Chapter 9

"Alright, Beca, all I ask of you is to cooperate with us today." Dr. Turnage says as he wheels the girl down the long corridor. "I know this week has been hard and frustrating, but I need you to try your best today." A warm hand pats Beca's shoulder.

"You're speaking like I never cooperate, doc. I'm offended."

"You know what I'm talking about." He sends a warning glare at the brunette.

"I told you I had absolutely nothing to do with the extravaganza Rachel pulled. I just so happened to be at the right place at the right time." Beca shrugs, crossing her arms over her chest. The opportunity presented itself, and she had no choice but to take it. It's not her fault. Rachel was very persuasive.

"Uh-huh." Dr. Turnage raises an eyebrow at her, walking them into a room with various workout equipment such as a treadmill and stretch bars. "And you so happened to have the missing cookies stored in your room, in the drawer beside your bed?"

"I plead the fifth!"

Dr. Turnage chuckles, stopping them next to a medical bed and locking the wheelchair. The man walks around Beca, squatting in front of her. "If the pain becomes unbearable, let us know, and we'll immediately stop."

Beca nods, giving the man a slight smile. "Don't worry, doc. You'll know."

Dr. Turnage stands up and holds his hands out to Beca. "I'll help you on the bed until your physical therapist arrives."

Beca allows herself to be lifted from the wheelchair and placed onto the bed. "I'm surprised you didn't throw me like a ragdoll considering how rude I've been to you."

The doctor chuckles taking a seat at the computer desk beside the door. "Even though that sounds tempting, I do like my job and the shiny things I can buy."

Beca sat on the bed waiting for the physical therapist to arrive. Being in the hospital for an extra month is not something she anticipated. The first month, yes, but after that, she rather be in the comfort of her home with Chloe. Maybe if she's kind to Melanie and the dumb physical therapist, Dr. Turnage will be willing to let her continue her recovery at home.

Alright, Mitchell. Best behavior.

"Look who we have here." A feminine voice speaks. "When Mel said she had a surprise for me, I didn't think it would be you."

Beca turns towards the entrance to see Rachel being wheeled into the room. The brunette immediately turns towards Dr. Turnage. "I will do anything you want if you get me outta here. I'll give you as much money as you want."

Dr. Turnage laughs, grabbing the chart for both Rachel and Beca. "I'm afraid I can't do that."

"Please!" Beca pleads hands in a prayer position. "I have connections! Anything you want, I'll get you!" She dodges a swat from Rachel as she's wheeled passed her to the other bed. "Just get me away from her." She points.

"Wow. Here I thought we had a connection, B." Rachel feigns hurt, wiping nonexistent tears. "I thought you were my friend."

"Bitch you thought! I barely like Melanie, what makes you think I like you." Beca raises an eyebrow letting herself be pushed to lay on the bed. Rachel gives Beca the middle finger while situating herself on the medical bed. Unlike Beca, Rachel can walk but chooses not to. Something about not wanting to waste the potential of being a legendary wheelchair racer.

Melanie's face comes into Beca's view, causing the woman to sheepishly smile. "You do know I can make today as painful as I like, right?"

"But you won't because you love me." Beca points out, sending the woman a wink as she starts to stretch out her leg.

Melanie hums continuing with the stretch for a minute before switching to the other leg. "Are you going to be nice today?"

"Yep." Beca pops the 'p'. "I need to make a getaway before I go insane." Beca turns her head towards Dr. Turnage. "Can I go home if I am good?"

Dr. Turnage glances up from the chart. "I need to see your results and run a couple more tests. But good behavior and actually trying will help me make my decision."

"You got it, doc." Beca salutes the man. "Give it all you got, Mel."

Melanie nods rotating one of Beca's ankles. "How's everything going for you? Any pains or stiffness?"

"Slight pain in my chest area, and I have terrible migraines every now and then. Other than that, I can barely feel anything you're doing to my lower body." Beca replies. Over the course of the last month coming to therapy, some feeling has come back in her legs. She can't feel much, but if there's pressure, she can feel feather-light touches in the area.

Melanie hums switching ankles. "Have you been prescribed anything for the pain and migraines?"

"Uh, yes." Dr. Turnage interrupts jotting something down. "I have Beca on medication for both the pain and migraines." He turns around in the chair towards the pair. "They are kind of strong, but we are monitoring the dosage."

