Chapter Nine

I do not own Divergent or any of its characters all rights belong to Veronica Roth

Warning lemons ahead…

We speed towards my dorm, Tobias' hand lingers on my knee, I must not have noticed how fast I was going because just as his hand started sliding up my thigh I saw blue and red lights in my rear view mirror.

"Oh shit!" I exclaim looking over at Tobias. I pull to the side of the road. "It will be fine, don't stress out, let's just hurry up before I take you in front of the cop." He laughs.

The cop does the normal song and dance and I bat my eyelashes and apologize profusely. As the officer walks back to his car to check my license Tobias slips his hand up my dress allowing his fingers to rub against my panties. I smack his hand, "Tobias!" he just grins but doesn't stop. I start to wiggle against his hand to create the friction I crave. "You're free to go Miss Prior" the officer says, "I'm letting you off with just a warning.
Slow down."

"Thank you so much" I say breathily as Tobias continues to touch me. "I promise I will."

The cop walks back to his car and I look at Tobias. Suddenly his lips are on mine, feverously kissing me. I kiss him back with the same emotion and want. "If you don't get us to a bed soon…" he trails off landing kisses on my collarbone and neck.

"Okay, okay I'm going" I say easing back onto the road. I watch my speed and make it home quickly. We make our way into my room and as soon as the door is shut he presses me up against the wall kissing me deeply. His hands running up my thighs bringing my dress along with it. I let out a moan and he bites my neck.

"Oh Tobias" I say, "I want you so much."

He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. His lips never leave mine as he carries me to my small bed. "We should have gone to your room." I say trying to catch my breath. "Why?" he asks lifting my dress over my head and trailing kisses from my stomach to the hollow of my neck. "More room" I reply as my fingers unbutton his shirt, slipping it off his shoulders. "We have this whole room to work with" he grins mischievously.

He reaches behind me and unclasps my bra before removing it completely. His mouth quickly lands on my pert nipple, drawing it in, nibbling gently. I gasp as the sensation running my fingers through his hair. While his mouth is busy on my breast his hand slides down and his thumb loops under the band of my underwear and starts to pull them down. I lift my hips and help him take them all the way off. His fingers slip into my wet folds and he slowly circles my bundle of nerves before he inserts one of his fingers into my entrance. I thrust my hips into his hands moan his name. He kisses his way down and kisses each hipbone, his five o'clock shadow grazes against me and I yelp at the feeling. "Like that?" he hums. "Oh god yes" I say as he dips his head into my womanhood. His tongue takes over for what his thumb had started and he inserts another finger before drawing them out slowly only to thrust in again. I am writhing in the pleasure and can feel the familiar tidal wave of ecstasy approaching. "Four! I'm gonna cum…Oh god don't stop…" I say as I fall over the edge. My body goes limp as I come down from my orgasm. I look at Tobias through hooded lids.

"Four?" he says as he stands up next to the bed. "Sorry" I say reaching for the buckle of his jeans pulling him closer to me. "I was kinda overwhelmed in the moment." I laugh as I sit up and start to unbuckle his jeans. "It's ok, I can play both sweet boyfriend and tough trainer if you like that kinda thing." He says helping me move his jeans off his hips. He steps out of them and I quickly remove his boxers revealing his erect manhood. I slowly wrap my hand around him and he throws his head back sighing loudly. "Like that?" I say mocking our earlier conversation.

"Fuck Tris…" he says as his hips slowly thrust into my hand. Without stopping my hand motion I sit up onto my knees and pull his head down to me and kiss him deeply. "I want you inside me" I breathe into his ear. With that he lays onto the bed and I grab a condom out of my nightstand. I roll it onto him and straddle his lap. I rub myself against his length and then reach between to align him with my entrance and seat myself onto him fully. I am too turned on to tease him. He groans loudly and I lace my fingers with his and begin rocking back and forth. The friction against my nerve bundle is intense and I know I won't last long before coming again.

Tobias suddenly flips us over so he is on top of me; he begins to thrust into me with amazing force. I lift my hips to meet each one until I am coming again. I bite down onto his shoulder and he lets out a growl in response. He thrusts a few more times until he cums as well and collapses onto me momentarily before rolling off to lie next to me.

I nestle myself against his chest and he runs his fingers up my naked spine causing me to shiver.

"Did you say you were my boyfriend Tobias" I joke nudging him with my elbow. He looks down at me and smiles but then his face becomes serious, "I'd love that, if you'll have me Tris." I smile and press a soft kiss against his lips. "I'd love that too Tobias." We fall asleep naked in each others arms, perfectly content.

***2 weeks later***

It's race day, I have been training really hard but am still really nervous. Christina, Uriah and I ride together and when we arrive, we get signed in and we each attach our bibs to our shirts. I look around the mass crowd trying to find Tobias, current members don't have to run the course but he promised he wouldn't let me run alone.

I finally see him and he looks like he is in a heated conversation with Eric. I can only imagine what they are fighting about since they don't seem to agree on anything. I finally catch his eye and give him a wave. I start towards the starting line assuming he will join me after his discussion. Christina and Uriah are both at the staring line both bouncing on the balls of their feet to shake some energy I am guessing. I feel someone take my hand and give it a squeeze. I turn and see Tobias' beautiful blue eyes looking back at me.

"You're going to do great. Just remember, it doesn't matter when you finish, just that you finish. Take your time and you'll be fine." He says, I give him a smile and look toward the man holding the starting rifle. The crowd begins a countdown 1

Three… Two…One