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Chapter 2: The Past of Troubles

In the last chapter of "I Will Love You No Matter What":

Normal POV

"Well is there a place to rest because I'm a little hungry." Natsu said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah I have cabin just right over there." Kei said as she pointed into the direction of her house.

"Great let's go!" Natsu said as he grabbed Kei's hand which shocked her and ran at a fast pace.

Kei then blushed as she felt the warmth in his hands.

Natsu then smiled as he and Happy made a new friend today.

But will their new friendship turn into something more?

Normal POV

Both Natsu and Kei were currently walking to Kei's cabin after the two got lost after Natsu brought them to an unknown part of the woods. Natsu DID apologize for his actions though.

"You know, if you want to run like that, you should know where you're going at the very least." Kei scolded in a teasing tone as Natsu chuckled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm really sorry about that, but I really thought that my sense of smell could at the least pick up the scent of your cabin since you live in it." Natsu explained.

"Well how about I tell you the directions the next time" Kei smiled and Natsu smiled back.

"Yeah, that would really be useful." Natsu said as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. He had never met a girl like her before. She was very nice and didn't hurt him for a mistake like getting them lost. Unlike some other women.

And back in the Fairy Tail guild, Lucy and Erza sneezed as they both looked at one another as they wondered who was talking about them.

"So Kei please tell me about yourself." Natsu said as Kei looked at him weirdly.


"Well you seem like a person with an interesting past. So I was thinking if you would tell me about it. You know, to past the time since we have a long way to go." Natsu said as he placed his hands behind his head.

"I wouldn't mind telling about myself but what about you Natsu? You're a mage, aren't you? Then you should have a more interesting past." Kei said before she started thinking.

"Aha! Could you tell me how you managed to gain your magic powers?" Natsu then gave her a look of shock at that. No one had asked that about him before, so he gave her a somber look as he recounted back to what happened.

"Well alright then. Where do I begin? Oh I know. It all started when.." Natsu said as he began to tell the story of his past.


"A demon! Run away!" a villager screamed out in fear as the village was being burnt. Flames were devouring the houses of the village and there were some that were reduced to ashes by the flames.

Dead bodies surrounded the village as a group of dark mages laugh out maniacally at the fear being emitted from the villagers.

"Hmm it seems like the key can't be found here in this village as well. What a shame" A man with black hair and long black beard sighed sadly as a group of people walked up to him and bowed at him before they stood up once again.

"Sir, we were unable to find the key at all, we looked everywhere. It's most likely that the key is in another village." a man with blonde hair said as the leader with the long beard placed his hand on his chin.

'We've already been to nine other villages and couldn't find a single key. Does that mean the key is not in this region but in another part of Fiore?' the man thought but a voice then brought him back to reality.

"Master Ki, it seems that we have a survivor." the man with blonde hair said as they all saw a pink haired boy struggling to get up from the rubble of what seems to be his house.

"Hmm it seems we do have a survivor and it happens to be a little boy?" the man now revealed as Ki said in amusement when he saw that the pink haired boy finally getting up.

The boy then looked around and saw his village or, better yet what the remains of his village was. His eyes then widened in shock as he quickly turned to his house and saw a man with black hair and woman with pink hair, lying on the ground, motionless. Tears then start to fall from his eyes as he rushed towards the two,

"Mother! Father!" the pink haired boy cried out, trying to get them to wake up as tears were uncontrollably falling from his face.

The pink haired boy then noticed Ki walking towards him.

"After taking such a long time to destroy this village and you couldn't even make sure that one little boy dies?" Ki said in disappointment as his men then looked down in shame.

"We're very sorry sir" Ki's men said as they all bowed down.

"All of you will face your punishment later but for now, what shall we do with this boy?" Ki asked before turning to the pink haired boy who wiped away his tears and glared at Ki with much hatred.

"You will pay for this!" the pink haired boy growled as Ki then chuckled in amusement.

"What can a little boy like you do to me? Not only are you outnumbered, but you're also outmatched." Ki said as a dark smile but Natsu continued glaring at the black haired man.

"You know what, kid? I like that look on your face. The hatred coming from you, it's really intoxicating." Ki said as he walked closer to him as the pink haired boy got a stick from the ground as a weapon to protect himself from the people around him.

