eyes gazing into hers, and asked, "I want you to tell me where Wes is?"

Her brows furrowed." I will not. How many times have I told you this before?"

"Wrong answer. "I snapped my fingers and the woman screamed as the Pokémon shocked her. After a few seconds, I sapped my fingers ceasing the torture. "I do not understand you. You know you would be scotch free had you told me about Wes' location. Yet, time after time you refuse to answer. Am I not being reasonable?" I asked.

"Heh. Reasonable, has does kidnapping someone and torturing them seem reasonable?" Rui asked. I snapped my fingers and her screams commenced. I let the pain last a little longer, so that it could sink in., before it once more ceased.

"You really do test my patience. If I cannot get information through you by normal means, then I have other methods that could make you talk," I stated. I could feel my lips curl into a smirk as Rui's eyes widened in horror. "But I am above such methods." I said, as I turned and made my way back to the elevator. Before entering however, I turned to face Rui one last time before saying," Oh and enjoy your stay."

"Wait." I stopped in my tracks. "Why are you doing this? I thought you were a good person." Rui asked me. I paused. She had asked me before and I had never given an answer. Maybe this time would be different.

"I plan to change this world. To better it. To make a world where someone else isn't harmed by someone else's selfish actions." I said, and with that I entered the elevator and made my way back to my office.

Once I arrived, and the Bookshelf closed behind me, I was once more greeted by Delilah.

"Sir. The Pokémon league champion is here for your meeting." The A.I stated.

"Thank you Delilah, please send her in," I commanded, as I made my way towards my desk, and taking a seat. A few moments later, the doors to my office opened to reveal a tall woman with blonde hair wearing a black cape that connected at her breasts, black jeans, a black shirt, and black heels.

I stood up from my seat. "Ah Cynthia. A pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine, Pathos. I heard that the Orre region wanted to be part of the league, and I had to come by to check it out," the blonde greeted with a smile.

"So you have been here before?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes indeed. I travelled her shortly after becoming the league champion. It was run down, and stricken with violence. I wanted to help, but there wasn't anything I could do," she paused, "But here I am, again. Not looking at a wasteland, but instead a flourishing region. Better yet the people wish to join the league."

"Yes. We have worked very hard to come where we are today. And yes we are hoping to join the league," I replied.

"Very well then. We will just need to appoint a champion and his elites, and it will all be settled, if you have already appointed gym leaders," Cynthia stated.

"Already done, I quickly stated.

Cynthia's eyes widened in shock. "How can that be only the league can select the champion and their elites?"

"We have already done so. It was…unanimous." I replied

"Ok then, who is the champion?" she asked.

"You're looking at him." I responded.

Cynthia's brows furrowed into a glare. "Oh really. If the people of orre region wants you as champion. You wouldn't mind having a battle with me, to prove so.

"You are weary. That is understandable. A person in a seat of power should not be involved with the league." I paused. "That is why I will agree to your battle. This Friday the Orre region will began hosting the world's largest tournament, in honor of our prosperity. We should open it off with our battle."

"That sounds reasonable, Pathos," Cynthia smiled. "I think league will have no problem selecting you as the regional champion." With that Cynthia made her way out of the office, only to stop at the threshold ad say ",I do hope that we could keep in contact Pathos" With her words finished, she made her way out of the building.

I turned back towards my office windows and stared out at the beautiful landscape. I took a few moments to take it in before saying, "Delia, contact the gym leaders and the elite four. We have five days to prepare, and we cannot waste any time."

"Will do, sir." The A.I stated.

"The perfect world is in near my grasps. I just need to reach out and grasp it," I said before turning around and making my way out of the building.