"Cool. I'm going to help you sit up and we'll work on hand and arm strength today." Melanie informs gently helping the woman.

Beca watches as Melanie turns to Dr. Turnage mumbling a couple words before the man gets up and leaves the room. The brunette scoffs. "I guess it's just us two today. Great."

A thud pulls her attention to the other side of the room. Rachel is on the ground, flat on her back laughing. The dumb therapist, Cole, is on his ass as well rubbing his back. Leave it to Rachel to start some trouble.

Beca shakes her head turning back to Melanie who's grabbing a couple of hand strengthening equipment. With her left arm being in a cast, there are limitations on what she can do to strengthen her hand, but she can do grip exercises. Like seeing what she can hold and how long she can hold it for. As far as her right arm is concerned, it is weak for muscle, but it is getting better for her to be able to hold things for an extended period of time.

"You know the deal," Melanie says pulling the brunette out of her thoughts. "Hold and grip as best as you can. If it starts to hurt, stop, and we'll switch hands." The woman hands Beca the grip to hold in her right hand. "Start when ready."

The brunette squeezes as best as she can. "Why are you doing this instead of dumbass over there." She nods. Cole has finally gotten off the floor and is steadying Rachel as she walks across the parallel bars.

"Cole," Melanie emphasizes shooting a glance at Beca. "Has been tasked with helping Rachel while I help you. I would like to test your memory while you're doing your exercises to see if your brain will fill in the gaps without you thinking."

Physical therapy for Beca runs smoothly with a few swear words here and there. She did not curse Melanie for all eternity like Madame Zeroni, and to her surprise, her hand strength is getting better. As for her memory, she can remember things that have happened over the course of 12 hours, but anything after that is a no. She's starting to remember key dates in her life, such as graduating from college, meeting Chloe and their friends, and childhood things, but it's the newest things in her life that she can't put her finger on. Melanie leaves her with the task of remembering everything she has done today and writing it down.

As per usual, after therapy is rec time. That means daily harassment from Rachel. Beca has come to tolerate the woman since being here, and she's turned out to be a great company despite the harassment and constant flirting. She has kept Beca in higher spirits since being here.

"I'm leaving in a couple days." Is the first thing Rachel says pushing herself to their table. "I thought you should know."

Beca furrows her eyebrows. "What do you mean leaving? Like leaving, leaving?"

"Leaving, leaving." Rachel confirms searching Beca's face for any kind of emotion. "After PT, Turnage said I could continue my exercises at home and have house call therapy sessions if I would like."

"So, you're going to leave me here all by myself with these psychopaths?" Beca began setting up the checkerboard game. "You do know they already hate me because I do crazy shit with you."

"They don't hate you." Rachel chuckles pushing hair out of her face. "It's me they hate. I'm always doing something to fuck up their day. I call red."

Rolling her eyes, Beca turns the board so the red pieces are now in front of Rachel. "So, what are you going to do, homewrecker?"

Rachel shrugs moving one of her pieces. "I guess go home. I've been here long enough, and I would like a change of scenery. Maybe go to the park or something."

It's been a while since either woman has gotten fresh air since being in the hospital. The constant smell of medicine and antiseptic has begun to drive them crazy. There hasn't been one trip around the hospital or outside since Beca's been here. She has almost forgotten what it feels like to feel the sun and wind or to smell the outside air. It's a miracle she hasn't gone insane.

"I just need to get out of here." Rachel continues. "I hate being stuck in one place for a long time."

Beca takes her turn. "I understand. I think I'm about to get the same option. For once I have been cooperating. I'm just ready to be around my family and friends, you know?"

"Yeah," The emerald-eyed woman agrees shifting in her seat. "I feel you." She jumps her chip over one of Beca's and removes it from the board. "But before I go," A sly smirk plays at her lips. "Let me beat you at our favorite pass time one last time."

Beca smirks cracking her knuckles and neck. "Should I remind you who won the last four games?"

"In my defense, I was high off pain meds." Rachel folds her hands on the table calmly. "But I'm here to reclaim my title. Let's go, Mitchell."

Their friendly game of checkers turns out to be a deadly game of cat and mouse. Each woman would strategically move their chip around the board trying to outsmart the other, but it seemed each move one made, the other would be two steps ahead and cut them off. This lasted for a solid thirty minutes before they decided to call the game.