Ki then smirked as he used his magic to burn the stick in the boy's hand.

"Ah!" the pink haired boy screamed out in pain as he quickly dropped the stick, but before it even reached the ground, it turned to ashes.

"Now will you give up, boy? There's no hope for you at all." Ki smirked evilly as he got closer to the pink hair boy.

The pink haired boy then fell on the ground as he was paralyzed with fear with the determination from before now completely gone and he had no one to protect him, had no one to help him.

All he could do was pray to the Gods above for help.

And his prayers were soon answered when he saw a big red dragon appeared in front of him.

"A-a-a-a DRAGON!" Ki's men screamed in fear as they all started to run away from the mighty creature.

Ki however was very calm about it.

"Hmm a dragon, eh? I thought that all you dragons were extinct after the Dragon King Festival years ago?" Ki asked as the red dragon just growled at him.

"I see that humans are still spouting out rubbish!" the red dragon spat as he shot out a hot flames from his mouth.

Ki just smiled as he accepted his fate but before the flames could reach him, he sent back a message to someone on the other line.

"Sir, Igneel has finally came out of hiding." Ki said before the fire burnt him to death.

No sound came from Ki as he dropped to the ground, dead.

"Alright now that that's done, it's time for me to leave." Igneel then flapped his wings, ready to take off but Natsu stopped him.

"W-wait!" Natsu called out as Igneel turned to the small boy.

"What is it, human? Do you want to be killed as well?" Igneel asked and Natsu shook his head.

"C-could you train me?" Natsu asked meekly as Igneel was shocked at his question.


"I don't have anywhere to go, and I'm weak and I want to get stronger, so please train me!" Natsu said with a bow and Igneel was contemplating on the offer.

'Hmm, sounds like a good offer, but I have to see if he's good enough.' Igneel thought.

Igneel then fired out a massive torrent of flames from his mouth at a nearby mountain, completely destroying it in the process.

Igneel immediately turned to Natsu to see what kind of reaction he could have gotten from the boy and he was pleased to see a look of amazement on his face with no traces of fear.

"I guess, I will accept your offer. Boy get on my back." Igneel said as the pink haired boy stared in awe at the strength of the red Dragon.

"I SAID GET ON MY BACK!" Igneel shouted as the pink haired boy was brought out of his trance and quickly ran to Igneel and got on its back.

"Hold on tight kid, I don't want to drop you off." Igneel said as Natsu nodded and held on to Igneel's scales tightly.

Igneel then took off towards the sky at a very fast pace as Natsu was having trouble to hold on but with a smile no less as it may be something brand new for him.

After a short while, Igneel then landed in a small forest clearing as Natsu then got off the dragon and when he touched the ground, he got a bit dizzy and fell to his backside as Igneel flew a bit too fast for his liking.

"Are you okay brat?" Igneel asked as Natsu flashed him a toothy grin as he slowly got up and showed Igneel a thumbs up indicating that he was alright.

"Anyways, will you tell me why was your village attacked?" Igneel asked as the smile on Natsu's face quickly turned into a frown.

"I don't know as well." Natsu said as he then remembered the conversation that Ki and his men had.

"But I do remember them saying that they were looking for a key." Natsu said as Igneel's eyes then widened in shock before shaking his head, getting rid of that thought.

'If they are looking for a key. That means they plan on reviving HIM, but why would they want to do that?' Igneel thought before he shook his head again.

"Alright but since you have no one else to take care of you. I have decided to take you under my wing, and as you asked me to train you. I'll make sure that you'll become the strongest Dragon Slayer ever." Igneel said as Natsu's face then had a shocked look before he jumped on the face of Igneel.

"Thank you very much Igneel! I promise to make you proud!" Natsu smiled as Igneel grumbled in annoyance as Natsu got off of his face and started celebrating but he couldn't stop a smile from appearing on his face.

Flashback end

"After a few years later, Igneel said he had to leave but for unknown reasons, but after Igneel left I managed to find a wizard guild called Fairy Tail. And they treated me like family." Natsu lied at the end, since he didn't want to reveal to anyone about his Dragon Prince Powers at the moment, only to get no response in the end. So, Natsu then turned to Kei, only to see her crying.

"H-hey, what's wrong?" Natsu asked in worry and that was when Kei rushed in towards Natsu before giving him a hug, shocking Natsu with the action.

