Chapter Two

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I see Uriah talking to one of the leaders they just introduced us to, I walk over to say hello. Uriah turns to me "Hey Tris, this is my brother Zeke" I reach out and shake his hand.

"You didn't tell me your brother was a Dauntless leader." I nudge him in the side. "I don't really think that my dumb older brother is that important" he laughs.

"Watch yourself little brother, I'm the boss around here." Zeke says with a smile on his face.

"I'm gonna go find Chris, see you later." Uriah says as he walks away.

"So you're the infamous Tris huh?" Zeke asks" Infamous? I'm not sure what Uriah has been telling you." I giggle. "Not Uriah, Four actually." Zeke responds.

I feel my face get hot, what would Four be talking to Zeke about me for? "Four? Really? I barely know him. What did he tell you?" I try to act calm.

"Oh just that you're kinda clumsy but look hot in running shorts." Zeke jokes. "Four is my best friend, since grade school actually. We talk about lots of stuff although he rarely mentions girls. You must be pretty special to have caught his attention."

I laugh nervously and tuck my hair behind my ears. "I'm nothing special, believe me."

"Well Four seems to feel differently." Zeke replies. "He's a tough nut to crack so be patient with him."

Am I hearing this right? The boy I like is talking to me to his best friend about how special I am? This must be the twilight zone.

"Thanks for the advice Zeke, given that Four and I have had maybe 3 conversations
I think we both have a lot to learn about each other." I say

A girl with long brown hair and dark brown eyes walks up behind Zeke and snakes her arms around his waste. "Hey baby" she whispers into his ear. "Hi" he replies turning to face her. "Shauna, this is Tris, she's a pledge this year." I reach my hand out to shake hers when she suddenly hugs me. "Welcome to Dauntless! You're going to love it here, we are like a big dysfunctional family" she laughs. She let's me go and grabs Zeke's hand and they walk into the crowd.

I see Eric at the landing of the stairs "Pledges" he yells again quieting the group. "it's time to put you to a little test. Out back is an obstacle course, it's not very big but will give us an idea of your current fitness level. By the end of initiation in 4 weeks you will all be running the Tough Mudder which is a 12 mile obstacle course. Upon finishing you will be official members of Dauntless. If you don't finish, you're out."

There is a gasp in the crowd. Although the factions aren't life or death they are important during your college years and even for networking after graduation. Nobody wants to be factionless; it's the loneliest situation to be in.

We walk outside to see about 5 obstacles set up. There is a large wall with a rope to use climb it, a row of tires to run though, monkey bars that are set up above a large pool of muddy water, a large pole that I assume we must as a team carry to the other side and finally there is barb wire strung above a mud puddle that we need to climb under to the finish line.

I'm a little nervous as I join the rest of the pledges at the starting line. The obstacles are explained and then the starting gun goes off. We start to run, I'm comfortable with this portion but am concerned with my upper body strength, or lack there of. We get to the first obstacle and I grab the rope and allow the momentum of the others to basically carry me over. Next up is the row of tire; I easily get through only stumbling once. As I run to the next obstacle I see Four standing on the sideline. I give him a smile as I run by and the corners of his mouth twitch up slightly. The monkey bars are next; there are 10 rungs to cross the muddy pool. I get to the 5th rung and my arms begin to shake. I attempt to reach for the 6th and my hand slips and I fall into the water. I feel defeated but I swim to the side and hoist myself out of the water and run to catch up before the log carry. I'm with about 5 others and someone counts to 3 and we lift the log above our heads and jog to other side. I see the barb wire and dive into the mud, it smells awful and all I want is to get out get to a shower. My shirt catches on a few barbs and I feel it rip into my skin a little. I keep moving forward until I get to the end. I get to my feet and run to the finish line. Once I breach the finish line I bend over at the waist attempting to catch my breath.

I feel a hand on the small of my back and I stand up straight. I look to my right and see Four standing next to me. "You're hurt" he says looking at my torn shirt and scraped back. "It's nothing, I just need a shower and maybe a band aid" I laugh.