A wave of sadness washed over Beca as the two began to clean their mess. The only person in the hospital that she considers a friend is leaving soon. Rachel is her person, and it sucks.

Beca watches with curious blue eyes as Rachel picks up a sharpie and approaches her, reaching for her arm. "Something to remember me by." Rachel states drawing on her arm. She takes her time writing a message on the orange cast, the marker gliding across the material with precision and ease.

The brunette takes the time to engrave Rachel's personality and appearance into her brain in fear of forgetting the woman forever. She wants – no needs to remember the one good thing about this place. The person who made the hospital bearable.

Victoria walks to the pair. "You've made bail, Milano." She says standing behind the woman.

Rachel laughs recapping the pen, gently placing Beca's arm in her lap. "How long have you been working on that?"

"For a while." Victoria beams unlocking the wheels. "Can't say I'm going to miss you though."

"Everyone's going to miss me," Rachel states allowing herself to slowly be pulled away from the table. "Even you."

"We'll see about that." Victoria teases shaking her head.

Rachel turns to Beca with a sad smile on her face and nods towards her arm. "Make sure to use what I wrote. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say to you." Rachel gestures for Victoria to turn her around. "Get me out of here, Watson."

Victoria growls wheeling the woman out of the rec room for the last time. Rachel raises her hand to Beca with a smirk as she leaves. She's going to miss that woman.

Not too long after Rachel left, Beca was wheeled back to her room for the day. It felt funny being the only one wheeled down the hall to her room. This is usually the time where she and Rachel would make the nurses race them down the hall or persuade them to make a pit stop in the cafeteria to get cookies.

Upon arriving in her room, Chloe is sitting in her usual spot by the window, mindlessly scrolling on her phone. Beca is helped onto the bed before the nurse leaves.

Chloe pocketed her phone smiling at the brunette. "How was your day?" She reaches over to intertwine their fingers.

"Good." Beca sighs. "I'm just ready to be in my own bed at this point. Oh, and Rachel left today."

"The brown-haired, emerald-eyed vixen?" Chloe questions. Beca nods. "I'm sorry one of your friends left you, babe. Maybe it's your time to leave, too."


The two enjoy each other's company while watching horrible hospital cable. Beca was truly sadden by Rachel's departure, and it surprised her that she is taking it this hard. She's never felt like this before. Not even when her and Chloe broke up for a short period of time senior year of college.

Three sharp knocks sound at the door. "Alright," Dr. Turnage says walking into the brunette's room, a bright smile on his face. "How are we doing today, Beca?"

"Great." She replies glancing at Chloe who was standing next to her bed. "Hopefully, you're going to give me the good news."

Dr. Turnage chuckles stopping at the foot of her bed. "I might be. I also heard that you and Rachel gave the nurses hell one last time before she was dismissed. Spitball deathmatch?" He raises a thick blonde eyebrow.

"Had to go out with a bang." Beca shrugs with a smirk. "Besides, Rachel needed revenge on Victoria for having her rec time revoked last week."

"I swear you two are children," Chloe mumbles shaking her head. "Can't leave either of you unsupervised."

"Well, now she won't be." Dr. Turnage says. "She'll be with you for now on." He walks to the head of the bed, checking Beca's vitals from the machine. "She will need to continue seeing a specialist to help her regain and retain her memory. I have compiled a list of specialists for you guys to review. The sooner you guys choose one, the better."

It's finally happening, Beca is being dismissed. After spending seven months in a coma and an extra three months regaining strength in her injured limbs, it's time for her to go. A new challenge awaits her in being reacquainted with everyday tasks and interacting with the public again.

"I will have one of the nurses get your discharge papers ready for you to leave in the morning." Dr. Turnage continues. "I want to check up on you twice a month to see your progress and how your body reacts to these changes."

"Thank you." Beca smiles, reaching up to pat the doctors' arm. "I appreciate everything you've done to help me even though I did make your job harder at times." She chuckles remembering her first week of waking up. "I'm pretty sure I drove you to drink."

"Nonsense," The blond waves dismissively. "You kept me on my toes, and I loved the challenge. Now," he gives Beca a smile. "Let me get this to the front so you can go home, okay."


As soon as the doctor leaves the room, Beca is brought into a tight hug from Chloe. Beca smiles accepting the hug from the woman.

She's going home.