"Hey, Kei what's wrong? Did I do anything? If I did, I'm sorry." Natsu apologized as he was blushing at how close the female was to him.

Sure he had hugged a lot of females before, but his heart was never pounding this hard before. This was a brand new feeling to him and it feels exhilarating.

"You've had a horrible childhood and yet you managed to endure it all?" Kei asked as she wiped away her tears and moved away from Natsu, much to his silent disappointment. But he still gave her an answer anyways.

"I was never really alone, I had the guild to raise and take care of me and most importantly love each other. Fairy Tail cares a lot for one another so that none of us would really alone." Natsu said as Kei smiled.

"So you always had someone to care for you, eh?" Kei asked as Natsu nodded.

"Yeah. Anyways forget about me, what about you, Kei? What about your past?" Natsu asked as Kei's smile then turned into a small frown.

"My past wasn't exactly the greatest as well but comparing to yours, my past seems like nothing." Kei said as Natsu then felt guilty at that.

"If you don't want to talk about it then-" Natsu was then cut off by Kei who raised her hand up and shook her head.

"No, you told me your past, so it's only fair for me to tell you my past." Kei said as Natsu knew that there was no changing her mind so he just nodded his head.

"My past started out normal like every kid but that one day caused everything to go upside down." Kei said as she began to tell her past.


A young black haired girl, who looked a lot like a younger version of Kei, was running around the field, playing a game with her sister and friends.

Suddenly, the black haired girl then fell to the ground and when she slowly got up, tears were threatening to fall out from her eyes.

"Kei are you alright?" a young girl with white hair asked Kei, noticing the tears in her eyes.

"My leg hurts!" Kei said as she started to cry, her friends then started to comfort the young girl as best they could while the young girl with white hair then pressed her hand to the area which Kei got hurt from.

A green glow then start to surround her hand and the bruise on Kei's leg then disappeared.

"There the pain is all gone now. You can stop crying now." the young white hair girl said with a gentle smile as Kei then wiped her tears and smiled brightly before she hugged her.

"Thank you Leila-Nee san." Kei said as the young girl now revealed as Leila smiled before she decided to hug her younger sister back.

It was a heartfelt moment until a boy with red hair then widened his eyes in shock.

"Um guys, why is there smoke coming out from the Kei's house direction?" the boy with red hair asked as everyone then turned over to the direction of Kei's house and were shocked that he was right, there was indeed smoke coming from the direction of Kei's house.

"We better go!" Leila said as everyone nodded and followed her.

As they arrived at their destination, their eyes widened in horror as they saw a man holding Kei's father by his throat.

"Daddy!" Kei shouted in fear as the man's focus went from the girl's father to Kei.

"Hmm, kids in a place like this?" the man said as he dropped the Kei's father who fell to the ground and coughed for air.

Leila knew that she had to protect her family, so she stood in front of Kei in a protective manner which caused the man to smirk.

"Aww, and what are you going to do princess? Not invite me to your tea parties?" The man taunted as he then brought out a knife and pointed it at Leila.

"Let this be a lesson to you. Fight someone your own size kid." the man said as he swung his knife in Leila's direction.

"LEILA!" Her father called out in fear as he feared what might happen to his daughter.

"Roar of the Sky Angel!" Leila then shot out a breath of wind towards the man who then crashed into a tree, the man crying out in pain when he struck against the bark of it.

"L-Leila." Leila's father stuttered trying to understand what he had just witnessed.

Leila and the others immediately ran towards Kei's father.

"Daddy, are you alright?" Leila asked in worry as Kei was too busy crying into her father's chest while he was trying his best to comfort his youngest daughter by petting her head as Kei latched onto his leg, fearing that he might leave if she had let go.

"Yes, I am dear, but what was that just now? How are you able to do such a thing?" her father asked in confusion as Leila looked away guiltily.

"Daddy, I was always capable of doing this ever since I was born. And I know that you and mom aren't my real parents." Leila said which caused her father to feel a sharp pain in his chest at the revelation.

He always knew that his white haired princess would find out, he never thought that it would be this soon.

"But…." This time Leila said as she looked at her father, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"I still love you both!" Leila said as tears then start to fall from her eyes. Her father also had tears in his eyes as he proceeded to hug his daughter tightly.