Everyone has crossed the finish line when Tori uses a bullhorn to get our attention. "Go and clean yourselves up, have lunch and come back to the house where we will have your rankings." All of a sudden some of the members turn the hoses on and start spraying us down. We are all screaming and laughing like kids.

After the impromptu outside shower I try looking for Christina to see if she wants to head home for a real one and to change our clothes. I don't see her anywhere or Uriah for that matter. I find my purse and text her:

T- Where are you?

C- I'm with Uriah, we stopped at his dorm and he grabbed some clothes and now we are heading to our room to jump in the shower then heading for tacos.

T- *we* are jumping in the shower? LOL Have fun and be safe.

C-Shut up! See you at the rankings

Great, now where can I go to shower? I must look lost because Four comes up to me and asks what is wrong. "Ugh, well Chris is having a fun lunch date in my room so I have no where to go to shower." I sigh.

Four scratches the back of his neck like he is nervous. "Well you can use mine if you want. It's upstairs and private."

"Really? Would that be ok with the other leaders?" I ask

"I don't really care what they think. It's my bathroom, I can let whomever I want use it." He smiles at me.

"Thank you so much, I have a bag of clothes in my car, I'll run out and get it." I am so thankful I keep my gym bag in my car. You never know when you'll need it.

Four walks me to my car and then I follow him upstairs to his room. I look around nervously hoping none of the other pledges see me. His room is the last one; it's the most secluded room of the house. When he unlocks the door and we walk in the room is large and minimally decorated. There is a large four poster bed, a dresser, night stand and a small chair in the corner. Four points to the bathroom door. "I'll give you some privacy" he says as he heads to the door. "Thanks again" I say.

I relish the hot water and use my coconut scented shampoo and conditioner to clean the stinky mud out of my hair. Finally I use my cocoa butter body wash and rinse clean. I suddenly realize I don't have a towel and I panic. "Four?" I yell. No answer. I assume he had gone downstairs so I get out of the shower and look under the sink hoping he keeps his towels there, no luck. I open the bathroom door slowly and peak my head out. "Four?" I say again trying to determine if he is close. I notice a closet that resembles the linen closet in my childhood home. I walk quickly towards the closet and just as I open it and grab a towel the bedroom door opens and Four walks in.

"Tris, were you, oh god I'm so sorry" he stammers covering his eyes.

I quickly wrap the towel around my body. "It's ok Four I'm covered now." I say trying to hide my embarrassment.

"I thought I heard you calling my name and wanted to make sure you were ok."

"Yeah I didn't have towel and wasn't sure if you had gone downstairs." I say.

We stare are each other and I notice his eyes slip from my eyes down my glistening body. I shift my weight a bit and start walking towards the bathroom.

"I'll leave you to get changed; wanna grab some lunch when you're done?" He asks

"That would be great, thanks, just give me 5 minutes."

I finish getting dressed and run a brush through my hair and put it into a messy bun. I head downstairs where Four is standing by the door waiting.

"You look beautiful" he says nervously. I laugh and try to hide the blush in my cheeks.

"Where to?" He asks as he opens the door. I walk out and tell him that I am open to anything.

"Pizza?" He suggests. "Sounds great." I reply

We head to Four's car, it's a sleek black Audi A4, he opens my door and I get in. "Nice ride" I say as he slides into the driver's seat. "Thanks, my dad has money and tries to buy my love. Who am I to say no to a beautiful car?" He says. I note a bit of sadness in his voice, maybe he'll tell me why at a later time.

After pizza we decide we better head back to the house since the rankings will be released soon. I tell Four that I am nervous since I fell from the monkey bars. He assures me that I was not the only one who fell. "Will you help me?" I ask, he studies my face, "help you with what?"

"Get stronger, I've got the cardio portion but my upper body strength is lacking." I laugh.

"Of course I'll help you; we can come with a schedule that works around our classes."

"I also work 3 days a week at the student bookstore. Not all of our parents are wealthy." I nudge him. He smiles at me, "yeah yeah."

He suddenly takes my phone from my hand texts himself and then replies to the message so we now have each others numbers. I smile at his gesture.

