"No! Get your hands off me!"

It had been such a nice morning. She did her routine of waking up early, preparing breakfast for her and her husband and also making lunch for him to bring to the field while she stayed home and do the cleaning.

But then, all of sudden, as she was doing the dishes, the door slammed opened and those people in royal guard uniforms came marching in. They dragged her out of her own small house, even when she tossed around and refused.

"This is Queen Anna's order."

Upon hearing the name she has being avoiding all those years ago, her eyes widened in shock. What happened, what changed the person she was knew? What happened to the once feisty loving Princess?

"Hey! Let my wife go!"

Every head turned toward the source of the voice to where a muscular man in his mid twenties was standing. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up, auburn hair damped with sweat and face covered in dirt but still she found him to be extremely handsome.

"And you must be the ex-Prince of the Southern Isles."

Both husband and wife cringed mentally at the mention of 'ex-Prince', it just sounded unpleasant and always bringing up bad memories.

"Arrest him."

Some of the guards came marching toward him and just as what she did earlier, he fought and refused until they had to knock him down and pinned him to the ground.

"Queen Anna has given a clear order." The head guard said, "We are to take you back to Arendelle."

And so they did what he said, taking them to the prison carriage meant for them and treated them like criminals. She supposed she deserved that after abandoning her kingdom for her true love.

The ride was quiet, bumpy, and to sum it up… stiff. The two guards that were ordered to watch over them never breaking their stare toward them and all the couple could do was to sit in silent, fingers intertwined as they were forced to go back to her hometown.

After arriving they were led to the dungeon under the castle's ground in two separate cells with iron bars as the only thing standing between them. They sat on the floor, back against each other with the cell bars between them.

She hugged her knees close as she stared at the wall across of her. "I could get us out of here…" she murmured, "We can run and start new again… just like the last time."

"No." he replied as he took her hand, squeezing it lightly. "Don't. You know it's dangerous to use your powers now."


"It's alright, Elsa. They eventually will find and get us again if we run. Don't worry, you will be fine."

Four guards came to their cells, making them looked up. They unlocked her cell and pulled her out, leading her toward the stairs leading to the castle ground. "H-Hans?!"

He stood up in alarmed, both hands gripping the cell bars as he could only watched helplessly as they took his wife away from him.

"Hans, help, I don't want to go!"

"You'll be fine, Elsa!" he called after her. "They won't hurt you!"

"No! Let me go!" she screamed as the three guards kept their iron grip on her and brought her up the stairs and to the castle ground. "I want to be with my husband!"

"Queen Anna wishes to see you."

Queen Anna.

It had been years since the last time she ever seen her younger sister. What would she say when they meet and she found out she is married to the thirteenth son of the Southern Isles?

But the guards didn't take her to the throne room where she was supposed to see the new Queen. Instead, they led her up the stairs to the West Wing… to the royal chambers.

She recognized the white snowflake-decorated door on the right; she remembered the cold room in which she locked herself in for years since the incident with her sister.

One of the guards opened the door before the other two pushed her in. "Her Majesty wants you to stay here. She will come in shortly."

The door slammed shut and the platinum blonde haired woman could hear the locked clicked. Pulling her cloak closer around herself, she walked toward her old vanity; frost was present on the edges from even before she ran away.


The older woman turned around, seeing the strawberry blonde haired Queen for the first time ever since she left.

Her sister's appearance was a little different from what she remembered. Her hair, which usually was in her signature twin braids, was now in a bun, her once golden crown nested on top of her sister's head. Her dress was no longer the light, easy to move type but the heavy dress which held back any 'unnecessary' movements.

"Anna?" she called like she had to reassure herself that it was indeed her sister. "Is that you?"

"Hello sis."

"What happened to you?" the older sister asked, "You look… different."

"Things changed ever since you ran with that traitor." The once Princess said in cold, almost emotionless tone. "What happened to you?"

The platinum blonde haired woman looked down at her own dress. Pale brown colored, some dirt and even flour decorating it, with worn-out darker cloak on the outside. "I uh… I'm not a royalty anymore, remember? Just a… married woman living in a small cottage near the outline of a small village." She looked up at her sister. "And seeing the way the guards treated me and my husband, a criminal."

The younger sister looked down at the floor for a moment, sighing quietly before she looked up at the older woman in the room again. "Look Elsa, I would go straight to the point if you don't mind."

"Go ahead."

"… I want you to take back your title as Queen."

Her sister tone was bold, said in only one breath taken. And the older sister answered with short and simple, "No."


"Thank you for your kind offering, Your Majesty." the platinum blonde haired sister said. "But I can't take the throne. I have a happy life with my husband, living our simple and peaceful life together. I can't stay and rule Arendelle anymore."

The younger sister looked down and sighed. "Well… unfortunately you and Hans can't go to your old life ever."

"What do you mean?"

"The Ex-Prince of the Southern Isles has been punished for his crimes against Arendelle." The strawberry blonde haired sister explained.

"What crimes?!"

"Brainwashing and kidnapping the Queen of Arendelle."

"What?! Anna, no!" she couldn't believe what her younger sister has told her. No, this isn't happening! "What did you do to him?!"

"… He was hanged for what he did."

Her breath caught in her throat as a shocked gasp escaped her lips. Her hand went up to her mouth as she suddenly became light-headed. He can't be gone, not this fast, and definitely not like this.

Anna's eyes scanned her sister as she dropped herself onto a nearby chair as she processed the departure of her husband. "You need to rest." She finally declared, turning on her heels to exit the room.

The platinum blonde haired woman's head snapped up just as the door was slammed closed and the lock clicked from the outside. Did her sister just lock her in her room?! "Anna!" she got up from the chair and slammed her fists onto the door. "Anna, open up! Anna, unlock the door! You can't lock me in here!"

"Go sleep Elsa… It will take a while for you to realize everything, but I'm sure you'll be back to your own self."

"No! Anna!" she shouted as her fists kept come in contact with the hard wood, tears were starting to fall from her blue eyes. "You killed my husband!"

"He's a criminal, Elsa."

"Then what's the differences with me?! With you?!" she screamed, her body slipping down until she was kneeling in front of the door, a thin layer of frost began to form under her left hand. "All these times I live with the belief that I'm a monster and I tried very hard not to be one, but I have never expected for my own sister to be one!" she sobbed, "I'm with child, Anna! And you just made my child Fatherless!"