Chapter 1

She had just got home from a long day at the theatre. She was in the middle of organizing her latest production. Today she had spent auditioning for her leading man, there had been quite a few contenders however she was sure she had chosen the right one. Now her cast was complete, which was a good thing, The Real Inspector Hound depended on having the right people in the right rolls or the play fell flat. The run was to begin in two months' time which left little time for her to get the cast in order and the props and then she also had to organize the advertising and such. She sighed heavily as she placed her bag down on the entrance table and headed for the kitchen to pour herself a well deserved glass of wine. Being an honest citizen and running her own theatre had turned out to be very hard work. Having done that she moved to the living area and flopped down on the sofa kicking off her shoes and sipping the glass of red she had just poured.

Sophie sighed again as she flipped on the television. Nate had been gone now for a week. He had decided to take his boat out for a sail and although she would have preferred him to be around to help her with the play, she had not complained. Nate had been bored lately, Eliot, Parker and Hardison had not needed him on any jobs over the last few months and he was not into the theatre like she was. Sophie had encouraged him to take the boat out, at least he would be out of her hair for a while as she arranged her production.

"Hey Sophie…where is Nate?" A familiar voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Parker…" Sophie said exasperatedly, "Didn't you agree you would knock in future?" She asked turning to face the young blonde who had suddenly appeared inside her house through the window she had thought closed and locked. "And a hello will also do nicely."

"Sorry…" Parker said softly, then she smiled happily and passed the older woman who still sat on the sofa shaking her head at the young woman. "Hello Sophie…where is Nate?" Parker said as she bounced across the room to open the door for Eliot and Hardison to enter.

"He's not here."

"Where is he?" Hardison called out as he made his way to the kitchen to get an orange soda for himself and a bear for Eliot.

"He's out on his boat. What do you guys need?" Sophie asked as they all sat down, Parker on the arm of the sofa, Hardison on the sofa beside her and Eliot on the comfortable chair opposite them.

"Nate of course…" Parker replied.

"Yeah we need some advice." Hardison continued.

"Maybe I can help?" Sophie asked.

"No that is ok…we will figure it out." Eliot said softly. He did not want Sophie involved in their job, it was dangerous and if Nate was not here, then he was responsible for her safety. The fact that Nate had not told him he was going out of town irritated him a little as well, the older man always told Eliot when Sophie was going to be alone and made sure the Hitter would keep an eye on her during his absence. For some reason the Mastermind had not done so this time. That also worried the Hitter somewhat. What was Nate up to…not just taking his yacht out for a spin of that he was certain.

Sophie looked at the Hitter and read the concern on his face and it concerned her. What had the three of them gotten themselves into? She had not heard from Nate since last week, he had told her he was going to be out of range for a while and that she should not worry, he would let her know when he had reached port.

"He say when he will be back?" Eliot asked locking eyes with the older woman.

"No, you know Nate…he is out on his boat and well…"

"Yeah…well if you hear from him you'll let him know that we are looking for him."

"Eliot what is going on…are you guys in trouble?" Sophie said now really concerned.

"No nothing you have to worry about, just wanted his input is all."

"Ok…"Sophie said not totally convinced.

"Don't worry Sophie really…" Eliot smiled. "Anyway we might as well stay for dinner seeing as we are here…" Eliot said as he stood and made his way to the kitchen. He knew Sophie was not in love with the kitchen and she looked exhausted.

"Sounds good…" Sophie said and sat back as sipping her wine and listening to Parker and Hardison as they started to tell her about their current job.

So the beginning of a new story. I am sorry I took so long to post. I hope you all enjoy and please don't forget to let me know what you think.