But all good things must come to an end as Leila's eyes widened in horror. The man then got up from where he was and proceeded to stab her father in the gut from behind.

It all happened so fast that no one could react sooner to stop him.

"HAHAHAHAHA this is what you get for crossing us old man!" The man laughed maniacally.

"DADDY!" Kei screamed out in fear as she just watched her father falling to the ground with his chest bleeding profusely.

Leila then put her hands on her mouth in horror as she just watched her father getting killed in front of her very eyes.

Rage and hatred filled her mind as she turned to the killer of her father, laughing hysterically at the dying man.

"You will pay for this…" Leila said softly but all the killer heard was just a soft mumble.

"Hmm what was that kid?" You said something?" The killer asked as he placed a hand to his hear as if he could hear clearer then.

"I said you're going to pay for this!" Leila said in rage as the wind then start to slice the killer's shirt.

"W-wait please. We can talk about this right? We don't need to settle this with violence." The killer stuttered as he was scared at the sight of Leila.

"You expect me to let you walk out of here scot free after what you did to my father? Well think again!" Leila screamed as she then punched the killer in the gut.

"I'm going to hurt you so bad!" Leila screamed as she sent a barrage of punches to the killer.

After a while, Leila stopped punching the killer who was already unconscious.

"Nee-san!" Kei shouted out in fear.

Leila was then snapped back into reality as she saw the killer's face. His face was bleeding profusely, he now has a black eye, and has bruises all over his body.

"What have I done?" Leila said, horrified at what she had done, before she heard someone shouting.

"Leila! Kei!" the two girls then turned around to see their mother, Lucia, running towards them.

"I'm so glad that you two girls are alright. When I heard that our area had a fire. I was worried that you two would be caught in it." Lucia said as she embraced her two daughters tightly.

Kei then cried into her mother shoulders while Leila gave a small frown as tears start to form in her eyes. This caught her mother's attention.

"Leila, sweety, what's wrong?" Lucia asked.

"Daddy is….." Leila said sadly as Lucia widened her eyes in horror as she turned around to see her husband's bleeding body.

"Hitachi!" Lucia screamed out in fear as she ran over to her husband.

The man named Hitachi then smiled as he saw his wife running towards him.

"Lucia, I'm so sorry." Hitachi said as Lucia then start to cry on his chest.

"There's nothing for you to be sorry about, Hitachi! You did nothing wrong! Please just wait for the ambulance to get here!" Lucia cried as both Kei and Leila were crying as this maybe the last time they see their father ever again.

Hitachi then smiled as he raised in his hand and rested it on Lucia's head.

"I have to go now, Lucia. Always know that I will always love you and our kids. Forever…." Hitachi said as Lucia continued crying.

"Looks like I have to go now. My beloved. May you have a happy life even without me in it." Hitachi smiled as he lost his consciousness and his hand fell to the ground from her head.

"Hitachi?" Lucia said and seeing that her husband did not respond, she began to worry even more.

"Hitachi? Hitachi? Please answer!" But seeing as her husband still did not respond she then placed her head onto her husband's bleeding chest.

"HITACHI!" Lucia screamed as the sound of ambulances could be heard then on.

Flashback End

"After that my mother became a scientist and was always at work, so she was always too busy to come back home and had no time for my sister and I. A few years after that, my sister decided to leave home for her dream of being the strongest mage ever. So, that just leaves me to be where I am." Kei explained and Natsu felt pity for her, sure he may had it worse but the difference was that he was a mage, in fact a Dragon Prince and had his family with him, while Kei wasn't a mage and because of her father's death, she lost her entire family in the end.

"Natsu." Kei said which brought Natsu out of his small trance.

"Yeah what's up?" Natsu asked.

"Do you know anybody by the name of Leila?" Kei asked as she bit her tongue, she didn't like attention from guys very much, that and she was also shy to even encounter a guy, and this was the first time she was so comfortable around one.

But why did her heart beat so uncontrollably when Natsu was so close to her?

It was a very strange feeling for her, but maybe she will be able to figure it out next time?

Kei was still looking at Natsu who was still thinking before smiling at her.

"Nope, never heard of that name before!" Natsu said as Kei had a shocked look on her face.