We arrive at the faction house and everyone else is already there. I rush inside leaving Four behind. I don't want to miss the rankings. I see Chris and Uriah standing together and I run up behind them. "Did I miss it?" I ask, Chris turns to me, "nope they are just about to start. Where were you anyway?" She asks.

"We'll talk later" I say. "You have some explaining to do for yourself missy." I joke.

Eric stands in front of the group with a large chalk board to his left. "Here are the rankings from day one; the rankings will establish your place in this faction, the high the ranking at the end, the better."

With that he turns the board around and our names are listed 1-20. I search the board for my name; I'm towards the bottom but not last. I'm number 13, Chris is 7 and Uriah is number 1.

I give Uriah a hug to congratulate him and then when he lets go Christina grabs his face and kisses him passionately. I turn around to get away from there private moment and run straight into Four's chest.

"Oh hey" I say startled.

"See, I told you that you wouldn't be last" he says.

He grabs my hand and pulls me away to the stairs then up towards his room. "Where are we going?" I ask, stopping on the stairwell. "I thought we could be alone for a little while, is that ok?" he asks.

"Yeah I guess that sounds nice." I reply.

We walk up the stairs and he opens his bedroom door. Once we enter I don't know where to sit. Four walks past me and sits on his bed so I decide to join him. We sit on the edge of the bed, my legs dangling and look at each other.

"Tell me about yourself Tris, something that no one else knows." He looks genuinely interested. I take a deep breathe and let out a loud sigh. "I don't have many secrets; I guess the only one I really keep…" I paused suddenly feeling very exposed, "my ex boyfriend from high school was really abusive both mentally and physically." I see Four's jaw clench and his hands ball into fists. I place my hand onto one of his fists and rub the back of his hand hoping to calm him. I suddenly realize that this is the first casual touch I've initiated. I feel sparks flow through me.

"Why? How? I just don't understand someone hurting the person you love." He sighs.

"It started like any other high school relationship, you know, puppy love. Then something in Peter changed, he started controlling who I could be friends with, where I could go and when I tried to stand up for myself he smacked me in the face. He started calling me horrible names and telling me I was worthless. Unfortunately I believed him and stayed, afraid I would never find someone else to love me" tears are welling up in my eyes and I am willing myself to not let them fall. "But then with my brother Caleb and Christina's help I saw Peter for who he was and ended it. It was very difficult and he stalked me for months after. It's finally over and I haven't seen him in about a year" I finish.

I look up from staring at me wringing hand and look at Four, he looks at me and takes my hand, "you are amazingly strong Tris, never underestimate yourself." I smile at him.

There is a moment of silence until I finally break it and ask him the same question. He takes a minute looking up at the ceiling like he is having a hard time deciding what to say.

"You know how I told you that my dad was wealthy and tried to buy my love?" I nod, "well he is also trying to buy my silence. He was abusive to my mother and after she died when I was 7, he turned his rage to me. If this information ever got out it would ruin his career." He looks me in the eye and continues, "part of me feels like I am taking the selfish way out by taking advantage of his guilt but honestly now that I'm an adult and he can no longer hurt me I don't see the point of ruining him." He stops waiting for my reaction.

I lace my fingers with his and lean towards him. I want to tell him that he is not selfish and that respect him for escaping that hell but instead I close the gap between us and press my lips to his. It feels like his lips are full of electricity, he kisses me back and places his hands on my waist. In return I snake my arms around his neck and the kiss deepens. We both pull away breathless.

"Can I ask one more questions Four?" I say nervously, "Sure" he replies.

"What's your real name?" he looks at me shaking his head, "I will tell you but just not today, okay?" "Okay."

Four walks me to my car and once I get in I have a bunch of missed calls and text messages from Christina.

C-Where are you? I didn't see you after the ranking.


C- I'm going to assume you are either getting some or you have been kidnapped and chopped into tiny pieces.

I quickly send her a message:

T-Not in tiny pieces and no hook up stories for you, on my way home now.

She responds right away:

C- Good, I need some girl talk, hurry up