"Seijuro, I want to tell you something that ate me wholly with guilt for the past 16 years. This matter matters a lot to me and to you. To make it short and digestible, Seijuro, you have a twin brother."

After the Winter Cup and Seijuro Akashi's fall, being defeated by his former teammate from Teiko - Tetsuya Kuroko with his new team, Seirin - his father professed something to him that he really didn't anticipate. Leaving him utterly shocked with the new said information and revelation.

The pure shock was written all over Seijuro's face after that matter being vocalized to him by his 'perfect' father, who by now he knows that his father can do such thing as this.

His father said that what he had done is unforgivable, inexcusable, and unjustifiable for he made his other son suffer and who, Seijuro strongly believes, ignorant of it. Unforgivable for leaving his son's twin to another family for he has no capabilities because they thought that the child will just be a burden to the family considering he is born frail and the one being blamed for his wife's death when the younger one came out. Now that Seijuro's father is guilty and repentant of what he had done, he wants to reunite with him, be with him and live with him as a happy family. But the thing is - "He goes by the name, Seijuki Hinori."

The twin is known in the name of 'Seijuki Hinori', a well-known idol in Japan and some parts of the globe considering he cover songs in English and speak it fluently leading him to go all over the globe for his concerts. People can't see their similarities due to Seijuki's eye's and hair color and his personality, especially the personality because they are completely opposite.

Now that this is revealed to him, he also wants to see him and fulfill his role being the older one between the two of them as twins.

But how sure are they that Seijuki will just accept and take them with open arms as nothing happened?

We'll just see then.

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