"Really? The name Leila Angelus does not sound familiar to you?" Kei asked in shock, she was very sure that almost the entire Fiore region knows, if not, at the very least know her the name, of her sister.

But here was a guy that doesn't only know her name, but he didn't know her as a whole! It somewhat made her happy on the inside.

"No, but could you tell me who she is though?" Natsu asked.

"Sure, she is the world's first Angel Slayer." Kei said as Natsu's eyes shined with excitement as he whistled.

"Wow that's really awesome! She must be really famous, huh?" Natsu asked.

"You have no idea." Kei smiled as the two then saw a small cabin.

"Is that your cabin over there?" Natsu asked as Kei nodded.

"Yeah, would you like some food? I can cook some for you?" Kei offered.

"Yeah that would be great. Thank you!" Natsu smiled as Kei blushed.

'He looks so cute when he smiles like that.' Kei thought as she blushed at her thoughts before shaking it from her mind.

Kei then opened the door and when she did both Natsu and Kei saw both Happy and Sachi flying about the house, enjoying a game of tag.

"Tag, you're it!" Sachi said happily as Happy groaned that he was forced to be "it" again. It was starting to get annoying for the Exceed.

"It seems that you're enjoying yourself, Happy." Natsu laughed a little as Happy then flew over to Natsu's head and rested on it.

"You have no idea," Happy said tiredly.

"Aww somebody's tired." Sachi giggled as Happy growled at her silently.

"Shut it! I was already tired from fighting Natsu before! I don't need you to add insult to injury!" Happy grumbled as Sachi giggled again as she flies to Kei and rested on her shoulder.

"Alright you two, enough playing, I'm going to cook now. Sachi will you please help me?" Kei asked.

"Sure!" Sachi said excitedly.

"Natsu, please make up the tables." Kei asked and Natsu nodded his head.

"Sure come on, Happy" Natsu said as Happy reluctantly nodded his head. He wanted to rest damn it!

Natsu, with the help of Happy managed to clear out the tables and put plates on the table.

It was just in time as Kei walked in, carrying two plates on her hands, with Sachi carrying one.

The two then placed the plates on the table as the former sighed in relief.

"Thank God! I thought my hands were going to give out any second!" Sachi said which caused everyone in the room to laugh at her whining.

"Well then, dig in!" Kei said as everyone then sat on the chair and began eating.

And unlike the way he usually eats in front of everyone, Natsu was eating politely. Like a gentleman for once.

"What do you think of my cooking?" Kei asked shyly. She hadn't cooked for anyone else besides her sister and a select few, so she really wanted to know what the pinkette thought of it.

"This is probably the best food I've ever had in my life! It's amazing!" Natsu smiled as he took another bite from the food.

Kei then sighed in relief.

"That's good to know, I was nervous that you wouldn't like it or something." Kei said.

Natsu then chuckles at what she said.

"Well you don't need to worry about it anymore, I mean look at Happy." Natsu then pointed towards the hungry blue exceed who was munching down on his food at a very fast pace.

"Yeah, I think your right" Kei said with a light giggle.

The two then engaged in a short conversation, when Natsu notices a sword that was laying by the wall behind Kei.

The sword was big but not too big, it was big enough for a person to carry it easily. The sword was carved perfectly as it was kept in a sheath. The sheath had dragon markings all over it.

Natsu's eyes widened in shock as he was currently looking at the Legendary Sword, "The Draconic Slayer" it was said to be crafted by a Dragon Crafter, the best of all time.

Rumors say that this sword was the best he had created.

"Where did you get that sword?!" Natsu suddenly asked as he pointed to her back.

"Oh you mean that sword? It was a gift from my sister, on my 16th birthday" Kei smiled.

"Can you use that sword by any chance?" Natsu asked as Kei pouted.

"I may not look like it, but I can actually use a sword pretty well." Kei said.

"No, no I mean….." Natsu started as he looked back at the sword.

"That sword is a very dangerous sword, no normal person can just wield it and use it freely. Not even Dragon Slayers are able to wield its powers." Natsu said.

"Like I said, I know how to use it just fine!" Kei said with a huff.

"Alright then, I believe you, but can we have a fight to test if you really can use it?" Natsu said as he punched his fist into his palm.

