Chapter 30

Nate was kept in the hospital for another four days and then they spent a week in a hotel until Nate was cleared to fly. Hardison chartered a plane for them so that Nate would be comfortable on the long flight back to Portland.

It was late afternoon when they arrived at Nate and Sophie's home. It had been a long and tiring could of weeks for them and they were only glad to be home. Eliot suggested he make dinner for them all while Sophie said she was going to take Nate and get him cleaned up and changed, and she would check his dressings as well. Eliot nodded as he made his way to the kitchen to start dinner and Parker and Hardison flopped onto the sofa and switched on the TV.

Once Sophie had Nate on his bed, she removed his shirt. She looked at the three white bandages covering up the evidence of the wounds he had sustained, and tears welled in her yes.

"Hey Sophie, it's all good. Just another couple of scars is all." Nate said raising her face, so she was looking at him in his eyes. "I am sorry Sophie." He said pulling her in for a kiss.

Sophie deepened the kiss and then pulled away from him but held his gaze. "If you ever do something like that again Nate."

"Sophie, you know me. If a friend asks for help, especially in a situation like this… or if they need help… of if it is them or me, or God forbid you are me, I will always choose me. That is who I am Sophie."

"I know but Nate, I don't want to go to work one day and the next you are gone and this time you don't come back. I have waited so long for his. I have never been so happy in my life." Sophie said tears now spilling from her eyes.

"I know. I know I hurt you. I will make you this promise. I will never willingly leave you Sophie. You mean more to me than you will ever know. You saved me. You and them, you are the most precious things in my life." Nate said pulling her close to him and holding on to her tightly.

"I love you Nathan Ford."

"I love you Sophie Ford."

They sat holding each other for the longest time. Then Sophie quickly made sure all his dressings were still fine and helped him put his shirt back on before they went out to the join the rest. The rest of the evening was spent in light banter and happy laughter, before the two Ford's retired to their bedroom and the younger members of the team all crashed on the sofa's in the living room.