"Alright then, I don't mind fighting now." Kei said as she grabbed the sword and walked out of the house with Natsu and the Exceeds in toll.

"Alright then, whenever you're ready." Natsu said as he got into his battle stance.

"I'm ready" Kei replied as she got into battle stance as well.

"Alright ,I'm attacking first! Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu then charged at Kei with his fist surrounded by flames.

Kei then dodged the attack and gave Natsu a hard hit with her elbow as Natsu's eye went wide in shock at her strength.

Natsu then proceeded to give her a kick but Kei was able to block the attack with the sword.

Kei then started swinging the sword at a very fast speed which caused Natsu's eyes to widen.

'It's even faster than when Erza swings her sword!' Natsu thought in shock as he quickly jumped back.

Natsu then charged forward once again as he then disappeared from sight but Kei was not fazed at all as she then swung her sword at the back of her at the right time as Natsu just appeared behind her.

Natsu then coughed out some saliva and jumped back.

Happy and Sachi were watching the match closely.

"Wow, Kei is dominating the match right now isn't she?" Sachi said excitedly as Happy kept silent.

'Natsu may not be fighting at his full strength, but he's still able to beat some higher ranking mages at this level, but she's beating him as if he's nothing. Who is she?' Happy thought as he stared at Kei.

Natsu was gritting his teeth in frustration.

'Even Gildarts doesn't embarrass me this bad! How is she so strong? She's as good as Erza in terms of sword wielding, if not better.' Natsu thought.

Natsu then shot out a roar of flames from his mouth at Kei who then twirled the sword, repelling the flames, shocking Natsu with what she did.

'Damn it, she's so strong, I could still beat the likes of Gajeel and Laxus, but she's making a fool out of me and she's not even a mage!' Natsu gritted his teeth in annoyance.

Kei then started walking back.

"Wait! We're not done yet!" Natsu called out to her.

"Yeah we are, and I was going to lose." Kei replied which shocked everyone.

"What do you mean?" Natsu asked.

"Yeah, what do you mean Kei? You were kicking Natsu's ass" Sachi said as Natsu glared at the white cat although she was right.

"He would have beat me if he had used his full strength." Kei stated as Natsu's eyes widened in shock.

"W-what are you talking about? I am using my full strength." Natsu stuttered.

Kei then rolled her eyes at his attempt to lie.

"I lived with a mage that has the strength to beat most of the Wizard Saints, I can tell if you're using full strength or not." Kei stated knowingly.

Natsu then sighed.

"Fine, your right. I was hiding my true strength but with reasons." Natsu said.

"I know, people have reasons for most of the things that they do," Kei said as she walked back to her house.

Natsu then walked back to Kei's house as well.

"It's really impressive that you managed to know that I was holding back when so many didn't." Natsu said as Kei placed the sword by the wall.

"Well, like I said, I've seen my sister fight at full strength, and, when she was holding back, and she's quite unpredictable, so it's much easier to know when your opponent is holding back or not." Kei stated as if normal, but Natsu was still impressed.

"Hey, how'd you manage to fight with the sword like you just did?" Natsu asked.

"Actually, it was my sister who taught me how to use a sword at 11. She said that I needed to learn how to protect myself so she taught me how to fight. And let me tell you, her trainings are hellish." Kei said with a shudder, recalling all the training she did with her sister.

"Wow that's awesome. I think that you're the best swordswoman that I have ever met." Natsu complimented with a smile as Kei blushed at what he said.

"Thanks, Natsu." Kei said as she attempted to hide her blush by looking away.

"Actually…" Natsu said as Kei then looked at Natsu.

"What is it?" Kei asked.

"Could you teach me how to use a sword?" Natsu asked.

Kei was then shocked.

"But why do you want me to teach you? I'm sure that there are more people with more talented than me when it comes to swords, also, I'm a horrible teacher." Kei said.

Natsu then smiled at her.

"I don't care about that, you're amazingly strong and you're kind too! I would love for you to teach me!" Natsu said happily as Kei blushed again.

Why was she feeling this way? She has never felt it like any other before. Why was her heart beating when she saw his smile?

Kei then shook that off as she smiled.

"Sure I'll teach you, Natsu." Kei said as Natsu smiled at her.

"Thanks Kei!"

End Chapter

Fairy Tail Dialogue

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